Thursday, January 16, 2003, Chandigarh, India

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CBSE has an antidote to exam blues. Ask your teacher
Smriti Kak
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, January 15
Going by the Central Board of Secondary Education’s (CBSE) latest endeavour, the innumerable volunteers (read helplines) who claim to offer assistance to children in distress may soon have to shut shop.

The CBSE has come up with a handbook for teachers to help them solve common problems the students face. This, the board points out, will ensure that the students receive proper counselling in the classroom itself and are not taken in by the profusion of helplines and counselling centres.

“We have compiled a set of common problems that the students are likely to face and have sought to provide the teachers with a remedy for the same,” said an official of the board. The handbook, titled ‘Knowing Children Better’, has been compiled by psychologists working with students, the board officials and representatives of an NGO.

“There was a lacuna in the field of child counselling. Having understood the need to fill the same, the CBSE issued orders asking affiliated schools to hire counsellors. However of late, there have emerged a number of counselling centres and volunteers offering services and some of these are not even trained professionals,” said Ms Rama Sharma who is a part of the compilation team.

The contents of the book include subjects like scholastic aggression, depression, psychosomatic disorders, phobias, adolescent sexuality, sexual abuse, conduct disorders and life skills. “The aim is to help the children at the very rudimentary stages. Teachers interact with children on an everyday basis. It is imperative to initiate them into the common problems so that they can refer the students to professionals if the problem is of a serious magnitude,” said Ms Sharma.

The handbook lists the problem, its causes, alarming signals and offers advice as what the teachers and the parents can do to help the affected student. “There was a need to address the problem of these money-minting organisations,” pointed out an official of the board, “who solicit students especially during the exams or after the results and, on the pretext of offering advice, get them to enrol in courses that are supposedly for personality enhancement.”

The CBSE has already sent a sample of the handbook to all the schools affiliated to the board. “The response from the principals is encouraging. We have also received requests for issuing more copies of the booklet,” the board said. Acknowledging the need to assist students fight examination blues, the board has also started a free helpline for the students. Teachers and principals from affiliated schools have volunteered to offer their services.


Birth, death certificates via Internet soon
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, January 15
The Municipal Corporation of Delhi will provide online facility through the Internet to Delhiites for getting birth and death certificates and booking of parks for organising marriages and other functions from the new financial year. Application for factory and trade licences can also be submitted and obtained through the Internet, Director of Information and Technology, MCD, D.S. Pandey said.

The computerised facility will be available in six zones in the beginning. Later, all MCD zones will be computerised. However, the online system will be costlier than the current system.

While presenting the online system, the IT Director said that the current system is time-consuming and lethargic. Once the new system is adopted, Delhiites would save much time to get death and birth certificates and licences.

The rates for applying for the certificates will be decided later after the report is submitted by the sub-committee, constituted to study the online report from different angles. Ram Babu Sharma is the chairman of the committee and Vijender Gupta, BJP councillor, is deputy chairman. Ashok Jain, Brij Mohan Sharma and Shalu Malik are members. The report will be submitted before the Standing Committee next week.

In the proposal report, the Director IT said that at present Rs 5 is charged for issuing an additional birth or death certificate but under the computerised system, Rs 25 would be charged for the birth certificate and Rs 15 for the death certificate. The proposed rates are in addition to the service charges of Rs 5 per transaction. The corporation charges Rs 1,000 as security deposit for small, medium and large (VIP) parks and there is no policy for the cancellation of booking while the proposed rates are Rs 5,000, Rs 7,000 and Rs 10,000 for parks respectively. If the cancellation of booking is done within 90-83 days before the event, full refund is admissible.

The Director also said that at present application forms for factory licences are sold for Rs 10 each but under the new system, the application forms can be downloaded from the Internet on payment of Rs 25 and a processing fee of Rs 250 will be be charged from the successful licensee.

Meanwhile, the MCD has handed over land to the Missionaries of Charity for construction of a night shelter at Kashmere Gate for the poor, particularly the street children and child labourers who do not have house. The shelter will be named after Mother Teresa.

The corporation is running 12 night shelters in the Capital and 11 others are being constructed. The Delhi Government will also construct night shelters for the next year. At present, 3,000 needy persons use the shelters, Municipal Commissioner Rakesh Mehta said.


19 govt buildings yet to pay house tax
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, January 15
The Sonepat Municipal Council has identified as many as 19 government buildings against whom a sum of about Rs 50 lakh is outstanding for the recovery of house tax.

According to a report, these include the office buildings of the Deputy Commissioner, the Superintendent of Police and the Sub-Divisional Officer (Civil). The outstanding amount of the house tax against the respective offices is as under:

The Deputy Commissioner Rs 3,56 691; Superintendent of Police Rs 43,514; SDO (Civil) Rs 31,763; Civil Surgeon Rs 10,43,328; Government Surgical Centre Rs 5,04,930; ITI Rs 1,37,625; Xen Public Health Department Rs 7,96,691; Xen PWD (B and R) Rs 10,88,964; Estate Officer (HUDA) Rs 1,15,964; District Red Cross Society Rs 56,177; Home Guards Rs 29,381; Waqf Board Rs 59,277; Divisional Forest Officer Rs 39,590; District Jail Rs 1,36,731; District Public Relations Officer Rs 76,735; Tehsil Office Rs 36,088.

The Sonepat Municipal Council has given notices to the heads of the departments a number of times in the past asking them to deposit the house tax outstanding against these departments but in vain. This has resulted in the accumulation of the amount in lakhs against these offices.

The authorities do not know how to recover the money from the heads of the departments as senior officers are involved in the cases.

The Municipal Council has already launched a campaign for the recovery of the house tax from the city residents who are being penalised for not depositing the amount, but the authorities are reluctant to take action against the senior officers who are in the list of the defaulters.


Passengers left out in the cold at Meerut rly station
Our Correspondent

Meerut, January 15
Hundreds of passengers and their relatives have been braving the intense cold wave at the Meerut City railway station. There is just an apology for a waiting room. Another waiting room is locked by the railway authorities.

Passengers cool their heels for hours together as the trains passing through the station are running late due to the thick layer of fog. To cap it, not more than a dozen passengers can sit at a time in the only waiting room.

There are two waiting rooms: one for the reserved class and the other for the general passengers. And, the waiting room for the reserved class is locked. In the general class waiting room, only a dozen people can sit at a time as just five chairs, four tables (centre) and three wooden cots are there in the room.

And the beauty of it is that more than a hundred passengers wait for trains at the platform at a single time. The figure goes high up to 500 during the arrival of important trains. In the evening, two important trains - Nauchandi Express and Sangam Express, both for Allahabad, start from here. Hundreds of passengers then reach the station..

Likewise, when important trains like Dehra Dun-Bandra Express, Indore Express, Shatabdi Express, Shalimar Express, Golden Temple Mail and Chhattisgarh Express arrive, the situation is chaotic as hundreds of passengers stand up in the open.

Station Superintendent A. K. Mittal told the ‘NCR Tribune’ that there was a reasonable cause as to why the reserved class waiting room was locked in this bone-chilling cold. He claimed that it was locked for security reasons as there are reports of theft of passengers’ luggage by some ‘khanabadosh’ (gypsies) who rest on the railway station premises.

A passenger, Nitin Srivastav, who had come from Lucknow by the Sangam Express which was running seven hours late, told the ‘NCR Tribune’ that he had to wait for three hours at the Meerut City railway station as the Nauchandi Express was late.

Meanwhile, several other passenger and express trains were running late on Wednesday as the visibility was low due to the thick fog. The Nauchandi Express was running 11 hours late while Sangam Express and Shalimar Express were running seven and three hours late. Some of the GRP personnel have also got reserved the wooden cots in the waiting room for themselves as there are no rooms for them at the station. 


Goods worth Rs 70 lakh gutted in rubber factory
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, January 15
Rubber goods worth Rs 70 lakh were reduced to ashes in a devastating fire which broke out in a factory on the G T Road near Kundli village about 25 km from here last night. However, nobody was hurt in the fire.

The fire brigades from Sonepat, Ganaur, Gohana and Delhi were summoned and they brought the fire under control in 10 hours.

According to a report, the fire broke out around 10 pm. It was noticed by the workers who were returning after duty. They immediately informed the fire brigade officials at Sonepat. Thereupon, two fire brigades from Sonepat and one each from Ganaur and Gohana and three from Delhi arrived on the scene and started the work of extinguishing the fire. Finally, the fire was brought under control in 10 hours.

The fire has also damaged the factory building. A short-circuit is stated to be the main cause of the fire. Though the district and police authorities are still investigating the cause.

Meanwhile, four electricity transformers are reported to have been burnt due to overloading at Murthal village in this district. The village has remained in dark for the last 11 days despite the fact that Mr Suraj Mal Antil, an INLD MLA belonged to this village.

This has caused widespread resentment among the villagers as they have been going through a lot of hardships. The students are in trouble with their studies affected badly. Tubewells and flour mills are lying idle.

Many residents complain that their repeated requests made to the authorities of the Uttar Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam for replacing the damaged transformers have fallen on deaf ears.

Directorate of NCR police mooted

In order to strengthen security in the region, the police of Haryana and neighbouring states have decided to launch a joint campaign from January 19. The decision to this effect was taken at the inter-state crime co-ordination meeting held under the chairmanship of Mr M. S. Malik, Director General of Haryana Police, here today.

The meeting also decided to move a proposal to set up a National Capital Region Police Directorate. Modalities in this regard would be worked out later. It would strengthen the exchange of information regarding crime, criminals and better co-ordination among the various states.

Senior police officers from Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab, Delhi, Chandigarh and superintendents of Haryana Police commanding the districts sharing the inter-state boundaries attended the meeting. They also decided to hold their next meeting in Uttar Pradesh.

It was also decided to strengthen joint patrolling and simultaneous nakabandi to check the crime and nab criminals and check vehicle thefts.


Trader robbed of Rs 40,000 at gunpoint
Our Correspondent

Noida, January 15
Scooter-borne armed criminals looted Rs 40,000, a moped and the keys of the shop from a trader at gunpoint in Boora Bazar in broad daylight while Rs 1.25 lakh was stolen from the firm of a groundnut merchant in the same area of Bulandshahr.

Gopalkrishan, a potato merchant, was going to his shop in the new market on his moped in the morning. Three scooter-borne criminals intercepted him at Boora Bazar and deprived him of his moped, Rs 40,000 and the keys of his shop at gunpoint yesterday. Gopalkrishan was so terrified that he could not react. His moped was driven away by one of the criminals while the other two sped away on the scooters brandishing their weapons.

The trader reported the matter to the Kotwali police station and Circle Officer Jagdish ordered strict checking in the area. The moped and the keys of Gopalkrishan’s shop were, however, found on the roadside about a kilometre from the incident spot.

A loot case has been registered. One of the criminals resembled the one who was recently released from a jail, the police said.

In the second incident, Rs 1.25 lakh was stolen from the safe vault of the shop of Sudhir Kumar and Murali Lal in Market Mohala, Fateh Ganj. The criminals had burgled the shop last night. The theft was noticed in the morning. The police have arrested two criminals living nearby under suspicion.


South-West Delhi records decline in crimes,
except rape
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, January 15
South-West district has recorded a decline in various crimes except the number of rape during the year 2002. As many as 68 rape cases were reported in the year 2002 as compared to 43 in 2001, an increase of 25 cases. About 50 per cent of the accused in the rape cases were known to the victims.

Among these cases, the rape cases registered initially were 36 and those of elopement were 32. “The reason why the rape cases recorded an increase is that we have different kinds of inhabitants, i.e. heterogeneous population,” said Deputy Commissioner of Police (South-West) Tajender Luthra.

A total of 1,248 cases of IPC crimes were reported in 2002, as compared to 1,372 in 2001. In 2002, 50 cases of murder, 45 cases of attempt to murder, 43 cases of robbery, five cases of kidnapping for ransom, 68 cases of rape, 47 cases of snatching, 345 cases of burglary and 734 cases of motor vehicle theft were reported.

Considering the fact that a majority of vehicles had been stolen from the victim’s colonies, the police have now strengthened patrolling and started intensive checking during the wee hours.

The border policing has also been strengthened as an increasing number of criminals strike in Delhi and escape to neighboring Haryana. In fact, 39 per cent of unidentified dead bodies were dumped at the borders by the criminals, said Mr Luthra.

He said that the police were also initiating slum policing during this year and had already identified some pockets for this project. “Our officers will be present everyday in the pocket and would solve their problems, and if necessary they would be brought to the police stations for solving their cases,” he said.

Action was also being taken against the perpetrators of crime against women (CAW). The district CAW cell in coordination with two other NGOs was doing a wonderful job in cases of crime committed against the women, claimed the DCP.

8 pc dip in North-West

North-West district also recorded a decline in the crime rate during 2002, even as the criminals belonging to the rural areas continued to strike at will. “About 20 per cent of the total number of crimes in the district were committed by the criminals operating in the areas like Narela, Bawana and Samaipur Badli,” said Deputy Commissioner of Police (North-West) Sanjay Singh.

Since the criminals from the neighbouring Haryana continued to commit crimes in the Capital and then manage to flee, the police had started regulating traffic at the entry and exit points.

During the year 2002, the total number of IPC crimes showed a decline of 8 per cent as compared to the previous year. A total of 9,191 IPC cases were registered during 2002 as compared to 10,001 cases in 2001. In 2002, 20 cases of dacoity, 135 cases of murder, 90 cases of attempt to murder, 112 cases of robbery, five cases of kidnapping for ransom, 120 cases of rape, 193 cases of snatching, 486 cases of burglary and 1,210 cases of motor vehicle theft were reported.

Mr Sanjay Singh said that considering the geography of the district, “we are planning to computerise all the police stations, involve private security agencies to facilitate better security besides making intense efforts on improving preventive and community policing”.

“As many cases of deaths were reported in Saraswati Vihar following the consumption of spurious liquor, the district police focussed on regulating bootlegging activities and busted a number of liquor manufacturing units in Model Town and Samaipur Badli,” he added.

Apart from nabbing the persons behind the murder of Corporator Atma Ram Gupta, the district police succeeded in busting gangs like Hitender alias Chotu gang, Ajay Kalia gang, Braham Nagar gang, tender mafia gang, Parvesh alias Pinku vehicle theft gang besides the gang of Bangladeshi dacoits, the DCP said.


Rise and shine now!
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, January 15
With the sun coming out and the fog thinning early, the Met office today said better days were ahead. Though the minimum temperature showed a marginal increase, the chilly winds forced Delhiites to take protection under heavy warm cloths.

Though intense cold persisted through the first fortnight of the new year, the Indian Meteorological Department Director, Mr R D Singh, said that better days were ahead as today’s weather was caused by changes in the overall weather conditions in the Northern Belt which had the Capital on its periphery. The minimum temperature recorded today was 4.9, a rise of 0.2 degrees over yesterday’s and two degrees below normal, but the delay in the sun coming out of a thickened fog made the morning colder as compared to the previous day. The heavy fog in the morning, however, disrupted train services.


Probe sought into fund embezzlement
Shiv Sharma

Bhiwani, January 15
The villagers of Hadoda village have sought a fresh probe into the embezzlement of funds in the watershed scheme. A deputation of the villagers met the Deputy Commissioner here today and submitted their complaint to him.

In their complaint, the farmers said that a watershed scheme was formulated for Hadoda Kalan village and Nihal Singh and Hoshiar Singh were nominated chairman and secretary respectively of this committee.

The committee obtained a grant of Rs 25 lakh for various development works. However, they alleged that these office bearers misappropriated Rs 10 lakh in connivance with other officials.

The complainant further stated that affidavits had been submitted to the Deputy Commissioner in September in this connection, whereupon the SDM, Charkhi Dadri, was deputed to inquiry into the matter. Apprehending nepotism, the deputation has sought fresh probe into the matter.

Cong criticised on SYL

The Congress Party has betrayed the interests of the state by not participating in the All-party meeting called by the Haryana Chief Minister in connection with the SYL canal. Talking to the NCR Tribune here today, Mr Ajay Singh Chautala, MP, said that the Congress had revealed its anti-people attitude. The INLD leader said that the Chief Minister, Mr O.P.Chautala, had informed the Prime Minister about the facts regarding the construction of SYL. He categorically said that INLD was firm on its stand to have a national water policy by linking all rivers in the country so that each state could get its share of water.

Sports capital status

Haryana will be the sports capital of the country after the opening of the sports university at Fulka village in Sirsa district. This was stated by Mr Ajay Singh Chautala, MP, while addressing sportsmen at the closing ceremony of the first All-India Devi Lal Memorial Handball Championship, at village Kaunt today.


Special Focus on Panipat
Affluence and apathy make chaotic road scenes
Tribune News Service

Panipat, January 15
With the authorities and residents caring two hoots for the traffic regulations, the scene here has become chaotic and traffic jams are a common sight in the city. Traffic jams on all major roads, such as the Assandh Road flyover and the GT Road, have become a routine affair.

The Traffic Police are seen in action only occasionally, and that too when a VIP cavalcade passes by. The vehicles of the common law abiding citizens are “ordered” to slow down on the roadsides by pilot jeeps or the security guards brandishing AK 47 rifles or the traffic cops to make way for the “Brown Sahib”.

The police prefer to challan motorists violating the traffic regulations rather than educate them about the traffic safety rules. The ‘Traffic Safety Week’, which was organised all over the country, virtually went unnoticed and it is doubtful if anything worthwhile was achieved by the traffic police. The sole aim of the police seems to be to “extract” money from the “violators”. And the only achievement of the traffic police in the name of ‘Traffic Safety Week’, has been to procure jazzy helmets for its traffic staff and new motorbikes.

The sirens fitted motorcycles, which the cops use liberally, have become a public nuisance and add to the already high level of noise pollution. In the wake of the introduction of CNG autos in the national Capital, a large number of these “rejected” autos have found their way to Panipat, which has led to an increase in the air and noise pollution in the city.

Long traffic jams on the service lanes along both sides of the GT Road are a common sight. The slow-moving traffic—horse carts, rikshaws and bicycles-only compound the problem.

The service lanes, which were cleared for the smooth flow of traffic a few months back, are back to square one. The long traffic jams witnessed earlier are a common sight again.

The slow-moving traffic on the GT Road poses a major problem and nobody has spared a thought that they should be diverted to the service lanes for the smooth flow of traffic. While the number of vehicles in the affluent industrial city, which earned a foreign exchange of over Rs 1,400 crore through the export of handloom products last year, has increased by leaps and bounds, the condition of the roads has gone from bad to worse.

The construction of an elevated highway or a flyover on the GT Road has remained on paper for several years now. It is contended that the highway would ease the traffic flow.

However, it is alleged that the project was being opposed by the powerful lobby of handloom exporters and manufacturers, who feared that the market value of their factories and showrooms along the GT Road would be reduced drastically if the project saw the light of the day. It may not be out of place to mention here that the value of the commercial properties on the Assandh Road had gone down drastically when the Assandh flyover was constructed a few years back.

Since the city is a major centre for the manufacture of handloom products and blankets, besides having Asia’s largest shawl market, the traffic in the city has increased dramatically.

Traffic experts feel that a bypass would solve many of the traffic related problems of the city. However, if the progress on this front is any indication, the authorities concerned seem to think otherwise.


Factory workers stage dharna against retrenchment
Tribune News Service

Panipat, January 15
Workers of the Dhillion Cool Drinks today staged dharna in front of the District Labour Office in protest against the retrenchment of employees by the management. Scores of workers assembled at the local civil hospital in the morning and marched in procession to the Labour Office. It may be recalled that the Pepsi plant had allegedly been sold off to a Gurgaon-based firm. Over 200 employees were shown the door by the management on January 7 without any notice.

The employees have resolved to continue the agitation till the employees were taken back on the job and their salaries for November and December months, which had allegedly been withheld, released.

Kelkar report

Demanding amendments in the Kelkar Committee report, the Haryana Beopar Mandal has urged the central government to raise the income tax exemption limit to Rs 1 lakh. A press note issued by the state spokesman and president of the district unit, Mr Roshan Lal Gupta, also demanded the formulation of a pension scheme for persons above 60 years who were income tax payers, as this would give a fillip to the filing of income tax returns. He also opposed the proposed tax on the farm income.

Coming down heavily on the political parties for politicising the Kelkar report, Mr Gupta criticised the parties for ignoring the interests of the trading community.

Demolition drive

The enforcement wing of the Municipal Council on Tuesday removed encroachments in front of the houses in Model Town. The encroachments were removed as the MC proposed to construct roads in the area.

However, the resident resented the removal of the pucca structures without any notice. They contended that the roads could have been built without the demolition of the structures. Meanwhile, the JCB machine used for removing encroachments damaged the sewage line flooding certain parts of the area. The residents had difficulty in entering the houses, it is alleged.

Two killed

Two deaths have been reported in the city since Tuesday night. In the first incident, two persons were hit by a canter on the Barsat road killing Ran Pal, a resident of Gagsina village, on the spot. The injured Ishwar was rushed to the local civil hospital. In another incident, Satish, a resident of Delhi, was crushed by a train near the Manana level crossing when he was crossing the railway track.

Girl crushed

A schoolgirl was crushed to death by a canter near Machhrouli village in the district on Monday.

According to sources, Gauri (6) was crossing the GT Road when she was run over by a canter coming from the Delhi side. She died on the spot. The driver of the canter, who tried to flee from the scene, was overpowered by a constable on duty.

In another incident, five schoolchildren were injured when the three-wheeler they were travelling in turned turtle near Blue Jay Tourist Complex at Samalkha. They are students of Ashadeep Public School, Samalkha, and have been admitted to a private hospital.


And now, power cuts, thanks to cold wave
Tribune News Service

Faridabad, January 15
The district is virtually reeling under power cuts, thanks to the increased demand due to chilling cold wave conditions and the shortage of power supply from sources.

Cuts averaging about three to four hours daily are being imposed, leading to inconvenience to consumers in general.

According to Power Department sources, although the daily supply of power varies from 50 to 57 lakh units, power cuts are being imposed to maintain the difference between demand and supply. As the temperatures have gone down steeply in the past about 15 days, the cuts have been frequent, says Rajkumar Gaur, a resident of Ajronda village, near Sector 15-A here. He claimed that on an average six to eight cuts were being imposed daily and each cut was of at least half an hour.

He said there was no power for more than three hours at a continuous stretch this afternoon. Another resident of Sector 16 here said cuts in the mornings were irritating as a majority of people and children faced inconvenience in getting ready for schools and office. He said at least three to four cuts had become common in the evening and at night.

Reports from rural areas indicate that power supply there had also been affected. The Superintending Engineer (Operations), Mr R. K. Panjetha, said power cuts were being imposed during peak hours when the demand was maximum. He said use of room heaters, geysers, heat convectors and blowers in houses, offices and other commercial establishments in view of the severe cold had increased demand and load on the supply system.

He said the department had to follow the guidelines and a certain code to keep the frequency at low level so as there was no pressure on the Northern Grid. He said cuts were being imposed when supply had been lower than in the normal course. Cuts were also being imposed due to repair and maintenance work carried on routine basis, he said.


Sonepat witnesses coldest night
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, January 15
People in Sonepat city and its surrounding areas continued to shiver as the region witnessed the coldest night of the season. The dense fog and poor visibility disrupted the rail and road traffic.

According to a report, the departure of several long-distance trains was rescheduled with some trains running behind schedule for hours. The suburban trains too were delayed for 15 minutes to an hour, thereby stranding thousands of passengers, mostly commuters, government servants and school teachers, at Sonepat and other nearby railway stations. They had to wait for the trains in the biting cold and brave the chilly winds.

Similarly, surface traffic moved at a snail’s pace. Drivers of vehicles were forced to use the headlights to avoid accidents on account of the dense fog and poor visibility.

Schools in this city and elsewhere have already been closed till January 17 on account of the extreme weather condition. However most of the privately managed schools are functioning as usual in violation of the state government’s order. But the district authorities have failed to take any action against the management of these schools. Attendance in government offices also remained thin in the absence of any check by the district authorities.

Meanwhile, the severe cold wave and chilly winds have kept most people indoors. Business establishments have been recording a thin attendance. Most of the bazaars and shopping centres look deserted till noon. With the fog making driving a peril, especially in the wee hours and late at night, most people are avoiding stepping out.

The demand for power supply has been stepped up due to the use of heating devices. This has forced the UHBVN authorities to enforce load-shedding. There has been, however, little respite for the people as the cold wave is likely to continue for a couple of days.


343 get dairy loans in Rohtak
Our Correspondent

Rohtak, January 15
Mr Abhey Singh Chautala, MLA from the Rori assembly segment and a son of Chief Minister Om Prakash Chautala, distributed dairy loans amounting to Rs 3.75 crore to 343 persons at a dairy loan distribution function organised here this afternoon.

Mr K. C. Sharma, Financial Commissioner, Animal Husbandry and Dairy Development, organised the function. He said the dairy loans had been distributed among 5,500 applicants and sanctioned to 1,700 candidates in Haryana so far against the target of 11,000 aspirants during the current financial year.

Mr Sharma said an amount of nearly Rs 72 crore had been disbursed as dairy loan against the target of Rs 110 crore in the state during the current financial year. He said earlier the department used to disburse a sum of about Rs 10 crore in the form of dairy loan in a year. The target of Rs 110 crore would be achieved by the end of current financial year.

Commenting on the procedure of distributing dairy loan among the aspirants, Mr Sharma said the department had revised the procedure to put a check on the non-recovery and misuse of dairy loans. He said the department would now release the loan in the name of the seller in place of the buyer of buffaloes after proper inquiries were made by the officials. Besides, he said the loan- seeker would have to undergo 11days’ training prior to the purchase of cattle. The training would be organised by the department.

Referring to the Animal Husbandry Department, he said he had cleared about 100 cases of promotion and the same number with regard to regularisation of services during this financial year.


Schools asked to hold extra classes
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, January 15
The Education Department has directed the heads of all schools to organise extra classes for the students whose studies have been affected badly on account of the closure of schools due to the current cold wave. According to a report, all the schools will be reopened on January 18. The holding of extra classes would prove beneficial for the students whose annual examinations are round the corner.

Car recovered

The Ganaur police have recovered a car, which was allegedly stolen from Delhi, from the road near Lalehri village. According to a report, the police have handed over the car to its owner.

NHRC moved on murder

Mr Ram Phal, a resident of Akbarpur Barota village, has sent a complaint to the National Human Rights Commission demanding a high-level probe into the death of his son and the arrest of the culprits allegedly involved in the case. According to a report, Mr Ram Phal has alleged that the police are trying to convert the case into an accident.

Mahapanchayat meet

The ‘mahapanchayat’ of nine villages held a meeting at Raipur village near here yesterday and threatened to launch an agitation against the state government if it failed to accept its demands. According to a report, another meeting of the mahapanchayat will be held on January 19 in the village to chalk out the future course of action on the issue.


Spurious drugs’ sale continues unabated
Our Correspondent

Ghaziabad, January 15
While the owner of the fake drugs’ factory in Tila Mode police post area of Sahibabad continues to elude the law enforcers, the spurious drug mafia seems to have overawed the government agencies.

The drug mafia is boldly supplying spurious medicines at all chemists’ outlets in Ghaziabad, Noida, Delhi etc.

According to sources, the spurious drug mafia appears to have built up pressure on the police and the district administration. This becomes clear from the letter written by the police to the General Manager, District Udyog Centre, according to which the campaign against chemists and druggists seem to have been temporarily suspended. It is being perceived as a modus operandi to buy time on the part of the police and the administration.

Though officials deny all this and claim that samples of drugs for testing are being collected but informally the sale of fake drugs is going on as usual. Certain shopkeepers even claim they already know the result of the lab tests of medicines given by them “intentionally”.

In his letter to the GM, District Udyog Kendra, SSP Chandra Prakash has mentioned the need to draw a list of all those factories and druggists who are involved in the sale of spurious drugs. The SP City, Mr Rajesh Pandya, says the District Udyog Kendra is aware about the manufacture of spurious drugs and their illegal sale.

That is why the campaign against spurious drug making factories can only be carried out with the cooperation of the Udyog Kendra, the police say. He said it was not true that the police wanted to wash their hands off this campaign or that they were under any pressure from the spurious drug mafia.

The police, however, assert that the spurious drugs’ manufacturers have formed a syndicate. The police have drawn a list of six persons and an action plan against other such persons is being formulated.

Investigating officer P. N. Bhargava from the Central Vigilance Commission has reportedly contacted the SP (City). After the raids on factories, drugs worth lakhs have been thrown away by the drug mafia, it is alleged.

The President of the Ghaziabad Chemists Association, Mr Suresh Gupta has supported the raid against manufacturers and sellers of spurious drugs. He said he would be the last person to support such persons. But a rival group of the association has built pressure on the police force to suspend the raids on chemists and druggists.

The administration appears to be dwarfed by the spurious drug mafia that is continuing with its nefarious operations.


SI arrested by CBI for accepting bribe
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, January 15
The CBI today arrested a Sub-Inspector of the Delhi Police posted at Adarsh Nagar police station in North-West district for allegedly demanding and accepting a bribe of Rs 2 000 from a complainant. The Sub-Inspector demanded the bribe from the complainant allegedly for not harassing a woman arrested in a case registered in the Adarsh Nagar police station.

The woman was arrested in December last year and was released on bail by the court. The complainant, who is the brother of the woman, reported the matter to the CBI, which laid a trap and arrested the suspect red-handed, according to a CBI release.

Spurious liquor seized
The North-West district police have seized 600 litres of spurious liquor in the Model town area. The liquor, which was carried in drums, was brought from Meerut for supply in the national Capital.

The police said that the seized spurious liquor was methyl alcohol, which was found to be mixed with water and colour and dangerous for consumption.

Rs 85,000, cheque snatched
Two persons were arrested for robbing a businessman of his bag containing Rs 85,000 and a bank cheque of Rs 90,000 in Kotla Mubrakpur in South Delhi last night According to the police, the victim was identified as Anand Garg (24), a shopkeeper and a resident of Gautam Nagar. Four unidentified youths intercepted him and snatched his bag containing the money and a bank cheque.

When the victim raised an alarm, the people nearby helped him nab one of the accused, identified as Akhil Ahmed. On interrogation of Ahmed, the police nabbed his other associate, identified as Binny. The remaining two suspects are still at large.


Traffic policing being strengthened
Tribune News Service

Faridabad, January 15
The traffic police network in the town is being strengthened. As part of the exercise, at least five new traffic police posts had been set up in various areas. According to the Additional SP, Mr Subas Kaviraj, four traffic police posts had been set up in the eastern area covering mainly the urban sectors. He said the new posts would soon start functioning at the crossings of sectors 12-15, 15-A, 16-16A, 18-19 and 7-10.

He disclosed that a comprehensive plan was under consideration to control and monitor traffic on the National Highway (Mathura Road) passing through the town. Facilities were being upgraded and digital cameras might be installed at busy intersections to help the cops to monitor traffic in a better manner. He said a committee had been set up to finalise the new strategy and supervise the traffic scheme.

He admitted that traffic congestion had increased several times at many places here and there was a shortage of cops to regulate traffic.

He said the encroachments on the service lanes on the side of Mathura Road would be removed to ensure that three-wheeler rickshaws did not ply on the main road.

Gun licence racket

Six persons were booked in connection with the preparing of fake gun licences here last year. Three of them, including two employees of the SP’s office and one of the Deputy Commissioner’s office, have been arrested.

It is learnt that the accused had conspired to prepare a fake arms licence a few months ago. It is stated that they also duplicated the signatures of the officials, including police officers, and used fake ration card, address and other documents required for the process. It is learnt that one of the employees of the SP’s office had himself put the stamp of the officers and forged signatures.

The licence was issued on June 10, 2001 to a person identified as Babu Khan, hailing from Uttar Pradesh.

It may be recalled that a major racket was unearthed last year in Haryana in which a large number of fake or illegal arms licences were seized. Some senior officials, including a, HCS officer, had also been booked and interrogated by investing agencies.


Yarn dealer kidnapped

A yarn dealer, Mr Shiv Kumar, was kidnapped by two unidentified persons from his Model Town residence here on Tuesday night. According to sources, two persons came to the house of the dealer in a Maruti car and asked him to accompany them to Kurukshetra to sort out a financial dispute with a merchant there. Even as Mr Shiv Kumar and his wife got into the car, the duo, instead of taking the car to the GT Road, drove the vehicle to the Assandh road towards Matlauda town. When the couple resisted, the dealer’s wife was thrashed and thrown out midway. The duo later drove to Matlauda taking the dealer with them. A case has been registered. TNS

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