Saturday, November 16, 2002
M A I L  B O X

Have you seen God?

IN his article "Have you seen God?", Khushwant Singh has asked the readers whether they have seen God in person. Yes, not only have we seen God, but we have also walked with Him, talked with Him, laughed with Him and even wept with Him. If we canít feel His presence in the blooming of a flower or in the whispering of winds, then we are certainly missing some sort of sensitivity or intelligence. But those who realise Him are condemned as gullible by the so-called rational and logical people.

Swami Aman Jayant, Rewari

Keeping Urdu alive

Apropos "Keeping Urdu alive" by Khushwant Singh (October 5), it is most unfortunate that a person of the stature of the writer should suggest that Urdu poetry could be enjoyed by adopting Devnagri and discarding the Persian script. Being an ardent lover of Urdu, I have observed that Urdu poetry transliterated into Devnagri robs it of correct pronunciation and the accompanying romance so peculiar to the language.

Harpel Singh, Banga