Thursday, November 7, 2002, Chandigarh, India

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How brazen can brazen be?
Former law minister injured in scuffle with armed men
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, November 6
At least half-a-dozen armed desperadoes injured the former Union Law Minister and advocate Shanti Bhushan and his sister-in-law after they intruded into his late brother’s house in Anand Vihar in East Delhi in the wee hours today in a brazen attempt to commit a dacoity.

When the family members resisted, the desperadoes injured Mr Bhushan’s sister-in-law Rajni Rani, a widow who was staying alone in the D-35 house in Anand Vihar. When the police came to their rescue, head constable Prakash Vir and a private security guard were shot at and stabbed.

The constable and the guard have been admitted at the Shanti Mukund hospital, where the constable is still under observation. Mr Bhushan, who injured his hand in the scuffle, was given first-aid in a hospital.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (East), Arvind Deep, said the police have launched an intensive combing operation to nab the miscreants. The suspects have been identified and the police is working on definite clues to ferret them out.

The police suspect that the gang might be based in Ghaziabad. Since Anand Vihar falls on the Delhi-Uttar Pradesh border, the robbers may have found it convenient to operate in the area. While fleeing from the house they took advantage of the darkness and made good their escape in the dense vegetation.

The robbers, who entered the house around 3.30 am by prising open a window grill, were on the premises for at least 45 minutes before they managed to flee with the booty. However, the robbers, in a state of confusion, left behind a country-made pistol, a bag containing Rs 35,000 and some jewellery when the neighbours, alerted by the noise, raised an alarm and called up the police control room.

The police said a call was received at the control room in the morning stating that the armed robbers had entered house no D-35 in Anand Vihar, belonging to Mr Shanti Bhushan’s brother.

A team from the local police station was told to rush to the D block house. Head Constable Prakash Vir, who was unarmed, was the first person to reach the spot. When he saw the suspects running out of the house, he challenged them and

ordered them to stop. However, the suspects attacked him and even fired at him from a country made gun. By the time reinforcements arrived, the suspects had disappeared in the bushes near the outskirts of the colony.

Mr Shanti Bhushan’s son Jayant Bhushan, who is also a lawyer, said except his father and aunt, other members of the family were unharmed. The attempted dacoity in the posh Anand Vihar colony, mostly occupied by affluent professionals and businessmen, has caused considerable panic in the area.

The police said that a picket was being stationed in the colony and patrolling intensified. The description of the suspects has been flashed to the neighbouring Ghaziabad police.



CP will cease to be an obstacle course from Jan 1
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, November 6
From January 1 2003, Connaught Place will be made a traffic-free zone. Multi-level parking spaces in the area and battery-operated vehicles for commuting will help the city’s commercial hub breathe easy. “From the 1st of January we will make Connaught Place traffic free. There will be battery operated vehicles for the people to commute within the area and vehicles will be banned,” according to Ms Parminder Mandip Singh, the newly appointed Chairperson of the New Delhi Municipal Council’s (NDMC).

Litter, parking problems, congestion are also high on her agenda. In a meeting with media persons here today, Ms Singh said she would ensure that the city is decongested and clean. “My priorities include ensuring a neat and clean environment and upgrading the civic amenities like electricity and water supplies,” said Ms Singh, adding: “Beautification of roads and uplift of women are also on the agenda.”

Ms Singh, who is the first woman Chairperson of the NDMC, pointed out that the corporation has already worked out plans to create multi level parking in the city and will also get cracking on all those who litter. The multi level parking spaces will be set up in Kasturba Gandhi Marg, Janpath and Baba Kharak Singh Marg. “Littering, sticking posters on walls, especially in the Connaught Place, will be checked. We will impose fines on people found violating the rules”, said Ms Singh.

Referring to the programmes related to the development of women, Ms Singh said: “We are looking at places for the construction of hostels for working women in the city. Apart from this we are also contemplating opening shelters for the homeless women and children. We are also looking at starting more vocational courses for women that will help them gain economic independence and empowerment”.

“Upgrading the civic amenities like water and electricity supply is my priority”, Ms Singh said. To meet the power demand of the newly constructed offices and residential complexes, the NDMC is constructing sub-stations with the latest technology. “My efforts will be to ensure uninterrupted supply and energy conservation”, she added.

New pipelines will be laid and water conservation projects like water harvesting will also be taken up. Ms Singh also pointed out that the NDMC is ensuring that all outstanding dues are collected by the department. “We have worked it out with the department of estates that NOCs will not be issued to MPs moving out of their official residences until they get a clearance certificate from us.”

Pointing out that the enforcement directorate has been asked to step up its activities, Ms Singh said, “We will constantly be monitoring the developments and watching out for illegal encroachments. We are also looking for volunteers to help us in the cleanliness drive. We will talk to NGOs and schools to help us in inculcating civic sense in people”. The NDMC is also planning the launch of free health camps; these camps will be held thrice every month in different areas.

She added, “Care would be given to the projects, which my predecessors have started. Though construction of modern rest rooms will be on BOT basis, more such rest rooms will be constructed. Garbage collection centres will also be added and these will be established in such a way that segregation of waste can be done at the initial stage by lifting the garbage in different coloured bins at the Initial sites”.

“I am open to ideas and constructive criticism and those who have a problem can contact me”, said Ms Singh, responding to the poser as to how she would ensure transparency in the organisation. She also added that an interactive website would soon be launched.



Process of MCD unbundling to start 
after winter session
Ramesh Ramachandran
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, November 6
With NCT of Delhi among the eight States going to polls sometime next year, the Mt Abu conclave of the Indian National Congress (INC) presents Sheila Dikshit with the opportunity to compare notes with her counterparts in the 13 States governed by the party. Also to hard sell her agenda, and make course correction if required, in the run-up to the polls.

The 14 chief ministers would participate in a round table with experts on subjects such as women’s empowerment, rural development, agriculture and devolution of powers to local bodies. The chief ministers would make presentations on the achievements of their governments and on the implementation of the nine points agreed upon at the Guwahati conclave in April.

Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit on Wednesday told The NCR Tribune the power sector reforms and the achievements of her four-year-old Ministry on the fronts of social welfare, empowerment of women and health care would consume a major chunk of her presentation to the conclave that will be chaired by Sonia Gandhi.

“I will also inform the party,” Ms Dikshit said, “about my plans to unbundle the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) into smaller entities.” The recommendation for breaking up the MCD, she told this newspaper, would be made soon after the Winter Session of Delhi Legislative Assembly concluded.

The Government of NCT of Delhi’s presentation, she said, would be unlike the others’. “The NCT of Delhi is essentially urban … only one per cent of the population lives in the rural area. The presentation will, accordingly, focus less on agriculture, although drought may be discussed, and more on power, environment and Bhagidari Programme.”

The ambitious Transport Policy that was unveiled last month would also figure prominently in her presentation. Incidentally, on the last occasion she attended the party’s conclave the NCT of Delhi was reeling under a transport crisis in the wake of the April 5 Supreme Court order banning the plying of diesel buses. The last conclave of chief ministers of all the 14 States governed by the party was held in Guwahati in April. In August, the chief ministers of the drought-affected States and Union Territories (UTs) had called on Sonia Gandhi to bring pressure on the Union Government to release central assistance.

The conclave of the 14 chief ministers at the hill resort of Mount Abu on Friday and Saturday could also see intensive brainstorming on matters of administration and politics, including evolving a strategy on Gujarat Assembly elections next month. The political crisis in Uttar Pradesh and drought are also likely to come up for debate.



Contractual posts: Another storm brewing 
in the UGC cup
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, November 6
Turbulent times are far from over for the University Grants Commission (UGC) if a recent letter of former DUTA president addressed to the UGC Chairman is to be believed.

Dr S. S. Rathi, Chairman, Academics for Action and Development (AAD) shot off a letter to the UGC Chairman, Prof. Nigavekar, to protest against the system of contractual appointments.

The funding agency had convened a meeting of the commission on September 25 in which it had reportedly decided to “make all appointments of teachers on a contractual basis”.

It had further decided to convince the state universities to shift to the contractual system of recruitment by attaching an incentive of bearing 20 per cent of the cost liabilities of all contractual posts. The UGC provides funding to the state universities only during the plan period after which the state government bears the expenses.

The commission convened another meeting on October 31 and ratified the minutes of the earlier meeting.

It had further decided in its last meeting to hand over the task of mobilising the opinion for “contractual appointments” to the National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration (NIEPA). NIEPA is expected to take opinion from a cross-section of individuals and present a report to the UGC within six months, after which the final decision will be taken.

The AAD alleges that the decision is a follow-up to the Ambani-Birla report, which was constituted at the behest of the Prime Minister’s Council on Trade & Industry.

The report submitted in April 2000 proposed the phased withdrawal of government funding from higher education to divert focus towards primary education. It further proposed the privatisation of the sector and the introduction of labour reforms.

The report was passed on to the Ministry of HRD for consideration and the AAD alleges that the action is only a follow-up to the report.

Dr Rathi said, “The introduction of three-year contractual appointments would leave the field open for management malpractices. Renewal of contracts would be subject to the relationship of the teacher concerned with the political and private management.”

The letter to the Chairman iterates the impact that the system might have on the teaching profession as a whole. “Teaching profession as career would further slide down in the priority of brilliant students. And the freedom of expression, service security and teachers’ associations would be the first casualty,” it states.

While the UGC find itself in another mire of controversy having just dealt with the workload issue, the teaching community is reportedly aggrieved by this move of the UGC and is planning to launch a series of protest actions to force the compliance of the funding agency.



Delhiites lukewarm to right to information
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, November 6
The Right to Information Act that was notified on October 2 last year has drawn a modest response. Acknowledging as much, the Government of NCT of Delhi today said the Act was still somewhat new and the sharing of experiences with other states or Union Territories could come in handy.

The Department of Information Technology (IT) has accordingly decided to prominently display the names and details of the competent authority in all departments, set up a call centre for information dissemination and make the addresses of websites available on demand to resident welfare associations (RWAs) and individuals.

The performance of the departments of Government of NCT of Delhi came under scrutiny today when Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit chaired a meeting to review one year of the Act coming into force.

The State Council for Right to Information has as its members the Finance Minister, Principal Secretary (finance) and Secretary (IT) besides legislators, NGOs and citizens.

According to information made available, 692 applications were received under the provision of the Act in the past year. “The analysis of applications received,” the spokesperson said, “indicated that 90 per cent of the cases related to personal grievances, six per cent were concerned with details pertaining to other persons and four per cent related to policy matters.”

The meeting noted with certain degree of satisfaction that the Act had enabled people to get their long-pending claims – pertaining to replacement of electricity meters, rectification of faulty bills, streetlights, sanitation, environment etc – settled in a week’s time. “The Act,” the spokesperson said, “has provided an alternate forum to the people for getting their grievances redressed in the designated time and a medium for conducting social audit.”

An internal review conducted by the Department of Administrative Reforms attributed the slackened pace to “non-cooperation” of authorities concerned and lethargy.

Similar was the case with the citizen’s charter. Few departments or organisations had thus far introduced the charter or taken the first steps toward throwing open the government to the public and delivering on the promise of making available information for a fee.

Observers attributed the lukewarm response to the Act to the lack of information dissemination or cumbersome process. “Few might be aware of the forms being available free of cost with the competent authority of all departments,” an official admitted reluctantly. 



In 30 days for Rs 50!

New Delhi: Pay Rs 50 and get the information within 30 days, so proclaims the Right to Information Act. Under the Act, the “competent authority” of the department concerned would have to furnish the desired information within a month failing which they would be fined Rs 50 for every day’s delay.

If the information sought cannot be furnished for certain reasons, the competent authority would communicate so by writing a rejection letter with cogent reasons. The competent authority would be levied a fine of Rs 1,000 for furnishing wrong information. And the seeker of information reserves the right to appeal.



Warning: Sohna Road, danger ahead! 
Ravi S. Singh
Tribune News Service

Gurgaon, November 6
In case you want to keep a date with someone at a site after negotiating the Gurgaon-Sohna Road, better be careful! The road has become a byword for life-threatening hazards. The rash driving by the truck operators and other carriers transporting stones and sand dust to and from the crushers and mines in the areas, is seen to be believed.

According to many eyewitnesses, two accidents a month take place on the road and in 99 per cent of the cases, such operators are found be the culprits. The mishaps result in the loss of several precious lives.

The authorities take just half-hearted measures against such operators. They seem to wake up only when some major accident takes place. The remedial measures taken are not sustained as a result of which the situation is back to square one.

The main Sohna-Gurgaon Road branches out in Sohna-Indri Road. On the sides of the two roads, there are about 70 crushers sites in two zones. In majority of the cases, the crusher owners have their own vehicles for transportation of rocks from the nearby mines and later for carrying the ‘roris’ and sand dust from the sites.

Due to sharpened commercial instinct, the owners of the crushers give some extra money to the truck drivers for each frequency of transportation after the regular trips.

According to an average estimate, more than 1,000 trips take place each day on the roads, which can comfortably allow for two-way traffic (only one row from each side) at one go. On account of the lure of the commission money, the operators of the vehicles are always in a dangerous hurry.

There are reports of helpers on trucks and carriers taking the wheel.

More than a year ago, there was quite a furore and the entire Sohan township erupted in a violent agitation on account of a road accident taking a toll of many human lives.

The prevailing situation presents a scary picture as the road gets busier by the day. To add poignancy to the situation, there are some schools and the school buses transporting children.

The feeling in the area is that the authorities should not only be vigilant but also take tough measures to rein in the road marauders. More so when it is clear now that the entire stretch of road has become a ‘via dolorosa’.



Rs 8-cr water scheme okayed for Gohana 
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, November 6
The 11th Financial Commission has approved a Rs 8.85-crore drinking water supply scheme for Gohana town in this district.

Giving this information, Deputy Commissioner S N Roy told mediapersons here today that this scheme is canal-based and the work on this project would be completed by the end of May 2004.

With the completion of this scheme, the residents would be able to get 110 litre water per head per day.

The population of this town is more than 50,000 and the existing water supply of the town is based on 12 tubewells with daily supply approximately nine lakh gallons.

An estimate amounting to Rs 40 lakh has been approved for installing three more tubewells, he added.

The DC disclosed that the work on the Rs 121.15 lakh canal-based water supply scheme was in progress at Kharkhauda town and it would be completed by the end of March next year. With the completion of this scheme, the residents would get 70 litres water per head per day. According to the DC, the present population of Kharkhauda town is more than 20,000 persons. The existing water supply scheme of this town is based on canal filtration.

He also disclosed that an estimate of Rs 1.60 crore for the augmentation of water supply scheme for Ganaur town stands approved and Rs 84 lakh has been allotted for the execution of the work. The existing water supply scheme is based on tubewells and the present population of this town is more than 25,000 persons.

According to the DC, a canal-based drinking water supply scheme costing Rs 4.50 crore in Sector 23, a residential colony of the Haryana Urban Development Authority (Huda) here has already been commissioned by the Chief Minister, Mr Om Parkash Chautala.

This will cover 25 per cent population on the western side of the railway line in this city and each person will get 110 litres of water every day under this long-term water supply scheme.

The present population of this city is nearly 2 lakh persons and the existing water supply scheme is based on 33 tubewells.

The DC further disclosed that the 11th Financial Commission has approved a Rs 3.39-crore sewerage scheme for Sonepat city and the work on the scheme has already been started in 23 residential colonies of the city.



65-yr-old trapped in jhuggi fire
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, November 6
A 65-year-old man, Samanti, was charred to death in a fire that broke out in a jhuggi cluster in R. K. Puram in South-West district early this morning. The incident took place when all residents of the slum cluster were asleep.

The fire was noticed by a resident who was on his way home in the early hours from his work place. He raised an alarm waking up the people to escape from their jhuggis. Samanti was too weak to run out of the jhuggi in time and died on the spot. His other family members managed to save themselves.

According to police, the incident is being investigated. A resident of the jhuggi cluster said that it might have been caused by some unexploded cracker. Children had been bursting crackers till late into the night.

The fire that started small spread rapidly due to the wind blowing. About 250 jhuggis were completely gutted in the fire. There was total chaos in the area and residents were busy salvaging their children and belongings.

However, someone from a nearby locality informed the Delhi Fire Service (DFS) about the incident. The DFS rushed six fire tenders, which took two hours to control the fire. The exact cause of the fire is still being investigated, the police said.



Jat Mahasabha thanks Dhumal
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, November 6
The spokesman of the All India Jat Mahasabha, Mr Tara Chand Mor, has congratulated Mr P.K. Dhumal, Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister on having extended the benefits of job reservations to the Jats of Himachal Pradesh.

By announcing this project policy on the eve of Divali, Mr Dhumal fulfilled his promise that the Jats of Himachal would get a Divali bonanza this year in the form of job reservations.

Mr Mor further said that it was unfortunate that Mr O.P. Chautala, Haryana Chief Minister continued to be obdurate on the issue of job reservations to the Haryana Jats, despite the promise made by him after this benefit had been extended to the Jats of Rajasthan.

Mr Mor also appealed to Mr Amrinder Singh, Punjab Chief Minister to give job reservations to the Jats of Punjab. Though the Jats of Rajasthan and Delhi have already been accorded the benefit of job reservation in 1999, Mr Chautala continues to renege on his own promises to this issue, said Mr Mor. The Haryana Jat Arakshan Samiti had written to Mr Chautala on this issue on November 4, 1999, and continued to press this demand thereafter. Mr Chautala thought it best to ignore such demands. It is time Chautala wakes up and does what he ought to have done long ago.



‘Vigilance’ seminar to check corruption
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, November 6
Krishak Bharti Co-operative organised a seminar on ‘Vigilance for Organisational Excellence’ as part of its observance of vigilance awareness week in the Capital. Addressing the seminar, Central Vigilance Commissioner
P Shankar said that honest public servants need not be afraid of vigilance as this process is in place to facilitate their good performance, provide them protection and put checks on corrupt personnel in the organisations.

He said vigilance is a management function meant to raise organisational efficiency. It needs to be practised by every individual to safeguard the interest of his institution.

Fertiliser Secretary Nripendra Misra, in his speech, called for reviewing the system of vigilance in today’s liberalised, competitive scenario.

Mr V N Rai, Managing Director, KRIBHCO said that the Co-operative has developed a fully vigilant administration to check corruption. He informed that KRIBHCO is organising 50 vigilance programmes across the country.



40 doctored documents, got govt jobs, convicted

New Delhi: Forty people, including three officers of the Staff Selection Commission, were convicted by a Delhi court of fraudulently adding the names of 37 candidates in the final list of those selected for the post of clerks in 1983.

A CBI spokesman said here today that the three officials of the commission, Shakti Kapoor, Subash Chand Sharma and S P Aggarwal had fraudulently added 37 names to the final list selected for clerical jobs in various government departments.

He said the three had entered into a criminal conspiracy and even included the names of six such persons in the list who had not even taken the written examination. Besides the six, the names of 31 candidates who had failed to make it to the merit list, were added by Shakti Kapoor by forging the signatures of another section officer, the CBI spokesperson added.

A special CBI court sentenced these three officials to seven years of rigorous imprisonment and slapped a fine on them. Among those who made it to the government jobs through crooked means, 23 persons were slapped with a fine of Rs 45,000 and another 14 with a fine of Rs 15,000. They lost their jobs as well, the spokesperson said.

These candidates were declared qualified as lower division clerks on the basis of manipulated documents.

Quake jolts Delhi-Haryana border

New Delhi: A low intensity earthquake measuring 2.6 on the Richter scale rocked the Delhi-Haryana border this morning, the India Meteorological Department said here today.

The quake was felt in the border area at 7:42 this morning, the IMD said. It located the epicentre at latitude 28.9 degrees north and longitude 76.9 degrees east.

However, there were no reports of any injury or collateral damage. TNS



Prevent overcharging by buses, HC tells STA
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, November 6
The Delhi High Court has directed the city transport authorities to ensure that the bus passengers were not overcharged. The court issued this directive on a public interest litigation (PIL) filed by one A. P. Goel alleging overcharging in DTC and other buses running under the state permit.

The court said the DTC and other bus operators were required to charge fares in accordance with a May, 2002 notification of the Delhi Government. In his petition, Mr Goel sought that bus operators be restrained from overcharging passengers, implement prescribed fares and display the table of fares in the buses.

The court observed that the State Transport Authority (STA) was under statutory duty to ensure that the notification was strictly complied with. Fares have been set at Rs 2 for 4 km, Rs 5 for 4 to 8 km, Rs 7 for 8 to 12 km and Rs 10 for a travel-distance of more than 12 km. Green Lines and ‘’Limited’’ specials charge a flat rate of Rs 10. No changes were made in the DTC pass charges while the issue of honouring DTC passes by private buses was subject to the outcome of a case pending with the Supreme Court.

Delhi Police week: Beginning tomorrow, the Delhi Police will try to project its human face during the Delhi Police Week. Emphasis will be on restoring the confidence of the public and at the same time involving them in dealing with the complex law and order situation in the sprawling metropolis. Senior officers of the force will take upon themselves the task of interacting with groups of citizens, social workers and NGOs to find out what they would want the men in khaki to do so that the Delhi Police emerge as a model police force.

Police Commissioner R. S. Gupta convened a special meeting of the joint commissioners to give final touches to the week-long programmes.

“The idea is to dispel the image of the police of that being boorish and rude. The policeman should be looked upon as a friend by the law abiding citizens while the criminals should fear his shadow,” a senior police officer summed up the aim of the police week.

DDA public darbar: Former chairperson of the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) Subhash Sharma who took over as the Vice-Chairman of the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) will now meet the public on all working days between 9.30 am and 11 am. 



Bees sting man to death
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, November 6
Jagbir (43) was reportedly trapped in a swarm of bees and was killed at Ridhao village, about 20 km from here, on Tuesday.

According to a report, the victim had gone to the plot of a neighbour, Mr Yashpal, and was taking honey from the ‘chhata’ of the bees.

The group of bees pounced upon him and started stinging him. As a result, he died. This is the first-ever such incident in the district.

Elected unopposed: The following persons have been elected unopposed to the managing committee of the Gurukul Mahasabha ruling the Kanya Gurukul of Khanpur Kalan village and Gurukul Vidyapeeth of Bhainswal Kalan village in this district: president - Ms Krishna Malik, wife of state DGP M. S. Malik; vice-president - Mr Jaipal Singh Malik; general secretary - Mr Jai Singh; and treasurer - Ms Kamla Devi.



Student falls from bus top, dies

Jhajjar, November 6
One student was killed while another seriously injured when they were travelling on the roofs of roadways buses in separate incidents in the district today.

According to information, Jagat Singh of Mohammad Pur-Majra village here, a student of 10+1 class in Jahajgarh School was travelling on the roof of Jhajjar-bound roadways bus. When the bus was overtaking another vehicle near Kheri Knati village on Jhajjar-Dadri Road, the student fell from the bus. He was rushed to civil hospital here, where doctors declared him brought dead.

In another similar incident, Sanjay, a 10+2 student was injured seriously when he got entangled in a cable while travelling on the roof of a bus on Bahu Jholari-Charkhi Dadri Road. He was taken to a hospital in a serious condition. OC



Man murdered, thrown in well
Our Correspondent

Noida, November 6
One person has been murdered and the body thrown in a well in Kalaunda village in Dadri under the Jarcha police station area. Three persons, who have been named as accused in the murder, reportedly in connection with a land dispute, have absconded since the crime.

Khurshid Mohammed, son of Sabir of Kalaunda village, had been waiting for a friend at the Jarcha bus stand in the evening on Divali. While he was on his way back home late, some people allegedly caught hold of him and slit his throat with a sharp-edged weapon.

The assailants then allegedly threw his body in a well in the forests of Kalaunda. His family members searched for Khurshid the whole night. When people went to their fields next morning, they spotted the dead body in the well.

The police fished the body out, which was identified as that of Khurshid.

In his report to the police, Sabir had named three persons of Dholana for the murder of his son. At the time of Sabir’s marriage, his wife had a son from her previous marriage, the police said. It was a condition stipulated in the marriage that Sabir would have to look after that boy too.

When Khurshid grew up into an adult, he came to know that he had a share in the landed property of the previous family. There had been a dispute regarding this land in the past also. He was killed allegedly in connection with this dispute. The police have started investigations after registering a case.

Held for raping minor: The Dankaur Police arrested a youth for having committed a rape in Prem Puri, Mohala, five months ago with a minor friend of his sister. He allegedly developed illicit relations with the minor girl when she visited their house. The girl became pregnant in due course. By the time the families came to know, it was quite late. The pregnancy was confirmed by a doctor, who advised her parents against abortion as the foetus was over four months’ old. The matter was taken to the panchayat, which took the decision that the youth should marry the girl. Though the youth admitted his role, he said he could not marry her as some of his friends had also raped the girl. The matter was then reported to the police who arrested the culprit.



Youths stab man, son over trivia
Our Correspondent

Ghaziabad, November 6
The body of an unidentified person, who had been murdered under the Kotwali police station, was found in a shed in a powerhouse in Vijay Nagar.

In another incident, a father-son duo has been stabbed by three criminals coming on a motorbike in Bharat Nagar area of Vijay Nagar. The father, a dairy owner, is reportedly critical.

The police were informed of a body lying in a shed in a powerhouse on Tuesday. The police from Vijay Nagar and Kotwali police stations rushed to take charge of the body of a man, aged about 45 years, who had not been identified so far. There were wounds inflicted with sharp-edged weapons on the body. The murder had been committed at least two days ago and the body dumped there. The cops have sent the body for autopsy.

In the second incident, Jai Prakash, originally of Gautam Budh Nagar district, had been managing a dairy near the Sanatan Dharam temple in the Bharat Nagar area of Vijay Nagar for the last two years. His 12-year-old son, Kushal Pal, was going to the market when three youths, riding a motorcycle, clashed with him. The youths became furious after Kushal Pal told them to drive the motorcycle more carefully. They started assaulting him with knives. On learning about it, Jai Prakash ran to the rescue of his son. But he was also repeatedly attacked with knives by the criminals. The stabbing was so gruesome that his intestines had been pulled out and he fell in a pool of blood.

The criminals reportedly sped away waving their weapons. The injured had been rushed to Tripathi Nursing Home, from where they were referred to Ganesh Hospital. The police have registered a case of murder against three unidentified criminals, but till now there is no trace of the culprits.

Six hurt in clash:
Six persons were injured, three of them seriously, in a violent clash among members of two families at Garhi Sampla village today. According to information, the quarrel ensued over the distribution of canal water. Soon it became violent and both the parties attacked one another with sticks, jelly and other sharp-edged weapons. Hawa Singh, Krishan and Suresh were injured seriously while Sonu, Ram Kishan and Ram Niwas sustained injuries in the scuffle and were admitted to a hospital.

2 hurt in vehicle collision:
Two persons were injured seriously when a truck collided with a jeep on the Sonepat-Meerut road near Khewra village, 13 km from here, last evening. The injured persons were identified as Prem Kumar and Harbeer, who belonged to Jaurasi and Kundli villages respectively. They were rushed to the local civil hospital where they are stated to be out of danger.

The truck driver, however, managed to escape along with the truck. The police have registered a case and launched a hunt to apprehend him.



Personal guarantee for loans mooted
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, November 6
The PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry has suggested that loans up to Rs 50 lakh should be granted on the basis of personal guarantee instead of collateral security or guarantee if a customer is maintaining satisfactory account for more than 10 years.

According to a background paper prepared by the chamber for the forthcoming banker-borrower meeting, insistence on collateral or guarantees causes avoidable difficulties to the entrepreneurs who have limited resources and thereby find it difficult to arrange for collateral security.

Inability to provide the same has an adverse impact on their borrowing capability, which results in shortage of short-term credit, thereby having a negative impact on diversification and modernisation as well.

The background paper states that it is essential that the banks should change their outlook and adopt a dynamic approach to facilitate and accelerate industrial activities. This will also be useful in fostering long-term relationship of mutual trust and confidence between the industry and banks.

The paper also suggests that the banks should consider Brand Equity as security for those borrowers who have established their brand names in the local as well as international market.

It also states that there is an increasing tendency by the banks to insist on additional comfort when their loans are fully secured by way of hypothecation of current assets. In few cases, there is also, in addition, a second charge on fixed assets.

The chamber has suggested that the banks should not insist on additional comfort in the form of personal guarantee and corporate guarantee and loan should be given on the merit of the proposal and the promoter’s credibility.


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