Monday, December 9, 2002, Chandigarh, India

C H A N D I G A R H   S T O R I E S


Ecologists discuss sustainable development
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 8
Approximately 80 ecologists from different parts of the country assembled at the ICSSR complex in Panjab University here today on the first day of a three-day meeting to establish a national network of long term ecological research (LTER).

The meeting sponsored by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, New Delhi, and Department of Science and Technology is being organised by the Centre for Environment and Vocational Studies at the university.

The aims of the meeting have been highlighted as developing a national directory of the LTER workers at the recognised sites and processes; communicating information among the LTER scientists of national and international levels; standardising LTER designs in terms of time, space and approach; educating and training young scientists for furthering the study; and interacting with the Global Terrestrial Observing System.

Inaugurating the conference, Dr P.S. Ramakrishnan, Professor Emeritus at Jawaharlal Nehru University, stressed the urgency and significance of ecological research in long-term perspective for sustaining development. Nothing can sustain if actions are not supported by long-term observations in time and space, he added.

Prof S.S. Bir, Professor Emeritus from Punjabi University, presided over the function. Prof R.K.Kohli welcomed the participants.



Melody and rhythm rule school function
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, December 8
It was song and dance all the way at Valley Public School during the annual day function held today.

Over 100 children from different classes presented a variety programme - including folk dances, choreographies and skits. Justice M.S. Liberhan was the chief guest on the occasion.

The programme began with students performing “vandana” and thus invoking blessings of the Almighty. This was followed by recitation of nursery rhymes by tiny tots and later the annual report of the school was read out. The Rajasthani dance performed by students was well appreciated.

“However, the main highlights of the function were “Bharat Darshan — a choreography based on Indian culture, tradition and history and bhangra performed by boys.

Earlier, speaking on the occasion, Justice Liberhan regretted that the country was being run by illiterate politicians. “ They are not even giving weightage to education, because it suits their vested interests to have people follow them blindly.

It is in this scenario that private schools are doing a yeoman’s service of educating masses and teaching them about their basic rights, “ he said.



Teachers decry lack of uniform pension scheme
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 8
Leaders of teachers belonging to various universities at a meeting here today expressed “deep concern and indignation” over the deepening crises in the university system due to apathy of state and union government on vital academic issues.

This and many other issues were highlighted at a meeting of the North Zone Council of the All India Federation of University Teachers’ Associations at Panjab University. Presidents and secretaries of various university teachers’ associations from Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and the city were present.

The meeting expressed its concern over the lack of a uniform pension scheme for the university teachers in the country. Difference in norms under which years of service of university teachers were counted for payment of full salary also came under criticism.

Leaders expressed their concern over “arbitrary manner in which auditors flouted the University Grants Commission guidelines regarding counting years of service for determining the eligibility for the Career Advancement Scheme”.

The federation also sought uniform implementation of enhancement in the retirement age from 60 to 62 years like Madhya Pradesh University. Other demands included incentives for post-doctoral research work and damaging consequences of commercialisation and privatisation of higher education.



Ambedkar memorial lecture
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 8
The first Dr B.R.Ambedkar Memorial Lecture was organised by the Dr Ambedkar Students Association at Panjab University here today.

Mr D.D. Kalyani, president of the BAMCEF (Punjab) delivered the keynote address. Dr Rajiv Lochan from the, Department of History and Amar Nath Baggan were the main speakers. Mr K.C. Shenmar, a former IG (Prisons) presided over the lecture.

The topic of the lecture was “Keemat Chukaye Bagair Samajik Parivartan Sambhav nahin” (Social change cannot be achieved without sacrifice).

Mr Kalyani stressed the message of Dr Ambedkar saying education of Dalits to make them aware about their rights was very important. He opined that “elite classes within the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes” had cut themselves from their poor brothers and they thought they were no longer Dalits which in a way was a tragedy.

Dr Lochan exhorted the audience to work on the philosophy of Dr Ambedkar and follow his slogan of “educate, organise and agitate”. Dr Ram Mehar, patron of the association, proposed the vote of thanks.



Following in the footsteps of St Kabir
Parbina Rashid

A view of St Kabir Public School, Sector 26, Chandigarh. Photo: Parvesh Chauhan

Aakriti Singla, class-III A

Hitu Mahajan, class-VIII B

IT was an era of utter chaos and confusion, an era of religious differences which polarised Indians into two distinct groups, when Saint Kabir came to this world with a message of peace and harmony. Saint Kabir has gone to his heavenly abode but his teachings are still being carried out silently but dutifully by a small community in the city, the teachers and students of St. Kabir Public School.

Situated in Sector 26, the 6-acre campus of the school is all spick and span and as modern as it can be. But beneath the shiny marble lined floors or gleaming paints lies solid foundation of age old values, which makes the institution unique. Besides the academics or extra curricular activities, honesty, tolerance and peace and universal brotherhood are the main ingredients of the education system here.

The school has an impressive building, with open verandas and corridors interlining different wings of the school, which gives one ample opportunity to feel the fresh air and sunshine. The latest additions of the school- a sound-proof multi-purpose hall, a huge library in the basement with 6400 books collection, a cyber lab with audio-visual equipment to go with and extremely clean and modern labs for physics, chemistry and biology make learning a comfortable experience here.

The school was founded in 1974 by Mr J. P. Singh who still holds the post of the Principal. He is a firm believer in transparency - be it the admission system or recruitment of teaching staff. "Everything is being done on merit basis here," says Mr. Singh, a recipient of the Independent Schools Federation of India award for his distinguished service in the field of education. The school is affiliated to the ICSE Council, New Delhi. The school at present starts from playclass to Class X, complete with hostel facilities for both boys and girls.

The huge grounds of the school provide ample scope for the students to explore their athletic prowess in cricket, hockey, badminton, basketball, including indoor games like table tennis and carom. But it is the creative side of the students which receive utmost care here. The school has started seven clubs - English club, Hindi club, computer club, G K club, Singing club, Dance club and Art club which help the students to tap their hidden talent and build their confidence.



Hard work pays only when it is in right direction’

 J.P. SinghMR J. P. Singh is one of the rare persons who is clinging to the age old values with a modern approach. "Hardwork pays but it has to be channelised in a definite direction to get results," says Mr Singh. So right from choosing the right name for the school to imparting education and values , Mr. Singh has been strictly adhering to honesty, discipline and peace - all those values Saint Kabir stood for.

On education system: No matter how much we all crib about the present education system, there are going to be examinations or homework or heavy schoolbags, because they all are part of the system and hence important. But we can make our children's life a little easier by converting the rigid homework into lesson practice at home or become a bit more organised by arranging their school bags according to the time tables.

On discipline: Though imbibing self discipline is the ultimate aim, we ask disciplinary committees to maintain discipline in the campus. Since in today's world outside influence on students is more important than the older days, a little bit of imposition from the school authority is required to make the student realize the importance of it in their life.

On tuition menace: There is no harm in students taking extra bit of coaching for a short while but it should not be of longer duration as tuition does not only make them dependent but is also a time killer, leaving the children with very little time to pursue other activities.

On future plans: Just because we do not believe in taking help from outside, it took almost 28 years for the school to come up to this level, but we are still developing. We are recently going to add an all-equipped library to our school. The next plan is to upgrade the school up to class XII in all three streams — art, science and commerce. PR


My school

SITUATED in the lap of nature, my school, St. Kabir is free from the dust, din and smoke of the congested, industrial town. It was established in 1974.

Its majestic building with its airy and spacious classrooms, well stocked library, modern and well equipped laboratories, grassy lawns and vast play fields may tempt anyone to be a student here.

Much more important is that the human factor that makes this school an idea institution. The Principal and teachers are not only highly educated and well trained but they take pain to make formal education attractive for us.

The school aims at equipping the students with integrity, courage and compassion and to face the challenging realities of the modern world. The cent percent success results of the school and the large number of glittering trophies and shields adorning the Principal's office testify that St. Kabir is one of the most successful educational institution in the city. — Amit Jindal, class IX-A



Poems by students
Mother O’ Mother

Gargi Singla, class III-A

Radhika Goyal, class VII-B

Anika, class X-A

Nishant Sharma, class KG-C

You are very sweet and kind

and you are the one who always support me

and never let me look behind

Mother, oh, my dearest mother

you are the one I always do bother,

but I love you very much

because there is love in your every touch

When I have my own sorrows and woes,

Just one smile and a hug from you consoles.

You are the one whom I share my secrets with

you are the one, whom I am always happy with.

You are the one for whom I care

and I must tell you that I love you very much

because you are always there.

— Pree Singh, class X-B


Freedom is what every animal on earth,

Possesses since its birth, and is its birth right,

For freedom, it has a full reason to fight,

And whatever you may give it, any greed,

It would want nothing else, but to be freed.

A bird for an example, we can take,

In order to be freed would even put its own life at stake,

Any amount of thoughts of luxury you may fill,

In their minds but still, they would prefer to be free,

And in the high skies be, flying all the time, singing the rhythm,

Of many sweet songs, forgetting not right, but wrongs,

And all along, be free and flying, not captured and crying.

At the end, I would like to say,

Freedom makes all happy and gay,

and is more precious than gold,

But by man it is being sold.

— Kshitij Chopra, class IX-A

Unity is strength

Lets join hand in hand,

All across this mighty land,

Start now to understand,

That for peace we stand

— Aakriti Singla, class III-A



Anmol Sidhu re-elected to bar council
Kiran Deep

Chandigarh, December 8
Twentyfive candidates from Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana were declared elected as members to the Bar Council of Punjab and Haryana after the results were declared on the completion of counting here late in the evening today.

Those who were declared elected are — Dr Anmol Rattan Sidhu, Mr C.M. Munjal, Mr Bhupinder Singh Rathore, Mr Ashok Singla, Mr Brij Mohan Vinayak, Mr Jai Vir Yadav, Mr Rakesh Gupta, Mr N.K. Singla, Mr Gurvinder Pal Singh, Mr Navtej Singh Toor, Mr J.K Maheswari, Mr Mukesh Beri, Mr Harish Rai Dhanda, Mr Ram Avtar Gupta, Mr B. S Billing, Mr Bhagat Singh, Mr Sukhdip Singh, Mr Ajay Chowdhary, Mr Jagbir Singh Dalal, Mr B.K Goyal, Mr Lekh Raj Sharma, Mr Amrik Singh, Mr Raj Mohan Singh, Mr Rajdeep Singh, Mr Partap Singh.

There were a total of 116 candidates in the fray in the elections to the bar councils held here on November 22 and various district and tehsils of Punjab and Haryana on November 23. The counting of the votes started on November 26 and continued till late evening today. Dr Sidhu was the first candidate to be declared elected a member of the bar councils.

Giving details, the Returning Officer of the council, Mr Nirmal Singh Dhillon, informed that with the cooperation of members of the Punjab state, the Bar Council, the UT police and the private security, the counting was held peacefully. To make the system transparent, a representative of every candidate was allowed in the counting room to verify the results.

Many of the members talking to The Tribune said they would strive to start better welfare schemes for the advocates, law bhavan in every district and tehsils and stipend for young advocates. They also opined that there was also need to impose the ban of post retirement re-employment of retired high judges to any tribunal, commission or any office of profit by the state and the Central Government to the public sector undertaking.

The former Chairman of the Bar Council of Punjab and Haryana, Dr Anmol Rattan Sidhu, and the General Secretary, Mr C.M. Munjal, who were re-elected said the council took a major step on law bhavan which would also house a law college the first of its kind in the country.

They said the law bhavan would have administrative blocks, a guest house, a banquet hall and a law college. The main feature of the law bhavan is the law college which will offer a law degree of five years.



Pretty maiden Preeti charms with her smile
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, December 8
The influx of stars and starlets have certainly kept mediapersons in the city on their toes. So when the latest addition to the LoC crew Preeti Jhingiani turned up in Hotel Mountview late this evening, the Press was once again ready for a wild goose chase but luck was with them this time, not only was the star accommodating but she also morale of mediapersons with her ready smile and comment that she was the lucky one to be interacting with them all.

Preeti, who got her major break in Aditya Chopra’s ‘Mohabatein’, has no qualms over the length of her role in LoC. “The role is short but the name J.P. Dutta was enough for me to grab the part,” she said. Preeti will be playing the role of a typical Punjabi girl opposite Akshay Khanna who is playing an Army officer in the movie.

Preeti, an average Mumbai girl, never dreamt about movies but it all happened just like that for her. “First it was a music album ‘Yeh hain prem’ which led to “Mohabatein” and other films like ‘Anarth’, ‘Wah Tera Kya Kehna’ and others,” she reveals.

“But I am enjoying this lifestyle,” says Preeti with all her simplicity that matches her innocent looks. “Acting is a tough job but the trappings that come with it like travelling, meeting interesting people are simply groovy,” she adds with a twinkle in her eyes.

An ardent fan of Sridevi, Preeti wants to continue with her new found passion. “I have had no background in acting when I entered the industry, but with each new project I am improving my talent,” she says. Though her starting point had been a music album, Preeti at present is not ready to divert her attention to such things. Her forthcoming movies include “Tera Hoga Kya” and “Baaz” with Tinu Verma.


Kaun Banega Star’?
Tribune News Service

SAS Nagar, December 8
Students of the PESCO Film and TV Institute here had their first taste of performing for a Punjabi TV serial to be aired on DD Punjabi soon here today.

The serial named ‘Kaun Banega Star’ features artistes who act like well-known actors of Hindi films. A comedy serial, the serial is showcasing not just the students of the institute for the first time on DD Punjabi but also upcoming child artistes.

The serial has been produced by the institute itself and each episode is anchor based with six to seven participants performing in each episode. The serial has been written by Mr Rakesh Manjhi and Mr Deepak Malhotra also the Principal of the institute.

Among the child artistes who acted today were Pragati, Manish and Sachin who acted like Priety Zinta, Dev Anand and Dalip Kumar, respectively.


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