Wednesday, January 15, 2003, Chandigarh, India

L U D H I A N A   S T O R I E S


MC to get tough with defaulters
Naveen S Garewal
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 14
The Ludhiana Municipal Corporation has decided to take serious view of all those consumers who fail to pay their water supply and sewerage bills on time. All defaulters will now have to pay interest on the amount due along with other penalties, according to corporation sources.

The corporation has sent fresh bills to all consumers till the period ending March 31, 2003, with the caution that as per the water supply and sewerage bylaws, in case the amount is not paid within the period duly mentioned on the bill, an interest at the rate of 12 per cent per annum for the default of first three months and, thereafter , interest at the rate of 18 per cent per annum will be charged on the bill amount.

Bills have been sent to all domestic, commercial and industrial consumers. To ensure timely recovery of all amounts due to the Municipal Corporation, the Municipal Corporation has already started the recovery proceedings against persons who have failed to deposit the bill amount within the stipulated period.

The penal action could include attachment of movable / immovable properties, as provided under section 137 of the Punjab Municipal Corporation Act, 1976.

It may be mentioned that in case the defaulters fail to pay the arrears of water and sewerage tax or any other tax, the corporation can sell the defaulters properties to recover the arrears amount, according to a spokesperson of the corporation.

"All payments are collected through the computer network and as such it takes no time to pay the tax amount", he said.

He further added that to achieve the budgetary targets of income, special teams under the charge of the SDO at all sub- zonal levels had been constituted to survey their respective areas and disconnect unauthorised water and sewerage connections as well as of those consumers who have defaulted in payment of the bill amounts.

The corporation officials say that though every effort has been made to deliver the bilsl to rightful consumers yet, if the bill is been received or the same has been misplaced or lost, the tax-payer may contact the Zonal Superintendent of their respective areas and get details of the arrears.

Mr S.K. Sharma, Commissioner, has appealed to all citizens to clear all arrears of tax/fees due to the Municipal Corporation in time and avoid inconvenience.


Three cops suspended for torture
Another sent to Police Lines
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 14
The Jagraon police authorities have suspended an ASI and two constables besides transferring the Sidhwan Bet police station SHO to the lines for the alleged torture and inhuman treatment meted to an alleged narcotics smuggler during his police remand.

The police also initiated a departmental inquiry against all these cops today. Strict action would be taken against them as per the recommendations of the departmental inquiry, said Jagraon SSP Mukhwinder Singh Chinna.

SHO Pawanjit Singh has been transferred to police lines, while ASI Karnail Singh and constables Sukhwinder Singh and Balwinder Singh have been suspended for allegedly using thirddegree torture on an alleged narcotic smuggler, Makhan Singh.

All cops were posted with the Sidhwan Bet police station and had caught the alleged smuggler. About 1.5 kg of opium was stated to be recovered from him. He was produced before a Jagraon magistrate, who sent him to police remand for few days.

However, when the man was produced before the judge on January 11, he broke down in the court and showed the injuries he had suffered due to the police torture. The man’s act stunned everyone in the court.

The judge ordered an immediate medical examination that confirmed torture. The victim could barely walk.

The Jagraon police conducted a preliminary inquiry and found the allegations to be true. Mr Chhina said the inquiry conducted by a DSP had found that the accused smuggler was indeed beaten brutally and was also handcuffed. He said the department inquiry was initiated against the accused cops today by SP(H) Jagdev Singh Sidhu.

The preliminary inquiry found that the three suspended cops had beaten the alleged smuggler. The SHO has been taken to task for being over-all responsible for the incident. 


A month goes by, no trace of missing girl
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 14
Even though a month has passed since Divya Dhamija, an eight-year-old girl, disappeared under mysterious circumstances from outside her residence in Lajpat Rai Nagar, but the police is yet to find a clue about her whereabouts.

To make matters worse, crank callers seems to be driving great fun from the pain of the family. The family has received several calls from 'fake' kidnappers, claiming the girl is with them.

The family members and the police are doubly harassed because of these callers. A police team had to spend two days in Moga to catch one such 'fake' kidnapper.

Police sources said despite all efforts, the case was not making any headway. All theories had been followed but no lead could be established.

Divya had gone missing on December 15 evening from her grandparents house in Lajpat Nagar area. She was last seen by friends playing in the street.

Her grandmother, Mrs Kailash Dhamija, said that they had received certain calls following which the family members had gone to various places to find the missing girl ,but to no avail. She said even the police was clueless about her whereabouts.

She said the family did not suspect anyone. Stating that Divya was very smart girl, Mrs Dhamija said she could not have lost her way. She remembered all phone numbers, including her father's mobile number. 


Commandant absolved
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 14
Beleaguered former District Commandant of Home Guards Daljit Singh Grewal, who was facing several cases of corruption and misuse of authority, has finally got some reprieve with an inquiry into the four-month-old Badam Bagh firing incident absolving him of all charges.

Grewal was booked under the Prevention of Corruption Act by the State Vigilance Bureau. He has been acquitted of the charges of an attempt to forcibly possess the Badam Bagh, allegedly owned by a progressive farmer, Mr R.S. Sohi.

With the inquiry report going in his favour, the district police was all set to start proceedings of cancelling the case.

The DSP, Mr Manjit Singh Dhesi, had upheld the inquiry report submitted by former SHO, Sadar Police Station, Mr R.S. Brar, that no such incident had occurred as alleged by Mr Sohi in August last year.

Mr Sohi had questioned the inquiry submitted by Mr Brar and appealed to the city SSP, Mr H.S. Sidhu, for another inquiry. The plea was accepted and Mr Dhesi was entrusted the inquiry.

When told about the same result, Mr Sohi expressed shock at the outcome. He said he was the aggrieved party and now he ‘has been shown wrong’. He maintained that his complaint was right and several prominent persons of the colony had seen the Home Guards Commandant and his gunmen in the illegal action and had also heard the gunshots. He would approach the senior officers again, he added.

Police sources concerned with the inquiry said statements of all persons related to the alleged incident were taken and the inquiry was based purely on facts.

The suspended Home Guards Commandant, Mr Daljit Singh Grewal, is also facing charges of possessing assets disproportionate to his known sources of income. The case of corruption was registered against Mr Grewal by the State Vigilance Bureau. 



Industrialist abducted, say kin
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, January 14
Mr Prem Chand, an industrialist manufacturing hosiery knitting machines, who was taken away from his residence in New Kuldip Nagar on December 30 last by two men on the pretext of buying a machine from Delhi, seems to have become a victim for ransom.

According to reliable family sources, the alleged abductors, Kishen, alias Mukesh, and his accomplice Santokh Singh Fauji have revised their ransom demand of Rs 3 lakh to Rs 6 lakh. The Basti Jodhewal police, which has registered a case on the statement of Mr Avtar Singh, son of the kidnapped industrialist, has reportedly taken into custody a youth for questioning.

According to information, the alleged abductors came to Mr Prem Chand’s house at around 8.30 am on December 30 last and allegedly took him to Delhi on the pretext of buying some new machinery. While one of the alleged abductors, Kishen, alias Mukesh, came back from Delhi after a week, there was no sign of Mr Prem Chand and Santokh Singh Fauji.

The family received the first ransom call for Rs 3 lakh on the telephone installed at a residence. Police investigations revealed that later calls by alleged ransom-seekers were made from different telephones in Nawanshahr area. This gives rise to speculation that the abducted industrialist has been detained somewhere in this area. The abductors have categorically warned the family that if the ransom is not paid, they would kill the industrialist.

The police is seized of the matter high-ranked police officers are involved in the investigations. 


Traders resent curbs
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, January 14
Hundreds of traders in the main shopping centre of the city in Chaura Bazar and adjoining markets are upset over the move of the administration to close down the traditional “Sunday Bazar” in view of the Republic Day security arrangements.

The “Sunday Bazar”, which literally serves as a “supermarket” for the poor and lower income groups, providing them good bargains and value for money for all kinds of merchandise including, hosiery, textiles, toiletries, readymade garments, footwear, household articles, is facing the police crackdown. For the past two consecutive Sundays, police personnel have been forcibly removing roadside vendors, shooing away customers and in some instances, the traders were detained and their goods seized.

Members of the Clock Towers Association (CTA), while flaying the arbitrary action by the police and the district administration, maintain that “Sunday Bazar” has been an integral part of the buzzing commercial activity of the market for the past more than five decades.

Mr Gurinder Sood, president, CTA, observed that the administration decision to curb “Sunday Bazar” had adversely affected more than 1000 small vendors and other traders.



Lohri has gone but the chilly weather, it seems, is going to stay put. The fog in the morning is so dense that it is difficult to make out anything. But mercifully, it is penetrated around noon by the sun which lends some warmth to the shivering men, women and children. The fog starts taking overall control in the evening again. The only way to survive such a harsh winter is to warm up the shivering body now and then at a bonfire by the roadside or a heater in a room. The other day, or rather the night, Sentinel witnessed a domesticated cat cuddled up close to a pot containing bonfire. After getting enough warmth, the mini version of the lion got up, gave a thankful look to the hot pot and the host before retreating to her allotted quarters. Obviously, the wise cat did not want to warm herself beyond the necessary limit. But humans do tend to fall willing victims to excessive heating which in turn gives rise to complications. As they say, excess of everything is bad.

Pamphlet nuisance

While the entire world is creating a hullabaloo to save paper that would in turn save trees, Ludhiana city has perhaps broken all the records if the number of pamphlets inserted in the newspapers everyday is any indication. Everyday numerous pamphlets are inserted in newspapers to advertise some product or some institute. Some advertisers even use a glossy paper to advertise some brands. But most of the people don’t even have a look at the pamphlet and put them in the dustbin. Will the advertisers understand that pamphlets are a nuisance besides being a wastage of paper?

Attracting crowds?

What would you do if you had to keep the masses together waiting for a politician for more than an hour? Well, in Ludhiana dancing girls is one answer. What may annoy the feminists is the fact that in a function held recently in which Choudhary Jagjit Singh was the chief guest, the organisers had employed dancing girls to keep the audience sticking to their seats. “Chitrahaar” as the programme, was named saw dancing girls dancing to the tunes of Hindi numbers. And one won’t imagine nobody moved from the seat.

Holiday bonanza

A harassed citizen called up Ludhiana Tribune office to express his anguish at the holiday bonanza presented to the employees by the government every year. Providing his readymade calculation of the holidays, the man, not wishing to be identified, said if all goes well for a government employee, less than 50 per cent days of the year will be a holiday. There were 104 Saturdays and Sundays., 35 casual and medical leave, about 25 gazetted holidays plus 10 restricted ones. Add to these, the instant holidays announced over the death of some politician or national hero or simple furloughs of the employees and a depressing figure of the total working days left would come out. The man said he was shocked that in a developing country, people were having so much of free time. Instead, we should be working over time. A food for thought indeed!

Dancing Mayor

Mayor Nahar Singh Gill cannot escape being in the limelight. Most of the times he was hogging headlines for the wrong reasons. Sometimes he was in focus for not being given a seat, despite his status for being the first citizen of the city, in a prominent function, or for not allowed entry in a city club. On Lohri, he was away from controversies. At his joyous best, he broke into a bhangra in front of some photographers at a function in a councillor’s house in Sarabha Nagar. Posing specially for the lensmen, he said media should hgihlight and project joyful moments more than creating controversies.

Vedanti’s gesture

Akal Takht Jathedar Joginder Singh Vedanti has rightfully given a lohri gift to the women community by announcing that from now onwards women can also recite kirtan at the Golden Temple. The announcement could not have come at a better time. Lohri is becoming a symbol of the gender equality in the state. Gone are the days when Lohri was celebrated only at the birth of a male child. Now, equal joy is witnessed at the first Lohri of a girl child. Several social organisations have come forward to propagate this change from the past. Following the lead several persons in the state organised akhand paths at their houses on Lohri day to celebrate the new era of the girl child. One hopes that all religious organisations follow the gender equality culture. One also hopes that celebrations would ensure Punjab state also succeeds in reducing the sex ratio, which, presently has more number of men than women due to the evil of female foeticide.

Saas-Bahu kitties

The latest trend in kitties is of the saas and bahu kitty party. Both of them try to dress up one up on another and wear latest jewellery and clothes. In the restaurant or the hotel where they go for the kitty, the mothers-in-law sit in one row and the daughters-in-law in the opposite row. It is obvious that though they are together, yet there are differences in their topics of discussion and there are snide remarks about each other. The parties have been started to bring them together but from their body language and attitude it is very obvious that it is just a gimmick and an excuse to start a new kitty party and hence create an occasion for going out.

Girl has the last laugh

A young girl in a rickshaw was going home at 8 o’clock, rather very late for winters. As the Jagraon road was very crowded and there is a climb on the road near Jagraon bridge, the rickshaw was rather moving at snail’s pace. Soon the girl noticed that a man walking along the rickshaw was inching towards her and the terrified girl realised that he was going to molest her. Non-pulsed the girl did not know what to do but luckily for her the Romeo’s sweater got caught in the hook of the rickshaw and soon he was screaming and telling the rickshawala, ‘dekhin oye, dekhin oye. This cooled the ardour of the hero and the girl had the last laugh.

Lohri celebrations

Though people celebrate Lohri with great fervour but more than 90 per cent of the people do not know the story of Dulla Bhatti. It would be better if teachers, the media, both printed and electronic, would do a feature on the brave Dulla Bhatti who saved a girl whom Akbar wanted to keep in his harem. It is so sad Dulla Bhatti, a Robinhood type of person, was ready to brave the wrath of Akbar but not ready to make one girl suffer. The story of bravado of such people should be highlighted as they are the stuff heroes are made of. Sentinel


Opposition parties join stir by shopkeepers
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, January 14
Threatened with being uprooted from their shops which they have been occupying for well over four decades, the shopkeepers of Lakshmi Market Near Jagraon Bridge here are on a relay hunger strike for the past four days.

Expressing solidarity with the agitating shopkeepers, who are being' victimised' by PUDA at the behest of a private builder, several prominent leaders of the BJP and the SAD have joined the protest to seek justice for the shopkeepers.

Led by Mr Sat Pal Gosain, former Deputy Speaker of the Punjab Assembly and Mr Sunil Mehra, General Secretary, Punjab Pradesh Beopar Mandal, a batch of protesters, comprising Mr Krishan Lal, Mr Bupinder Singh Nayyar and Mr Sham Sunder commenced hunger strike this morning with two teenagers - Rajat Kumar and Parminder Singh- also joining in.

On earlier occasions, too, the agitating shopkeepers have received support from prominent political persons, including Mr Avtar Singh Makkar, president, District Akali Jatha, Mr Harbhajan Singh Dang, Baba Ajit Singh, Chairman, Punjab Pradesh Beopar Mandal, Mr Raju Bindra, Mr Ravinder Pal Singh Khalsa, General Secretary, SADdistrict unit, Mr Jagdish Bajaj, president, Gyan Sthal Mandir, Mr Jatinder Pal Singh Saluja, general secretary, Akali Dal youthwing, Mr Om Parkash Chauhan, General Secretary, Bahujan Samaj Party, Mr Jaswinder Singh Bhola, SAD councillor and Mr Guru Dutt Pathak, office secretary, BSP.

The shopkeeper sare critical of the role played by certain officials of PUDA as well senior bureaucrats, including the Punjab Chief Secretary, whom they charge with showing undue favour to the private builder. They were also pressing for a CBI probe into the dubious land scam, involving a fraud of more than Rs 40 crore.

To closely coordinate with the affected shopkeepers and chalk out modalities for the next round of agitation, a 20-member coordination committee, comprising representatives of political parties, trade bodies and other groups, have been set up, according to Mr Bal Krishan Sharma, president, Lakshmi Shopkeepers Union.

Headed by Mr Sat Pal Gosain, the committee comprises Mr Avtar Singh Makkar, district chief, SAD, Mr Harbans Lal Sethi, district president, BJP, Mr Harbhajan Singh Dang, group leader, SAD councillors, Baba Ajit Singh, chairman, Mr Sunil Mehra, general secretary, Mr Mohinder Aggarwal, general secretary, Punjab Beopar Mandal, Mr Ashok Parashar Pappi, Mr Gurpeet Singh Dharampura, Mr Sanjay Talwar, councillor, Mr Pran Bhatia, Mr Om Parkash Chauhan, BSP, Mr Ravinder Pal Singh Khalsa, Mr H.S. Rana, Mr Mulkh Raj, Mr Sanjay Kapoor, Mr Ashok Lakhanpal, advocate, Principal Iqbal Singh, Mr Jatinder Pal Singh Tinku and Mr Guru Dutt Pathak.


PAU don on ICAR panel
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 14
Dr S.K. Sondhi, Professor, Department of Soil and Water Engineering, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana has been nominated by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi, as member of the Research Advisory Committee of the Water Technology Centre for Eastern Region (ICAR), Bhubaneswar, for a period of three years.

Dr Sondhi is also member of the management committee of the Central Soil and Water Conservation Research and Training Institute (ICAR), Dehra Dun.

Dr Sondhi is a groundwater management expert. He has worked as irrigation research engineer and senior irrigation research engineer (principal investigator) with the ICAR. He has served as Head, Department of Soil and water Engineer, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana from 1994 to 1998.

Dr Sondhi was awarded ISAE Commendation Medal for the year 1991 for outstanding contribution in the field of Soil and water engineering. He is recipient of the ISAE team award for research. He is fellow of the Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers and Institution of Engineers, India.


Traffic disrupted near rly crossing
Our Correspondent

Khanna, January 14
The traffic was disrupted at the Lalheri road railway crossing yesterday night when a truck hit the railway phatak.

According to information, a truck (NL 05A-0719) went out of control and broke the poll of railway crossing at about 7.30 pm . Later, a steel chain was used to avoid any untoward incident. Due to Lohri, there was a rush on the road.


Coop Dept NPAs Rs 285 crore
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, January 14
The Cooperative Department in Punjab has NPAs (non-performing assets) worth Rs 285 crore. Stating this Dr B.C. Gupta, Financial Commissioner (Corporation), said these NPAs outstanding against defaulters of the cooperative sector in the state pertained to the State Cooperative Bank, the Agricultural Development and Cooperative Bank and primary cooperative societies. Dr Gupta said the first lok adalat to settle cooperative loan disputes would be held here on February 1.

Dr Gupta said Milkfed milk collection centres in the state would have automatic electronic milk testers to test fat content. One thousand such testers would be installed during the current financial year and by 2005 each milk collection centre would have automatic milk electronic testers. 


Comrade donates body for research

Ludhiana, January 14
Only yesterday he had willed his body to be donated for the purpose of medical research and by night he was no more. It seemed he had a premonition about his end.

Veteran freedom fighter and communist leader, who was also a founder of the Naxalite movement, comrade Lal Singh Kalsan died here last night. As per his wishes, the family donated his body to the CMC for medical research.

He signed his will to this effect in presence of Prof A.K. Maleri, president , Shaheed Bhagat Singh Vichar Manch, and Dr Hardeep Singh, state President of the PCMS Association, here yesterday.

Recalling comrade Kalsan’s contribution to the cause of the freedom struggle and toiling masses throughout his life, Prof Maleri said that comrade Lal Singh had devoted his life to the national freedom movement and emancipation of the toiling masses. Members of the Shaheed Bhagat Singh Vichar Manch informed that tributes would be paid to the departed soul at his native village Kalsan (District Sangrur) on January 18. OC


Two injured in Lohri brawl
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, January 14
Two persons were seriously injured in a brawl at Chak Kalan village on Sunday night when a group of inebriated villagers allegedly intruded into a Lohri function being held by an NRI from the USA in the village.

According to information, Mr Bikker Singh had organised a Lohri function to which he had invited the villagers as well. It was around 11 pm when the incident occurred in which swords and other sharp-edged weapons were used. The injured, who have been admitted to Civil Hospital here, have been identified as Rupinder Singh, 21, and Ms Charanjit Kaur, 50. Cases have been registered.

Adulterated medicines

On a tip-off, the Shimla Puri police laid a naka on Monday in the grain market on Gill Road and nabbed a resident of Ambala Cantonment on the charge of selling adulterated medicines. The accused, Ashok Kumar Gautam, who has been booked under Section 420 of the IPC, during preliminary investigation confessed to selling adulterated medicines.

According to police, the accused, who is a quack, used to sell medicines for piles and sex tonics. Packets of various medicines were seized from him.

Thieves held

The Salem Tabri police, working on a tip-off, arrested Balwinder Singh, alias Billu, who lives near a poultry farm in Pritam Nagar, and recovered a colour TV, which he had stolen and sold to someone. He has been booked under sections 379 and 411 of the IPC.

The Division Number 7 police also arrested two thieves following a tip-off and booked them under Sections 379 and 411 of the IPC. The accused, identified as Mohinder Singh and Sagar, who live near the Lakkar bridge, were allegedly engaged in stealing domestic goods and selling the same in the weekly market in EWS Colony on the Chandigarh road.

Stereo stolen

The Shimla Puri police has registered a case of alleged theft of a car stereo on the statement of Mr Harinder Singh, who lives near the Pahwa Hospital. The complainant had alleged that some burglars had stolen the stereo from his car.

The Basti Jodhewal police has registered a case of theft on the statement of Mr. Rakesh Kumar Gupta, a resident of Street Number 7 in Upkar Nagar, regarding a theft in his godowns in Pritam Nagar in which the thieves decamped with 15 bundles of cashmilon yarn and 48 bundles of cashmilon cloth.

3 held with poppy husk

The city police nabbed three alleged poppy husk smugglers on Monday from various parts of the city and booked them under Sections 15,61 and 85 of the NDPS Act.

The Haibowal police laid a naka following a tip-off and arrested Duni Chand and Ashok Kumar, residents of Mandi in Himachal Pradesh, and recovered 7.10 quintal of poppy husk from them which they had brought to the city for selling.

The police seized a canter vehicle bearing a Himachal Pradesh registration in which the contraband was being transported.

The Division Number 6 police, during a naka in the Transport Nagar on Monday, arrested Gurbacahan Singh, a resident of Manjit Nagar, and seized 28.5 kg of poppy husk from him.

Tata Sumo taken away

The Salem Tabri police has registered a case under Sections 382 and 34 of the IPC on the statement of Mr Ranjit Singh Mehra, resident of Sham Nagar, Maksudan, Jalandhar, against three unknown persons. The complainant had alleged that the three persons had taken away his Tata Sumo from near Amaltas Hotel on the Jalandhar road on Sunday. According to the complainant, who is a taxi driver, he had gone to Delhi to drop some passengers. On the way back, three men hired his vehicle for going to Jalandhar. On reaching Amaltas Hotel the accused told him to hand over the vehicle to them as one of them pulled out a pistol . When he tried to resist, he was beaten up. The accused took away his driving licence and Rs 600.

Beaten up

The Division Number 7 police has registered a case under Sections 324,341 and 506 of the IPC on the statement of Mr Parmod Kumar, resident of Prem Nagar, against Sita Ram and his accomplices. The complainant had alleged that due to an on-going dispute between them over the issue of monthly committees, the accused attacked him as a result of which he was injured.

Liquor seized

The Division Number 7 police has arrested Harminder Singh, resident of Reru Sahib Nagar, and seized 12 bottles of illicit liquor from him. The accused, who has been booked under the Excise Act, was apprehended from the Cheema chowk during special checking, the police said.

Poppy husk seized

The local police on a tip-off that Parkash Kaur, alias Parkasho, of Dalla village, and Sarbjit Singh of Talwandi Rai, who had been bringing poppy husk in their Cielo car met with an accident, arrested Parkasho and recovered 102 kg of poppy husk. It took the car in to the possession. The police has registered a case under Sections 15, 61, 85 of the NDPS Act.


Bank’s crackdown on defaulters
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 14
In a bid to reduce their non-performing assets, the Oriental Bank of Commerce, Ludhiana region, has cracked down on defaulters under the new Securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest Act, 2002. Notices under the Act have been issued to defaulter in the region. Mr Rajeev Rishi, Assistant General Manager, said with this the bank hoped to recover about Rs 14.21 crore.

On receiving notices, 28 borrowers have already settled their accounts and Rs 1.50 crore stand recovered, according to Mr Rishi. He disclosed that the bank had already taken possession of secured assets in accordance with the rules specified in the Security Interest (Enforcement) Rules, 2002 in 62 cases.

The bank manager said that the borrowers were being given an opportunity to come forward for the settlement of their dues. The bank intended to liquidate the securities as per rules specified in the Act, in case the positive response did not come from defaulting borrowers, Mr Rishi added.

It may be recalled that recently Punjab National Bank had acquired the property of Chincky Garments under the Bank Securitisation Act, 2002. Chincky Garments owed about Rs 18 lakh. This was done after giving a mandatory 60-day notice to the unit for the settlement of the account.

Under the Bank Securitisation Act, 2002, passed by Parliament for the recovery of outstanding amount from defaulters, the banks only need to serve a two-month notice on the defaulting unit. The Reserve Bank of India recently issued further guidelines arming the banks with more powers. Under these guidelines the banks can acquire the running units also. This is being done to ensure that any unit which the bank feels is getting weak and may turn into an NPA can be acquired and it could fetch a better price.

The move has, however, been criticised by various business associations such as the Apex Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which has said the Act makes the industrial units a slave of the banks due to the powers given to the bank for recovery of outstanding dues.


Electronics products launched
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 14
LG Electronics India today launched a new state of art range of direct cool refrigerators in India. Branded as ‘A-One’, these refrigerators have been indigenously developed and manufactured here only. The A-One range of refrigerators offers most of the features of a frostfree refrigerator and would target the price sensitive consumer.

Addressing a press conference Mr Ajay Bajaj, product group head of the direct cool refrigerators, said over the last few years, LG has consistently introduced top-rated products into the market . He claimed: “our tremendous global brand equity, vertical breadth and depth of products and services and a reputation for quality have won the minds of the Indian consumers”.

The company has also kicked off a consumer promotion ‘world cup pass chahiye’ offer. The campaign which started from January 5 will continue till February 28. The company claimed to have earmarked a budget of Rs 35 crore for this campaign. The campaign invites consumers to participate in contest and win over 701 lucky prizes ranging from Gold Pass and 600 silver passes for the World Cup matches and 100 limited editions of LG Products, besides assured gifts with every purchase of consumer electronics of home appliances.

Tho gold pass would entitle the winner for an opportunity to attend all the World Cup matches in South Africa along with one friend or a family member. The silver pass will enable the winner to watch an individual match during the World Cup matches. The airfare and the hospitality for the winners of these passed would be taken care of entirely by the company. 


Industry resents power cuts
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 14
There is a great hue and cry amongst the industrial units located in the Sherpur Area due to unannounced and un-scheduled power cuts imposed by the Punjab State Electricity Board. The power supply remains suspended for two to eight hours. To quote an example, the power supply remained suspended from 11 am to 7 pm yesterday. When contacted the complaint office, they informed that there was some fault but when again contacted they informed that there was a scheduled power cut of two hours only, from 2 pm to 4 pm.

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