Sunday, October 13, 2002, Chandigarh, India


C H A N D I G A R H   S T O R I E S


‘Pak hand’ in bad weather
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 12
After 2.30 p.m today, driving on several roads here had to be with headlights on. It was as if dusk had approached early, when dark clouds came ahead of showers.

The city received the highest rainfall in the area (33 mm) today. Ambala followed with 13 mm, Ludhiana with 6 mm and Patiala with only 2 mm. The rain came within a fortnight of the Meteorological Department in New Delhi announcing the withdrawal of monsoon gone active late after an initial drought.

Roundabouts in southern sectors and roads leading to Mani Majra got waterlogged, creating difficulties for two-wheeler drivers. The temperature fell by 1.4°C due to the rain.

Wind in certain parts of the city broke twigs off trees and branches lay scattered on roads. The sudden change in the weather came as a relief to most persons, who were home, enjoying the off-day on second Saturday of the month.

Shopkeepers in the furniture market of Sector 34, with their works out in the open, had to hurriedly move the furniture inside when darkness descended. Roadside vendors and rickshawpullers had to take cover when it started raining heavily after an initial drizzle.

A spokesman of the Meteorological Department said the change in the weather had been caused due to the westerly disturbances over Jammu and Kashmir and parts of Pakistan. The Electricity Department was confused, as winds and rain made it shut supply when the darkness on roads required that streetlights be switched on.

The domestic cattle was seen being herded back home. It comes out on the streets at night, while stray cattle stays on roads all day. From a distance, queues of vehicles with headlights on presented the illusion of night. Motorists, initially, switched on only parking lights, but increasing darkness forced them to use headlights.

The chirping of birds started in the middle of the afternoon, reminding of evening, when birds flock back to the nests on trees.


Mystery fever, not dengue
31 fresh cases; rain may worsen situation
Tribune News Service


  • Blood samples of suspected dengue fever cases test negative.
  • The health authorities dub it as ‘mystery fever’; investigations on.
  • Thirtyone fresh cases reported on Saturday.
  • Experts say heavy rain on Saturday may aggravate problem as mosquitoes would get fresh breeding grounds.
  • But continuous rain can be blessing in disguise as dip in temperature may bring situation under control.

Chandigarh, October 12
With blood samples of some of the suspected dengue fever cases testing negative, the UT health authorities have shifted focus on investigating the ‘mystery fever’, as the number of patients continued to shoot up, with 31 fresh cases being reported today.

The health authorities, who till now, had been terming these patients as suspected dengue fever cases, said that the campaign to investigate, control and prevent spread of this fever were being continuing. “While six patients with very low platelet count had been referred to the General Hospital, 25 patients have been kept here,” hospital authorities at Mani Majra disclosed. With this the total number of cases of the mystery fever reported so far has gone up to 69.

Over a 100 blood samples have been received at the General Hospital from the Mani Majra Civil Hospital till today. The continuous increase in the number of fever cases being reported everyday, is causing concern to the health authorities, more so because the mystery fever seems to have spread to some of the peripheral areas of the city.

In fact, the UT health authorities are consulting specialists at the PGI, to ascertain the disease, especially after the blood samples of the first two patients failed the serological test conducted at the PGI. The PGI is still continuing with examination of the blood samples being sent from the General Hospital.

Meanwhile, medical experts said that the heavy rain today could further aggravate the problem, as mosquitoes would get more breeding grounds”. However, if the spell of rain continues for the next few days, it could be a blessing in disguise as the temperature will dip, which could bring the situation under control”, explained a doctor.

Continuing its campaign, the health authorities with its 32 teams and 64 NCC cadets, moved from door to door, educating the residents about the precautions that need to be taken. They cautioned the residents to empty out stagnant water from all containers like vessels, flower pots and old tyres.

Beginning with just two cases on the first day, the number of fever cases being reported everyday has shot up manifold, as the health authorities, apart from cautioning the residents, have not been able to do anything to check the fever cases. Though fogging operations have been undertaken in the entire Mani Majra area, especially, Indira Colony, from where maximum number of patients have come, but this has not helped in stopping the fever from spreading.


Justice Pathak lauds Tribune’s objectivity
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 12
“The high standards of independence, impartiality and freedom from political and socio-economic bias are the qualities which constitute the essential character of a reputed newspaper. The Tribune has been following these principles unflinchingly while disseminating news and expressing its editorial opinion.”

This was stated by a former Chief Justice of India and the President of the Tribune Trust, Justice R. S. Pathak, after laying the foundation stone of an extension of the Tribune complex here today.

Justice Pathak said for over 122 years The Tribune had served the people of this region with an unblemished record of public duty, unfaltering loyalty to the local ethos and culture, “and to the encouragement of those high ethical and social values which have given to these territories their distinction and renown.”

Following the liberal policies of its founder, Sardar Dyal Singh Majithia, The Tribune, he said, had always sought to realise his vision and the basic tenets of his inspired philosophy. Right from its inception The Tribune, Justice Pathak said, had been the spokesman of the people, “voicing their emotions, their convictions and their judgement on important public issues. It has encouraged and provoked the social order into an active intellectual debate and thoughtful involvement in regional and national problems, critical to our democracy.”

Asserting that a free press was the guarantor of public liberties, Justice Pathak said it was the quality of independence which had endeared The Tribune and its sister publications to the readers, and by reason of which the people of this region regarded it with a “particular personal sentiment and pride. If The Tribune has maintained its place in their affection through all these long years, it is largely due to the loyalty and fidelity with which it has sought to serve them.

“The turbulence of our times has not disturbed the objectivity with which The Tribune has consistently served the public,” Justice Pathak added.

The General Manager of The Tribune, Mr R.N. Gupta, who welcomed the guests, who included a former Chief Justice of the Allahabad High Court and a trustee of The Tribune, Justice S.S. Sodhi, and the Editor of The Tribune, Mr Hari Jaisingh, said the print media today was under stress. The share of advertisement revenue of the print media was coming down year after year.

He said The Tribune was a unique enterprise where ethics is built into our mission and does not have to be bandied about as a separate code for corporate governance.

He said because of its long standing traditions The Tribune was in sharp contrast to the print media in general, which had now become, by and large, the hand maiden of the owners and was used by them as an instrument of political and personal build-up. On the contrary, the Tribune Trust had given full functional freedom to its various wings.

The President of the Tribune Employees Union, Mr Balbir Singh Jhandu, said in its long history, The Tribune had never been found wanting in meeting the aspirations of the people of this region, as it had always been in the forefront to raise the people’s voice. The pen of The Tribune Editor had been unsparing whether the issue before it was anti-people of policies of the governments of the day or judicial aberrations.

Mr Umesh Batra is the architect of the Rs 11.5 crore project which would be completed by May, 2004, with Mr S.C. Katyal, former Chief Engineer, as a consultant.


PU Students Council poll likely by month-end
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 12
Elections to the Panjab University Campus Students Council are likely to be conducted in the last week of the month, reliable sources said here today.

Deliberations to this regard were undertaken at a meeting of the Principals of affiliated colleges of the city under the chairmanship of Prof (Mrs) R. J. Hans-Gill, Dean University Instructions. The contents of the deliberations were later communicated to Prof K. N. Pathak, Vice-Chancellor, who will formally announce the date for the elections.

A formal announcement of the date will likely to be made towards the end of the coming week, reliable sources said. A college Principal on the condition of anonymity said October 25 was the most-discussed date for the elections.

A student leader said the university was being cautious in announcing the date of the elections because it would attempt to give the minimum period for campaigning possible according to the university rule book. “The university calendar gives a time of one week (which includes campaigning) before the actual date of the elections. The university might have decided the date at the meeting, however, it will not like to give any extra time for campaigning to maintain the peace on the campus. The elections are usually succeeded by holidays,” he added.

It has also been pointed out that the city is hosting two youth festivals this month. They will have to be taken into account by the university before making any formal announcement about the dates. A youth festival of girls’ colleges is scheduled between October 22 and 24 while a festival for boys’ colleges is scheduled between October 29 and 31.

If these days were left out, the next possible dates in this month would be October 25 and 26. October 26 being a Saturday the campus would be closed, so Friday was the best suited day for the elections under the current circumstances, sources said.

Announcing the day of the elections on Friday will give six days for campaigning. However, Saturday and Sunday being closed days, the campus will witness election campaigning only for four days under such a circumstance. However, the elections could be shifted to the first week of the coming month, sources added.


‘Ramlila cable TV’s first casualty’
Monica Sharma

Chandigarh, October 12
No one has time for god these days. Devotees come for paying respect to the divine Ramlila actors by touching their feet after enjoying kitty parties on television, watch them fight the evil with bare hands and leave the venue after half an hour for slipping into comfortable beds.

Gone are the days when the devotees used to throng Ramlila venues as soon as the clock struck 8. With folded hands, they would wait for an appropriate moment, then rush to the stage for blessings. That was years ago when people had faith in God rather than swamis delivering sermons to the crowd on television.

Remembering the time, Rajinder Bagga — playing the Lord Rama in a Ramlila at Parade Ground since 1981 — says, “In early 60s, when my father Sohan Lal Sohan used to enact Lord Rama’s role, residents used to invite him, along with the entire family, to their residences for lunch”.

Giving details, he asserts, “At the time of ‘Sita kanyadaan’, they used to offer money and other stuff to our father according to their financial status and devotion. The trust was mutual so much so that even the actors would avoid smoking and drinking during this holy month”.

Now the things have changed, Rajinder Bagga claims. “The devotion is still there but the dedication and the desire to do something for the actors playing the role of Gods has greatly decreased,” he adds. “The residents still come to watch Ramlila, but they do not reach the venue before 9.30 pm. Most of the times, they watch their favourite serials on television before leaving their residences. This is not all. The show is now over by 11.30 pm while earlier it used to continue till 3.30 am, sometimes till 4.00 am”.

“The administration does not permit us to continue till late, that is one thing. But I am sure no one would sit on the ground after midnight even if we were allowed to continue till late”, he said.

Agreeing with him, Rajesh Thakur, playing says, “People still come and touch the feet of Ramlila actors but no one keeps their photographs at their homes. No one worships them either. Moreover, the actors are not invited to their houses, not even during special occasions like marriages”.

The change, he asserts, started sometimes in mid-80s. “With the increase of job opportunities in the city and so many people coming to Chandigarh in search of work life became hectic. Then, in early 90s, cable television brought in 40 channels giving option to the residents. Ramlila was one of cable television’s first causality”.



Police bosses, preach your brigade first

THIS has reference to the report “Students apprised of police role” (Chandigarh Tribune, September 19) regarding the speech of a police official, Mr H.G.S. Dhaliwal, about the role of police in “reconstructing the social fibre”.

Speaking to a captive audience of helpless students is all very fine, but I wonder whether the police officials have actually thought what they have done to protect the social fibre of the city and the country. Today, nobody dares help an accident victim for the fear of police harassment, and nobody is willing to be a witness to any criminal case for the same reason. The image of helping public is just an eyewash and it appears that the police is usually hand in gloves with local criminals.

This becomes all too evident if something bad happens to you, such as a theft or loss of property. A common citizen has to face endless torture just to get a report registered. And if this is done, one has to make several rounds of police officials who often demand bribe to do their duty. The “public window” of the Chandigarh police in Sector 9 is another sham: make a complaint and forget about it, seems to be the motto of our local police force. In most cases, the police is interested in reaching a compromise so that ‘baksheesh’ is obtained from both the complainant and the accused.

The SSP, Mr Dhaliwal, should have pondered over the absolute callousness of the police force and answered the questions why his force is seen as such a corrupt and lazy force. Lecturing to helpless students hardly serves the purpose of improving the public image of the police. Unless the police puts its own house in order, there is little that such lectures can achieve.

As for “reconstructing the social fibre”, I think the police has a lot to answer for the deterioration in law and order when nothing seems safe any more. I wish these officials address the real issues rather than take up such inane activities of public relations.

DINESH KUMAR, Chandigarh

Human relationship

These days in many newspapers, journals and magazines I find that one organisation or the other is imparting training on human relationship. After all, what is human relationship? Has anybody been able to define this in a perfect way? ‘Human’ does not denote a set class of persons. It encompasses the whole humanity spread all over the universe and is not restricted to anybody’s neighbourhood.

If these organisations or persons really want to develop human relationship, they need to enter the very heart of every being, high or low, rich or poor, boss or subordinate. The rich, the high and the so-called bosses feel that it is the responsibility of the poor, and the subordinates to remain submissive. They feel that it is their prerogative to demand respect from people below their status without any reciprocity. These so-called high society people are out to teach humane relations to the people who, in my opinion, are more human than they are. Human relations cannot be taught. It can be imbibed, experienced and enjoyed. It is something divine and comes from within. It cannot be taught in classrooms by the so-called management gurus charging hefty fees.

The other day, there was a news item that in a southern state, the uniform of the state police would be changed to give the force more public-friendly look. How ridiculous it is! If only uniforms could change people’s hearts, we would not have been blessed with so many gods and goddesses to purify our hearts. Change of external garb does not change the heart. For this, one has to do a lot of introspection and meditation. Police force has become synonymous with brutality. They are trained to wield lathis and use the dirtiest of invectives to insult and humiliate even those who are in urgent need of their help. How can the government expect this deep-rooted brutality to turn into milk of human kindness overnight by merely changing their uniform? This is something beyond my comprehension.

No amount of religious acts can purify the heart, but certainly, spirituality can. So, be spiritual, purify your hearts, respect everybody, high or low, rich or poor — and you will see that enmity has turned into friendship and brotherhood. This is real human relationship.


Fauji English

In our country, it is a fashion for people to take special pride in speaking as many English words as possible in daily conversation. Even the speeches of our leaders and legislators contain a fair percentage of English words. Even uneducated people do not lag behind. People like bearers and other private servants of Englishmen and also the sepoys in the Army generally called the duty company men in English. It is alright as long as one can express himself and grasp the version of the other intelligibly.

In an Infantry Regimental Centre, a Quartermaster Jemadar (Naib Subedar) was also very fond of speaking English. He used to pass orders to his assistant to kindle a fire in the fireplace in winter season in the following manner:

“Assistant! Fire the Commandant first, then the Adjutant and then myself. Don’t forget to complete the project before seven-and-a-half o’ clock the morning so that the rooms become quite hot by the time the officers come on duty”.

R. KAUNDINYA, Ambala Cantonment


Plan to open 1,000 ITIs: Sahib
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 12
Stressing the need for skill development, especially when the job market had shrunk, the Union Minister for Labour, Mr Sahib Singh Verma, said here today, that 1,000 ITIs would be established in the country by January.

At the inauguration of a 50-bed ESI hospital in Ram Darbar here today, he said, instead of criticising the WTO, we should accept it as a challenge and gear up to meet the changing situation. “The ITIs will be run in second shifts in government educational institutes,” he said.

The minister said there should be no bar on seeking jobs in any part of the world. “Indians are the think tanks in some of the developing nations of the world”, he said.

Mr Sahib Singh said over 37 crore workers in the unorganised sector would be brought under the social security net, so that, all possible benefits could be extended to this population. He said this was an important objective of his ministry.” The process of getting their photo-identity cards has already been started,” he said.

Out of 40 crore workers in the country, 92 per cent work in the unorganised sector, which includes, agricultural labourers, construction workers, entrepreneurs, self-employed persons, small traders and domestic servants. Even the second National Commission on Labour has recommended social security for the unorganised sector.

The Union minister said that a number of steps had been taken to make the workforce aware of its rights and the existing laws. “Besides, preparing the Citizens Charter for all workers, we will shortly launch a basic literacy programme for the workforce in different units,” he said. Only 1 crore workers in the organised sector and 10 crore in the unorganised sector were educated.

A magazine, ‘Shram Samachar’, was being circulated in all industrial units, enlightening workers about the existing laws. The minister said the best possible health facilities would be made available to the workforce in the ESI Hospitals.

The Model ESI Hospital, inaugurated today, would meet the health requirements of over 1.4 lakh persons, as there were 30,000 insured persons (IP) in the city. “This is the third city after Hyderabad and Jaipur to have a model hospital for workers,” he said.

The Union Minister of State for Labour, Mr Ashok Pradhan; the Punjab Minister for State for Health, Dr Ramesh Dutt Sharma; and the Adviser to the UT Administrator, Ms Neeru Nanda, were also present on the occasion.



New labour laws likely, says Verma
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, October 12
The Union Labour and Employment Minister, Mr Sahib Singh Verma, said there would be rationalisation of labour laws in the coming Budget session to ensure a better enforcement of labour laws.

He was speaking at a function organised by the Haryana Chamber of Commerce and Industry here today. He said there were about 50 labour laws imposed by the Central Government and another 150 or so imposed by state governments, which made implementation difficult.

The minister, when asked about the Exit Policy (hire and fire policy), said it was possible, if there was participation of employees in the management of industries. He urged industrialists to create confidence among their labour force to avoid union movements. “We want simple laws to govern small-scale industry and recommend self-certification by industry on following labour laws,” he said.

About the ‘seri’ system of labour (hiring labour on contract), Mr Verma said a special law was being made for labour force in the unorganised sector.

The chamber also submitted a memorandum to the minister, giving suggestions for the draft of the new Labour Bill. 



MC-HUDA row on buying fire equipment
Ruchika M. Khanna
Tribune News Service

  • As many as 47 new posts sanctioned for the Fire Department here, recruitments by end of year.
  • Sum of over Rs 60 lakh collected as Fire Tax to be spent on upgrading fire services, a fire jeep engine to be bought in first phase.
  • Row between HUDA and MC over who is to buy hydraulic platform for fire station here.

Panchkula, October 12
The local Fire Department is in for major upgradation, with department’s functioning being transferred from Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) to Municipal Council here.

Sources inform that the State Finance Department has sanctioned as many as 47 new posts for Fire Department, including 26 posts of firemen; nine each of leading firemen and driver/operators; and, one each of fire officer, assistant fire officer and peon, along with 57 other posts for various wings of the Municipal Council.

Officials in the Municipal Council say they will now frame a policy for recruitment and these new posts will be filled by the end of year. As of now there is a sanctioned strength of just 16 personnel in fire department, though government guidelines say there has to be one fire tender per 50,000 of population and a leading fireman, four firemen and a driver have to be present in a single shift (The population of Panchkula is around 2 lakh).

Other than this, the MC has also sought permission to buy a jeep fire engine for use in case of forest fires as well as in slum colonies, where it is difficult for a bigger fire tenders to reach in case of fire.

Mr O.P. Sihag, Executive officer, Municipal Council, when contacted, said they had collected almost Rs 60 lakh as fire tax from Panchkula. “This money will now be utilised for upgradation of fire services here. In the near future, bigger fire tenders will be bought,” he said.

It may be noted all proposals for upgrading the Fire Station here had been hanging fire with department’s functioning being transferred to the Municipal Council last year. It was proposed to add a fleet of fire tenders (two fire tenders and a jeep fire engine) to the existing two fire tenders with fire station here. It was also proposed to add a hydraulic platform worth Rs 2.75 crore, construct two garages and family quarters for the staff at the fire station.

While the HUDA authorities had reportedly declined proposal for buying two new fire tenders and jeep fire engine and construction of garages and family quarters, proposal for buying a hydraulic platform had been hanging fire. Sources inform ever since the department’s functioning was transferred to Municipal Council in April last year, the HUDA authorities were reportedly not keen to spend money on these proposals.

The Municipal Council now insists that HUDA should buy the hydraulic platform since high-rise buildings in Sectors 5, 14 and 20 and the Mansa Devi Complex have been constructed by HUDA , they should buy the hydraulic platform, but HUDA has neither given a consent nor rejected the proposal. The fire tenders presently with the department are successful in case fire is at a height of up to 35 feet only.

It may be mentioned that there is a single fire station catering to entire district , including Kalka, Pinjore, Raipur Rani, Chandimandir and Morni. The fire tenders from here are rushed to either of the above mentioned places in case of a fire. With a large number of forest area in Pinjore and Morni, forest fires are a routine affair during the summer months. Senior officials admit that it is difficult for fire tenders to reach these places because of the distance factor. Also, a number of fires break out in the rural belt of Chandimandir and Raipur Rani, which have to be catered to by the Fire Department. Officials say that they manage resource constraints by availing services of fire tenders owned by the HMT, Pinjore and the Terminal Ballistic Research Laboratory near Ramgarh in case of a major fire break out in the region.


Case against Zee Telefilms dismissed
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, October 12
A defamation case filed by a former Chief Minister of Haryana, against Zee Telefilms Chairman Subhash Chander, Rajat Sharma of “Aap ki Adalat” fame, and others was ordered dismissed as withdrawn by a local court. The court of UT Chief Judicial Magistrate, Mr C.L. Mohal, has passed the order after Zee Television had broadcast the apology on the channel regarding the alleged false news broadcast by it in 1996 following High Court directions. In his complaint filed on October 23, 1996, in the court of the then CJM, Mr Bhajan Lal had alleged that Subhash Goenka, Rajat Sharma (the then News Editor of Zee TV) and Sudhir Sharma (news reader), “in callous disregard of resultant civil and criminal consequences got broadcast on Zee News on the night of October 20, 1996, that the complainant’s houses at Adampur and Hisar had been raided by the CBI.”



168 complaints settled at police camp
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, October 12
With the aim of completing inquiry on the spot in the presence of the parties concerned, a joint ‘alternative complaint solution’ camp for the redressal of public grievances was organised by the police in Sector 17 here today.

As many as 168 complaints, including 24 matrimonial disputes, were settled at the camp.

Deviating from its earlier practice or organising such camps in the three police subdivisions and other branches of the police, this time it was decided to hold the camp at a central place.

The Deputy Superintendents of Police (Central, East and South subdivisions), Economic Offenses Wing and Women and Child Support Unit of the police were also present on the occasion. Complainants, respondents and witnesses were also present.

Mr Sant Parkash, Judge, Permanent Lok Adalat, Ms Amar Kulwant Singh and Mr K.K. Monga, both members of Lok Adalat, also visited the camp and heard the parties. It was supervised by Mr Parag Jain, SSP.


Celebrating 70 years of Preet Lari
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 12
A special function was organised at Gandhi Samarak Bhavan, Sector 16 to celebrate the 70th year of publication of Punjabi magazine Preet Lari. As the magazine runs into its 70th year, its caretakers are trying to chalk out a purposeful celebration of the feat.

Only sometime back they had hosted a special puppet show for schoolchildren. The idea was to bare social evils and inspire the children to fight these. Today also a special function was organised. At the helm of affairs was Bawa Sunder Singh, a octogenarian, who has been reading Preet Lari for all these years.

Trained in a special massage which, he says, keeps him healthy and wise, Bawa Sunder Singh, shared the technique with the gathering today. Yesterday, as part of the Preet Lari team, Bawa Sunder Singh had interacted with the students of Shivalik Public School.


Youth found unconscious
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, October 12
Son of Prof. A.K Karrar, History teacher at the DAV College, Sector 10, was found unconscious in his car near Baltana.

According to information, Yadvinder Kakkar (27), a system analyst, left his Sector 20 resident in his car at around 7.45 pm yesterday. According to Professor Kakkar, while leaving the house his son said that he would be back in one hour.

At around 11.30 pm yesterday, Professor Kakkar received a phone call informing that his son was lying unconscious in his car near Baltana. The family members then rushed to the spot and brought the junior Kakkar home. The father informed that Yadvinder’s ring, chain and purse were missing. The family members initially thought that he might have consumed extra beer and that may be the reason of his unconsciousness.

However, when Yadvinder’s condition did not improve till this afternoon, he was taken to the General Hospital, Sector 16. Professor Kakkar said that his condition was improving but he was not normal. ‘‘He is murmuring that he was drinking beer when two persons asked him for a lift on the traffic light points of Sectors 22 and 23’’, informed Prof. Kakkar and added, ‘‘he has not given any additional information’’. The police has been informed. 


Theft in PU girls hostel
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, October 12
A diamond earring, two gold bangles and a mobile phone instrument was stolen from a room in the Lakshmi Bai Hall (girls hostel) in the Panjab University here yesterday. In her complaint Ms Puja Malik, a Ph.D student, told the police that the theft took place sometime between 10 am and 7 pm. The thief is believed to have used duplicate keys to enter the room. A case under Sections 454 and 380 of the IPC has been registered.

Burglary: Sector 22 house of Mr Narinder Chaudhary, was burgled and the burglar(s) decamped with gold jewellery and Rs 1,800 on October 10.

Car stolen: Mr Avtar Singh, a resident of Burail village reported to the police that his Maruti car (CH-01H-8911) was stolen from his residence on the night intervening October 6 and 7.

Mishaps: Prem Lal, a resident of Sector 28, was injured on Friday after the cycle he was riding was hit by a scooter on a road in Sector 22. The scooterist fled away from the spot but the scooter’s registration number was noted down. In the second accident, Mr Rajesh, a Panchkula resident, was injured when a car allegedly hit the scooter he was riding on the dividing road of Sectors 43 and 44 on Friday. In this case also the car driver fled away from the accident site. The police has registered cases.

Threatened: Mr S.D. Kalia, a resident of Sector 38, in a complaint alleged that some unidentified persons forced entry into his house and threatened him on Friday. A case under Sections 427, 506 and 34 of the IPC has been registered.


2 caught: The police arrested two persons — Pancham and Uttam Singh — from Sector 7, here yesterday on the charge of removing, the LPG from filled cylinders and, then, refilling this gas in empty cylinders. The two were arrested on the complaint of Col M.S. Randhawa, an eyewitness to this malpractice.

The police seized 55 gas cylinders and a tractor from them. Cases under various Sections of the Essential Commodities Act and Sector 420 of the IPC have been registered against them.

One arrested: The police arrested Gulshan on the charge of drinking at Ramlila Ground in Barwala. Cases under various Sections of the Excise Act have been registered against them.

Burglary: A house in Rattpur Colony of Pinjore was burgled. Its owner, Mr Mohan Singh, has said that gold and silver ornaments have been stolen. A case under Sections 454 and 380 of the IPC has been registered.

Meanwhile, the police has arrested a man called Surjit Singh, who is alleged to be involved in various thefts here.


Bid to loot shop in Mohali
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, October 12
Four armed persons made an attempt to loot a wholesale shop in Phase II here this evening. One of the robbers was nabbed by people and later handed over to the police.

The criminals came in a white Maruti car, which did not have a number-plate, around 7.45 p.m. They had muffled their faces. They first threw chillies into the eyes of one of the employees of the kiryana shop, Hari Narain, who was shifting goods into the premises. They then threw chillies at those present in the shop, including one of the owners, Mr Vineet Goyal, who, however, ducked and escaped unscathed. The owner of V.K. Traders was also threatened with a pistol.

When the alarm was raised, the robbers panicked and ran out of the shop leaving a baseball bat behind

One of the victims threw the baseball bat at the escaping robbers smashing the rear windscreen of the car.

One of the robbers could not get into the car and was caught by people while trying to run away.

The police arrived and the suspect was handed over to them.

Mr Sanjay Jain, another owner, alleged that the police was not pursuing the case seriously.


‘CAs should expose fraud financiers’
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 12
Charted accountants could play a crucial role in proper auditing of the non-banking finance companies (NBFC). They should blow the whistle as soon as they come across any unhealthy financial practice by these companies, said Mr Madan Lal, Regional Director, of the RBI, here today.

He was speaking at a seminar on the auditing of non-banking finance companies, organised by the Reserve Bank of India in association with the Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAI).

Mr L.S. Sharma, DGM of the RBI discussed the changed rules, according to which, long-form audit report (LFAR) was required to be filed by the auditor in addition to the statuary audit report.

In the LFAR, he said, the CAs would have to comment on questions relating to the company.

There were 144 category ‘A’ NBFCs accepting deposits from public. However, 401 NBFCs in category ‘B’ were not accepting the deposits.

Regarding the regulation of these companies, he said: “The role of chartered accountants is important, as the RBI depends on them for the monitoring ‘B’ category companies.

The ‘A’ category companies are inspected by the RBI once in two years.”

Mr S.P. Babuta, Chairman of the ICAI’s, Chandigarh branch, said the audit of the NBFCs and special reporting were statuary obligations.

It was the duty of the CAs to identify and weed out companies defying the principles of fair play and the law.

As an important part of total regulatory machinery, the CAs should ensure that the system did not fail. Mr P.K. Arora, AGM of the RBI, and Mr L.R. Sharma, DGM of the RBI, also addressed the gathering.


Commerce panel flays tax on industry
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, October 12
The local chapter of the Haryana Chamber of the Commerce and Industry has decried the imposition of heavy taxes on the industrial sector and lack of infrastructure development in the Industrial Area here.

In a press release, Mr Satish Gupta, chairman of chamber, while decrying the imposition of professional/ trade tax on industry, said the local industry was on verge of closure. Also, the condition of roads, street lights, drinking water supply and sanitation in the Industrial Area was pitiable as the Municipal Council was not doing any work, he alleged.

He said in the changed economic order prevailing in the world , the government is bound to provide facilities if they collect taxes. He said even as they were reeling under recession, they were charged with water tax, property tax, fire tax in Haryana, which made it difficult for industry to sustain itself.

Since most units in the township were ancillary units for Hindustan Machine Tools and the factory has not been doing too well for past few years, this has had an adverse affect on industry in small scale sector here, he said.



New Casio range: The Casio Gallery, Sector 17-A, an exclusive shop for sales and service of Casio products, has added a new range of Casio watches. Mr Harmeet Singh, owner of the showroom, said a new series of watches was available with 10 year battery life along with e-data bank, twincept, BP monitor and other features. He said the latest addition to the Casio Gallery included digital diaries, pocket viewer, calculators and musical keyboards. The company was offering special discount on Casio products to corporate buyers during the festival season, he added. TNS

Ebony mega sale: According to Mr B.S. Narula, managing director of the Ebony Retail Holdings Limited, customers can win free air-tickets to Singapore, Malaysia and other destinations every day on the purchase of items worth Rs 1,500. This will include free stay for a couple. Customers will also be eligible to win discount in the form of Ebony dollars at the Ebony Slot Machine that can be availed at the next purchase during the promotion period. TNS

Local shoes: Fenzer Shoe Industries, Industrial Area, Phase II, will open a showroom here on Sunday. All types of shoes will be available here. The customers will get free coke, surprise gifts and FM radios with torches on the purchase of certain footwear. TNS

Launched: Allen Solly launched its women’s wear range in the city on Friday. Available at exclusive Allen Solly showrooms and multi-brand outlets in the city, it offers a complete wardrobe of woven and knitted tops and trousers. The company, while launching its ‘Friday Dressing for Women’ claimed that the range offered advantages of high-quality fabric, variety of colours and designs at an unbeatable price. TNS

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