Monday, February 10, 2003, Chandigarh, India


N C R   S T O R I E S


Transfusion of contaminated blood
Apollo to pay Rs 18 lakh for infecting girl with Hepatitis C
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, February 9
The National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission has ordered Indraprastha Apollo Hospital to pay Rs 18 lakh as compensation to a girl for infecting her with the deadly Hepatitis C virus through the contaminated blood it used in transfusion.

The commission pointed out that it was negligence on the part of the hospital that led to the girl getting infected with the virus. It was brought to notice that the Hepatitis C infection could have taken place only through the transfusion of platelet concentrates from anyone or more of the five donors, whose blood was used in this case.

The commission said that the hospital had failed to produce records giving details of the donors even when they were in a position to do so. Noting that the girl, Shefali Bhargava, was a minor when she was infected by the life-threatening virus, the commission, citing medical literature, said more than 50 per cent of the patients with Hepatitis C develop chronic liver disease which may progress rapidly, leading to cirrhosis of liver and cancer in five to 15 years.

The hospital has now been ordered to pay Rs 10 lakh towards costs of medical treatment incurred till now and Rs eight lakh towards costs of further medical treatment. The commission also directed Apollo Hospital to shell out Rs 10,000 as litigation costs. It observed that Bhargava was dependent on her father, who retired in March 1999, and it was difficult for him to support her financially.

The petitioners had made a claim of Rs 70 lakh. The girl was admitted to the Delhi-based Apollo Hospital as she was suffering from malaria. She contended that there was no need to give her platelet transfusion and the process was unnecessarily rushed by the hospital.

Her counsel pointed out that even if the need arose, the platelets should have been taken from her mother’s blood, adding that the donor’s blood was not tested. Turning down the plea of the hospital, the commission members – Justice J K Mehra, Rajyalakshmi Rao and B K Taimini – said the defence put up by it was weak and unconvincing.


Cough up Rs 28 lakh or die: Another missive to lawyers
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, February 9
A most wanted and dreaded criminal, Bhagat Singh alias Bhagtey, has again sent a threatening letter to the members of the District Bar Association, Sonepat, asking them to pay Rs 28 lakh as ransom, otherwise they would be eliminated after February 20.

According to a report, this letter was received by post yesterday and it was opened by an employee of the association who handed it over to the president of the District Bar Association, Mr Prem Singh Atrey.

The author of the intimidating letter made it clear that the members of the District Bar Association cannot depend on the police. Bhagtey claims in his letter that he has paid Rs 14 lakh as bribe to the police. He has also mentioned the names of some police officials in his missive and alleged that the latter were bigger dacoits than him.

The letter also says that a youth with a red cloth would wait for the lawyers at the canal near Meerut on February 20 for receiving the ransom amount. The letter bears the signature of Bhagat Singh. The signature is being authenticated.

The letter has caused panic among the lawyers and a meeting of the association has been convened for Monday next to discuss the issue in detail.

Meanwhile, the police authorities have provided security to the president of the District Bar Association. They have also assured the members of the association that all necessary steps would be taken to avert any untoward incident.

This is the third time in the last few months that the lawyers of Sonepat have received such a threatening letter from the dreaded criminal.


Religious bodies on mat for usurping land
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, February 9
The court has issued notices to the Centre and Delhi Government on a petition alleging that several religious societies in the Capital have encroached upon government and park land to erect temple, mosque and gurdwara and were carrying out illegal commercial activity, threatening the ecology of the area.

A Bench comprising Acting Chief Justice Devinder Gupta and Justice B D Ahmed directed the Centre, the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) and the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) to file replies on the issue of illegal takeover of the park lands in south Delhi by the religious societies of different faiths and fixed the next date of hearing on April one.

The petition filed by the United Communist Party of India (UCPI) drew the attention of court to the land earmarked for the construction of a rock garden in Chittaranjan Park, allegedly encroached upon by the Kali Mandir Society and the alleged unauthorised construction of a temple in a park land in Greater Kailash-II. Likewise, a mosque has been built on government land in Alaknanda area and a gurdwara has been allegedly constructed in another park in Chittaranjan Park, the UCPI alleged.

UCPI counsel Sugriva Dubey and Namita submitted that the usurping of the park land and uprooting of the trees was in violation of the Delhi Protection of Trees Act. The petition alleged that allowing the religious societies to use the government land meant for parks for any other purpose would be a violation of Delhi’s Master Plan. The petitioner claimed that the respondents, in connivance with the land grabbers, have offered the religious societies land at throwaway prices.

On the land meant for the rock garden, the self-styled religious society was running a canteen and a generator installed on the premises had been causing large-scale air and noise pollution, the UCPI said, adding that the authorities are regularising the illegal construction measuring about 3.855 acres in the rock garden complex.

The UCPI submitted that under the Environment Protection Act, the Centre has powers to take steps to protect and improve the environment. 


Crime against women
Life imprisonment for raping 5-yr-old
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, February 9
A Delhi Court has awarded life imprisonment to a 40-year-old man who raped a five-year-old girl after kidnapping her.

“A rapist not only violates the victim’s personal integrity, but leaves indelible marks on the soul of the very helpless female,” Additional Sessions Judge Bimla Makin said while delivering the verdict. He sentenced Ram Avadh alias Ramu to life imprisonment, stating that the girl was so young that no ground would be sufficient to take a lenient view. The court also slapped a fine of Rs 1,000 on him. On a separate charge of kidnapping, the court awarded Ramu imprisonment for three years and a fine of Rs 5,000. The two sentences would run concurrently. The incident dates back to October 1999, when the victim, a resident of a slum cluster in East Delhi, went out in the night to purchase bidi for her father. However, Ramu who was their neighbour, took the girl to his jhuggi and raped her. When she did not return for a long time, the parents grew suspicious and later traced her to Ramu’s jhuggi. The bruises on her body and subsequent medical examination proved the violation.

Ramu contended that the victim’s mother, who had objected to the new jhuggi constructed by him, was falsely implicating him.

Overruling the objections, the court said there was no motive behind the false implication. “From the evidence proved on record, identity of the accused is established without any shadow of doubt,” it added. 


Dalits torch police car, beat up cops in clash over cremation ground
Our Correspondent

Meerut, February 9
Tension gripped the western part of the city outskirts after a clash between the police and the Dalits on Saturday late in the evening. The angry Dalits torched a police patrol car and also damaged several other police vehicles and smashed their window by pelting stones. The police force resorted to the lathi-charge and fired several rounds in the air. The clash was over a cremation ground.

In the clash, a dozen police officials and 18 Dalits were injured, including an area municipal councillor.

The tension started over a cremation ground in the area.

One Tejpal, his relatives and friends in hundreds reached the cremation ground of Maliyana village. He wanted to cremate the body of his mother-in-law.

Several residents of Nai Basti objected to it by saying that the cremation ground belonged to them. Maliyana and Nai Basti groups then clashed with each other. Meanwhile, local T P Nagar Thana Police reached there and tried to pacify the groups. The groups were pelting stones at each other.

As the circle officer informed the senior officials and sought more police force, the Dalits from Nai Basti dragged five policemen from police patrol car No.3 and beat them up severely. They also torched the police patrol car and continued to pelted stones on the SP, Mr D K Chaudhry (City) and the City Magistrate, who also rushed to the spot.


Fund part of the development cost, Chautala tells panchayats
Tribune News Service

Faridabad, February 9
Development is not a one-way process and, if it is to be effected, people must be ready to meet a part of the expenses. This seems to be the latest line of the state government that is being propagated.

The Chief Minister, Mr Om Prakash Chautala, who presided over `Sarkar Apke Dwar’ programme at Ballabgarh town here today, also spoke on similar lines.

The chief minister announced that the state government would ensure that lack of funds do not come in the way of development. However, he said that the state government would give matching grants for various schemes to gram panchayats, if the latter were forthcoming with their share. For instance, he said, the government was ready to allocate a sum of Rs 2.25 lakh for the construction of a sports stadium in any village whose panchayat contributes a sum of Rs 75,000 and provides a four-acre plot.

He also added that water supply connections would be provided in those villages whose panchayats were ready to meet at least 10 per cent of the cost of the project. He said the state government was ready to bear 90 per cent of the total cost of the water supply schemes.

Mr Chautala told the gathering that his government had taken up provision of basic amenities, repair of roads and beautification of towns on a war-footing.


Authorities give a wide berth to rain-damaged roads 
R D Sapra

Sonepat, February 9
The long-awaited winter rains lashed early this week have left the roads in a state of disrepair in the city. The surface of the roads in many places has washed away. However, the authorities are just sitting pretty. Despite the tall claims of the local official agencies that they maintain good motorable roads in the city, it is a harrowing experience to go through such roads.

According to a report, in several parts of the city, and even the colonies of the Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA), the roads have developed cracks, potholes and uneven surfaces. Even the roads which had acquired fresh carpeting a few months ago have now become the bane of motorists and worse for the cyclists who have to put up with the bumpy rides on the undulating road surfaces.

This, in spite of the fact, that Sonepat city and elsewhere in the district had relatively low rainfall this winter. Had the city had its usual share of winter rains, the condition of the roads might have been worse.

Experts felt that there were two major causes for the road surfaces to cave in even when the rain was scanty. One, the road alignment was not correct and the water instead of sliding along to the sides remained in shallow levels on the road surfaces. Second was that the material used for road surfacing was not of the standard quality.

Another reason was that the drains were not properly de-choked and the water instead of flowing into the drains, collected along the road sides, stagnated there and subsequently damaging the road surface.

The official agencies merely pass the buck on each other, be it the Municipal Council of Sonepat, the PWD (B&R), HUDA or others. The officials also accuse other agencies like the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), the Public Health Department, and others, of digging up along the roads for laying cables and then not carrying out proper repair.

The government agencies being content with doing patchwork here and there, the people of this city continue to bear the brunt. Despite the claim of the agencies to launch a drive for repairing, filling the craters with brick pieces is the only visible activity.

At many other places, the workers of these agencies have been trying to level the surface with bags full of debris. This has been done at places where bigger patches of roads have been washed away. According to sources in the engineering wing of the agencies, the patchwork has become a regular exercise ever since the rains started this year. The potholes are filled up quickly by them with bricks and debris. The fillings also got washed away after a few days following another round of showers.

The authorities have paid no attention to the damaged roads, many constructed only recently. A large number of roads and streets are still lying in an unattended condition.

Mr S P Sachdeva, a former district governor of Rotary International was critical of the authorities for repairing the road leading from Gita Bhawan Model Town to the Atlas Road via his residence after 27 years.

Most of the roads in the Model Town area had not been repaired by the authorities in spite of repeated complaints.

Meanwhile, representatives of various political parties, social and voluntary organisations and trade unions today urged the state government to allot sufficient funds for the repair of the roads.

In a joint press statement issued here, they protested against the discrimination meted out to the people of the city as they had always voted against the ruling parties.


Dairies to be shifted from urban areas
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, February 9
The Haryana government has taken a series of measures to shift the dairies from the urban areas, improve sanitation and expand the fire services in the urban areas of the state. This was stated by the Haryana’s Local Bodies Minister, Mr Subhash Goel, at a meeting of the district officials here on Saturday.

Mr Sanjeev Kaushal, Director of Local Bodies, Haryana, told the meeting that the Sonepat Municipal Council and other municipal committees have been directed to provide necessary vehicles for the removal of the filth and garbage from the towns and keep them at one place. The state government, he said, has started negotiations with the private companies to install treatment plants for the manufacture of compost fertilisers at Sonepat and Ganaur towns.

He also disclosed that steps are being taken to collect the filth and garbage from the houses in the urban areas. This work, he said, could be carried out on the contract system at reasonable charges.

He said that the state government has set up district-level committees to monitor this work and these committees would review the progress after a fortnight.

It was revealed in the meeting that the Sonepat Municipal Council had received Rs 45 lakh under a scheme during the first phase and it had spent Rs 63.17 lakh for the implementation of the scheme. The municipal council had spent the amount on the construction of 16.70-km roads in the city.

It had received Rs 89.08 lakh during the second phase of the scheme and it had constructed and repaired 22-km roads in different parts of the city.

Similarly, the Gohana Municipal Committee had received Rs 11.32 lakh and it had constructed 751 meters of roads in the town and the remaining work was in progress. The Ganaur Municipal Committee had received Rs 61.36 lakh and it had completed the construction work of four kms of roads in the town.

Mr Kaushal directed the authorities of the Sonepat Municipal Council to take immediate steps for shifting the dairies out of the city either on Dewru Road or Harsana Kalan village where the required land had already been acquired. He also asked them to allot the plots to the owners of dairies without delay.

He also disclosed that a new fire service station would be set up in Sector 23, a residential colony of the Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) and it would be commissioned shortly. This new fire service station would meet the requirements of the people living in the Mandi area.

He said that the district public relation officer has been made a nodel officer to make people aware of the facilities to be provided by the new fire service station.


Trains cancelled, commuters cool their heels for hours
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, February 9
Thousands of passengers, mostly commuters remained stranded for long at Sonepat and nearby railway stations following the cancellation of some long-distance mail and express trains as well as suburban trains without prior information today.

According to a report, the Northern Railway has also changed the routes of certain long-distance mail and express trains running on the DUK section on account of changing the sleepers at a bridge between Delhi and Azadpur railway stations between 10 am and 6 pm today.

The routes of 2925 UP Paschim Express, 4647 Up Flying Mail, 4731 UP Delhi-Bhatinda Intercity, 2715 UP Sachkhand Express and 4659 Up Delhi-Amritsar Super Express have been diverted whereas the 5 DPM passenger train has been cancelled for the day. Similarly, 3 DPM passenger train will leave Delhi at 6.30 pm for Panipat.

Similarly the Down 4732 Bhatinda-Delhi Intercity, 4660 Amritsar-Delhi Super Express, 2926 Pashchim Express and 2 DU passenger train have been diverted via other routes to reach Delhi. Similarly, 4 KDM and 5 DPM passenger trains will remain cancelled for the day. The 2 DU Ambala-Delhi passenger train will terminate at Sonepat and it would be renamed 303 UP.


Rs 40 lakh subsidy on chemical fertiliser
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, February 9
The Government of NCT of Delhi will offer a subsidy of Rs 40 lakh to farmers on the purchase of chemical fertiliser, which would be disbursed by the end of this fiscal year.

Development Minister Haroon Yusuf announced this after distributing cheques worth Rs 15 lakh to farmers of Nangloi and adjoining areas on Sunday. The minister said the financial assistance was a part of the drought relief promised by the Government of NCT of Delhi.

The minister said officers of the Department of Development had been instructed to get in touch with the Indian Institute of Agriculture Research so that varieties of agricultural produce or new agro techniques reach the farmers.

In order to popularise floriculture, the minister said, seeds would be made available free of cost to farmers. “Demonstration plots” of floriculture would also be planted on agriculture land of the farmers free of cost.


Attack on Jan Sangharsh Manch workers flayed
Our Correspondent

Rohtak, February 9
The state committee of Akhil Bhartiya Janwadi Mahila Samiti has condemned the recent attack on the activists of Jan Sangharsh Manch by the followers of ‘Dera Sachha Sauda’ and the discriminatory action allegedly taken by the police against the manch activists at Fatehabad.

Ms Jagmati Sangwan and Ms Manjit Rathi, president and secretary, respectively, of the manch, said the activists of the manch had been conducting a signature campaign for a CBI inquiry into the murder of Sirsa-based journalist, Ram Chander Chhtrapati.

They alleged that the unprovoked attack on the manch activists by the dera followers exposed the raging anger and the involvement of members of the dera in the murder.

Moreover, the leaders of the women organisation alleged that the role of Fatehabad police had been disgraceful and partial in this regard. They alleged that the attack was made by the dera followers but the police beat up the manch activists and also registered false cases against them. Besides, they alleged the police manhandled the women activists and even tore their clothes.

The women leaders demanded immediate withdrawal of the ‘false’ cases registered against the manch activists, a high level inquiry into the ‘one-sided’ action taken by the Fatehabad police and strict action against the miscreants who had made a violent attack on the manch activists.

Mr Virender Singh Chauhan, president, Haryana Union of Journalists (HUJ) had already condemned the attack and the subsequent ‘discriminatory’ action taken by the police. He had also written a letter to Chief Minister Om Prakash Chautala seeking his intervention in this regard.

Bid to rob jeweller

Three unidentified armed miscreants tried to rob a jeweller of cash and ornaments and attacked him when he resisted their attempt at Ganipura locality here last evening.

Mr Satbir Singh stated in the FIR that he along with his son, Amit, was returning to his house on a scooter after closing the shop on railway road here at around 7.30 pm. He said three miscreants on a motorcycle intercepted them at Ganipura locality and tried to snatch a bag containing cash and gold and silver chains. However, he said that he handed over the bag to his son who fled the spot. The robbers attacked the jeweller with a pistol butt and iron rods when they failed in their attempt.

Temple razed

The district unit of Bajrang Dal has condemned the demolition of a Shiv temple and the subsequent cane-charge on the activists of Vishwa Hindu Paishad and Bajrang Dal by the police at Bahadurgarh on Friday.

In a statement here today, Mr Bhushan Chugh, convener, district unit of the Bajrang Dal, alleged that SDM Sultan Singh of Jhajjar district, accompanied by a heavy police force, razed the temple and broke the idol of Lord Shiva in utter disrespect to Hinduism.

He said the activists of VHP and Bajrang Dal had to face the ire of the official machinery when they protested against the ‘unjustified’ operation.

Mr Chugh challenged the authorities to carry out such activity against the worship centre of any other religion in the country.

He suggested that the official machinery should have discussed with the temple management or the leaders of VHP or Bajrang Dal if the temple had been causing any hindrance in the traffic. However, he alleged that the district authorities hurt the sentiments of Hindus by levelling the religious structure in a dictatorial manner.

Mr Chugh said a meeting was held today which criticised the ‘unethical’ activity of the authorities and sought a high level inquiry into the incident.


Grievances redressed at consumer forum
Our Correspondents

Rohtak, February 9
A majority of the complaints placed before a meeting of District Consumer Disputes and Redressal Forum, were settled on the spot today. According to sources, the Chief Parliamentary Secretary of Haryana, Mr Rampal Majra, who presided over the meeting, directed the officials of different departments to come prepared so that they could satisfy the queries of the complainants at the meeting.

In one case, Mr Majra directed the officials of the power department to remit the fine imposed on a consumer. Settling another complaint, he directed the officials of Public Health Department to ensure adequate supply of potable water in Kharkara village. He also directed the Executive Engineer of Pollution Control Board to inspect various factories in the region regularly to ensure proper implementation of the required norms.

Pulse Polio campaign

The Deputy Commissioner, Mr Ashok Yadav, inaugurated the second phase of Pulse Polio campaign by administering polio drops to a child at Bohar village today. The Deputy Commissioner said 590 teams had been constituted and 562 booths had been set up for the purpose. He said 2,300 employees had been deputed and 118 supervisors been detailed to perform the duty.

Two arrested for murder

Faridabad: Two persons have been arrested in connection with the murder of a taxi driver here on Friday night. According to a report, the victim identified as Bhagwat (36), a resident of NH-5 locality of NIT here, had been found murdered near Bata crossing on Friday night. Bhagwat had been operating his own taxi and some persons had hired his vehicle on the same day. But he was shot dead and his body was dumped near Sector 20-B. An old enmity was stated to be the cause of the murder.

This is second murder that has been reported in the town in past four days. The police have also recovered a headless body of a woman in Surajkund area on February 6. Meanwhile, three persons were killed in separate incidents in the town in the past 36 hours. These include a rickshaw-Puller, who was crushed to death near Mujesar. A youth identified as Sandeep was run over by a train in the NIT area.

LJP demonstration

New Delhi: The Lok Janshakti Party on Sunday demonstrated at Jantar Mantar to demand a probe against the “illegal collection of electricity bills” by private contractors. Some non-BJP and non-Congress parties also joined the demonstration.

Led by the vice-president of Lok Janshakti Party, Mr Ramvir Singh Bidhuri and Ballimaran legislator Shoaib Iqbal, the demonstrators headed for Parliament Street. However, they were stopped by the police from proceeding. The demonstration was supported by the Samajwadi Party, CPI, CPM, Rashtriya Janata Dal, Rashtrawadi Congress Party and the Jan Chetna Manch. Bidhuri said crores of rupees had been siphoned off from unauthorised colonies, resettlement colonies and JJ clusters. TNS 


SAD (Badal) opposes unit area tax plan
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, February 9
The Shiromani Akali Dal (Badal) has opposed the unit area scheme for levying property tax in the NCT of Delhi. Onkar Singh Thapar, who is general secretary of the party and deputy leader of Opposition in the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD), on Sunday said it would benefit the builder lobby.

Speaking in the budget session of the MCD, Mr Thapar said the proposal was okayed by the Government of NCT of Delhi without the matter being discussed in the MCD. The unit areas system is likely to come into force from next fiscal year after the Delhi Legislative Assembly discusses it and approves of its proposals.

Workshop concludes

A painters and sculptors workshop that was part of the 17th Surajkund Mela drew to a close today. The workshop concluded with a prize distribution function. Eminent sculptor, Pradeep Saxena and painter, Ranbir Singh, interacted with the students.

While Mr Saxena spoke to the students about the techniques of woodcarving, methods of recognising textures of woods, Mr Singh suggested ways of improving the work. Students from local school interacted with the students from the College of Art and took part in a painting competition. The mela authorities have decided to make the workshop an annual feature of the mela.

Polio Immunisation

Over two million children under five years were administered polio drops as part of the fourth phase of Pulse Polio Immunisation Programme on Sunday. Health Minister AK Walia said seven thousand Polio Kendras (centres) had been set up all over the Capital. The drops were administered to children at railway stations, bus terminuses and other transit points.

He said 300 mobile teams had fanned out in the unauthorised colonies, resettlement colonies and slums. About 30 thousand volunteers were assigned duties for the successful completion of the campaign.


Wanted criminal’s killer caught, claim cops
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, February 9
With the arrest of a youth, the police on Saturday claimed to have solved the murder of the most-wanted criminal Krishan Mehndipuria on January 24.

According to a report, the youth was identified as Dharamvir of Halalpur village in the district. He was produced before the Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate, Mr Paramvir Nijjar, who remanded him in police custody for five days.

Meanwhile, during the interrogation, Dharamvir said that another dreaded criminal Anil Bhagata was behind the murder of Mehndipuria. Bhagata is absconding. The police have launched a massive hunt for him.

Anil Bhagta was reported to have allegedly murdered three ‘arhatiyas’ of Azadpur market of Delhi: Narinder, son of Mr Lekh Raj; Narinder, son of Mr Ram Singh, both residents of Bad Khalsa village; and Jagbir of Jatheri village on November 27 last year near Bad Khalsa village in the district.

Krishan Mehndipuria, it may be recalled, was allegedly shot dead at Nahri village when he was going in a car along with his relative Anand on January 24. Mehndipuria was returning to his native village from Narela in Delhi after purchasing the clothes and other household articles for the marriage of his sister.


Police constable kills wife over marital discord
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, February 9
Gurjinder Singh, a constable with the Delhi Police, was arrested today for killing his wife in his house in Najafgarh area. He was arrested from ISBT where he had gone to meet his friend.

He allegedly killed his wife, Kulwinder, in his house on January 6. The incident came to light when their son, Abhijit, came back to his house from his tuition.

The neighbours informed the police when they heard him crying. The police took her to a hospital where she was declared brought dead, the police said.

During interrogation, he confessed to have killed Kulwinder due to marital dispute. On February 6, they had arguments, which infuriated the police constable. He attacked her with a stick and beat her repeatedly. Subsequently, she became unconscious and fell down. He had been absconding since the day of incident, the police said.

Seven arrested

Seven persons were arrested in three different incidents in the Connaught Place area last evening on charges of snatching and pick-pocketing. In the first incident, three persons, identified as Mohammad Kashif (21), his brother Mohammad Atif (20), both residents of Teliwada and Nassir (23), resident of Kishanganj were nabbed for snatching the bag of an employee of the Hindustan Times, Ms Usha Mahana. The victim is a resident of H-Block in Connaught Place and was returning home. Later, at the instance of the three accused, the police recovered the bag and a mobile phone.

In the second incident, the police nabbed two persons, identified as Shahdan (22) and Dilshad (21), for picking the pocket of one Sheetal Prasad (42), a bank manager from Bihar, who was on a visit to the national Capital. The incident happened near the Regal Cinema, while he was travelling in a bus on route no. 729.

When Prasad realised that he had lost his money, he raised an alarm. Two beat constables, who were present on the occasion, checked the bus and nabbed Shahdan (22) and Dilshad (21) and recovered the money from them.

In another incident, one Moti Lal, alias Inderjeet (24), resident of Gole Market and Ajit Rai (24), resident of Ballia, were nabbed and five pouches of smack and one spring-actuated knife were recovered from their possession.

Three crushed to death

Three persons, including a 15-year old boy, were crushed to death last night in two different incidents in the national Capital. In the first incident, one Nawab Ram (45) and his son, Muninder (15) were travelling on a motorcycle (DL-3SV-2689) when a truck hit them on the Mathura Road, opposite Samkeen House. In another incident, the police found a body near Sangam Vihar this morning.


Youth robbed

Sonepat, February 9
At least six armed unidentified youths are reported to have robbed a youth Sudhir and snatched two wristwatches, a mobile phone, and Rs 16,200 from him between Bhuri village and Kami village about 10 km from here last night.

According to a report, Sudhir was going in his car from Sonepat to Rajlu Garhi village. His car was stopped by the culprits who brandished arms. He was asked to get off. When he got down, the miscreants looted him and fled. The police have registered a case of loot.


This scented ‘Chic’ is sure to win you over with its vivacity and sensuality

Carolina Herrera, a leading international fragrance, has unveiled its latest offering ‘Chic.’ The fragrance has three different notes that alternatively stand out to give a spicy yet gentle fragrance for the new woman. A floral woody musk fragrance, it has transparency, vivacity, persuasion, sensuality and warmth.

Versatile AC

General has introduced the multi-split DC inverter air-conditioner in India. The inverter is the most versatile multi-split ever and brings the aesthetic look and feel of a centrally air-conditioned environment right into your home. Speaking about the new launch, Mr H.A. Sayeed, senior general manger, marketing said, “Aesthetics and performance have been the hallmarks of all our products. Last year, we launched the world’s first ceiling air conditioner in India in a simultaneous global launch. We also introduced in April 2002 a window air-conditioner with highest ever energy efficiency ratio.”

For your eyes only

D-Link has announced the launch of the DVC-1000 i2eye videophone in India. The D-Link DVC-1000 is targeted at the video telephony conferencing market. It promises to introduce a new dimension to the world of video telephony conferencing over leased lines, Internet and broadband.

Connect a standard telephone and a television to the DVC-1000, plug in a standard ethernet network cable connected to your leased line/broadband Internet connection and you are ready for an ‘eye-to-eye’ meeting.

Attractive bedspreads

Keeping abreast with the image of innovation and unique product line, Essma has launched Jamawar bedcovers. Essma has pioneered the concept of manufacturing warm, yet soft and colourful Jamawar bedspreads. The double bedcover is reversible and keeps the beds cosy and snug unlike the regular bed sheets. To make the product more user-friendly, the fabric is a unique blend of wool and polyester that ensures easy home wash. The widespread embroidery on the cover makes the furnishing look very plush and appealing.

Denim World

Lee has launched the Lee Multicount Filthy Rich Denims. Commenting on the collection, Suparna Mitra, business head, Lee said “Denim is ubiquitous this year, so we at Lee are making versions of the staple fabric stand out with special accents. In the case of Lee’s Multicount denims, the jeans have been subject to new age techno-blasting, which gives the product an amazing washed look. Fancy accents and effects, achieved through washing and tinting fabrics, has enhanced our latest range. Multicount is the hottest range in the denim world.”

Belts For Women

Signature, a popular brand of leather accessories, has launched colourful and feminine styled belts for the striving women of today. The special Diva collection of belts for the contemporary women is somber and meticulously crafted in soft leather.

The collection with a jazzy look is available in variety of colours like flaming red, mocca brown, lemon green, blushing-pink, navy blue, lilac, burgundy and tan. The belts are made with finest Indian and imported leather and buckles with different finishes.

Toner cartridges

Indian IT hardware, Intex Technologies, has launched HP compatible inkjet and toner cartridges. In tune with its pledge to offer high quality products, solutions and services, the company has taken care to use its trademark Superior Anti-Clog Formulation (SAF) ink in these cartridges.

The cartridges cater to a market dominated by HP printers and offer dual benefit of quality and savings to end-users. These SAF cartridges give print yield at par to OEM products.

Anti-bacterial soap

Two latest extensions of the Clearasil brand, Clearasil anti-bacterial cleansing soap and the Clearasil deep cleansing face wash have been launched by the Boots Piramal Limited.

The cleansing soap is a medicated anti-bacterial cleanser, intended to prevent the formulation of pimples or acne. It contains Triclosan, a well-known anti-bacterial agent that fights the pimple causing germs. It has a unique cleansing action that works on the surface of the skin to give it a clean and fresh look by removing unwanted dirt and oil, thus preventing acne. It contains glycerin that prevents the skin from becoming dry and stretched.

Anti-Corrosive Powder

Hindustan Lever Limited (HLL) has launched Surf Excel Automatic, a low lather detergent, specially formulated for both top and front loading washing machines. The new Surf Excel is suitable for all kinds of washing machines. It was launched keeping in mind the growing base of washing machine owners in the country. It is anti-corrosive powder and claims to have been recommended by washing machine manufacturers like LG, Samsung, Electrolux, Videocon, Siemens, IFB and Whirlpool.

Skin Care

Our polluted environment makes it necessary to take extra and proper care of the skin, to keep it beautiful and young. Eraser Plus cream has the magical qualities to keep the skin soft, tender and elastic. Moreover, it nourishes the skin to keep it young. Eraser Plus also has the natural qualities of Kumkum and Rose – the cooling effect of which enhances the skin and keeps it flawless.

Besides Kumkum and Rose, the cream has the anti-bacterial qualities of neem, haldi, chandan and tulsi, which keeps the skin healthy and maintains the moisture and balance of the skin.

Birbal comics

Inspired by the legendary wit of Birbal in the court of Akbar, Egmont Imagination has launched a new line of ‘Chhota Birbal’ comic books. With a view to provide Indian kids with their own cartoon characters they can relate to, Egmont has entered into an exclusive marketing and distribution partnership with 2NZ Animation Co., to create the ‘Chhota Birbal,’ character.

Toys For Infants

Mahindra Intertrade has launched a new range of Winnie the Pooh soft toys for infants. A musical pull string toy with Pooh and his honey pot, a musical wind up ball that plays melodious music, an infant feeding bottle cover, soft and colourful booties, birthday pooh with a cake and cap are some of the irresistible toys in this new range.

Parag Dani, marketing head, said, “Winnie the pooh is a character which is popular not only with children and teenagers, but also with the adults. It is an adorable character and looks attractive in all forms as soft toys, gifts or novelties. Seeing the popularity of Winnie, we have launched a complete range of Pooh toys and products.

Eco-Friendly Bicycles

Planet-7, a Wazirabad industrial company, has come up with unique eco-friendly bicycles. J D Choudhury, general manager, Planet 7 said, “the bicycles have been launched for the first time in the Indian market and are operated through rechargeable batteries. 


Golden opportunity for call centre aspirants
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, February 9
With the country emerging as the most sought-after destination for setting up call centre in the globe, major players are entering India to train the manpower to the international standards.

Mr Praney Sharma, director operations of Akiko CallNet, said: “Our training not only helps develop communication skills but also enhances the overall knowledge and personality of the call centre aspirants.”

He said the institute’s placement record of 90 per cent speaks volumes of the faith reposed by the industry on our students and course content.

Akiko CallNet has 27 training institutes across the country. It offers international curriculum and international certification through its business partner Train Now, Montana, the US, he added.

The modules of the course are a combination of theoretical as well as practical sessions on in-depth knowledge about the call centres. It is packed with high quality multi-media like full motion, video, photographic imagery, animation and booming audio.

The course helps develop the soft skills required for today’s successful call centre agents and provides knowledge that is both timely and practical. The comprehensive written course guide together with CDs works as a ready reference for the student even after completion of the training.

He said that Akiko CallNet has set up its own R&D cell to keep track of the developments in processes and techniques used by the call centres.

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