Saturday, January 4, 2003

Radio... someone still loves you

The myth of the radio being a poor cousin of television has been shattered. Radio has clearly emerged as an alternate medium as it offers more value for money. The advertisement rates for radio are much lower than for traditional media like print or television. It is the most effective medium when the time period for various schemes or promotions is short as in the case of mutual funds, says Hardeep Singh Chandpuri.

YOU are tuned in to the recent hit by Def Leppard which fades into the latest Bollywood chartbuster, and then the traffic beat comes on and tells you which roads to avoid and suddenly the chirpy radio jockey plays Take my breath away from Top Gun, you travel back a couple of years and the vivid memories of that first date creates a thin watery layer in your eyes. That's the power of Radio.

Poet of hope and humanism
Amar Chandel
ARBHAJAN Halwarvi has straddled two apparently unrelated genres of writing which may not be diametrically opposite, but are not complementary either. Despite being a colleague of his for more than two decades, I have always wondered whether it would be more appropriate to call him a journalist who also writes poetry or a poet who also happens to be Editor of Punjabi Tribune.

Spirit of adventure
Hot wheels amid dense jungles
Vivek Sharma
FTER the discontinuation of camel trophy, Simex Rainforest Challenge, an international off-road rally became a world-famous 4x4 event. The Rainforest Challenge is held in the tropical rainforests of Malaysia and is a cocktail of adventure, driving, navigation and recovery skills and it tests manpower, machine power and winch power.



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