Saturday, December 21, 2002

What is it, fasting or feasting?
by Amar Chandel

WEEKLY off-day! Ah, how all of us look forward to it! Day-dreaming about what we are "not" going to do on that cherished day keeps us going during the other six days. No office, no work, just lazing around, catching up on sleep and a bit of massage, may be. The inactivity charges our batteries for the stress-filled days ahead. That the rest indeed works wonders for our frayed nerves can be gauged from the fact that anyone who continues to work even on this holiday tends to become lethargic and moody in a matter of a few weeks.

There are no shortcuts to fighting fat
Anjana Sarin
ILL the other day, the ‘reed-thin look’ was the new-age mantra for most urban Indian women. Everybody seemed to want endlessly long legs, a hand-span waist and a curvaceous bust — an unreal figure by all standards, except perhaps on a Barbie doll.

An SOS to preserve Kalka-Shimla rail line
Rama Sharma
HE Shimla-Kalka railway line turned a 100 years old on November 9. In 1903, the rail line was opened to traffic by Lord Curzon, the then Viceroy of India. The quaint rail track passes through some of the most picturesque spots as it winds it way from Kalka, which lies at the foot of the Shivaliks, to the mighty ridge on which the Queen of the Hills is located.

Harness imagination for creativity
I.M. Soni
UTCH philosopher Spinoza said, "So long as a man imagines that he cannot do this or that, so long is he determined not to do it: and consequently, so long is it impossible to him that he should do it."