Saturday, January 11, 2003
R H Y M E  T I M E

My mirror lies!

Does your mirror reveal

What you think you are?

Mine doesnít:

My mirror is a liar

In my mirror,

Many packs and many herds

Of wolves and cattle respire:

My mirror is a liar!

I search for the human;

I fail.

It shows me a blood thirsty vampire:

My mirror is a liar!

I search for the Mahatama;

I fail!


It shows me a malicious desire,

A desire to rule over a red,

And all red empire:

My mirror is a liar!

It shows me a false winged might;

It shows me a beast,

A beast so keen to make others fight!

I search for the human again;

And again I fail!

It shows me humanity burning in wild fire:

But I know;

My mirror is a liar!

Vasu Kumar, Class XI,
K.R.M. DAV College, Nakodar

Friendship is precious

Friendship is precious causeí friends are jewels,

Theyíre always valid and donít need renewal.

A friend who is true, loving and kind,

Is like a diamond, hard to find.

Friendship is a precious gift,

That canít be sought or sold.

But when you make new friends,

Donít forget the old.

Causeí new friend are like autumn leaves

found everywhere.

But old ones are like diamonds,

precious and rare.

Friendship is a blossoming relation,

That brightens day by day.

Giving you love and exuberance,

in every little way.

Read this twice and then ponder.....

Isnít friendship a natural wonder!

Kanika Sood, Class-X, Sacred Heart Convent,
Tara Hall, Shimla.

Walk beside me

Donít walk infront of me

I may not follow you

Donít walk behind me

I may not lead you

Donít hide from me

I may not seek you

Donít cheat me

I may not tolerate you.

Please walk beside me

Just be my true friend

Iíll always be there for you

Amisha & Anshika Chawla VII & XII Class
St. Joseph Convent School, Ferozepore