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Sunday, December 29, 2002
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Year fuelled by controversies
Dharam Pal

Manisha Koirala

Shashilal Nair
Manisha Koirala and Shashilal Nair locked horns over some scenes in Ek Chhotisi Love Story

SHASHILAL Nair's Ek Chhotisi Love Story was in the news before its release with the film-maker being accused of the breach of trust by the renowned film star, Manisha Koirala. Shashilal Nair used a duplicate to shoot some obscenes. After Manisha raised objections about the obscene scenes, the director promised that he would cut them. But when Manisha saw the preview of the film she was shocked to find the scenes in it. With both sticking to their guns the battle also went to court.

The Aankhen row

Aankhen’s director was at loggerheads with the producer
Aankhen’s director was at loggerheads with the producer

Vipul Shah’s directorial debut Aankhen, with an offbeat subject and featuring Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar, Arjun Rampal and Paresh Rawal, was undoubtedly different But despite the big star cast, the film did not make much impact at the box-office. What followed was a controversy with the producer Gaurang Doshi over giving credit to Vipul Shah on the DVDs of Aankhen. The whole controversy took a new turn with allegations and counter-allegations flying. Vipul Shah was compelled to initiate legal action, when Gaurang Doshi had refused to own responsibility for the director’s missing credit on the DVDs. The feud began when Vipul Shah saw a DVD of Aankhen and found that its front cover had Gaurang Doshi's name and the back cover had the director's name as Vipul Doshi instead of Vipul Shah.


Patriotic overdose

A ban was sought on the slew of  films on Shaheed Bhagat Singh
A ban was sought on the slew of films on Shaheed Bhagat Singh

When producer, Iqbal Dhillon's and director Sukumar Nair's Shaheed-E-Azam was released, a demand was raised for a ban on all five films based on the life of Shaheed Bhagat Singh.

The Punjab and Haryana High Court issued notices to the producers of the different versions made on the life of the freedom fighter. A Delhi-based forum also demanded a ban on all the films, accusing the film-makers of distorting history. Despite the hue and cry, The Legend of Bhagat Singh and Guddu Dhanoa's 23, March 1931—Shaheed hit the theatres later.

Music to his ears

Ramesh Taurani, the man behind the Tips music company, faced a legal battle for nearly five years for the Gulshan Kumar murder. In 2002, he finally emerged triumphant. The people in the music industry were always amazed that even the midst of controversy Ramesh Taurani had a smile on his face, as if he was untouched by the controversy. Now the charges against him have been dropped and he has been exonerated of the charges. Ramesh Taurani's music company is still number one.

Salman’s bash-ing

Salman Khan ended up on the wrong side of law when his car ran over a pavement dweller
Salman Khan ended up on the wrong side of law when his car ran over a pavement dweller

Every body has fights. The biggest stars fight but Salman Khan makes headlines when he is free with his fists. He was in the headlines after a showdown with Shah Rukh Khan on the sets of Aziz Mirza's unreleased new film. Another controversy which triggered off a storm of protests and public outrage against Salman was the charge of rash driving and causing death by negligence. On September 28, the Toyota Land Cruiser driven by him ran over one person and injured another four others. The actor was booked under Sections 279, 304 A and 388 of the IPC. He was released on a bail of Rs 950 but was re-arrested under Section 304 Part (II), IPC. Salman Khan's fourth bail plea was rejected on October 21. The actor was remanded in judicial custody till October 31. Though Salman Khan has been released on bail, producers are not showing any interest to sign him for new projects.