Saturday, February 15, 2003
A U D I O  S C A N

A soulful rendition

Aa Mil Yaar
(Music Today)

WHEN accomplished artistes render spiritually refined poetry, the effect is divine all the way. This heavenly feeling can be experienced listening to this album in which sufiana kalaam of Bulleh Shah, Baba Farid and Sultan Bahu has been sung soulfully by Wadali brothers. The magic of their training in gayaki under legends like Durga Das and Bade Ghulam Ali Khan of Patiala Gharana is on display here.

Puranchand and Pyarelal Wadali hail from Guru Ki Wadali, the village of fifth Sikh Guru Arjan Das. This assortment of seven tracks is based on the Sufi thought of metaphysical love for the Almighty who is symbolised through the beloved. It starts with the popular qawwali, "Tere ishq nachaya kar ta ta thaiyaan …" of Bulleh Shah. Four other compositions are also by Bulleh Shah. If "Sone yaar …" (Ghulam Farid) is in praise of the beloved, "Aa mil yaar …" (Bulleh Shah) calls out to the beloved for union.

The album concluded with a slow, moving rendition of Sultan Bahu’s "Alaf Alla …"

The album has been brought out by Music Today in collaboration with ETC Channel Punjabi.


Tumse Milke 

This is the Valentine season when Cupid strikes not only young boys and girls but also cassette manufacturers. To cash in on the love in the air, many of them have come out with soft romantic songs, although most of these are remix versions.

This one brought out by Tips Industries has 10 songs mixed by Subhash Ghai, Viju Shah, Sandeep Chowta and Sulemaan. It also has a bonus track from Dil Ka Rishta. The title song (from Parinda) has been remixed by Harry Anand and is backed by a video, which is on all mainline channels these days.

In its other presentation, Tere Bina ..., Tips has mostly dance numbers. These are not complete songs but only the opening lines of various songs. That is how 29 of them have been accommodated in the album.

Most of them are from films Khushi, Dil Ka Rishta, Raaz and Dil Hai Tumhara.

Jaan Qurban
(Daler Mehndi Music

Daler Mehndi’s company brings out albums by the owner as well as by prominent singers from India and Pakistan. This one is by his kid brother Mika. It is an almost solo job because Mika is not only the singer but also the music director, composer and arranger. Rhythm, base guitar and keyboard are also credited to him.

He is not in the same league as Daler but it goes to his credit that he has managed to develop a style of his own. With experience, he is also gaining some fluency. But unless he picks up first-grade lyrics, he will not be able to do justice to his work.