Saturday, October 26, 2002
M A I N   F E A T U R E

Can vaastu yield profitable returns?

Corporates are realising the importance of providing the right ambience to get the best out of their employees in terms of productivity and creativity. To harness the potential of their employees, says Rakesh Chawla, a number of business houses are now following vaastu for creating that "feel-good factor" by making use of colours, forms, music and so on.

MANY a time I have been asked does vaastu really work? And, of late, why are so many people taking interest in vaastu?

Well, vaastu isnít nuclear science or space technology that a layperson cannot understand. It is a subject linking man with nature. Its principles are easy to follow. The resurgence of vaastu could be due to a number of reasons. It could be global competition that is forcing corporate biggies to follow anything which offers them a cutting edge or it could be due to the placement of Neptune that spirituality is suddenly in and a lot of esoteric concepts are being talked about. I personally feel that the main cause of the sudden interest in vaastu is the availability of information in the print and electronic media (including the Internet) plus thousands of books on the subject.


It is interesting to note that vaastu has become popular at a time when construction already exists and the majority of it around the world is not vaastu-friendly. Such a scenario could easily call for large-scale demolition and reconstruction in accordance with the scriptures, but that would not be practical. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that remedial methods should be followed without making structural changes.


  • If you are facing problems in accounts and finance, pay attention to the north-eastern side of the premises and clear the clutter plus activate a water feature. Also seal all leaking taps.

  • For legal issues, look around the south-east. Clear the junk and add a hint of green (natural plants or green colour) plus activate a small heat source.

  • For marketing and sales-related issues, take care of the north-west. An orderly display is essential. Do activate the zone with soft breeze of a fan or perhaps a cooler.

  • For production loss, concentrate on the west/centre. Make sure there is no water storage or any depression towards the centre. Activate by any pleasing sound. For smooth production, east should be lower than west.

  • In case of operational hiccups, look into the south-west. Ensure a clear passage and a little elevation. Simply raise the table and chair of the CEO. Activate the zone with a pleasant aroma.


  • Have good lighting on the premises of both offices and factories.

  • Ensure adequate cross ventilation.

  • Keep the place free from clutter. No junk or rusted material should be seen anywhere.

  • No leaking taps. They indicate easy outflow of finances.

  • No water seepage. It indicates work slowdown.

  • Meditate for 15 minutes before commencing work.

Now for the corporate world that follows Kaizen would look into the 5Ms: Measurement, Method, Material, Machine and Man. Today what actually differentiates companies or organisations from one another is the last of the 5Ms ó that is Man. Unlike the other four, man responds better to an environment rather than a programme. Hence, it is of prime importance to provide the right ambience to get the best out of an employee in terms of productivity and creativity, after all human beings are the richest assets of any organisation.

To harness the untapped potential of its employees, many corporates are now following vaastu for creating that "feel-good factor" by making use of colours, forms, functional music and so on.

A few businessmen undertake major structural changes in their offices and spend large sums of money in renovations simply after reading a few books or articles on vaastu. The result is most of them are not happy. Do you know why? They forget that most books only speak of the ideal situation as mentioned in the ancient scriptures and not the practical application of knowledge contained therein. Answer this question honestly. When you fall sick, do you read a book on medicine and treat yourself or do you consult a doctor? Then how can you start treating your office after reading a book? Please donít follow quick-fix solutions as they can be damaging.

It is important to connect within rather than make structural changes. If you have any ailment then would you straightaway go in for surgery or would you try out medication, change in diet, lifestyle and sleeping habits and other methods of healing your body, mind and spirit?

Japan, which is one of the most prosperous nations, is also the most disciplined. They practise Zen meditation for a few minutes before commencing work; the idea is to be in sync with nature and yourself so that you can give your best while at work. According to vaastu, this is connecting within.

For connecting to the nature (outside), vaastu recommends nurturing the elements that occupy different directions. Since water lies in the north-east and is associated with growth and procreation, it is an ideal zone for accounts and finance. Fire, which occupies south-east, brings in a lot of fame and creativity. But when it gets too volatile, it can lead to labour unrest or lawsuits. This zone is recommended for research and development, administrative activities, canteens, placement of boilers, furnaces and so on. Earth, which represents stability and is assigned the south-west, is ideal for CEOs, functional heads and senior personnel. It has been observed in factories that when the union heads sit in this zone, the probability of unrest is very high. Air or wind occupies the north-west quadrant. Being the element of movement, it is ideally suited for finished goods store or the sales and marketing department. The centre is assigned to space. It is akin to the naval of the body. If pressure is exerted on the naval, uneasiness sets in. The centre of your premises should be free from any pressure exerted by heavy equipment or a structural column/wall.

The favourable directions to face while working are east or north. This does not imply that south and west are ruled out because if they were no good then vaastu would not recommend south-west as the zone for the CEO.

If you are not facing east or north, should that disturb you? If changing the position is not possible, all you have to do is practise jal mudra. Touch your thumb to the tip of your little finger and focus on your breathing for 15 minutes. Watch the outcome after a few weeks. It will be amazing.