Saturday, November 23, 2002
W O R D   P O W E R

Recline (re’ klain) — to lean or lie back in a flat or almost flat position.

Synonyms — lean, sprawl, repose.

Antonyms — rise, stand upright.

— He reclined on the back seat of the car to avoid getting spotted by the police.

Prolific (pro’lifik): productive, abundant

Synonym — fertile, fruitful.

Antonym — unfruitful, unproductive.

— The farmers have had a prolific harvest this year.

Fallible (fal’ibl): liable to error.

Synonym — erring, imperfect.

Antonym — faultless, infallible, unerring.

— All humans are fallible.


(ennig-mattik): difficult to understand, mysterious.

Synonym — inscrutable, mysterious, unknowable.

Antonym — transparent, obvious.

— Mr Clare’s enigmatic character makes him a difficult boss to work with.

Calamitous (kalammitus): involving or causing great damage.

Synonym — devastating, disastrous, ruinous.

Antonym — advantageous, beneficial, fortunate.

— The eruption of a volcano can be extremely calamitous.


From the jumbled words discover some people with supernatural powers.

1. T S O E X R I C

2. E R C N O J U R

3. Y A N T C A L I R V O

4. D R W Z I A

5. R S R O C E R E

6. E S E R

Looking back

Cathay ( also known as Khitai) was the name by which China was known under the Mongol Dynasty to medieval Europe. The Khitans, who belonged to Manchu race, established an empire over north China.


Simplicity of all things, is the hardest to be copied — Steele

Score card

Exorcist, conjurer, clairvoyant, wizard, sorcerer, seer.

— Illa Vij