Wednesday, November 27, 2002, Chandigarh, India

C H A N D I G A R H   S T O R I E S


Show of strength by Cong bigwigs at DPS function
Determined protest by BJP workers
A.S. Prashar
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, November 26
Congress bigwigs from New Delhi, Punjab and Chandigarh today descended on the UT in a show of strength and solidarity at the foundation stone-laying ceremony of the Delhi Public School in Sector 40-C.

But their presence failed to still the controversy which has dogged the project right from day one. A small but determined group of BJP workers led by its president, Mr Yash Pal Mahajan, kept up a constant chant of “hai, hai” and “murdabad” against the Congress leaders and the school. Their objection, as Mr Mahajan explained, was not to the school but the manner in which the Congress leaders had allegedly prevailed upon the UT administration to secure prime land for setting up the school after ignoring the claims of many other schools which had been functioning in the UT for decades.

Those who attended the function included Mr Salman Khurshed, a senior Congress leader and former Minister of State for External Affairs. He is also president of the Delhi Public School Society, New Delhi, and laid the foundation stone of the project in that capacity. Mrs Ambika Soni, Political Adviser to Mrs Sonia Gandhi and general secretary of the AICC, was also present. Her husband, Mr Udey Soni, is the vice-chairman of the Heritage Society, which has been allotted six acres of land for setting up the school. Mr Pawan Bansal, local Congress MP, who conducted the stage at the function, is secretary of the Heritage Society.

Also present were Mr Jagmohan Singh Kang, a Punjab minister, Mr Brij Lal Goyal, a Punjab Congress leader and a few other party men from that state. Mr B.B. Bahal, president of the Chandigarh Territorial Congress Committee, led the party contingent from the UT. Everybody who is anybody in the UT Congress was present. However, a notable absentee was Mr Venod Sharma, a former Union Minister, who was away to Delhi in connection with a case involving his son.

Speakers at the function, including Mr Salman Khurshed, Mr Narendra Kumar, Chairman, Delhi Public School Society, New Delhi, Mr Udey Soni and Mr Pawan Bansal were at pains to emphasise that it was a purely educational venture and had nothing to do with politics. They stoutly denied charges that they were trying to mix politics with education.

Mr Salman Khurshed said that when the project was mooted, he felt that there was no need for a DPS in Chandigarh because it was already a very well educated city. But after listening to slogans from across the street from the BJP workers, he was convinced that they needed to be educated more than anyone else. “We will offer equity with excellence”, he said, adding that he had no doubt in his mind that once the DPS became functional in the city, the local BJP leaders would be the first to queue up outside the school to secure admission for their wards in the famed institution.

DPS Society, he said, was a non-profit-making educational body managed by eminent educationists and professionals from various walks of life and has a chain of educational institutions in India and abroad. It had come to be recognised throughout the academic world for its progressive approach and commitment to excellence. Centralised policies, decentralised administration, well designed institutional programme and flexible school managements were the basis of its unique identity. 


Malwinder Kang short of lectures
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, November 26
The name of Malwinder Singh Kang, president of the Panjab University Campus Students Council, figures in the list of the candidates who are short of lectures to qualify in the semester examination of the Law Department of the university.

The university is likely to face tense moments in the near future as the process of putting up names of students who are short of lectures is under way. In the first semester alone approximately 124 students out of the total 400 are told to be short of lectures.

The department is finalising the list of the candidates short of lectures in other semesters and the final list is likely to be displayed by tomorrow evening, sources said.

Students were asked by the university before the commencement of the academic session to attend a minimum 75 per cent of lectures to qualify for the examination as laid down by the University Grants Commission. The campus and affiliated colleges located in the city witnessed a spate of agitation against the move. They asked the university to stick to the earlier provision of 66 per cent attendance. However, the university pointed out that the directive had come from the higher authorities( the UGC) and the university could do nothing.

Students said they would approach the university once again to re-look into the issue. Students are also expecting the department to condone the shortage of lectures as was the usual university practice in the past. This is likely to work for the borderline cases of lecture shortage.

Sources in the department, however, pointed out certain complications in condoning the shortage of lectures where the required numbers were high. Earlier, besides the department head the lectures could be condoned by the Vice Chancellor. If a candidate was still short of lectures, the Syndicate had the power to make a further 10 per cent relaxation.

It may be remembered that this year onwards the VC and the Syndicate have no powers to condone the lecture shortage as has been decided by the university house.

A senior student leader said the problem had gained more publicity because of the involvement of the name of the president of the campus council. It is pertinent to mention that the department’s Board of Control had decided to cancel Kang’s admission because he did not fulfill the lecture condition in the first 15 days of the current academic session. The university constituted a special committee and later a special Syndicate allowed Kang’s admission.

A sizeable portion of the members of the Board of Control are likely to take a tough stand this time. Kang on his part has submitted an application to the department seeking condonation of lectures because he spent a nearly month in jail when he was arrested during the alleged scuffle with students of the rival student organisation.

Kang on his part maintains that even the Bar Council subscribed to 66 per cent attendance in classes and the same should be done by the university.


IAF-MC deadlock continues over shifting of garbage dump
Our Correspondent

SAS Nagar, November 26
There was no headway today in resolving the crisis over the dumping of the town’s garbage by the Municipal Council even as IAF officials stuck to their stand of not allowing the civic body to use the site allotted to it for the purpose by PUDA in Sohana village.

Trailers full of garbage were brought back to the town yesterday when Chandigarh Air Force Station officials suddenly decided not to allow dumping, stating that the area was too close to the outer marker of the station.

Earlier, the Air Force authorities in a letter to the Chief Administrator (CA), PUDA, had raised an objection to the dumping of garbage at the earmarked site because it was a potential threat to flight safety as the garbage attracted birds.

Though the council made efforts to dispose of some garbage today, it is piling up in certain areas. Officials of the civic body say that if an early solution to the problem is not found, the town may face a major crisis.

It is learnt that council officials today tried to look for a dumping site, though a meeting of the site selection committee is scheduled to be held tomorrow. The committee comprises officials of the council, PUDA and the Air Force.

The civic body president, Mr Kulwant Singh, said no progress could be made on the issue as the CA, PUDA, was out of station. The CA was in direct contact with the Air Force authorities. Efforts would be made, he said, to find a solution soon.

Thanks to the lack of planning of the PUDA authorities the council has been forced to go like a shuttlecock from site to site for dumping garbage.

The council had earlier taken a site on lease for garbage disposal in Badmajra village near the Verka milk plant here. The plant authorities had filed a writ petition in the state High Court stating that unhygienic conditions were being created in the area. Pollution of the environment was not conducive to the area and contamination of milk and spread of infection were imminent possibilities. It prayed that the civic body should be directed to shift the site. The court had then directed PUDA to allot a site to the council.

Subsequently, PUDA allotted a site on a temporary basis near Sector 66 here. Residents living near the area protested against the move and stopped the council from dumping garbage. The council authorities had feared a law and order problem and wrote to the Ropar Deputy Commissioner to provide police help.


HUDA’s Panchkula Extension dream in doldrums
Ruchika M. Khanna
Tribune News Service


* Scattered development and frequent enhancement costs for plot holders in Sectors 23- 28.
* Large number of plot holders in Sector 27 and 28 surrender plots.
* Enhancenment cost of Rs 470.88 per square meter in Sector 25 and Rs 685.81 per square meter in Sector 26 imposed on plot holders.
* Distance from main township and poor law and order situation mars development.

Panchkula, November 26
Despite having invested crores in Panchkula Extension here, the Haryana Urban Development Authority is yet to achieve what it had planned, with property owners being unhappy over the scattered development and frequent enhancement costs imposed on them.

HUDA had created the much-publicised Panchkula Extension — Sectors 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 and 28 — here across the Ghaggar. Less than 10 than ten years down the line, HUDA has failed to evoke a good response for its development. While a large number of allottees of residential plots in Sectors 27 and 28 have reportedly surrendered their plots to HUDA, the frequent enhancement costs imposed on plot holders in Sectors 25 and 26 (almost 53. 20 per cent increase in price since the allotment) have led to a crash in property prices here, with a number of sellers and no buyers.

It is learnt that almost 20 per cent of the allottees in Sectors 27 and 28 have already surrendered their plots during the past couple of months. Some group housing societies, who were allotted land in Panchkula Extension, have also surrendered their plots. Applications for the surrender of another almost 50 per cent of allotees in these two sectors are still pending with Estate Office.

Sources inform that maximum number of plots surrendered are in Sector 28 . It is learnt that of the 227 plots of varying area ( 1 kanal , 14 marlas, 10 marlas, 8 marlas, six marlas and four marlas) in this sector, almost 89 per cent had been alloted. However, during the past year, almost 25 per cent have surrendered their plots.

Similarly, almost 92 per cent of a total of 330 plots cut in Sector 27 ( of the above mentioned sizes) were alloted by HUDA between 1998 and 2001. However, almost 10 per cent of allotees have surrendered their plots and applications requesting for surrender are pending for another 35 to 40 per cent of allotees are still pending.

Officials in HUDA say that the main reason for allotees surrendering their plots here is the high reserved price fixed by the authority. They say that the market price in these sectors is much less as compared to the reserve price fixed by HUDA, especially for 1 kanal and 14 marla plots. HUDA has fixed the reserve price for all plots between Rs 3000 to Rs 3800 per square yard. Real estate agents in the township , when contacted by TNS, said that the market rates of the bigger plots in these two sectors were atleast 10 to 15 percent less than the price fixed by HUDA.

The second main reason for the failure in development of Panchkula Extension is the enhancement cost imposed on plot holders. At least three enhancements have been imposed on plot holders in Sectors 25 and 26, totalling Rs 470. 88 per square meter in Sector 25 and Rs 685. 81 meter in Sector 26. This in spite of the fact that these sectors have not been completely developed so far. 


Scavenging charges okayed
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, November 26
Institutions, dhabas, hotels, restaurants, bhavans, schools and industries, among others, will have to pay the municipal corporation Rs 500 or more as scavenging charges.

The process of imposing this charge was begun here today with the Sanitation Committee of the Municipal Corporation passing “in principle” the scavenging charges.

The committee asked the Medical Officer, Health, to work out the charge in detail to be recommended before the House to be passed.

The committee had earlier rejected similar proposals involving domestic areas. The committee said the charges had to be in excess of Rs 500 per month.

It also decided that the seven members of the committee, two members of the Finance and Contract Committee and MO would visit Chennai in December to see the functioning of a private firm Onyx which has offered to clean the city on contract basis.

The committee also asked the MO to work out the per tonne lifting cost of garbage as the company has already quoted a price of Rs 700 per tonne. It cleared an expenditure of Rs 4.45 lakh to buy six hydraulic trollies for lifting garbage.


A fleeting glimpse of a mature Abhishek
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, November 26
Chasing has become a die-hard habit with the city. Notwithstanding the conviction with which the not-so—bright Bollywood stars avoid attention, attention traces them religiously — from the city airport and the expected boarding place in hotel Mountview to Chandimandir or Chattha Farms, the two spots where J.P. Dutta is currently shooting the last few sequences of his second war film “LoC”.

After Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor, who had already expressed their disinterest in publicity (for the simple reason that they have it in plethora already), today was city’s turn to catch fleeting glimpses of the small B Abhishek Bachchan, who is wearing better charms after his official engagement with the beautiful Karisma Kapoor, one of the very few actresses who actually need to be interviewed for the good work she is accomplishing.

And that Abhishek is quite in love with Karisma became evident through the graceful manner in which he admitted, “It is nice to be in love.” He, however, remained largely silent on queries pertaining to her. Only his lips broke into faint smiles on her very mention. No personal information flowed, much to the displeasure of many who had waited long upon the still-struggling actor for a formal word on the status of his struggle. The only thing he said was,”I don’t know whether she would work after marriage or not. It is for her to decide.”

On his own front, he was more inclined to talk of J.P. Dutta who directed him in the debut film Refugee. “It is very nice to work with J.P. Dutta. He never encourages pre-conceived notions when it comes to performances. This attitude suits me perfectly. No wonder he could get the best out of me in Refugee, which has been, by far, my best film.”

Excited about LoC, Abhishek said it was a great learning experience to work with a huge star cast in the film. “I picked up wisdom from everyone,” he said. Evading questions on his so-called flops, Abhishek said, “In the heart of troubles my parents have always given me the inspiration to move on. I am what I am because of them. I must say that flops or hits matter little. I have always chosen my roles according to my taste, also on the basis of who the director is. What follows is but a chance.”

Wearing maturity on his face, Abhishek tided over most of the sensitive queries which had long been waiting upon him. The news that Abhishek Bachchan and Esha Deol had to arrive in the city for shooting of LoC was thick in the air since morning.

That explained the rush at hotel Mountview all day where rooms had been booked in their names. Earlier the information was that the stars were driving down; later it altered in favour of the flights to Chandigarh; after that it was being said that they were coming through a chartered flight; finally, however, only Abhishek Bachchan walked into the hotel well past after afternoon, when he was actually expected to arrive.

A full media team unfailingly waited upon the star kids all day until one of them obliged them with presence. In the few moments that Abhishek Bachchan stood in the hotel lobby, he was flooded with queries, which he answered in style.

The most significant remark was that he now wanted to rediscover himself with more challenging, brewing roles that reflected the emotion of anger.


Row over rent Act amendment continues
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, November 26
It was another eventful day for those opposing the amendment to the East Punjab Urban Rent Restriction Act, 1949, and also for those who are in favour of the amendment. The Property Owners Welfare Association met the UT Administrator Lieut-Gen J.F.R. Jacob (retd) to thank him while the protesting traders carried on with the relay fast and also went to meet former Prime Minister, Chandrashekhar.

Meanwhile, the relay fast by leaders of the Chandigarh Beopar carried on today with the participation of — Mr J.P.S. Khalra, Mr R.K. Minocha, Mr Arun Malhotra, Mr Shiv Kumar, Mr Mohit Kumar, Mr Charanjiv Singh, Mr Arun Talwar, Mr Baldev Goyal, Mr Digvijay Kapoor and Mr Kirpal Singh.

The traders were joined in by former Union Civil Aviation Minister and president of the Chandigarh Vikas Manch, Mr Harmohan Dhawan. A delegation of traders also went to meet former Prime Minister Chandrashekhar, who stopped in the city briefly en route Himachal Pradesh. The former Prime Minister promised to help after discussing the matter with the minister concerned in Delhi. Earlier, Mr Dhawan had briefed Mr Chandrashekhar on how the amendment would have long term affects.

Members of the Owners Welfare Association during their meeting with General Jacob requested him to do away with the limit of Rs 1,500 rent per month. The General is reported to have told the owners that he has not done a favour to anyone or has gone against anyone but has just followed the Act. The association also demanded that rents of those who were paying less than Rs 1,500 per month as rent and had occupied property for long should be linked with the prevalent market rates.

Besides this the Chandigarh Defence Colony Welfare Association held its monthly meeting and welcomed the bold decision of the Administration. The association demanded that the limit of Rs 1,500 should also be done away with . Carrying out a signature drive in favour of the amendment, the association claimed to have collected 625 signatures of landlords. 


Voter ID card work to begin today
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, November 26
The work of preparing photo identity cards for voters of Chandigarh starts tomorrow. The first phase will carry on till December 16. There will be seven photography centres at Government Senior Secondary Schools in Sectors 8, 10, 15 and Dhanas village, respectively.

Government Middle School Kaimbwala and Government High Schools in Sectors 24 and 25, respectively. Voters who have not obtained their photo identity cards earlier and are residing in Sectors 1 to 15, 24 and 25, Kaimbwala, Dhanas, Sarangpur, Khuda Lahora, Khuda Jassu, Khuda Ali Sher villages and labour colonies in Gursagar, Milk Colony, Chaman Colony, Aman Colony, Ambedkar Colony, Lahora Colony, Kalyan Colony, Kumhar and Janata colonies. The cards will be issued on the spot and free of cost. There will be no photography on December 3 and December 10. The next phase of the programme will be initiated on December 15. 


AWHO body office-bearers
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, November 26
The following have been elected office-bearers and members of the Army Welfare Housing Organisation Cooperative and Maintenance Society, Sector 47C, Chandigarh: president — Lieut-Col J.S. Panag; vice-president — Col R.J. Singh; general secretary — Mr Dalbir Singh; treasurer — Wg Cdr R.P. Saini; and members — Col G.S. Sandhu, Lieut-Col S.M. Prashar and Major S.A. Trehan.

According to Lieut-Col J.S. Panag, the main priority of the elected body would be to get the flats transferred/registered in the allottees names.


Death of newsman condoled
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, November 26
A meeting of the Executive Committee of The Tribune Employees Union held here today condoled the death of Ram Chander Chhatrapati, Editor of Sirsa-based evening newspaper “Poora Sach”, who was allegedly attacked by followers of Dera Sacha Sauda on October 24, which led to his death on November 21. The union, on behalf of The Tribune employees, expressed its sympathies with the bereaved family.

The union demanded that the government should order a CBI inquiry into the conspiracy of the fatal attack on Chhatrapati. It further demanded that the Haryana government should provide a financial relief of at least Rs 10 lakh to the family of Chhatrapati and give a government job to one member of the family.

The union President, the Senior Vice-President and the General Secretary, Mr B.S. Jandu, Mr Harish Vashishth and Mr Anil Gupta, respectively, and Mr Jagtar Singh Sidhu spoke on the occasion. The meeting observed a two-minute silence in memory of Chhatrapti.



Harassment at insurance firm’s hands

Illustration by Sandeep Joshi I got my new Zen VX car having registration No. PB11N 2105 insured against all risks, including theft with M/s New India Assurance Co., Chandigarh, at the time of the delivery from M/s Pasco, Chandigarh, around three years ago.

Just after a few months of the purchase of the car, its originally-fitted music system was stolen at Ambala city at night. All necessary formalities regarding registration of the claim with the insurance co., submission of all necessary documents with the insurance co.’s surveyor, Mr P.K. Bhatia, who visited the site of theft, lodging of FIR with the police etc. were completed the next morning. Though three years have gone by, my claim has not yet been settled in spite of numerous follow-up visits made by my representatives and all necessary formalities completed. On every visit, it was assured by the surveyor that the claim is being finalised and the payment against the claim is being released.

About six months ago, I rang up and then visited the company’s office at Ambala city and met the head of the office to get the claim settled. He informed that he had enquired into the matter. I was shocked to know from him that the surveyor, Mr P.K. Bhatia, had, right in the beginning, misplaced or lost the claim papers for reasons best known to him. For well over two years, he has been telling lies and befooling my representatives. He further informed that the claim case is now being prepared afresh and the payment against the claim will be, by all means, released within seven days (after the approval is received from Chandigarh-based divisional office which is forthcoming).

However, that was not to be. Now the Chandigarh office is adding to the harassment of the claimant who is not at fault in any way. I brought the matter to the personal notice of the topmost officer of the company in the region, who was also shocked to know the misdeeds of his staff and assured immediate settlement of the case. Even after one-and-a-half months of the officer’s instructions, the claim has not been settled.

Recently, I met the said officer, who was, though helpful, seems to be unable get the things done as the divisional office is more interested to save the interest of the erring surveyor as also to keep its hands off this overdelayed case rather than mitigating the harassment of the claimant and doing justice to the claimant.

I had been asking one simple question from all the officers to whom I talked or met: What is my fault? And what action is being taken against the erring surveyor/officer? They all say that there is no fault of mine at all and that I should have received the claim payment long ago and action should have been taken against the people at fault. But nobody is ready to bell the cat. Will anybody in the said company come forward to do justice?


Chief Engineer (retd.)

Punjab State Electricity Board

Ambala city

Illegal companies

A large number of multi-level marketing companies are illegally operating in Chandigarh. Some of them are working in Sectors 9 and 26 in Madhya Marg, and Sector 34 City Sub Centre. These companies try to attract depositors/ members with various schemes of earning crores of rupees. In the process, the gullible people are asked to part with thousands of rupees.

Heavy discounts on daily use items are offered to rope in members.

Similar schemes are also being illegally offered to people by companies from Panchkula’s Sector 7 market and Sector 11 (Anupam lane), as also from the upper floors of SCO No 6, 26, 35, 37 and 66. For the sake of saving thousands of people being looted by these companies, necessary action may please be initiated by the authorities expeditiously.



Make functions simpler

The new wing of General Hospital of Panchkula has at last been opened by Union Health Minister Shatrughan Sinha. The satisfying feature of this was the cleanliness drive, repair of roads etc., undertaken by the civic authorities. Let the Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) and the Municipal Corporation continue this drive regularly as maintenance is easier now. The expenditure incurred on inauguration, at the cost of honest taxpayer, could be used for better purposes. Ours is a poor country and we should make proper use of scarce funds. Inaugural functions could be made simpler. Maybe, the Head of Department or district head could declare a wing open after a simple pooja.

In the context of the inauguration of the General Hospital, let us consider the plight of the indoor patients. Some of them are serious, maybe critical even, having to bear all the noise and blaring of loudspeakers. What and whose purpose these inaugurations and similar other functions serve except the sycophants, at the cost of the poor people who have to face inconvenience and wastage of funds. One may recall that during the World War II, functions were very simple in which only a cup of tea and two biscuits were served to each invitee.




Cheating case against pvt firm
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, November 26
On the complaint of Mr B.C Phathak, 44 Squad, c\o 56 APO, the police has registered a case of cheating and criminal conspiracy against M\s Birla Blue Flames Pvt. Ltd, NAC, Mani Majra. The firm has been accused of taking Rs 2,64,390 from a large number of persons to provide them LPG connections but the connections were never issued. The case has been registered under Sections 420 and 120B of the IPC.

Water meter theft

A water meter from the Regional Passport Office, Sector 34 has been reportedly stolen. Mr Bidhi Chand, Superintendent at the office, told the police that the theft took place on the night intervening November 24 and 25. A case has been registered.

Scooter stolen

The LML Vespa scooter (PB-19-4919) of Mr Vikram Jethi, a resident of Sector 15, Panchkula, was allegedly stolen from near District Courts, Sector 17, here on Monday.

Manhole covers stolen

As many has 24 manhole covers were stolen from some houses in Sector 36 on the night intervening November 24 and 25. The police has registered a case of theft on the complaint of H. No 1527 resident Major R.K Paki.

Meanwhile, Mr Tanuj Sehgal, a resident of Sector 41, reported that the spare wheel from his scooter was stolen on the night intervening November 24 and 25. The spare wheel from the scooter of Mr Rajiv Kumar, a resident of Sector 27, was also stolen on the night intervening November 20 and 21 here.

Body found

An unidentified man in his late 60s was found dead adjacent to a wall of Punjab Roadways Workshop situated on the Ambala-Chandigarh road here today. The deceased appears to be a beggar and the body was covered with a blanket. The police has not found any injury marks on the body. As per circumstantial evidence, he probably was ill and died. Inquest proceedings under Section 174 of Cr.P.C has been initiated.

Gold chain snatched

Two unidentified scooter-borne youths snatched gold chain of Ms Usha Mahajan in Sector 38 here today.

The incident occurred while Ms Mahajan, a resident of Sector 37, along with her friend Ms Sudesh were on foot. The youths approached Ms Mahajan and snatched her chain and sped away. The youth, who was driving the scooter was wearing a helmet and the other was wearing a cap. A case has been registered.


Three held

The police has arrested a three-member gang, who were reportedly planning to commit a robbery in Sector 16 last evening.

The SP, Mr Ranbir Sharma, said the accused- Sunni Kumar alias Sannu, Raju and Jasbir were arrested from near Sector 16 market, while they were sitting in suspicious circumstances. The police said they were planning to commit the offence when a police party nabbed them.

A .315 bore pistol, cartridges, one knife, iron rod and other weapons were seized from them. While Raju and Jasbir were sent in a six-day police remand and Sunny has been remanded in judicial custody.

Tout arrested

The police has arrested Mahendra, a resident of Sector 19, who was allegedly working as tout in district courts here along with D.D. Yadav of Mauli Jagran. They were reportedly deposing in various courts here and identifying accused in different cases, thus helping them get a bail.

The SP, Mr Ranbir Sharma, said on several occasions, the accused whose identification had been given by these two, had failed to turn up in the courts on their date of hearing and had several times turned proclaimed offenders. While Mahendra has been arrested and sent in judicial remand, the police is now on the look out for the other accused.

Woman attempts suicide

A woman in her mid 30s attempted suicide by jumping in front of Paschim Express near Mansa Devi this afternoon. The victim, who could not be identified, was reportedly working as a maid in several flats in Group Housing Societies nearby. She was rushed to the PGI, Chandigarh.


Agrotech-2002 to showcase a Model Village
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, November 26
Agrotech-2002 showcases a unique Model Village, featuring sustainable features and technologies to improve the quality of life in rural India.

The objective of setting up a Model Village is to display the changes in economic pursuits and living practices of rural India on account of innovations in technologies, products, tools, institutions etc. The village aims to expose the farmers and other visitors to Agrotech-2002 from the rural areas to the technologies, products etc that can be adapted to modernise the face of rural India in the years to come.

As part of Agrotech-2002 at the modern village, the CII would also be organising “kisan goshtis” to create awareness among the farmers about the new developments in food, agriculture and related fields on December 2 and 3, 2002. Some of the topics are: Future trends in agriculture (crop rotation/new cash crops/cultivation and managing of crops farming and marketing), dairy management (nutrition and care of dairy animals/disease management), food processing (post harvest management/food preservation/primary processing).

The event also features five concurrent international expos covering different sectors of the agricultural and related economy featuring the best of domestic and international firms engaged in agro technology inputs, products, services, manufacturers and suppliers of food processing equipment, food products, packaging systems, refrigeration technology, storage and handling equipment etc. Five food and agriculture international conferences will round off the event.

Exhibition is one of the key components of Agrotech-2002 and five exclusive concurrent shows: Agri Expo-2002, Dairy Expo 2002, Farm Tech-2002, Food Expo-2002 and Poultry Expo-2002 will be part of the exhibition.

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