Thursday, October 31, 2002, Chandigarh, India

C H A N D I G A R H   S T O R I E S


New land use policy set to change city’s periphery
Chitleen K Sethi
Tribune News Service

SAS Nagar, October 30
In a move that will change the face of Chandigarh’s periphery, the area around the city falling under the Periphery Control Act will soon be open to use for the establishment of educational institutions, hospitals, golf courses, and other modern facilities along with the option to regularise farm houses built in the area. But all this comes with some riders.

Punjab New Capital (Periphery) Control Act, 1952 

This Act came into force when Chandigarh was in the process of being developed as capital of Punjab. It was foreseen that the city would require more land for its future growth and , therefore, this Act was brought into force to prevent unregulated and haphazard growth around it. The Punjab Government has declared a belt of 16 km around the Union Territory of Chandigarh as controlled area under Section 3 of this Act. The controlled area has certain restrictions on change of land use and erection or re-erection of structures. It is not permissible for any one to change the land use or to raise structure in contravention of these restrictions

Periphery controlled area relaxations allowed by Centre

  • Construction of residential houses allowed within limits provided by the GOI.
  • Farm houses are not permitted within five miles belt; allowed within five to 10 miles on conditions laid down by the GOI.
  • Cattle sheds are allowed at a distance of 300 feet away from a national highway and 100 feet away from a link road or an approach road.
  • No dairy farms are permitted in the five miles belt around the city; within five to 10 miles construction of dairy farms are allowed provided it is at a distance of 300 feet from the main road.

This was stated here today by Punjab Urban Planning and Development Minister Raghunath Sahai Puri. The government’s new land use policy of the periphery controlled area would be ready to be made public within a few days, he added.

According to sources, the new policy will redefine the land use structure allowed under Section 11 of the Punjab New Capital (Periphery) Control Act, 1952 including various relaxations accorded therein by the October 1966 orders of the Government of India in this regard.

According to information provided by PUDA, the Punjab Government now realises that time has come to provide for other land uses in the periphery and allow certain low density uses in the periphery to take care of essential needs of the area and also to develop new urban centres in identified areas of the periphery.

The policy will allow change of land use in this manner only after certain conditions laid down by PUDA are met and on due payment. According to sources, the general policy even this regard will be to allow the minimum possible construction and keep majority of the area for agricultural purposes for ecological reasons.

In view of the large number of illegal structures that had sprung up in the area, the Punjab Government had announced a general amnesty for all such structures which had come into existence up to December 9, 1998.

An area of 10000 acres in the periphery has been declared as free enterprise zone where change of land use from agriculture to industry is permitted. This area is on the northern side of the Chandigarh-Ambala road between Dera Bassi and Lalru.

An extension of this amnesty was due till November 3 last year. However, following a court case, the land use structure now stands frozen. According to sources, the policy formulation follows an affidavit submitted by PUDA before the Punjab and Haryana High Court in which it was stated that a new policy will be formed by the government in view of the changing needs of the growing population.

The minister further stated that the government was also reviewing the decisions taken by the last government in some of the meetings of-PUDA and some irregularities had been found in the allotment of schools in Punjab. ‘‘Those are being decided on’’, he said.

The minister also confirmed that certain areas which were clear from litigation in the four upcoming Sectors 77 to 80 were given a go-ahead for the development of infrastructure.

He also informed that a meeting with the Chief Minister and the DGP, Punjab, had been called to consider the vacation of parks in residential colonies by security personnel of VIPs residing in the colonies.


Decks cleared for PU poll
Academics low on parties’ agendas
Sanjeev Singh Bariana
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 30
The special tribunal of Panjab University has cleared the names of the presidential candidates of the Panjab University Students Union and the Students Organisation of Panjab University for the campus council elections scheduled for November 1.

The tribunal was looking into the complaint filed by the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarathi Parishad saying the two presidential candidates were ineligible because they were involved in non-bailable offences which the university calendar said took away their right to contest the poll.

The tribunal, however, went through the details and discovered that the candidates were not involved in any ‘horrendous crime’. The university also had precedents in previous elections where candidates in a similar situation were allowed to contest.

To put the records straight Malwinder Singh Kang (Panjab University Student Union- Haryana Students Association- Himachal Pradesh Students Union) alliance is pitted against Harveer Singh (Students Organisation of Panjab University-Association of Panjab University Students alliance) and Deepak Balyan (ABVP). Interestingly another name — Harveer Singh (Department of Economics) figured in the list of presidential candidates which SOPU said was a smart election ploy of PUSU. The candidate, however, withdrew from the race leaving only the SOPU candidate Harveer Singh from the Department of Ancient History in the fray.

The candidates for general secretary are Satender Pratap Dahiya (PUSU panel), Birjyot Singh ‘Brandy’ ( SOPU panel) and Saurabh Joshi( ABVP); for post of vice president are Kanika Sachdeva (PUSU panel); Tapinder Kaur (SOPU panel) Poonam Gupta (ABVP); and for joint secretary are Vijay Chauhan (PUSU panel), Raman Chandel (SOPU panel) and Vishal Diddi(ABVP).

There are reports of an altercation between supporters of the ABVP and SOPU in the Basic Medical Sciences block today.

The press conferences today basically pertained to allegations, rebuttals and counter allegations. All three press conferences witnessed trading of charges where none of the candidates in fray for the current elections were present.

The ABVP said the university was being partial to the rival student groups by allowing them to contest the elections despite the constitution clearly saying that anyone involved in a non-bailable offence would be debarred from elections. Deepti Rawat, general secretary of the Delhi University Students Union, campaigning for the ABVP said the parishad was committed to national issues which the students must realise.

The SOPU panel said the university was biased in favour of PUSU by allowing Malwinder Singh Kang to contest the elections. The department Chairman had clearly said that the medical certificate under question had been submitted by Kang. The university did not even trust a chairman which was ‘atrocious’ and why did the university not look deeper into the matter, it was pointed out.

SOPU also alleged that the PUSU candidate would be debarred from his admission in the Law Department because he did not fulfill the lecture condition even in the first semester which will be decided a few days later. This was, however, denied by the PUSU panel later which said Kang was in the jail for a majority of the time under the question and the university would have to take that into account. During the same period the SOPU presidential candidate was also in jail so even he would be faced with a similar problem.

Meanwhile, qualitative issues related to academics do not seem to be central to the party agenda of all student organisations in the fray for the forthcoming elections to the Panjab University Campus Students Council slated for November 1.

Poll promises run into pages, a majority of which are repeated year after year. It is amazing that there is no mention about the falling education standards and less priority being given to education by the government in the Budget. Little space is given to issues like upgrading the academic status, while more emphasis is on matters like “grace marks”, “re-appear chance” and “improvement chance in results” by all groups.

The Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad highlights its commitment to “revision of Master of Computer Application syllabus on a yearly basis” without mentioning other courses. PUSU says “Syllabii of all departments, especially professional courses, will be revised”. One fails to understand why it does not spell out the details of the problem even in the rallies as to what were the specific areas of concern.

A former president of the campus council said laughingly “We pick up the agenda of previous years and upgrade it by adding some current problems. A lot of time during elections is spent on sorting out the inter and intra-political equations. There is no time left to deliberate on the real issues”.

Girls’ hostels are favourite spots for the election campaign for all parties. Despite the university’s fixed time of 9 p.m. for campaigning in the girls’ hostels, loud noises can be heard till 11 p.m.

One interesting agenda item of the Students Organisation of Panjab University mentions “beautification of the girls hostels”. “Why should boys hostels be discriminated against?” a research scholar asks. Repeated references to canteen facilities in all departments make it sound as if canteens were non-existent on the campus despite facilities at a dozen odd places, besides the shops at the Students Centre. To make the stay on the campus more “luxurious”, the ABVP mentions installation of a music system to play soft music at the Students Centre, like on the Sukhna lake”. Another demand pertains to installation of a snooker table at the Students Centre.

All press conferences at election rallies only pertain to allegations and counter-allegations, pushing the academic issues to the background. SOPU has now questioned the decision of the university in allowing the PUSU candidate Malwinder Singh Kang to contest the elections despite the chairman of his department saying that he had submitted a fake medical certificate. The ABVP is questioning the university as to why both the rival groups were being allowed to contest despite their names in non-bailable offences.

The list of SOPU’s achievements reads: “water cooler was installed and car parking was constructed in the BMS block; bathrooms were renovated in all hostels and funds for dressing room has been sanctioned in the Sports Department; a TV set, furniture for guest room of girls hostel; parking lot was constructed in girls’ hostel; fashion show was organised by top models of India; small gates were constructed in respective girls hostels; and late entry hours extended for girls,” to name a few.

Students in the affiliated colleges in the city, too, have certain interesting demands. Students in SD College want the college not to levy any fine on carrying mobile telephone sets and girls be allowed to leave the campus at 11 a.m. instead of the existing provision of 12 noon. Girls of Government College, Sector 46, want that the class duration of 45 minutes instead of the existing provision of one hour.


Campaigning ends in colleges
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, October 30
Except for a few sporadic incidents, the final day of election campaign ended smoothly in various city college. While a majority of the colleges continued with their campaigns till late in the evening, a few others, following the university rule of stopping all campaigning before 72 hours of the poll, stopped canvassing yesterday.

At GGDSD College, Sector 32, the campaign went on in full spirit which was marred by a group clash towards the end. The day also witnessed withdrawal of nomination by one of the presidential candidates, Jagandeep Singh Dhillon, leaving three in the fray.

Another incident in which a student of MCM DAV College was debarred from contesting, dampened the spirit among students. Gurvinder Sidhu, a former vice-president of the college, was not allowed to contest as she crossed the upper age limit. Even her effort to field one of her supporters against Ruchi Kaushal, who is the sole candidate for the post of president, was foiled by the Principal, Ms Usha Gupta, on the ground that the nomination of the candidate reached the election committee after 11am, the deadline for submitting nominations.

The Government College, Sector 46, chief returning officer, Prof Ajit Singh Bhatia, had given an order to the contestants and their supporters not to campaign on the campus except for making personal appeal to the voters. However, the orders could not mar the soaring spirit as a huge number of supporters of the SOPU, the ABVP and the Students Union of Government College alliance and the ruling PUSU supporters stood near the gate carrying posters.

In contrast to the boys’ colleges, the women’s colleges mainly the Dev Samaj College for Women, Sector 45, and the Government College for Girls, Sector 42, wore a deserted look. GCG, Sector 42, which will see the polling between two main parties namely the ABVP and the SOPU have also ceased their campaigning procedure, whereas for Dev Samaj College, all candidates are contesting independently.

Contestants of Government College for Girls, Sector 11, which started campaigning last evening after their nominations were accepted, carried on with full spirit. However, the college saw the maximum number of withdrawals with Nidhi Takiar withdrawing from the post of president, Harita Verma from the post of vice-president and Jyoti Dahiya from the post of joint secretary. However, this paved the way for Ambika Sharma to win the election uncontested.

Meanwhile, the election committee of various colleges are gearing up to face the D-day, i.e. Friday. Dr P.K. Bajaj, Returning Officer, SD College, today held a meeting to educate candidates and representatives who will be acting as polling agents.

The polling will start at 10 am and expected to be continued till 1 pm. No student will be allowed to vote without showing his or her photo ID-card. “With the festive season and a short vacation approaching just after the elections, we are expecting about 60 per cent voters turn out this year,” says Ms Gupta.


Clash averted in DAV College

Stray incidents of minor scuffles between rival groups marked the last day of campaigning in city colleges today.

The day began with a heated exchange between supporters of the DAV Students Union-DAV Students Association combine and the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad. However, the clash averted due to the police deployment outside the college.

Sources said supporters of the two groups, not college students but outsiders, locked horns on the college premises while raising slogans in favour of their respective candidates.

The college Principal, Mr S.C. Marriya, said tension between the two groups had been eased and students were given a holiday tomorrow to enable Divali celebrations on the campus.

Meanwhile, a similar incident was reported from GGDSD College, Sector 32, between supporters of candidates of the two contesting parties, the SOPU and the ABVP.

This triggered a demand for withdrawal of nominations of Dalvir Singh Goldy, the presidential candidate of the SOPU, for assaulting Rohit Khullar of the ABVP.

The Principal, Dr A.C. Vaid, said the matter had been deferred till tomorrow and efforts would be made to work out a compromise between the two parties.


BSNL fails to keep promise
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 30
Telecommunications giant Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), failed to keep its commitment for the launch of mobile phone services in Chandigarh today. The new launch date is still a grey area. Speculations are for after-Divali launch, while the launch could be on Saturday or Sunday just before Divali.

On October 25, the Chief General Manager, Telecom, Punjab Circle, Mr S.C. Chaudhary, had held a press conference to announce that mobile phone services will be launched in Ludhiana on October 27, followed by Chandigarh on October 30. The launch in Ludhiana was on time.

Today hundreds of prospective mobile phone users thronged the local offices of the BSNL in Sectors 18, 17 and 34. Armed with newspaper cuttings, telecom officials just shrugged their shoulders in desperation over the matter as they could practically do nothing to reply to questions.

Sources said the local telecom office did not receive any SIM cards used to activate mobile phones from the authorities. There was no communication which was conveyed to the members of the public regarding the fresh date of launch. Forms to apply for connections not available and no one knows when the process will start.

Sources indicate that some trained staff from Ludhiana was also put on duty in Chandigarh, however, no one knows why the launch was stalled. The CGMT, Mr Chaudhary, was unavailable at his office or residence for comments . The same was true for Mr R.C.Vaish, the Principal General Manager, Telecom (PGMT), Chandigarh.


Holiday bonanza for govt employees
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 30
A mega weekend is in the offing for government employees. The weekend may even last for nine days if some enterprising employees decide to club a few of their leave. Officially, the weekend will last for four days in Chandigarh, while the break will be for five days in Punjab and Haryana.

If an employee in the Chandigarh Administration applies for a restricted holiday on November 6 (Wednesday) — occasion of Bhaiyya Duuj — and applies for two leave on Thursday and Friday, he would have to return to work on November 11 (Monday). This makes it a good nine-day break.

Chandigarh Punjab Haryana
Nov 1 Friday open closed closed
Nov 2 Saturday closed closed closed
Nov 3 Sunday closed closed closed
Nov 4 Monday closed closed closed
Nov 5 Tuesday closed closed closed

In Chandigarh, the weekend starts from November 2 (Saturday). In Punjab and Haryana, November 1 (Friday) is a closed day. With Divali falling on Monday and Vishvakarma day on Tuesday, the mega weekend means work in government offices will come to a halt during this period. Employees in the private sector are aghast at the long weekend the government employees will enjoy.

Already, visitors to various government offices are being advised to come after Divali. As government employees gear up to go on leave, it has turned out to be a boon for those whose families live in nearby towns. This means they can be with their families before Divali.

In the offices, the festive spirit has already taken over work as people are preparing for Divali.


Insurance scheme for scribes
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 30
The Chandigarh-Punjab Union of Journalists (CPUJ) affiliated to the Indian Journalists Union (IJU) today launched a group insurance scheme of Rs 5 lakh for each of its members and also a free medical consultation scheme for its members.

A decision in this regard was taken at the state executive council meeting held at the Food Craft Institute here today. Dr Inderjit Bhatia has been appointed coordinator for panel of doctors for Punjab.

The Mayor, Ms Lalit Joshi, after inaugurating the function, handed over the first group insurance papers to CPUJ secretary Naveen Sharma. Executive members of the Punjab District units of the Union also took part in the meeting. These units are based in Amritsar, Hoshiarpur, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Patiala, Ropar, Sangrur and Bathinda.

President of Indian Journalists Union Suresh Akhouri, who presided over the meeting, criticised the Central Government for its media policy which he said was based on exploitation of mediapersons at hands of employers. He said the policy on foreign media was anti-national and anti-journalism. He was critical of the BJP-led government for ignoring the interests of journalists, which he said were anti-labour. Those who spoke on the occasion included Haryana Patarkar Sangh President K.B Pandit, who lauded the welfare schemes launched by the Chandigarh-Punjab Union of Journalists. The Haryana union has already launched the group insurance scheme for Rs 5 lakh for its members there. He insisted on timely implementation of the welfare schemes.


Small savings net Rs 84 cr
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, October 30
Chandigarh has collected Rs 99 crore in small savings as against a target of Rs 84 crore fixed for the Union Territory despite the fact that Punjab and Haryana floated attractive lucky coupon schemes offering attractive prizes.

This was disclosed during World Thrift Day function organised by the National Savings Organisation of Punjab and UT in collaboration with Directorate of Small Savings at Government Girls Model Senior Secondary School in Sector 18.

The chief guest, city Mayor Lalit Joshi, appreciated the role played by all those involved in this national programme as the total collections in these schemes were utilised for the development of the country.

Joint Secretary, Finance, IAS officer Dalip Kumar, lauded the role played by small saving agents, pay roll saving group leaders and sachayika leaders for extending co-operation in achieving the targets.

The Assistant General Manager of The State Bank of India, Mr J.M. Chadha, assured co-operation to PPF agents in transacting their business. After computerisation the problem of the agents at the counter would be minimised, he claimed.

Regional Director National Savings, Punjab and UT, Mr M.K. Malhotra assured help to the investors and agents for making the programme a people’s movement. Explaining the importance of the day, he said the day was being celebrated since 1924 after a meeting of the world Finance Ministers held at Milan in Italy to review post First World War effect.

The Principal of Sector 18 Government Model Senior Secondary School, Ms Rajesh Minhas, issued vote of thanks. Best agents in the region were awarded prizes. SAS: First - Rajinder Singh of SAS Nagar and second- Sunita Mittal of SAS Nagar . MPKBY :First -Naresh Kumari Gupta of Ludhiana and second - Chander Kanta of Ludhiana. PPF : Sangeet Luthra of Ludhiana and Brij Bhushan Marwaha of Jalandhar.

The Chandigarh Administration also gave prizes to agents SAS: Nutan Sharma, Paras Ram Sharma, Ashok Ratra, Parshant Dewan and Mohinder Kaur. MPKBY: Sanjogta Soni, Naresh Soni, Kamal Chabra Kiran Sanan and Ashok Ratra. PPF: Mohinder Kaur, Shakti, Renu Gupta, Promila Wadehra and Jaskiran Kaur.


Farmers’ awareness camp organised
Our Correspondent

Kharar, October 30
Common names of diseases prevalent in animals should be coined so that villagers could understand the diseases better. Mr Bir Devinder Singh, MLA, Kharar, said this while presiding over the Farmers’ awareness camp at Grangan village, near Kharar.

Earlier, Dr Gurcharan Singh Chahal, Director Animal Husbandry, Punjab, said there were 12,000 villages and 138 blocks in Punjab, out of which 140 villages had been chosen under “Adarsh Pashu Dhan Pind” scheme and Grangan village was one of them. The department had already chalked out a three year plan in this regard. Dr Chahal exhorted the Youth Club members of the village to help in implementing the policies of the government.

An animal welfare camp was also organised in which 1479 animals were treated for various diseases. A team led by Dr Manmohan Singh Bath performed 28 minor and major surgeries.

Prominent among those who spoke on the occasion were Dr Amarjit Singh, Deputy Director, Animal Husbandry, Ropar, Dr K.K. Sharma, SVC, Kharar, Mr Karambir Singh Lucky, Mr Narinder Singh, members of the village youth club and Mr Baljit Singh, Sarpanch of the village.


A journey down memory lane
Tribune News Service

Poonam DhillonChandigarh, October 30
With that “familiar” ivory shine still adorning her face, Poonam Dhillon hardly looks like an actress of the yore. She still carries the spring along as the treads the path of life happily and peacefully, sometimes taking a break from the routine of being Poonam...

For years she had been waiting to get back to the city beautiful, where she spent a larger part of her childhood. After 10 years, she found time to revisit nostalgia. And as she unwound she had a lot of things to talk about — from her days in the Carmel Convent to her academic stint at GCG-11. Poonam had to leave regular college to take her first major break in Noorie. Later she sought education through correspondence.

As far as reel roles go, she always had her fill. Not only did she manage substantial roles in Noorie, Yeh Wada raha and Sohni Mahiwal, she also passed through the profession with dignity. And after proving herself in the presence of Amitabh Bachchan, Shashi Kapoor, Shantrughan Sinha and others, she quietly stepped aside in the late 20s.

Marriage came right after the glory of stardom. For sometime things went well and when they ceased to, Poonam stepped aside yet again, with her two kids whom she adores more than anyone else.

In her new avataar, Poonam will soon be directing a film. “I am doing a fun film. The cast is to be finalised. I will start shooting next year,” told the actress, who is keeping her fingers crossed in the hope that she repeats her glory in a different frame. Conscious of the fact that people still love her, Poonam is using her image to help the less fortunate ones. She works on a regular basis with social organisations like the National Association for the Blind, We Care and many more. “Interacting with these people brings me immense satisfaction. I feel fulfilled.”


Thousands take part in Gurmat samagam
Our Correspondent

Ratwara Sahib (Kharar), October 30
Thousands of devotees from various parts of the country, especially North India, participated in the XIIth Gurmat samagam, which began at Isher Prakash Gurdwara here today. Devotees from foreign countries were also present at the samagam.

Addressing the congregation, the chairman of the Vishwa Gurmat Ruhani Mission Charitable Turst, Bhai Lakhbir Singh, said holy persons are born to fulfill special objectives.

Giani Ujjagar Singh, Bhai Pal Singh and Trilochan Singh recited shabad from Shri Gurugranth Sahib. Children of Guru Gobind Singh Vidya Mandir and Sant Waryam Singh Memorial Public School enthralled the devotees by their shabad kirtan.

Dr Shamsher Singh from Punjabi University, Patiala, expressed his views on ‘Sant Anthi Antar Nahi’. Sant Gurcharan Singh, Sant Avtar Singh Dhoolkotwale and Sant Kalyandas Singh from Anandpur Sahib talked about lives and teachings of various saints. Other prominent religious leaders who delivered lectures and recited shabads on the occasion included Bhai Harpal Singh UPwale, Bhai Manjeet Singh (USA), Sant Sadhu Singh from Sangrur. Himalaya Medical Institute Dehradun had organised a free medical check-up camp at the venue.


PFC staff allege foul play
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 30
The Punjab Finance Corporation (PFC) Employees Joint Action Forum at its emergency meeting here today rejected the recommendations of the Punjab Disinvestment Commission to wind up corporation.

Condemning the recommendations of the commission, Mr S.C. Sharma, president of the forum, alleged that commission members in connivance with some defaulters had taken the decision, that would benefit them only at the cost of the state exchequer.

He said commission’s recommendations would land the state into a financial crisis.


Dharna by Markfed staff
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 30
Employees of Markfed from the field, plants, district offices and head office today staged a protest dharna in front of the Markfed headquarters here to press for the payment of bonus and ex-gratia before Divali as in the previour years.

The employees who took mass casual leave from office criticised the Markfed management for deliberately showing loss in the balance sheet for the year 2001-2002 to avoid the payment of bonus and ex gratia to the employees. They pointed that Markfed had been earning profit since 1985-86 and distributing Divali gifts among its employees ever since.


Two killed in accidents
Our Correspondent

Zirakpur, October 30
Two person were killed in accidents on the busy Zirakpur-Patiala and the Chandigarh-Ambala highways here today.

Mr Sukhwinder Singh, a resident of Amritsar, died when the tractor trailer, he was driving fell into a ditch in Dyalpura village on the busy Zirakpur-Patiala Highway, about 2 km from here today.

According to sources, Sukhwinder Singh was going to Patiala from Zirakpur. His vehicle fell into the ditch after he lost control over the vehicle while giving side to a vehicle coming from the opposite direction. The vehicle reportedly ran over him killing him on the spot.

A motorist noticed the tractor which had fallen in the ditch and informed Mr Madan who was driving a tractor loaded with the gravel near Chhat village. Mr Madan informed the tractor owner, Mr Gore Lal, a resident of Yad Nagar in Patiala about the accident.

In another accident, a resident of Bihar, Maan Singh, died when his motor-cycle rammed into a Tata Safari in Nagla village.


Man commits suicide
Tribune Reporters

Dera Bassi, October 30
Down with depression after his wife married one of his friends, Umesh Sharma, a resident of Shakti Nagar Colony committed suicide late last night.

According to the family members, Umesh used to suffer from bouts of depression. After having his meals yesterday Umesh consumed some poisonous tablets to end his life. Umesh’s mother Ms Satwant Kaur found him dead at the terrace of his house.

Ms Harjinder Kaur, sister of the deceased said he was married to Ms Archna Chauhan for over six years and had a child from her.

After four years of marriage their relations got strained and Umesh started reaching home late in the night. She alleged that Archna developed illicit relations with Umesh’s friend.

After getting divorce from Umesh, Harjinder married his friend. Since then Umesh was in depression and finally took the extreme step last night.

The police has sent the body to Civil Hospital, Rajpura for postmortem and a case has been registered with Dera Bassi police station.


Thefts: A resident of Sector 27 reported to the police that Rs 33,000 were stolen from his car, parked in the Sector 9 parking lot yesterday. A case has been registered.

Col Amarjit Singh (retd.), a resident of Sector 18-C reported to the police that a stereo, a spare wheel and some other items were stolen from his car, which was parked at his residence on the night intervening October 28 and 29. A car stereo, a mobile phone and an amplifier were also reportedly stolen from car of Mr Kapil Goyal, a resident of Sector 20D on the night intervening October 27 and 28.


Abducted girl recovered, one held
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, October 30
The police claims to have arrested Dharmvir Kumar Singh, who had allegedly abducted a minor girl from here. He was arrested in Bihar and the girl (15) has been recovered.

The girl’s parents, who are migrant labourers, had told the police on October 18 their daughter had gone missing on October 15 and alleged that she had been kidnapped.

A medical examination on the girl was done at the General Hospital, Sector 16, here and the report is awaited. Dharmvir has been booked for kidnapping but more sections can be imposed on him after the report is out, said police sources. He was produced in a local court today, which remanded him in judicial custody.


Jacob showcases Chandigarh in IT fair
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 30
The city’s developing Information Technology industry got a major boost today as the UT Administrator, Lieut-Gen J.F.R. Jacob (retd), made a presentation in the famous “” fair in Bangalore today showcasing the potential of Chandigarh.

Bangalore is surely the Silicon Valley of the South but Chandigarh is emerging as the technology destination of North India. I would invite you to set up your industries in Chandigarh, said General Jacob as he asked some of the biggest names in the IT industry to come to Chandigarh.

Software exports from Chandigarh are likely to touch Rs 100 crore this year. Microsoft has signed an agreement with the Chandigarh Administration and has set up a Centre of Excellence. Leading IT companies, including Net Solutions, Smart Data, IDS Infotech, Seasia, E3R and Global Back Office are present in the city. Call centres are also coming up in a big way. Biotechnology is also being promoted in Chandigarh. A number of national level institutes like the Institute of Microbial Technology (IMTECH), the PGI, the Central Scientific Instruments Organisation (CSIO) and Panjab University, are present in the city.

At the Chandigarh Technology Park we are now in the process of allotting sites for large and small campuses. We are also setting up an Entrepreneur Development Centre at the park. STPI is setting up and optical fibre node at the park to provide connectivity to occupants of the Technology Park.

General Jacob said deliberations at this conference would go a long way in highlighting the need for constant upgradation of facilities and skills in the I.T. Sector.

General Jacob invited all to visit Chandigarh and see the quality of infrastructure that is being set up for the technology industry. Chandigarh is the hub of North India. It is the best-planned city in the country with a quality of life, which is of a very high order. A recent survey has placed Chandigarh as No. 1 in respect of Human Development Index and Per-Capita Income.

The power and telecom infrastructure is far superior to most Indian cities. City has now been wired with an optical fibre network. The availability of bandwidth is as per the requirement of the IT industry. Human resources in Chandigarh are amongst the best.

The work force available in the city is highly qualified and skilled. The PEC is being upgraded to the level of a deemed university. Another engineering college has been set up which offers courses in computer science and electronics engineering.


Problems overtake business in prime market area
Sanjay Sharma
Tribune News Service

The market scattered in Anand Complex, Jagat cinema and Income Tax office is yet to be known as such but is rather recognised for number of offices in the area.

It has rather made itself known through its leadership in the hands of Kamaljit Panchhi and L. C. Arora who have been very vocal on the front of the Chandigarh Beopar Mandal.

With the infrastructure lacking in the area, the market seems only suitable for wholesale business depending as it is on retail business from office goers in the vicinity.

It is tied so much to the office goers that the market was the first to oppose the Chandigarh Administration's offer of opening shopping malls on Sundays, the holiday for employees in the area.

The market feels the acute problem of being ignored by the authorities as shopkeepers do not have votes in the ward it falls.

This has forced the market association to again demand that it should be taken out of the purview of the Municipal Corporation to be brought again under the Chandigarh Administration's control.

Though the market attracts visitors in thousands, yet they do not purchase from here. Most of the visitors here are office goers.

The association here is very cohesive and has been contributing to national causes in terms of collecting relief for Gujarat earthquake and drought in Rajasthan and Gujarat earlier.

Mr Panchhi said the association collected Rs 51,000 for the Gujarat earthquake and Rs 31,000 for drought relief.

Allotments of the market were done in 1965 and Jagat cinema came up around mid seventies. Shops in the Jagat complex were the first ones to have come up in the area. This complex houses shops of photographers, clothes, electronics and eateries.

The Anand Complex has around 50 shops operating from 18 odd shops with a power load of 6 KV allotted to the cinema hall that could not function.

The cinema hall is under liquidation and all tenants deposit their rent in the court.

The lack of connectivity with the bustling market areas of C, D and E of Sector 17 has also been dragging down the business of the ignored part of market in the heart of the city.

The market area behind the Anand Complex and towards the Haryana Vigilance Bureau is faced with the parking problem due to the arrangement for roadside parking. This area also has 10 to 12 shops.

The four parts of the market in Anand Complex, Jagat cinema, Income Tax building and the area towards the Haryana Vigilance Bureau in all may have 60 to 70 shops with only few big names.

The Anand Complex was to come up with the two adjoining cinema halls: Anand and Ganesh. But the plot allotted to Ganesh cinema hall has yet to see any construction.

It is rather being used for urination by visitors and shopkeepers who have also been demanding a toilet in the area.

He said though the market has seen concretisation in terms of big buildings, yet it still remained the most neglected one with an address carrying a premium due to the failure of the promised infrastructure.

Mr Swaraj Singh said despite being in the Sector 17 market, it seemed so far and cut off that nobody knew there existed a place for shopping in the Sector 17 Market.

He said the green patch between the market and the Bridge Market had not ever seen any lights, thereby preventing visitors to the happening markets of Sector 17 C, D and E even to consider coming here.

Despite odds, it is identifiable with Income Tax office, Canadian Consulate, Jagat cinema, Anand Complex, Pandey Book Shop for curriculum books, Handa and Chopra, Godrej dealers, Babu Ram and Company, Update, Showfine for cloths, L. Sheng for Chinese shoes, City Photo Shop, M. K. Electronics, Hot Bread, Deepak Printer Graphics, Casio Gallery, City Book Shop, New Traders and Prema Stamp.

The best known offices in the area are: State Transport Corporation of Haryana, LIC, Canadian Consulate, LIC, Labour Bureau and Haryana Vigilance Bureau.



  • Introduction of paid parking is hitting the small traders.
  • There has been a theft attempt in the area as trees almost cover certain shops as pruning of them has not been done for long.
  • The electricity load of the Anand Complex has not been increased causing regular power failures.
  • The association even has to regularly patrol the complex.
  • Roads have not been recarpeted for almost two decades.
  • Lighting in the area is the poorest.
  • The whole area does not have a public toilet.
  • Poor sanitation and sewerage.
  • Tiles of the market are in a dilapidated condition at certain points.
  • The ground behind Anand Complex has not been levelled.
  • Unnecessary grass and plants have come up.
  • There is no water tap in the area.
Office-bearers: Kamaljit Panchhi, president, Swaraj Singh and Mandeep Singh, vice presidents, L. C. Arora, general secretary, Raman Mahajan, secretary, I. M. Bahal, office secretary, M. G. Gupta and Sandeep, joint secretaries, Joginder Pal, cashier and Kulwant Singh Mann, advisor.




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