Sunday, February 16, 2003, Chandigarh, India

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Grooms Wanted

Suitable preferably Jat Sikh medical professional match for my 77 born 5’-2”, Indian born and raised, US citizen, bachelor in Nursing daughter.  E-Mail:        11773F-OL

Seeking well qualified match for Punjabi/1976/5'-4" very fair & beautiful, postgraduate girl.  34470BN-OL

Professionally qualified (BE, MBA etc) match for Canadian citizen Sikh Rajput girl age 26, 5’-6”, B.Sc. nursing. Contact: 1812261897/E-mail:  5228CEP-OL

Suitable match for Jat Sikh girl M.Com, 28 years. Brothers in USA. Please e-mail at  or call 732-635-0452. 5329CEP-OL

Match for beautiful Sikh girl from well educated family. M.A. B.Ed. 36/5'-3". U.T. Govt teacher unmarried. No bars. Box. 5190CEP-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Hindu Kumhar Parjapati girl 29/5’ private teacher doing NTT. BoxSendmail 5285CEP-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Alliance invited for Jatsikh graduate girl 30/5’-5” homely, divorcee withoutSendmail encumbrances, respectable business family, settled in Chandigarh. Box 5604CEP-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

SendmailProfessionally qualified match preferably from Ludhiana for B.Tech Computers 5'-1" 1982, fair Garg girl. Send bio-data to Aggarwal, B-X-431, Neem Chowk, Ludhiana.   21348F.

Wanted Doctor Engg professional match in scientific field for Scientist girl 5’-4”, 32 years smart intelligent working in biggest cancer hospital (USA) coming in last week of March, early marriage, status family. Reply with photograph and biodata. Phone No. 0172-669541/669183/Mobile 9417008756. Caste no bar. Box 21434F-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Wanted well settled CA/MBA/Engg/educated businessman for good looking
Sendmail M.Com. Chartered Accountant Bansal girl 25/168cm. Father CA, educated family. Box 21403F-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for beautiful, simple B.Sc. DHMS, FWT & MCH Mair Rajput girlSendmail 33, 5’-4”. Simple early marriage. Contact Box 35000BN-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Compatible match for 25Ό yr, BDS NRI Sikh girl. Early divorce caste no bar.
Girl in India for 3 wks. Contact: 98143-56748. Box 21459F-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Qualified match for Sikh Tonkashtriya Canadian immigrant Ph.D. beautiful slim girl 5’-2”/71. NRI preferred. 0161-2429334. Box 21447F-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

American Canadian match for extremely beautiful Ramgarhia girl 21, 5’-6”
Sendmail doing M.A. Father businessman. Box 12136F-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Respectable and progressive Arora Sikh family seeking life partner for their
beautiful pretty slim well educated 26, 5’-3” US citizen daughter in teaching profession. Desire handsome caring honest 5’-8” or taller ambitious clean shaven MBBS/MD boy. Reply at  Delhi phone: 2391-8009 or Box 21405F-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Employed Engineer match for beautiful Ramdasia Sikh girl working as Engineer
Sendmail 30000/- p.m. in Reliance India Infra. Bombay. Box 5523CEP-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for fair beautiful Hindu Nai (non-professional) gir 5’-2”/26 M.Com.
Sendmail pursuing CA. Apply BHP. Box 12142F-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Jat Sikh BE/Dr./MBA/equivalent match (India/abroad) for beautiful 25½ yrs,Sendmail 5’-3½ B.Tech. Software Engineer convent educated only girl working world famous MNC salary 5 lacs+status family. Box 12094F-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Jat Sikh educated, tall match from middle class family for well educated, tall
Sendmail 33 years permanent American immigrant girl on California Govt. job, good educated family, no liabilities. Box 34998BN-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

NRI Army Civil Officer preferred Bank Officer 29/5’-3” sister married Army
Sendmail Officer. Box 12125F-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Qualified well settled handsome  preferably business family/officer class
Sendmail match for beautiful Sandhu girl 23/5’-3”/B.A. Diploma Textile Designing, high status transporation business family with urban/rural property. Box 12089F-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professional Jat Sikh match for 27/5’-3” slim, fair convented beautiful
Sendmail employed BDS girl father retired Superintending Engineer. Box 21422F-OL Tribune, Chandigarh

Match for Jat Sikh slim, smart 25, 5’-3” fair homely BA (Honour) MA Computer
Fashion Design qualified teaching convent school girl. Belongs from status family brothers Engineers relatives settled abroad. Contact: 2172, Sec. 35-C, Chandigarh. 21435F-OL

Suitable match for tall, slim, beautiful 29/5’-7” M.Sc. (Chem) M.Ed. adhoc
Lecturer from status landlord family. Box 12017F-OL Tribune, Chandigarh. 01826-276400.

Suitable medico match for tall, slim 26, 5’-6” M.B.B.S. girl from status landlord
Sendmail family. 01826-276400. Box 12018F-OL Tribune, Chandigarh

Alliance from Sood Khatri educated businessman or professional for tall, slim,Sendmail sharp featured Sood girl 24/5’-6” B.Com. LLB doing LLM, father well established bussinessman. Box 35031BN-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Wanted NRI match for beautiful Khatri convent educated widow 40, 5’-2” two
Sendmail sons 16, 19. Caste no bar. E-mail:  Box 12116F-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Alliance invited from Medico MD/MS professionally qualified NRI match for
Sendmail Sarswat Brahmin beautiful slim talented convent educated girl doing MD (Medicine) IInd year 27/5’-4”, father officer in public undertaking Brahmin/Khatri preferred, early decent marriage. Box 12109F-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for pretty slim vegetarian Himachali Brahmin girl March 73/157 settled
in Delhi MA (Hindi), computer course doing B.Ed. Father class-I officer, brothers two Engineer/MCA. Phone: 011-24674544. Send biodata, horoscope, photo. Box CC3227-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable NRI match for 25 yrs, BDS, USA immigrant Sikh girl appearing for National Board. Early marriage annulled. Caste no bar. Parents Doctors. Girl in India for 3 weeks. Contact: 98140-27184. Box 21458F-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Compatible alliance sought for Khatri 5’ B.Com. Jalandhar based working girl
Sendmail D.O.B. 2-12-75/9.10 p.m. from professional/service/business boys preferably from Jalandhar/adjoining region. Box 12179F-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Well settled professionally qualified smart handsome non-smoker,
non-drinker match for beautiful cultured Punjabi Hindu Khatri girl 29 plus 160 completing Ph.D. Medical Microbiology by April 2003 from prestigious institution of Northern India planned post doctoral fellowship in America. Early marriage, caste no bar, send biodata. Box 21465F-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Govt. employed 27/5’-1” widow 1½ years male child. Local
Sendmail employed preferred. Box 21490F-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for beautiful Jaswal Rajput girl B.Sc. Diploma in FashionSendmail
Designing 25½ yrs, 5’-5”, biodata with kundli. Box 12198F-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Businessman/Serviceman match from Punjab, Chandigarh, Ambala for Hindu,Sendmail slim, 26/5’-3”, M.A., Computer course, private teacher. Box 2036CEH-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Well placed Doctor Engineer MBA CA NRI businessman officer match forSendmail Sarswat Brahmin girl 5’-4”, Oct. 77 MCA 2nd year BCA Diploma Pharmacy, father class-I based Lower Himachal preferred biodata horoscope. Box 21492F-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for beautiful Sood girl 35/5’ looks 25-26 M.A. Caste immaterial, Sendmail
divorcee can apply. Box 2049CEA-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Sikh Tonkshatrya girl 28, 5’-2” B.Sc. NM B.Ed. M.Sc. Maths,
Sendmail father senior XEN, mother govt. teacher. Box 12217F-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Senior executive/Defence Officer for very beautiful, fair, Post-Graduate Law
Sendmail qualified Khatri Sikh girl just 28/165 from Defence family. High status business/NRI eligible. Box 12229F-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Gursikh Ramgarhia girl Kalsi M.A.  English (Pre) virgin 39/167 service business
Sendmail divorcee widower without libility no bar. Box 35188BN-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for slim, smart, 23/5’-1”, M.Sc., Math, B.Ed. Hindu Kamboj girl. Haryana
preferred. Box 12269F-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for 28+/5’-2½” fair slim beautiful Saraswat Brahmin girl B.Sc., B.Ed., M.Ed.
CIC Science Mistress in recognised school & coaching. Box CC3282-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Alliance invited for Hindu Khatri girl status family, 27+/5’-2”, fair beautiful Master of
Cyber Law (UK), B.Com., LL.B (India) Box 12246F-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

NRI/equal status well settled Jat Sikh match for smart fair never married MD Doctor
37/5’-1” Chandigarh based widely travelled abroad, most family members settled UK/USA. Correspond Box 12270F-OL Tribune, Chandigarh. Ph. 0044-208-4671225.

Match for Thakur 29/5’-6” B.Sc. B.Ed. girl, convent Teacher, six feet Box 24843ABOL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Alliance invited for Jaswal Rajput slim beautiful girl 25/154 B.Sc., PGD Env. Sc.
Computer, convent educated teaching in a convent school. Father retd. Defence officer, brother settled in USA. Send biodata with kundli. Contact: 01882-290054. 24856ABOL


IT company requires multi skilled PHP, ASP, professionals. Experience must. Email:   13711C-OL

Double storey house on 500 sq. yards  plot South Extension II New Delhi near market. Ideal for residential and commercial purpoes, genuine buyers preferably NRI’s may contact. 0172-660579, 0172-605576. 13747C-OL

Free consultation, one question on Astrology/Vastu (question time/date of birth must). B.R. Handa, Phone: 91-161-2470423. 34744BN-OL

Hot sale one kanal double storey Sector 37-A, one kanal Sector 36-A, two kanal 15D, one kanal double storey Sector 11, Chandigarh. Six kanal four kanal Sector 9 & 8, Chandigarh. Contact for sale/purchase Col Ahluwalia, 0172-660431. 13915C-OL

Deluxe secure accommodation available for students/working girls at prime location 2 kanal. 1559, Sector 36-D, Chd. Call: 0172-621622. 13832C-OL

Wanted a Civil Engineer Diploma/Degree with 5 year or more experience. Handsome pay. Contact: 98145-16502, 0175-5003461. Kothi No. 702, SST Nagar, Patiala. Meet with biodata. Nanda Const Co., Patiala. 13916C-OL


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