Saturday, November 9, 2002
M A I L  B O X

Match-fixing, Indian ishtyle!

THIS is with reference to "Match-fixing, Indian ishtyle" by Prerana Trehan (October 12). People believe that for girls, a degree is necessary to raise their value in the matrimonial market but is not an instrument of economic independence. It is strange that even in the 21st century people are so orthodox and backward in their thinking. On the one hand they say that there should be no discrimination between boys and girls, while on the other they say that their daughter-in-law should not be career-oriented. She should ignore her aspirations as well as her profession after marriage. She should be educated but should not earn because her in-laws say, "we are already lakhpatis and we don’t want to be crorepatis." It is time that our male dominated society understood the aspirations of a girl.

Renu Verma, Pathankot

Strongest thing on earth

This refers to Khushwant Singh’s article "What is the strongest thing on earth" (October 26). It is very unfortunate that in Kalyug falsehood and not truth is the strongest and most potent thing. Those who imbibe and practise noble qualities are looked down upon as cowards and powerless people. The bitter truth is that power and pelf are the strongest forces in today’s world. History, whether religious or political, has invariable been influenced by those who wield power.


Thought truth has always been struggling against falsehood, it is a pity that whenever it has overpowered falsehood, the period of its glory vanishes much sooner than the time taken to attain its glory. A still greater pity is that truth itself is sooner or later overshadowed by falsehood.

Bilal Ahmed Shamim, Qadian


The writer hit the nail on the head by saying that lies and sycophancy are unbeatable these days. One day I asked my students who killed Socrates. To my surprise one student told me that Socrates had dug his own grave by telling the truth. His words cut like a knife. But I thought he was right. Had Socrates indulged in sycophancy he would have lived without trauma or torture. Truth seldom triumphs, while those who follow the path of truth are badly tortured.

Rajan Kapoor, Nakodar