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Three marriage palaces demolished
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 21
In order to maintain status quo orders of the Supreme Court on the marriage palaces located within 1000 yards from the outer parapet of 17- FAD, Baddowal Ammunition Depot, the district administration today razed the ‘reconstructions’ done by the owners of three marriage palaces that were demolished two years ago.

Taking action against some residents for the first time, the demolition squad also razed three houses at Aiyali Kalan village for undertaking construction after a ban was imposed by the High Court.

In a joint operation by a team of officials from the district administration, police and the Baddowal Ammunition Depot various structures that were allegedly reconstructed by the owners of three marriage palaces, including Megha Resorts, Springfields Resorts and White Rock Marriage Palace were demolished in the morning amidst allegations of selective demolition action levelled against the authorities.

The action follows a month after the district administration had issued notices to these marriage palaces asking them to demolish the recent structures themselves till February 20 otherwise they would be forced to do the same themselves. Just a day after the time given to them elapsed the administration swooped on the alleged defaulters.

The co-ordinated operation began at around 10 a.m. when the officials of the district administration, police personnel and army officials, armed with a JCB machine gathered in front of Springfields Resorts and ordered the demolition of some structures that were allegedly reconstructed by the owner Mr Ajmer Singh Brar after the status quo order by the Supreme Court on July 9, 2001.

Three houses in Aiyali Kalan village were also demolished that fell within the 1000 m distance of ammo depot and were constructed after the SCs status quo. The houses belonged to Mr Parminder Singh, Mr Baldev Singh and Mr Karamjit Singh. While the demolition squad razed the structures with the help of a JCB machine in Springfields and Megha resorts, the owner of White Rock marriage palace had already assigned labour to demolish the structures.

The owner of Megha Resorts, Mr Vijay Kumar, who was protesting against the drive alleged that the administration had singled him out in demolition exercise as the squad had not demolished the boundary walls of two other palaces while that of his palace was razed. He further alleged that he had not done any construction after the Supreme Court orders but had ‘‘renovated’’ his palace in the time period falling between the first demolition and status quo i.e between June 5 and July 9.

Mr Rahul Bhandari, Additional Deputy Commissioner, who was supervising the operation maintained that the action was strictly in compliance with the Supreme Court’s orders. Showing the pictures of the status of the palaces on July 2001, Mr Bhandari said that Mr Vijay had done the reconstruction in October that year. Supporting his claims with the report of the Patwari of the area, Mr Bhandari said that the revenue official had submitted his report on October 25, 2002 and he had even told him not to construct the palace, but to no avail.

The ADC stated that Mr Vijay Kumar had organised a marriage party even last night in his palace while others have shifted their parties at other palaces.

Mr Bhandari said that this was the first phase of demolitions and they would start the second phase within a fortnight. The administration has also issued notices to owners of some other structures and some of them have even given in writing to the officials that they would raze the structures themselves. He added that the administration would also write to the Supreme Court against these owners on the ground that they violated the orders of the court in favour of the defence security and reconstructed the palaces for their selfish motives.

The owner of White Rock, Mr Shammi Kapoor, said that he had closed the marriage palace and had converted it into a farm house.



Raped by brother-in-law
Our Correspondent

Mandi Gobindgarh, February 21
In a complaint addressed to the district police chief, a married woman has alleged that she was beaten and locked up in a room in her house on February 18 and was raped by the younger brother of her husband. Her divorce case is pending in the court of District Sessions Judge, Fatehgarh Sahib.

She stated in her complaint that she was married to Pushpinder Singh, son of Sher Singh, a resident of Mandi Gobindgarh, about eight years ago and also has a seven-year-old son.

She alleged that her husband, a truck driver, was a drunkard and he and his family members used to harass her and compelled her to live with her husband’s brother, also a driver. She opposed their proposal and ultimately filed a divorce suit and began to live with her parents.

On February 18 there was a hearing of her divorce case, but her mother asked her not to go to the court. On her refusal, her mother called the younger brother of her husband along with an influential relative of hers on the telephone and hatched a conspiracy.

She further stated, “My husband’s brother entered the room in which I was locked after being beaten and raped me at night. No one came to my rescue. The next morning he went out leaving me unconscious and I was not able to move out. On Thursday I managed to come out of the house to report the matter to the police”. She presented a copy of the complaint to the Assistant Superintendent of Police, Mr Dinesh Partap, IPS, Amloh, on Thursday who marked it to the SHO, Mandi Gobindgarh. She distributed the photocopies of the complaint addressed to the district police chief with copies to the CM, DGP and other senior officials.



Multi-tier flyover proposed for Samrala Chowk
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, February 21
One of the busiest road junctions and probably the most problematic area for traffic movement in the city, Samrala Chowk, will soon have a multi-tier flyover. After intensive preliminary survey and studies of the traffic pattern, the Municipal Corporation has decided to go for a multi-tier flyover at this spot, which appears to be the only solution for decongestion of traffic.

For quite some time now, Samrala Chowk where the National Highway (G.T. Road), Ludhiana — Chandigarh road and Shingar Cinema road intersect each other, has been a major bottleneck for vehicular traffic and various adhoc measure to bring some semblance of order, have failed to yield the desired result. Even with the installation of traffic lights and deployment of traffic police personnel, the existing set-up is not able to cope with the amount of traffic on all these roads.

The MC Commissioner, Mr S.K. Sharma and many of the senior officers of the civic body had an exhaustive meeting with representatives of several firms here to finalise a suitable design for the proposed flyover which ought to be based on the long-term needs of the traffic movement on this stretch. More than half a dozen agencies, which made a presentation included prominent builders, traffic consultants, architects and surface transport experts. The firms, whose designs for the flyover were shortlisted, were asked to prepare a model of the project for final approval.

According to Mr Sharma, the intersection being a junction of the National Highway (Jalandhar-Ambala G.T. Road) and a state highway (Ludhiana-Chandigarh road), the MC would take the matter at the appropriate level with the Union Ministry of Surface Transport and the state government for sharing the cost of the project, which would run in several crores.

It was further learnt that the MC, besides taking up the redevelopment of several intersections in different parts of the city, had undertaken a study of some more road junctions where the flow of traffic needed to be improved. Besides, 19 additional sites were identified for development as parking places to meet the increasing demand for parking sites in the mega city.

With the completion of ongoing projects of elevated road between Jagraon bridge and Chand cinema on the old G.T. Road, Dhuri Line flyover and Dhandari Kalan railway overbridge, the traffic management in the city was expected to undergo a sea change, Mr Sharma observed.



Clock Tower shopkeepers living in filth
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, February 21
Hundreds of shopkeepers in the biggest shopping centres around Clock Tower are made to live with flying dirt, slush and badly damaged roads which have not only made their lives miserable, but were also badly affecting their business.

Due to ongoing construction of the elevated road between Jagraon bridge and Chand cinema, the entire stretch of old GT road from Jagraon bridge to Old Sabzi Mandi and farther have been dug up by the construction agency and even after the central pillars for the proposed elevated road have been erected, the agency, nor the civic body had bothered to repair the road which has virtually become a nightmare for vehicular traffic.

According to Mr Gurinder Sood, president, Clock Tower Association, the unsystematic working of the company, entrusted with the construction of the elevated road, had led to breakage of underground sewerage pipes and water mains at quite a few places, and inordinate delay in remedial measures had further led to stagnating water on roads and in front of the shops in several markets in this area. Besides, the dug up central portion of the road and pot holes on the entire stretch of Old GT Road were not repaired despite repeated pleas by the affected shop keepers.

He alleged that the indifferent and apathetic attitude of the civic administration towards the plight of several hundred shopkeepers had created a crisis-like situation for the entire trading community. “Several factors like persistently choked traffic, insanitary conditions and the chaos created by the construction of elevated road have created a situation in which the shoppers are turning away to alternative commercial centres thereby causing a massive loss of business to shopkeepers in the markets around Clock Tower.”

The association has made a fervent plea with the MC authorities to intervene and take necessary steps without any further delay for the repair of the old GT Road and proper sanitation in the commercial hub. The shopkeepers have also called for making adequate provisions for public utilities in this area. A detailed memorandum has also been submitted to the MC Commissioner in this context, added Mr Sood.



Damoria bridge — a traffic bottleneck
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 21
Traffic remained blocked for more than an hour near the Damoria bridge here today. Traffic cops were on their toes trying to make the movement orderly, but in vain.
The to diverted the traffic for some time it spaced out. The office-goers and other commuters covered a distance of 500 metres in more than 30 minutes.

The Damoria bridge, is an everyday traffic bottleneck. The residents who have to pass through the bridge are pinning their hopes on the elevated road, the work on which is in progress in the city.

Major cause of traffic choas at the point is the narrowness of the road and unchecked traffic from four sides besides the slow traffic of rickshaws, bicycles and carts. Encroachments on the roadsides has narrowed the road.

‘‘It is not a day’s problem. We have to face it everyday. If you have to reach your destination in time, one has to start atleast half an hour in advance. I have never found this place free of traffic chaos,’’ said Nikita who works in an office in Bhadaur House.

Those who have to reach Bhadaur House Market, Clock Tower Market, Air Conditioned Market and Phillaur have no other option but to pass through the bridge.

‘‘We are helpless as we have to take this route only as the way from the Jagraon bridge is even worse,” said Joginder Singh, a shopkeeper.



Altercation leads to traffic jam
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 21
There was a major traffic jam on Ludhiana-Malerkotla road opposite Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College today morning after an altercation between some students of the college and a bus driver and conductor. The trouble started when some students who were found to be travelling without tickets insisted that they had passes.

The jam continues for over an hour as more students and bus drivers joined the issue. A long queue of vehicles was formed on the busy road because of the jam leaving hundreds of commuters stranded and harassed.

According to eye-witnesses, the controversy started when a bus conductor and a ticket-checking Inspector demanded tickets from some students who had boarded the bus from Ahmedgarh. The students got agitated at this and stated that they were daily commuters and had passes. The students said the checkers were demanding tickets but were giving bad service.

The argument went out of control and soon the two groups came to blows. Clothes of at least three persons were torn and several suffered bruises. A PCR police party tried to cool the tempers but more force had to be called.

Police sources said a case was likely to be registered against both the parties for causing traffic jam as well as for indulging violence. The GNE authorities may also take disciplinary action against the students involved in the incident.



Nagar council poll nominations
Our Correspondent

Doraha, February 21
The filing of nomination papers for Payal Nagar Council poll, to be held on March 2, has been completed. Fifty candidates filed their nominations for 11 wards of the constituency. Following is a list of the candidates:

Ward No. 1 - Battu Ram, Jaspal Singh, Kewal Singh, Jarnail Singh, Dharam Singh, Ajit Singh.

Ward No. 2 - Rajinder Pal Kaur, Gurmit Kaur, Gurmit Kaur, Surinder Kaur.

Ward No. 3 - Bhag Singh, Dev Raj, Nirmal Singh, Parkash Ram.

Ward No. 4 - Hardev Singh, Gurbax Singh, Kulwant Singh, Harbans Singh.

Ward No. 5 - Manjit Kaur, Hardeep Kaur, Nirmala Rani, Asha Rani, Veena Rani, Neelam Rani, Anju Bala.

Ward No. 6 - Satish Kumar Soni, Sadhu Ram, Shankar Das.

Ward No. 7 - Nachattar Singh, Darshan Kumar, Mohan Singh, Balbir Singh.

Ward No. 8 - Manjit Kaur, Amandeep Kaur, Harjit Kaur, Manjit Kaur.

Ward No. 9 - Daljit Kaur, Malkit Singh, Partap Singh, Pritam Singh.

Ward No. 10 - Mehanga Singh, Bajinder Pal Singh, Vijay Kumar, Surinder Kumar, Tarun Soni, Shiv Soni.

Ward No. 11 - Gurdev Kaur, Baljit Kaur, Parkash Kaur, Kulwant Kaur.



Residents up in arms
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 21
Just a few days after a local resident allegedly died of a heart attack after he was served with an inflated bill of sewerage and water supply, the residents of Urban Estate, Dugri, are up in arms against the Municipal Corporation for sending them hefty bills for the last 22 months.

Mr B.R. Kaushal, president of the Urban Estate Residents Welfare Society, in a press note issued here yesterday claimed that the MC had issued the water bills of the 22-month period that had burdened the residents unnecessarily.

Mr Kaushal stated while they had agreed to pay the bills being the law abiding citizens of the country still it was the duty of the MC to issue the bills on a monthly, bi-monthly and six-monthly basis. He added that they were so sick of the attitude of the authorities that they were planning an agitation to protest against their policies. 



Gang of robbers busted
Our Correspondent

Sahnewal, February 21
The Sahnewal police claimed to have busted a gang of robbers said to be responsible for nearly 10 thefts committed in the religious places in and around Sahnewal, Dehlon and Ludhiana for the past six months.

According to official sources, three persons were arrested from near Sahibana-Jhabewal village by a police patrol yesterday night. The arrested include Vijay Kumar, son of Shivlal of Poornia in Bihar, at present residing in Rasila Nagar, Jamalpur, Suraj Ansari, son of Jalil Ansari of Mandi in Bihar and Mohammad Muraj, son of Mohammad Manjoor of Gonda in Uttar Pardesh. Besides handsome cash, a .303 bore pistol, knives, two mikes, one amplifier, one microphone, television, deck, two CD players and some sharp-edged weapons were found from them.

Minor found: A 13-year-old, who was allegedly kidnapped by a resident of Sahnewal two days ago, was recovered by Sahnewal police yesterday. The girl was allegedly kidnapped by Kulwinder Singh of New Colony, Sahnewal. The father of the girl had complained to the Sahnewal police and a case under Sections 363 and 366 of the IPC had been registered against the suspect. While the medical examination report of the girl is awaited, Kulwinder Singh has been taken to the court for police remand.

Scooterist killed: A scooterist was killed in an accident near Kanech village yesterday. The deceased, Manmohan Singh and his brother Satvir Singh were on way to Patiala from Amritsar when a scooterist, identified as Kulwinder Singh, hit them. Kulwinder Singh and Manmohan Singh were admitted in injured state to DMC Hospital, Ludhiana. Where Kulwinder Singh is still under observation. A case under Sections 279, 427 and 304-A of the IPC has been registered against Kulwinder Singh at Sahnewal police station.


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