Monday, October 14, 2002, Chandigarh, India


C H A N D I G A R H   S T O R I E S


Youth stabbed to death 
Four others hurt in late night altercation
Our Correspondent

Two of the victims Som Nath and Gurdev Singh claimed that they were attacked by a group of 15-20 youths but the police has registered case against three persons only. According to a senior police official, the complainant Varinder Singh, alias Binda, had named only three persons.

Till late in the evening the police was yet to record the statement of the injured. The official said two of the injured were not in position to give their statements and the police would soon record the statements of the other two.

In the meanwhile, the family members of the victim alleged that no police official had bothered to visit them. 

Chandigarh, October 13
One person was killed and four others were injured, two of them seriously, when a group of five youths was allegedly attacked by another group of about 15 - 20 youths in Sector 7 at about 1 am here today. The victims are residents of Kaimbwala village located north of the Sukhna Lake here.

Kewal (21) was stabbed in stomach and had died due to the wound. While Davinder and Jaspal, are admitted in the PGI with stab wounds in stomach and thighs. Som Nath (21) and Gurdev Singh (17) have been discharged from hospital, as they were out of danger.

Two brothers, Vishal Bhandari and Vikas Bhandari and another youth Umesh Gupta have been arrested in connection with the incident. They were later sent to judicial custody. The police has claimed to have recovered two knives used in the crime. A case under Sections 323, 324, 326, 307, 302 and 34 of the IPC has been registered.

According to the information available, Kewal, Davinder, Jaspal, Somnath and Gurdev Singh had gone to watch Ramlila in Sector 7 last night. “Our friend Binda was being bullied by certain youths working in Sector 7. We asked one of them not to trouble Binda. At this point two youths came and started pushing us aside”, Som Nath told Chandigarh Tribune. However, the police personnel present at the Ramlila pacified the two groups.

The five youths from Kaimbwala later went to a Jagran being organised in the same sector. At around 1 a.m when they were returning home after attending the Jagran, they were allegedly attacked by a group of 15-20 persons.

“They were armed with knives and batons and attacked us without any provocation”, claimed Gurdev Singh, one of the injured. According to the friends and family members of the victim, four to five youths caught Kewal and stabbed him.

Davinder and Jaspal also met the same fate. Som Nath said Kewal, Jaspal and Davinder were taken to the PGI on a scooter of one of youths. Som Nath added that he and Gurdev Singh managed to escape and reached the village. The two have suffered head injuries.

Som Nath, Davinder and Jaspal are married, Gurdev Singh is a student of class X, while Kewal was engaged recently. Kewal is survived by his mother, two elder brothers and two sisters. His last rites were performed this evening at the village’s cremation ground.



Zee TV-cable operators’ tussle continues
Ruchika M. Khanna
Tribune News Service


  • Zee not beaming its channels in most parts of township for the past five days.
  • Tiff over settlement of dispute over subscription rates between Zee and local operators association.
  • Zee surveys township to check true connectivity.
  • Residents’ Cable Cooperative Society of Panchkula to start its own cable network.

Panchkula, October 13
The cable war in the township has reached a flashpoint, with Zee Television Package refusing to beam its affiliated channels here, even as a residents’ body has offered to set up its own cable network.

For the past five days, Zee package has been off air in most sectors of the township. Hundreds of residents in Sectors 7, 8 , 9, 10, 15, 16, 17 and 18 here — who have subscribed to Panchkula Cable TV System — a local association of cable operators, are being denied viewership of Zee TV, Zee Cinema, Zee Music, Zee English, Alpha TV Punjabi, ETC, HBO, TNT and CNN.

Sources in cable industry inform that the above mentioned channels are off air because of a tiff between Zee Television and local cable operators over the settlement of dispute over fixing of suitable subscription amount. While the former maintains the latter has not paid subscription amount for this month, the operators allege otherwise.

A spokesman of the Panchkula Cable TV System, said Zee Turner Pvt. Limited had begun charging for an additional 1000 connections from them March this year. “We were asked to show an increase in connectivity and we had agreed to increase the same by 1000. However, when we went to settle bill for this month, we were told that they had increased connectivity for 1300 connections from March onwards , and were asked to pay balance for all remaining months,” he said.

The spokesman said even as negotiations were on, the Zee authorities decided to stop beaming its channels . “They (Zee) are also conducting a survey in the township to assess the connectivity here.

However, sources in Zee said local operators here had not paid subscription amount and thus Zee package was off- air in parts of the township. He, however, denied any increase in connectivity charges by Zee and said both parties had amicably solved the issue and above mentioned channels would soon be on air .

It may be noted that residents had suffered earlier, too, when Sony package was off the air for 10 days in August. Sources said Sony TV had demanded an increase in connectivity, especially after it secured the sole rights to telecast the Cricket World Cup for 2003. Since operators here could not get the desired connectivity, the telecast had been withdrawn for almost a fortnight.

However, the Residents Cable Cooperative Society of Panchkula has registered itself with the Registrar of Firms and Societies for providing cable services here. The society has also applied for permission from HUDA for laying optical fibre cable for transmission.

The society has reportedly come up as an alternative to cable oprators- who have been accused of “ unjust and frequent hikes “ in cable TV subscription, and laxity in service.



Travails of passing through Dakshin Marg
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 13
If one place which needs immediate attention of the Chandigarh Administration, it is the Piccadily roundabout on the Dakshin Marg. The place is highly congested. During the day a perpetual traffic jam prevails, thus harassing people and delaying road-users.

A team of traffic policemen have been posted at the roundabout to regulate movement of vehicles, however, things are going from bad to worse. An estimated 60,000 to 80,000 vehicles pass through this roundabout in a day.

For the last many years the Administration has been making plans to either have trafficlights to replace the roundabout or to build a flyover. In these years all this has remained on paper while the traffic situation keeps on getting worse.

Officials in the Administration agree that the place needs trafficlights or a flyover, however, everything needs a clearance which is not coming.

The best possible long-term answer is a flyover which will start from the road separating Sectors 34 and 35 and end some-where near the road separating Sectors 17 and 18.

The flyover will also go over the Aroma trafficlights. The second option is to have trafficlights with slip roads for traffic turning left. The sooner the roundabout is done away with it is better for traffic movement, admitted a source.

Regular users of the road know about the conditions and avoid it. However, during office hours — between 9 a.m and 11 a.m and between 5 p.m and 6.30 p.m. — things get out of control. A part of the road (the one between Sectors 34 and 35) is also the highway to Kulu, Manali and beyond. This means anybody coming from the Ambala side and headed for places like Ropar, Una, Dharamsala, Una, Kulu-Manali or Chamba gets stuck in a traffic jam which can last anything between 15 minutes and 45 minutes depending upon the time of the day.



PU holiday homes in a mess
Sanjeev Singh Bariana
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 13
While most of the people dream of a summer house in the hills to spend the torrid months, apathy on the part of Panjab University has led to a virtual decay of prized property in the areas of Shimla and Dalhousie. The holiday home quarters offer nothing substantial to attract visitors and the existing condition only continues to worsen with each passing day.

The university had deputed the Registrar, Prof Paramjit Singh, for a spot evaluation, who later submitted his report of the visit to Shimla. The university has now decided to constitute a committee to look into the matter and suggest remedial measures.

A recent visit to Dalhousie by the correspondent revealed that Guru Nanak Dev University, which also has a holiday home there, offered ‘best’ possible facilities, separately for the students and teachers.

The university owns the Dingle Estate and the Three Bridges building in Shimla. The report on the teachers’ holiday home, citing poor maintenance as one of the primary reasons for the present state of affairs, says: “The electricity system is in shambles”. Sanitary fittings, curtains and mattresses also need an urgent change. The furniture wears a stale look as does the building.

The report suggests that a Deputy XEN, XEN (Maintenance) and SDE (Electrical) should be sent to the spot immediately to make an assessment. A telephone service booth at the site has also been recommended.

In an interesting observation, it has been pointed out that “the approach road to the home passes through a tunnel that is often dark at nights. The place is many times used by drug addicts, which poses threat to visitors”.

A portion of the Three Bridges building is in the possession of the employees of the Deputy Commissioner’s office. The matter has been taken up with the administration that is looking into the matter. A big portion of the Dingle Lodge is presently in the possession of the Himachal Pradesh Government and some of the officials are still living there. “The Supreme Court, in 1996, pronounced that the property belonged to the PU but in spite of the decree of eviction, a vacant possession of the building had not been received by the PU. The matter was still pending with the District Courts at Shimla”, the report pointed out.

St Bernard Building of the Dingle Estate is another two-storey building in a dilapidated condition “apparently worse than the Dingle Lodge”. Even here one of the portions is in the possession of Himachal Pradesh University. The university has filed a case in the Supreme Court in this regard as well, the report added.

The report suggested that the permission of the local administration be sought to develop a small commercial centre at the vacant plot to generate income. The land could also be sold and the income be used for the construction of an alternate road or renovation of the existing structures.

The university interference has been welcomed by the majority as a positive step towards providing existing facilities to students and employees.




Misery for some is opportunity for others. The fact became apparent when motor mechanics rushed to the rescue of commuters stranded in the middle of the road after Saturday afternoon’s downpour caught them unawares.

Clouds hovering over the city since morning had given little indication of the problems these would shower later in the day. In fact, so many residents were of the firm conviction that the haziness was not due to clouds at all, but dust in the atmosphere. Little wonder, they continued with their chores without even carrying raincoats or umbrellas. Then suddenly at about 2.30 p.m., it grew dark. Within minutes the angry rain gods began to spit and spat. First to face the wrath were two-wheeler riders. As rainwater seeped into the carburettors and electrical system of their vehicles, the engines wildly coughed and sputtered before dying a slow death.

However, mobile sets were not required to call the mechanics. In search of casualties, they were zipping up and down the flooded roads. Willingly they offered help and eagerly accepted up to Rs 100 for repairing the vehicle. The rates, it goes without saying, depended upon your urgency to get home, or to work.

Three generations

You must have heard of families with generation after generation serving the Army, but have you heard of a family with three generations playing the role of Lord Rama. If you haven’t, go to a tailor’s shop in Sector 22.

Tailor Rajinder Bagga’s father started enacting Lord Rama’s role in the early ’60s. Bagga took over from his father in the ’80s. His son is currently playing young Lord Rama’s role. All three have been displaying their talents on the Sector 17 Parade Ground stage. Great, isn’t it!

First woman Addl AG

Ms Nirmaljit Kaur has become the first woman to be appointed Additional Advocate-General, Punjab, in Chandigarh. Though another woman lawyer, Ms Rupinder Kaur Wasu, has also been appointed Additional Advocate-General of Punjab at Chandigarh but the fact remains that never before any woman lawyer was made Additional Advocate-General in Chandigarh.

Ms Nirmaljit Kaur had earlier refused to accept an earlier appointment at a junior level in the office of the Advocate-General.

The only previous instance of a woman being made an Additional Advocate-General of Punjab was of Ms Jayashree Anand but she was Delhi based and posted in Delhi some years ago.

This time, women lawyers have been given fair representation in this jumbo-sized team of the law officers of the Punjab Government.


Dubious are the ways of the functioning of the Punjab Government. On October 10 when it decided to give sweeping powers to Mr A.A. Siddiqui after designating him as Officer on Special Duty (Law and Order), orders were kept under wraps for obvious reasons as probably two of the main advisers to the Chief Minister were cut to size.

But they hit back. And when the modified orders were issued on October 12, copies of the order were made available to the correspondents covering Punjab beat in abundance. To make sure that no one misses out these orders, copies were also sent on the home addresses of some of the correspondents. It is for the first time that copies of an administrative order were sent home to some of the senior correspondents. Not only that they were sent copies by fax as well as by email.

Interestingly, one word of the fifth para of the order was “intentionally” omitted. The fifth para read : “He (Mr Siddiqui) shall be consulted on all proposals regardi.. of gazetted officers in the field.” It is anybody’s guess about what could be the “missing word” and why it has been “omitted” from the photostat copies circulated among newsmen.

Wah ustad wah!

Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, who presented his flute recital at Nehru Bhavan some days back, was a great hit with the audience. Not only because as always he presented timeless melodies, but because he often interspersed his presentation with a word of humour. In the very beginning of the recital, he declared: “I will present an invocatory item in raga puria kalyan, followed by one more piece. After that I will ask you what you would like to hear. So be prepared.”

And although the audience thought the maestro had been joking, the latter came back to his word after about 30 minutes of presentation. Throwing the ball in the audience’s court, he asked: “So what raga should I play?” Even before he could react, he was flooded with requests of playing malkons, peelu mishra, bhairavi and many more. Keeping his promise, Panditji presented compositions in peelu mishra and malkons.

But when requests kept pouring, he wound up the show in style: “I will present rest of the ragas next time. Let me first learn them.” Someone from the audience could not help remarking, “Wah ustad wah!”

Pop mania

Strange as it may sound, Shubha Mudgal’s concert last week had more takers than Pt Hariprasad Chaurasia’s flute recital. From morning till 6.45 p.m., the scheduled time for Shubha’s recital, the newspaper office was flooded with calls, requesting for passes.

Most of the people thought they would see Shubha in her Ab ke Sawan mould, little realising that she was in Chandigarh for a purely classical recital. In fact, many people who made it to the venue of the recital were quite disappointed to learn that Shubha was not going to offer any of her Sufi or pop treats. She had made it clear earlier, “I am here for promoting classical music. I will not mix it with light vocal.” Many listeners, however, sat through the over two-hour-long concert in the hope that she would sing popular music.

Sadhna brings hope

For Vinay Kumar, Tejaswini Sharma, Richa Singh and 24 other mentally challenged students Sadhna is the answer to their pain and suffering, transforming their limited world into a lively, boisterous place where they are one of the crowd.

Sadhna is a vocational training institute for the mentally handicapped in Mani Majra run by a body of parents of the challenged children and other volunteers. It is funded by the parents of the children and accepts donations from the public and NGOs. It’s an attempt at self-help by parents of the children .The institute is trying to get government grants to implement future plans.

Sadhna is running educational and vocational activities for its students. The students are taught simple chores like dressing up and table manners.They are also given academic training according to their IQ level. In vocational training the students are trained to work on photostat machines and spiral binding machines. Making wax crayons, candles and block printing is also a part of the training. The school is also running a hobby period, wherein the students are trained on dancing, singing and yoga.

Tejaswini, a student of the institute, bagged the first position at the National Festival of Music and Dance, Hyderabad. Students like Vinay have won many medals in Special National Olympics and Games. Richa has remarkable dancing talents.

Harmohan Dhawan

Former Union Minister Harmohan Dhawan-led Chandigarh Vikas Manch councillors have become rudderless with Mr Dhawan going into hibernation (his hotel business).

The Manch basically raised to oppose the Congress which expelled him for openly taking stands, now only seems to exist on paper with its councillors being viewed closer to the Congress in the Municipal Corporation meetings.

A couple of councillors are even said to be negotiating with the Congress but they do not seem to be in a hurry as there are no elections around to extract some gain.

The Congress which has a majority with the support of nine nominated members also does not seem to be very keen to take them now at least.


Amitabh Bachchan is a lucky man. He has many partners in the celebration of his birthday. Where some fans in Kolkata celebrated the Big B’s birthday by placing his photograph right next to the idols of deities, the City Beautiful had a different genre of fans. They promoted the Big B’s day by writing at the back of their cars: “Happy birthday Big B”. After all, there is no dearth of hero worshippers in this world!

— Sentinel



Samadhaan members meet Finance Secy
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 13
A deputation of the Samadhaan, a pressure group for social justice, met the Finance Secretary, UT, on Friday to take up various issues regarding building bylaws in the light of recently notified amendments.

Partitioning of showrooms and habitable use of basements were the two main issues discussed at the meeting. It may be recalled that in the recently notified amendments, the Administration had imposed hefty compounding fee for regularising the partitions in the bigger showrooms and for the habitable use of basements.

The deputation cited the example of a Supreme Court verdict wherein a case of showroom site allotted before 1976 (provision to charge compounding fee was first implemented in 1976) was restored to the allottee without charging any fee.

According to Mr R.K. Malhotra, president, Samadhaan, the Finance Secretary agreed that if any of the apex court’s verdicts becomes a law and will have to be made applicable to all even if the case was decided between two individuals. “Especially, in this case when one of the parties is the Estate Office, UT,” he said while accepting the plea of the group for exempting the allottees prior to 1976 from paying any compounding fee for regularising the partitions in the bigger showrooms.

As regards the habitable use of basement, the discussion was based on the fact that an amendment to the Punjab Capital (Development and Regulation) Building Rules, 1952, vide a notification No C-68-54/IV/5323 dated September, 4, 1954, permits the use of basement storey to be for the same class of building of which it forms a part. The Finance Secretary was convinced that no fee should be charged from the allottees of buildings prior to the date of any such ruling which prohibits the use of building without paying a compounding fee’ provided that such buildings fulfill the provisions laid down in the National Building Code for the habitable use of buildings.

The Administration will come out with a provision of providing an exit gate in the basements of existing buildings in addition to the existing entrance for the safety of the occupants/visitors in case of fire. An order notifying certain trades totally prohibited to be run in the basements will be issued, the Finance Secretary said.

However, a final decision in the matters discussed at the meeting will be taken in a due course of time after holding the required deliberations at all official channels.



Ex-servicemen’s body to open more legal aid cells
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 13
The legal aid cell of the All-Indian Ex-servicemen Welfare Association here today decided to have more such cells at district and sub-divisional levels in Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Chandigarh, with a view to providing legal aid to ex-servicemen, disabled soldiers and widows. These cells will be managed by ex-serviceman advocates practising in various courts.

The cell has been instrumental in getting 12 family pension and 18 disability pension cases decided in favour of appellants in lok adalats, apart from rendering legal aid to as many as 435 ex-servicemen, widows and disabled soldiers in the past 10 months. The association has also served a legal notice to the Central Government to do away with discrimination in the matter of granting disability pension to officers and jawans of the Army, the Navy and Air force.

Any ex-serviceman, widow or disabled soldier as well as serving soldier of the armed forces desiring to avail of the free legal aid facility may write to the Chairman, Legal aid cell, All India Ex-serviceman Welfare Association, Sector 38-C, Chandigarh, or contact on phone numbers (0172) 691520 or (0172) 693868.



Realistic picture of war & violence
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 13
After dealing with issues of morality in most of his earlier works, writer Sukhchain Singh Bhandari is now ready with yet another work of literature. Titled Roti ka Nishan”, this collection of “short stories by Mr Bhandari was released today at Uttam Restaurant in Sector 46 by the Director, Haryana Urdu Sahitya Akademi, Mr Raminder Jakhu.

Juxtaposed in the form of a book are short stories that relate more with reality and less with fiction. To debate upon the quality and impact of the work, as many as six experts had gathered under the aegis of the Writers Club in Chandigarh today. Finally the crux of the analyses suggested that the literary work by Mr Bhandari could serve as a tool in inspiring the caste-ridden and ethnically-marooned societies.

In all, the book consists of 126 short stories which deal with the subject of war at large. The writer has viewed war not just in the literal sense of the word. He has put together horrifying sequences of communal tension and given them the colour of a larger tragedy. The stories draw base from human and material loss that the world has recently witnessed all over right from Afghanistan to Gujarat and Kargil. Without making suggestions the writer observes reality and interprets its consequences in the interest of the public.

Ms Sharanjit Kaur today read a paper on the book and said it dealt with the prevailing financial and social crisis with great sensitivity. Satire is woven into the script by the writer, but it has been used to enhance the intellectual element in the work of literature. Among other prominent speakers were Mohan Bhandari, Jasbir Bhullar and Prem Gorkhy. Also present on the occasion was Maj Umrao Singh of the Haryana Punjabi Sahit Akademi.

Prior to this publication, Mr Bhandari already had 13 books to his credit out of which eight are in Punjabi and five in Hindi. Roti ka Nishan” is Mr Bhandari’s 14th publication.



BJP celebrates 3 years of NDA govt
Tribune News Services

Chandigarh, October 13
The executive committee of the local unit of the BJP today celebrated the successful completion of three years of the NDA government at the Centre under the primeministership of Mr Atal Behari Vajpayee. The meeting was presided over by the president of the local unit of the BJP. Om Prakash Dhankar. All-India Secretary and in charge of the Chandigarh unit, was also present.

Sweets were distributed in the party office to celebrate the occasion. The BJP claimed that this was the first non-Congress government to complete three years in office at the Centre.



MC staff panel meets minister
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 13
A delegation of employees under the banner of the Coordination Committee of Government and MC Employees and Workers, UT, Chandigarh, called upon the Union Minister of State for Home Affairs, Mr I.D. Swami, at his residence in Karnal and put forward their demands like treating employees of the Administration to the MC on deputation and also of bonus for UT employees.

A press note of the committee today claimed that Mr I.D. Swami gave a patient hearing to the delegation and assured that the proposed amendments in the Punjab Municipal Corporation Act (extended to Chandigarh) will be cleared in the forthcoming winter session of the Parliament. He also assured the delegation that on the pattern being followed by other Union Territories the bonus will be granted to employees of the Chandigarh Administration.



Withdraw notices, demand residents
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 13
A meeting of the Residents’ Welfare wing of the Chandigarh Parents Association was held here today in which residents deplored the action of the Assistant Estate Officer (AEO) in issuing notices to nearly 50 residents of sector 38-C for violations. The association demanded withdrawal of notices till the ‘unauthorised’ constructions were demolished from the VIP sectors.

The notices issued under Rule 20 of the Chandigarh Lease Hold of Sites and Building Rules, 1973, were without any justification and discriminatory, said the chairman of the association, Mr Bhim Sen Sehgal.

He said notices had been issued to some of the residents who have built small courtyard in the rear of their houses while others having similar violations had been left untouched. Association had issued legal notices to the Chandigarh Administration and the Municipal Corporation for indulging in discriminatory demolition in the southern sectors while not paying attention to the unauthorised constructions in the northern areas. 



Press Club closed tomorrow

Chandigarh, October 13
The Chandigarh Press Club will remain closed on October 15 on account of Dasehra, according to a press note of the club issued here today. TNS



One killed in road mishap
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, October 13
Vinod Kumar, a resident of Behlana village died after he was allegedly hit by a car near Airport Chowk last afternoon. The driver of the car fled the scene.

According to police sources, Vinod was seriously injured and was taken to the PGI. where he succumbed to his injuries.

The police has registered two cases under Sections 279 and 304A of the IPC.

Dowry case: Ms Neetu Garg, a resident of Sector 27, has alleged that she was being harassed and maltreated by her husband, Vikas Garg, Sudha and Ram Kumar, all residents of Panchkula district, for dowry. On the directions of a court a case under Sections 406 and 498A of the IPC has been registered in the Sector 26 police station.

Bag stolen: Mr Jaspal Singh, a resident of Sector 35, today alleged that his bag containing £ 200, Rs. 5,000 and a CD player was stolen from the Inter-State Bus Terminus, Sector 17 yesterday afternoon. A case of theft has been registered.

Scooter stolen: Mr Phool Chand, a resident of Sector 20, reported that his Bajaj Chetak scooter (CH01P 7889) was stolen from Sector 22 on October 4, A case has been registered.

2 booked:
The police has booked two persons, Sarita Goyal and Bhushan Goyal, on charges of stealing fittings from a showroom rented to them in Sector 11, The two have been booked under Section 379 of the IPC, following orders of a local court.

Stolen: The police has registered a case of theft on the complaint of Ms Sheela Rani of Sector 17 here. She alleged that her gold chain had been stolen from her house on October 11.

One killed:
One person was killed in a road accident at Saha bus stand, around 15 km from here, today.

According to the police, the accident occurred when a Tata Sumo and a motor cycle collided on the Ambala-Jagadhari road near Saha.

The deceased was identified as Gurmeet. The police has registered a case.

Cases of theft: Thieves struck at a house in Kaula village, near Ambala City, and decamped with cash and jewellery worth Rs 22,000.

Lachman Singh, in his complaint filed with the Baldev Nagar police station, said he was away when the burglary took place.

In another incident, thieves stole ornaments worth Rs 10,000 from a jewellery shop in Ambala Cantt.

The owner of the shop, Mr Sanjeev Kumar, has lodged a complaint with the Maheshnagar police station. 



Magistrate booked for rash driving
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, October 13
The police today booked UT Judicial Magistrate (First Class) Jaswinder Singh for rash driving and causing death due to negligence under Sections 279 and 304A, IPC. According to police sources, Sunder Lal, a resident of Burail village, here was killed after his cycle was hit by the car being driven by the Magistrate on the road separting Sector 45 and 46 on Sunday.

Sunder Lal, was seriously injured and rushed to Government Medical College and Hospital, Sector 32, where he was declared brought dead.

Mr Jaswinder Singh also received injuries and was taken to the GMCH.

Sunder Lal, a native of Garhwal, Uttaranchal, was returning home from a jagran in Panchkula. He is survived by his wife and three children.



Second-hand car sales pick up
Manoj Kumar
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 13
With the advent of the festival season, the second-hand car sales have once again picked up at the Sunday car bazar here.

The sales had drastically come down during the shraadhs and after the slashing of car prices by Maruti Udyog recently.

The car dealers in Sector 7, Sunday car bazar, on the Madhya Marg, feel that though the second-hand car sales have started picking up, the actual sales are still lower than what they used to be last year.

The dealers admit that the entry of various finance companies in the market, easy availability of loans and affluence in the region have affected the sales of second-hand cars.

City customers prefer to buy new cars due to easy financing, but the buyers from the surrounding towns, the rural areas, and even from faraway places of Haryana, UP and HP also visit the car bazar to buy these vehicles.

Mr Rupinder Bir Singh (Pappu), president, Car Dealers Association, says: “Despite the recession in the market and a fall in the prices of new Maruti models, we are doing good business. The sales have started picking up with the beginning of the festival season. On an average, we are selling 80-90 cars every week.’’

Mr Balwinder Singh, a businessman from Jalandhar, who had come with his friends to buy a car, said: ‘‘One can buy any model in this market, though the rates are quoted much higher. If one knows the art of making a good bargain, one can buy a Cielo of 1997 model for around Rs 1 lakh, though the dealers would quote the price anywhere between Rs 1.50 lakh and Rs 1.60 lakh.’’

Mr Rupinder Bir Singh claims that “about 2,000 sellers come every week to sell their vehicles here and some time due to lack of space, we have to deny them the permission to park their vehicles in the market.’’ The rate of second-hand Maruti 800 and Zen models have also decreased by Rs 8,000 and Rs 10,000 after the slashing of prices by the company, he adds.

Citing the reasons for the slow growth in the sale of second-hand cars, Mr Balwinder Singh, says:‘‘The salaried class prefers to buy new cars through financiers for which loans are easily available at lower interest rates. The banks do not easily finance second-hand cars, except for a few who finance up to three year old cars, and that too at a higher rate of interest. Further, some businessmen often sell their cars just to get cash and later they would re-finance other sleek and trendy models like Tata-Indica, Santro or Maruti-Zen.’’

However, the dealers lament that though the Municipal Corporation is taking Rs 500 from over 30 dealers every week as charges, it has failed to provide even good roads in the area. Some of the hoteliers were also unhappy over the increasing number of cars in the market, complaining that the market affected their business.

Assuring a fair deal in the market, the president of the Car Dealers Association says: ‘‘We charge Rs 4,000 and Rs 5,000 or one per cent of the sale price from both parties to arrange a deal. For this, we provide guarantee for the genuine sale and authenticity of the documents.’’



Mizoram for pvt sector investment in tourism
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 13
The entire North-East, especially Mizoram, is a land of majestic mountains crowned with sapphire blue peaks and serene beauty. Though it lies far away from the North, it offers abundant of wildlife, excitement and lush green valleys to the tourists. The state government is seriously looking for private partnership for the development of tourism in the state,’’ said Mr A.R. Kohli, Governor of Mizoram, here today.

He was addressing the concluding day session of the first international convention of the Forum of Educators and Scholars of Tourism (FEAST). He said Mizoram like other North-Eastern states offered excellent potential for the development of eco-tourism, home tourism, solitude and adventure tourism, but it lacked well-trained professionals for developing infrastructure and for providing interactive services to the tourists.

Urging the private sector to invest in the state, he said the state required identification and development of sites, landscaping and proper architecture with conservation. He assured the investors of providing all assistance in developing tourism with least bureaucratic interference.

Earlier, he launched the official website of Feast — — with a special portal on Asian tourism and a hot-link with the North-East, especially Mizoram.

He announced that the second annual convention of FEAST would be held in Mizoram next year.

On this occasion, Dr Gulshan Sharma, Director, Institute of Tourism and Future Management Trends ( ITFT), placed scholarships worth $10,000 at the discretion of the Mizoram Governor for students for doing one-year MBA programme at Woodbury University, USA. Only those students would be eligible for the scholarships, he said, who had completed their 16 years of education in the state.

The convention recommended to set up an executive committee to carry forward the programmes of FEAST and for launching an electronic and a print journal. It was also decided that the ITFT along with CITCO and other Northern states would make efforts to promote tourism in North-Eastern states and vice-verse.

Among others, Mr N. Balachandran, Secretary, Tourism, Mizoram, Prof Arvind Sharma, VC, Mizoram University, Mr K.K. Saraf, Director, National Council of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, Mr Maharaja S. Wahi, President, Indian Association of Tour Operators (IATO), and its former president, Mr O.P. Ahuja, also took part in the deliberations.



Canada’s move on panel welcomed
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 13
WWICS has welcomed Canada’s move to address itself to problems within the immigration consultancy industry with the creation of an advisory committee to identify specific concerns and make recommendations for their consideration.

Mr Denis Coderre, Canadian Immigration Minister, while taking up the concerns of the immigration seekers, had observed that “the immigration industry is taking undue advantage of the trust of individuals seeking to immigrate to Canada for their own gains and mismanages the process to their client’s detriment. Practices like these are unacceptable and the advisory committee is a positive initiative to deal with them.”

The role of the committee which will operate independent of the Department of Citizenship and Immigration, will be to identify various problems within the immigration consulting industry, both in Canada and abroad and will propose options to the immigration ministry, according to Mr Devinder Sandhu, Senior Director, WWICS.



Chyawanprabha for kids launched
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 13
The newly launched biotech division of Mayar India Ltd has become the first ayurvedic company in India to introduce vanilla-flavoured ‘Bal Chyawanprabha’ specially formulated to make a child stronger and smarter and suit the needs of the younger generation. Taken regularly, it makes the child more active, helps him in growth and to cope with the ever-increasing burden of studies, according to Mr Pradeep Srivastava, President, Mayar India Ltd

Foster’s turns four: Foster’s, Australia’s famous beer, has recently completed four years of its presence in India. Over the period, total sales of Foster’s in the country has been an equivalent of a pint every second. A pint, also known as the 33-ml bottle in India, is an international pack-size. Positioned as a premium international beer, Foster’s is present in 10 beer drinking states. This accounts for its presence in 60 per cent of mild beer consumption markets in India, which includes cities like Chandigarh, Delhi and Mumbai.

UV water purifier: Eureka Forbes has introduced Forbes Aquaflow Designa, a UV water purifier, for the evolving Indian customers of today. It is priced at Rs 6,500 MRP and is backed by Eureka Forbes’ assurance of prompt services through a nationwide service network.


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