Sunday,  December 22, 2002, Chandigarh, India

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Industrialist dupes govt of Rs 1 cr
Tribune News Service

Mr Pardeep Bhateja has denied all charges. He counter-alleged that the DC had done this at the instance of his brother-in-law who had been claiming that he owed him Rs 17 lakh. In a Press note, Mr Bhateja said the PFC had disbursed the loan to him only after conducting various inspections. He added that he had purchased the machinery from various suppliers and the payment was made by the PFC directly. He added that during the past two years he had produced and sold different type of yarn worth Rs 2 crore and showed a profit of Rs 8.5 lakh in his Income Tax return. He said however his unit had been lying closed for the past five months due to unavoidable circumstances. He alleged that the ADC (General) and SDM had ordered the breaking of locks of the factory without any information and notice. He alleged that they were harassing him at the behest of DC’s brother-in-law who had made several complaints against him in the past.

Ludhiana, December 21
Close on the heels of busting a certificate scandal, the district administration today claimed to have unearthed another scandal in which a local industrialist allegedly duped the state government of more than Rs 1 crore.

The Deputy Commissioner, Mr Anurag Agarwal, today screened a videotape of the factory of the industrialist for mediapersons in which “junk machines” had been installed in place of new ones after securing a loan from the Punjab Financial Corporation (PFC). Apart from the industrialist, several employees of the PFC are also likely to be booked in the case. Several other fake factories are also likely to be exposed in the near future. The DC said the case was just a tip of the iceberg and many such defaulters would be taken to task.

Disclosing the details here today, Mr Agarwal said the PFC had granted a loan of Rs 71 lakh to M/s Bhateja Spinners Private Limited but what the firm purchased was no better than scrap, not worth more than Rs 5 lakh. He claimed that more than 90 per cent of the amount had been embezzled in the case.

He said in the fraudulent operation, junk machines were purchased and repainted. The names of the manufacturers engraved on the machines were filled with some metal and the nameplate of units from which bills were raised were affixed over the original ones. Mr Agarwal also said he had asked the PFC to bring out the details of all loaning done in the city in past five years but it did not supply the information in spite of numerous reminders.

The DC further said Mr Pardeep Bhateja and his wife Ms Asha Bhateja were the owners of the project. He said a team led by the Additional Deputy Commissioner, Mr Rahul Bhandari, had checked the factory premises yesterday. The team comprised Mr Ajoy Sharma, SDM (West), Mr B.S. Malik, DM, PFC, Functional Manager from Industries Department, Mr Bhagat Ram, Supervisor, Tehsildar, West. The entire inquiry was videotaped and was shown to the mediapersons during the press conference.

Mr Agarwal said the inspection of the unit had revealed that the machines purchased were around 20-30 years old. Although Mr Bhateja had claimed that he had purchased new machines, which was also seconded by the PFC initially, the checking had revealed otherwise.

He said the carding machine, an important machine in a spinning mill, was shown to have been purchased from MK International, while the inquiry committee found that the original name of the company on the machine was tampered with and was filled with a metal. When the team removed the filled metal, the name of the company, National Engineering Works, Panipat, that had manufactured it was revealed.

The DC claimed that the cost of the machine as per the bill was Rs 25 lakh but in the market it was not even worth Rs 1 lakh. Similarly, gill boxes that were marked with the nameplate of “PLAHA” were found to have been actually made by “SEW” on the removal of the plates.

On ring frames, he said these were very old ones but had been repainted to give a better look. General inspection of the unit revealed that it was a very old unit and was not capable of being functional at any time.

The DC further added that Mr Bhateja had submitted bills worth Rs 71 lakh but the actual cost of the machinery did not exceed Rs 5 lakh. He said these machines were in such state that these could not be resold. These would have to be disposed of as scrap. He added that tax exemption of Rs 1.5 crore had been given to the unit, which has been cancelled.

He said the sanctioned load of the unit was around 100 KW. Whereas the monthly consumption of the unit had been around 4,000 units. It indicated that the unit was perhaps never operational. The electricity connection of the factory had been disconnected because of the non-payment of bills.

He said initially there was some resistance from the PFC, as a fax from its head office today stated that the corporation would not participate in the inspection. The DC said many scams could be unearthed in which financial institutions have been defrauded by such kind of operators.

Mr Agarwal claimed that Mr Bhateja had not cooperated in the inquiry so the committee had to break open the locks of the factory. Legal opinion of the District Attorney was sought in the case and the DA had opined that since the PFC, a government body, had funded the industry, the committee had the right to check the premises of the unit.



No complaint from SSP, says DGP
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 21
The Director-General of Police, Mr M.S. Bhullar, today categorically stated that there was no truth in reports that the DIG, Jalandhar Range, Mr Rohit Choudhry, had conspired with a ‘known criminal’ to eliminate the SSP, Ludhiana, Mr Harpreet Singh Sidhu.

He admitted that there were professional differences between the two, but said it was a common thing in the police as well as in any other department.

“I had not received any complaint either officially or unofficially”, the DGP told mediapersons at police lines here. He was here to take part in the annual elders’ day function.

Mr Choudhry and Mr Sidhu were also present in the function, but did not exchange pleasantries with each other. Mr Bhullar, in his bid to show that everything was normal, called both the officers for a group photograph with him. The DIG, Mohammad Mustafa, was also present.

The officers, however, remained stiff with each other even before mediapersons. Mr Choudhry, however, left the function early. Police sources said he was specially called to broker peace between the officers.

Meanwhile, the controversy was the main topic of discussion among Punjab Police pensioners. Though everyone was talking about the issue, they were not willing to talk with the media.

Retired cops said they did not want to air their opinion as already enough damage had been done.

This was the second annual elders’ day function. Started by Mr Sidhu, the occasion brings together former cops at one place.

Former cops talked at length about the life after retirement. All had a good laugh when a former DIG, Mr Parminder Singh Sandhu, asked mediapersons to question him about the cultivation of lady’s finger or potatoes instead of the DIG-SSP controversy.

According to a police press note, nearly 1000 former cops took part in the function. It was inaugurated by Mr Bhullar. He first laid a wreath at the martyrs’ memorial in the police lines. A two-minute silence was also observed.

A cultural function was also organised. A Punjabi singer regaled the audience. The district police had set up a grievances cell stall for retired cops. It received 20 complaints.



Experts: integrated yoga can bust stress 
Naveen S. Garewal

Ludhiana, December 21
“Stress management has become the new focus for efficiency and health of executives in the corporate world. Besides being a ‘major killer’, research shows that in a very big way, stress is adversely affecting efficiency, productivity and overall effectiveness of individuals at work and at home across the entire spectrum of society. The World Health Organisation has officially described 1990s as the decade of epidemic of stress.

These were the views expressed by Commodore SPS Dalal, Founder-Director, Stress Management Research Institute, Noida, at a seminar organised by the Ludhiana Management Association on ‘Stress Management’ yesterday.

Mr Dalal, an internationally renowned corporate thinker, trainer and scholar, emphasised that in such circumstances, training in stress management was no more an option; it was a necessity. The crux of the problem was that in modern times, on the one hand mental burdens had increased and on the other people had lost the ability to relax. As a result, stress kept accumulating, reaching harmful and, thereafter, dangerous levels.

He mentioned that yoga as a ‘comprehensive health system’ offered the most suitable solution. He focussed on the need for a multi-pronged approach to ‘stress management’ in order to fully exploit the total potential of yoga in terms of gyan yoga, karma yoga, raja yoga and bhakti yoga Using all four streams of yoga may be termed as ‘integrated yoga’ as a way of life for handling one’s life without stress.

He also mentioned about the unique stress release techniques he taught during his workshops. These took only a minute, 3 minutes or 10 minutes and could be practiced anywhere, anytime, at work, at home, while travelling, in bed.

These techniques were effective, based on medical research, independent on one’s medical or physical fitness. The best part of these techniques was that these made no demand on time and required no lifestyle change in eating and drinking habits.

Dr Deva Priya Marik, Senior Consultant, Cardiothorasic and Vascular surgery, Hero DMC Heart Institute, Ludhiana, said stress was ubiquitous. It came in various forms and affected our mind and body in a big way.

Both acute and chronic stress had been linked to various forms for cardiovascular disease. Some pathways linking the two had been elucidated, but for most the association remained circumstantial. Coronary artery disease (CAD) was the number one killer in the world. Stress had been linked to its initiation as well as aggravation.”

“CAD presents itself in various ways, starting from being completely silent to the other extreme; sudden death. Lifestyle modification and stress management are important aspects of management of this disease. These modalities complement the more traditional methods of treatment of the disease — medical treatment, ballon angioplasty and coronary bypass surgery. These form important management tools even after a patient undergoes balloon angioplasty and coronary surgery, “ Dr Marik added.

Earlier, introducing the subject Mr V.K. Goyal, general secretary, LMA said: “Although everyone experiences stress from time to time, in today’s hypercompetitive world, the people find themselves much more stressed out and tense than ever before. According to the WHO, stress is the world’s second most common illness, the first being heart and circulatory diseases. Modern living, no doubt, has brought various means of comfort but has also brought with it ever-increasing demands. The increased stress level that we see in the present times is largely the result of meeting these challenging demands, growing confusion and complexity thereof, extremely hectic schedules and high pressure jobs.”

Mr Goyal said another reason, which had been acknowledged by many as the cause of stress, was the trouble people faced coping with an ever-changing society, fast-paced business world, cut-throat competition and increasingly volatile nature of markets.

“We must acknowledge that stress is a natural part of our daily life. A popular misconception is that all stress is negative. Stress in itself should not be viewed as good or bad. It is our response to what is happening around us that creates positive or negative results.”

Mr Mahesh Munjal, vice-president, LMA in his presidential remarks said” “To get the most out of our life, each one needs to find out the optimum level and type of stress we handle best. Properly managed stress gives zest to life. It challenges us to try harder, evoke our best and bring about personal growth.”

“One of the best ways, which many people have found for themselves in managing stress, is to learn to change anxiety to concern. Concern means that you are motivated to take care of real problems in your life,” Mr Munjal added.

The seminar was attended by over 450 industrialists, management professionals, entrepreneurs, senior officials from the district administration, bankers and student-members of the association.



Guddu faces 9 more cases
Jupinderjit Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 21
With more skeletons emerging from the closet of Punjab Police Inspector Shamsher Singh Guddu booked by the State Vigilance Bureau under corruption charges earlier this week, the Vigilance Bureau has found that the cop was facing charges in as many as nine cases of land grab, illegal detention, misuse of authority and lodging false complaints.

A document prepared by the Vigilance Bureau and being processed by senior officials to tighten the noose around the cop, gives details about the cases pending against him.

The report mentions how the cop was allowed to go scot-free during the previous government. Shamsher Singh was known as Guddu Sahib in police circles. It was strange that several senior police officers had indicted him in his inquiry reports, yet he managed to go scot-free.

An inquiry was ordered against Shamsher Singh Guddu in 1996 on the basis of allegations that he had acquired assets disproportionate to his known sources of income. The Vigilance Bureau had to take up the matter demi-officially with the DGP, Punjab, the DIG, Ludhiana Range, and the SSP, Ludhiana and Ropar.

It was found that in 1996 his assets were Rs 7 lakh more than his known sources of income.

On August 16, 1996, he was posted as in charge CIA, Ludhiana. He registered a false case against Mr Gurinder Singh Grewal and others regarding possession of a piece of land at Transport Nagar, Ludhiana. On verification by the SSP this case was cancelled and another registered against Inspector Shamsher Singh and others.

Another case was registered against him and others on a complaint by Mr Gurinder Singh Grewal of Sarabha Nagar, Ludhiana. In this case, Mr Guddu, in collusion with other accused, forcibly took possession of the property of the complainant in Transport Nagar, Ludhiana.

Inspector Shamsher Singh Guddu and other accused were challaned by the Ludhiana police.

Yet another case was registered against the cop on the basis of a complaint filed by Mr Tarlochan Singh of Kuthala in Malerkotla in Sangrur district. He had complained that the accused had abducted him. He was illegally detained, mercilessly beaten up and threatened elimination.

The challan of this case has been presented in the competent court.

A case was also registered against Inspector Shamsher Singh and ASI Sham Sunder on a statement by Mr Pradeep Kuamr. The complainant had alleged that he, along with his servant Rajinder Prasad, were illegally detained by them and an amount for Rs 2.55 lakh was extorted from them. This case was registered based on an inquiry ordered by the DIG, Patiala Range, and conducted by the SSP, Patiala.



Cultural groups to work for the destitute
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, December 21
Folk groups from the city and Bratislara (capital of Slovak Republic) have decided to work in close coordination towards “Culture of peace and international friendship throughout the world”.

The Punjab Cultural Promotion Council led by city-based lecturer, Mr Davinder Singh Chhina, and Karpaty, a folk group from Bratislara, have agreed in principle to work for the poor, disabled and downtrodden throughout the world.

Speaking to Ludhiana Tribune, he said the Punjab Cultural Promotion Council had organised the first international cultural event in Punjab, “Punjab-Slovak Culture Festival - 2002”, to promote multi-cultural society.

The council would also participate in charity shows around the world for the welfare of poor children and older people.

The council believes in service to the humanity and community development, said Mr Chhina.

Mr Lubos Juhas, GM from Karpaty folk group (Bratislara), said: “Punjab’s cultural traditions are similar to that of Slovakia. Even dances have many resemblances”.

Eighteen students drawn from universities, colleges and secondary schools of Bratislara were impressed by the hospitality extended out by Punjabis. Madam Eva, Director, Dom Kultury, Bratislara, said: “We have all got eternal peace and inspiration from the Golden Temple and now we will work towards world peace through culture with the help of our Punjabi friends.”

Anne Hanke and Silvia, university students, were impressed by colourful turbans they had seen during their stay in Punjab.



Parents of soldier felicitated
Our Correspondent

Samrala, December 21
Residents of Kakrala Kalan village, 10 km from here, rejoiced on hearing the news that Lance Naik Avtar Singh of their village had been awarded Sena Medal for his courage and valour in the Eastern Sector.

Sweets were distributed amongst the villagers by the father of Lance Naik Avtar Singh, Gurmel Singh, and his relatives.

The SDM, Mr Jaspal Singh Jassi, and DSP. S. Aulakh, went to Kakrala Kalan village and congratulated the parents of Lance Naik Avtar Singh.



Bid to kidnap child foiled
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, December 21
A bid to kidnap a class III student from a school in Sherpur was foiled yesterday due to the alertness of two citizens who happened to witness the kidnapper’s sweet talk to lure the child.

According to information, Akash Kumar (8), son of Mr Om Parkash, a resident of Kailash Nagar in Sherpur, had come out of the school in the morning to buy a candy from a roadside seller opposite the school building. The candy seller, who allegedly started luring the child to accompany him was noticed by two bystanders who got suspicious and raised an alarm. The young seller, identified as Mukesh, a migrant from Aligarh in UP, was nabbed by the police. The accused was living in Abdullapur Basti.

Commuter dead: Mr Ramesh Kumar, Assistant Manager in the State Bank of India on the Dugri road, who commuted between Amritsar and Ludhiana by train, died after accidentally falling on the rail track while getting down from the Janseva Express here on Friday. Mr Ramesh Kumar was a resident of Vijay Nagar in Amritsar. According to Railway police sources, Mr Sharma slipped down the platform while getting down the train. He was immediately rushed to the Railway Hospital where he breathed his last.

One dead in accident: The Focal Point police has registered a case under Sections 279 and 304-A of the IPC against an unknown driver of a tempo who knocked down to death Manoj Kumar, a resident of Ishwar Colony in Dhandari Kalan, on Friday.

Three injured: The division number 7 police has registered a case under Sections 279,337 and 427 of the IPC against an unknown woman car driver who knocked down a cyclist Rajinder Singh, a resident of Sarpanch Colony, Jamalpur.

The division number 6 police has registered a case against an unknown car driver under the same Sections of the IPC who hit Jatinder Kumar, a resident of Post Office Road in Moti Nagar, while he was going on the Dholewal bridge.

The Model Town police has registered a similar case against an unknown woman car driver who hit and injured a scooterist Mr Mukand Singh, a resident of Janta Nagar, and fled.

Dowry cases: The Haibowal police, on the statement of Ms Mamta Sharma, a resident of Laxmi Nagar, has registered a case under Sections 498-A and 506 of the IPC, against her husband Yogesh Kumar, mother-in-law Krishna Rani, sister-in-law Sweety, brother-in-law Rakesh Kumar and Harish Kumar. The complainant had alleged that the accused harassed her mentally and physically in order to secure more dowry from her parents. The accused also resorted to threatening to achieve their objective, she added.

The division number 7 police has also registered a case of alleged harassment for more dowry under Sections 406,498-A,506,120-B and 420 of the IPC on the statement of Ms Navjot Kaur, a resident of Mehma Singh Wala village, against Jaskaran Singh, Gurcharan Singh, Gurmel Kaur, Gurbax Singh, Surinder Singh , Gulzar and Banarsi Dass Lambardar.

Threatened: The civil lines police has registered a case under Sections 452,506,148, 149 of the IPC and Section 25 of the Arms Act on the statement of Mr Navjot Singh, a resident of Ghumar Mandi, against Daljit Singh, Angrez Singh, Harbans Singh, alias Bagga, a resident of Ladowal village, Kuldip Singh Saini and three others. The complainant had alleged that the accused, who were armed with weapons, forced their way into his house and threatened him.

Snatching alleged: The civil lines police has registered a case of alleged snatching under Sections 341, 323, 383, 506, 148 and 149 of the IPC on the statement of Mr Bhupinder Singh, a resident of Dr Ambedkar Nagar, against Sonu Sharma, a resident of Lajpat Nagar, Ram Dass, a resident of Labour Colony, Toti and Vinod Kumar, alias Lucky. The complainant had alleged that the accused intercepted him outside the bus stand on Thursday, beat him up and snatched Rs 3500 from his pocket. The accused also allegedly threatened him before fleeing.

Cases of beating: On the statement of Ms Rama Vanti, a resident of EWS colony on the Chandigarh Road, the division number 7 police has registered a case under Sections 325,323 and 506 of the IPC against Hari Lal, a resident of the same locality. The woman had alleged that the accused beat her up and also threatened her. As a result of the beating, she sustained injuries and had to be admitted to the civil hospital for treatment, she added.

On the complaint of Ms Kuldeep Kaur, alias Sonu, the Shimla Puri police has registered a case under Sections 354,323,506,341 and 149 of the IPC against Raja , a resident of Preet Nagar, Joshi and about 10-15 others accompanying them. The complainant had alleged that both accused teased her and when her mother and brother forbade them from doing so, the accused, with the help of their cronies, beat them up and also threatened them.

The division number 6 police has registered a case under Sections 452,427,148 and 149 of the IPC on the statement of Mr Kulwinder Singh, a resident of Ranjit Nagar, against Ram Chander alias Kala, a resident of Daba Colony in Shimla Puri and about six other unknown accused who allegedly entered the complainant’s house and beat him up.

The Shimla Puri police, on the complaint of Mr Rajwinder Singh, a resident of mohalla Preet Nagar, against Jeeta , Kala, Jassa and Goldy, residents of the same locality, under Sections 323,324 and 34 of the IPC. The complainant had alleged that the accused attacked him as a result of which he was injured.

The Haibowal police, on the statement of Mr Bawa Singh, a resident of Inder Vihar, has registered a case under Sections 323,341 and 506 of the IPC against Gulbir Singh. The complainant had alleged that the accused intercepted him outside his house and beat him up. The accused also threatened him, he alleged further.

3 held for jamming traffic: The division number 6 police arrested Paramjit Singh, a resident of Kadian village in Gurdaspur district, on the charge of parking his Tata -407 vehicle on the road and jamming the traffic.

The Sadar police arrested Paramjit Singh, a resident of Arjun Nagar in Karabara village for parking his Tata 407 on the road and the Koom Kalan police arrested Gurdit Singh, a resident of Kadiana Kalan village, for parking his three-wheeler on the road and jamming the traffic. All accused, who were booked under Section 283 of the IPC, were later bailed out.

Knife seized: The division number 2 police arrested Nageshwar, a resident of Janak Puri, seized a kamanidar knife from his possession and booked him under the Arms Act.

Held: On a tip-off, the Focal Point police arrested Munna Chauhan, a resident of Baba Deep Singh Nagar, and booked him on the charge of selling pornographic CDs in the area on Thursday.

Illicit liquor recovered:
The local police in two separate incidents arrested Gurcharan Singh of Gagra village from bridge canal Bardeke and recovered from his possession 6.75 litres of illicit liquor, while Thana Singh of Gagra village was arrested near the drainage of Kothe Khajuran-Aligarh Road and 11.25 litres of illicit liquor was recovered him. Both have been booked under Sections 61/1/14 of the Punjab Excise Act.

Arrested: The police on a tip-off arrested Jaswant Lal, alias Handa, a resident of Mohan Devi street, Old Sabzimandi Road, where he was reportedly alluring people to invest money in the number game to multiply the same. he has been booked under Sections 13A/3/67 of the Gambling Act.



Four burglaries in 24 hours
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 21
Three shops and a house were found burgled in the city during the past 24 hours. Two of the shops burgled at New Shakti Nagar in Basti Jodhewal while one is at Moti Nagar Main Bazar in Focal Point. A burglary also took place at Durga Puri in the Division No. 6 area.

Mr Arun Sharma, owner of a building material shop in New Shakti Nagar, complained that he lost about Rs 800, a TV set, a watch and some other valuables from his shop in the burglary. He found the locks of his shop broken today morning.

A barber’s shop in his neighbourhood was also burgled. According to Mohd Shakeel, the burglars took away a TV set besides other things from his shop.

Mr Sanjeev Kumar has lodged a complaint with the Focal Point police that some unidentified persons broke into his shop last night and decamped with Rs 10,000, a TV set and other things.

Valuables besides cash worth about Rs 4500 were also reportedly stolen from the house of Mr A K Dhir in the Durga Puri area in the Division No. 6 area.



Industrial policy to give priority to border districts
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 21
The border districts of the state including Amritsar, Gurdaspur and Ferozepore will get top priority in the new industrial policy being formulated by the state, where emphasis is being laid on the revival of the sick industry and also on setting up of new industry. This was disclosed by the Minister of State for Tourism, Culture and Industry, Mr Ashwani Sekhri, while talking to reporters here yesterday.

The minister said about 80 per cent of the industry in these districts was sick and there was an urgent need to revive it. This was important for two reasons — for reviving the economy of these areas and for areas providing employment to the youth of these districts. He said, the youth of these districts were feeling frustrated because of widespread unemployment there.

He disclosed that there were reports that the ISI was once again trying to revive militancy in Punjab. It had already chalked out a plan to target the youth of these districts. And the unemployed youth can be likely targets, he pointed out. Mr Sekhri revealed that he had already brought it to the notice of the Deputy Prime Minister, Mr L.K. Advani who had appreciated his concern. Mr Sekhri said, he would be meeting Mr Advani again in this regard.

The minister expressed satisfaction over the unanimous support of the 38 MLAs of these three districts to the proposal of revival of the sick industry there. He said, members from all political parties including the Congress, the Akali Dal and the BJP had expressed their unequivocal support to the resolution and the Chief Minister, Capt Amarinder Singh, had also liked the proposal.

Another major reform proposed in the new industrial policy is paying back the refunded amount of the Central Excise to the paying units. He said, this would generate a huge amount which could again be used for setting up and building the infrastructure. He pointed out, the land holdings in these districts, particularly in Amritsar and Gurdaspur were quite small and agriculture alone can no longer sustain the economy of people over there. He said, the Congress Government in the state had resolved to provide good governance and had banned the visit of inspectors to the industrial units.

Mr Sekhri was in the city to attend a reception organised in his honour by the District Congress Committee president, Mr K.K. Bawa. Among others present on the occasion were Dakha MLA Milkiat Singh Dakha and, youth senior vice-president of the Pradesh Youth Congress Pawan Dewan.



FAI award for KRIBHCO
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 21
Krishak Bharati Cooperative Limited (KRIBHCO) has won the FAI Award for production, promotion and marketing of biofertilisers for 2002. The award carries Rs 10,000, a plaque and a certificate of appreciation.

The Award was presented to Mr V.N. Rai, Managing Director, Kribhco, by Mr S.S. Dhindsa, Union Minister of Chemicals and Fertilisers, who was the chief guest at the inaugural function of the FAI annual seminar in New Delhi recently.

According to the Joint General Manager, Marketing, KRIBHCO was planning to set up six more biofertiliser plants in different parts of the country. 


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