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PU to review rejected cases
Sanjeev Singh Bariana
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh , February 27
Panjab University has constituted a high-level committee to re-look into the cases of rejected appointments in various teaching and non- teaching departments by the university senate. The review would be done " on need basis" keeping in mind the "financial crunch" being faced by the university.

In December 2000 the university said that the 'under study' appointments made during the tenure of the last Vice Chancellor stood cancelled. Prof K.N.Pathak, the Vice Chancellor, had also commented on the issue. Certain affected people approached the Punjab and Haryana High Court which without passing any judgement asked the university to decide on its own.

Earlier while the appointments remained undecided, the university's Board of Finance had "noted and approved" the action taken by the Vice- Chancellor in certain cases in the interest of the teaching and research. The Vice - Chancellor was authorised to make need - based appointments. " Probably, the appointments under consideration were not urgently needed. The committee can now clearly underline the importance of all new appointments", a member said.

It is felt that the decision to 'cancel' the appointments was made without putting up the item to the university Senate.

The committee members include Mr R.S.Verma, Prof R.D.Anand, Mr Ashok Goyal, Mr Rajinder Bhandari, Prof Santosh Sharma, Principal Tarsem Bahia and the Deputy Registrar( Establishment).

The appointments issue needs a study in the wider perspective. One cannot deny the fact that there existed a sizeable number of vacancies. There were 225 vacant posts in 2000 in the campus teaching departments alone. The matter of retirement age stills hangs fire. Certain teachers have approached the high court saying the university had no justification in following the Ministry of Human Resource Development circular seeking the retirement age to be 60.

However, in cases of a number of posts under consideration, the "justification" column for filling the posts reads as " post was advertised as per the draft received from the chairperson, but, no justification was given".

It is also felt that the university besides the current issue under consideration should do a complete re-assessment of the existing workload. The university is expected to go by the University Grants Commissions stipulation of at least 40 teaching hours per week from a teacher. 


Dr Minz to hold charge of PGI Dept
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 27
The Punjab and Haryana High Court has directed the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, besides other respondents, to complete deliberations regarding the creation of a separate department of renal transplant surgery.

Issuing the directions on a petition filed by Dr Jai Dev Wig, Mr Justice J.S. Khehar and Mr Justice Satish Kumar Mittal of the High Court further directed, "This process of consideration will be completed by the respective bodies involved within a period of three months. The decision taken be placed on the record of the case before the next date of hearing".

The Judges added that as an interim measure, Dr Mukut Minz would "hold the administrative charge of the Department of Renal Transplant Surgery. The charge shall not be under the supervision and control of either the Head of Department of General Surgery or the functioning of the General Surgery Department".

The Judges further added, "It is clarified that even the finances assigned to the Department of Renal Transplant Surgery shall be controlled and managed by Dr Minz under the Dean and the Director of the Institute".

In their detailed order, the Judges ruled: "The controversy in hand relates to the assigning of duties as the Head of the Department of General Surgery at the PGIMER. As of now, the petitioner has been assigned the duties and the responsibilities of the Head of the Department of General Surgery. It is the claim of Dr Minz that he is senior to the petitioner, it is he, who is entitled to discharge the duties of the Head of the Department of General Surgery".

The Judges added: "Representations made by Dr Minz have been duly considered. A direction has been issued by the president of the Institute to the Director requiring him to assign the duties of the Head of the Department in General Surgery to Dr Minz. It is this direction, which is the subject matter of challenge before the Court".

The Judges asserted: "During the course of arguments, we have perused a communication addressed by the PGIMER Director dated September 14, 2002. The communication notices the fact that the administrative control of the Renal Transplant Surgery has been with Dr Minz eversince his appointment as Professor.... Last but not the least, counsel for two respondents has placed on record minutes of the 102nd meeting of the governing body held on December 12, last year wherein while deliberating on an item, it has been suggested that efforts should be made for the creation of a separate Department of Renal Transplant Surgery...."

The further asserted, "It is the suggestion that has prompted us to require Dr Minz to inform the Court whether he would be satisfied if a separate Department of Renal Transplant Surgery was created.... Counsel representing him on instructions states that Dr Minz would be fully satisfied if a separate Department was created...." The case will now come up for further hearing on May 27.

In his petition, Dr Wig had earlier sought directions to restrain the Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare, the Director and other respondents against ousting him from the headship.

Claiming to have been validly appointed on the post in September last year, the petitioner had contended that Head of the Renal Transplant Surgery Dr Minz was pressing the authorities to appoint him as the Head of the General Surgery since he was a member of Scheduled Tribe. Even the National Commission for Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe was pressing upon the Director to hand over the charge to Dr Minz.

Dr Wig's counsel had contended that the two departments of General Surgery and Renal Transplant Surgery were separate. He had added that Head of the Renal Transplant Surgery was not equipped, through his speciality, to deal with General Surgery since it pertained to a much broader speciality. 


PUDA clears encroachments
Tribune News Service

SAS Nagar, February 27
In a major demolition drive carried out by a Punjab Urban Planning and Development Authority (PUDA) team, a year-old illegal structure blocking one of the main roads of Sector 68 was razed here today. This was followed by the team clearing a public park of illegal occupation by a nihang in Sector 69 who had placed the Guru Granth Sahib in one room and reared horses in another.

The operation, started in the morning continued till late in the evening today. The PUDA team headed by SDO, Buildings, Mr Ranjit Kumar along with four junior engineers, a Duty Magistrate and over 30 police personnel started the drive from the Sector 68 main road. Here the family residing in the illegal structure was given a two-hour notice to remove its belongings after which the team with the help of policemen bulldozed the house.

This house built over 30 marla of PUDA land belonged to a resident of Kumbhra village but allegedly did not leave the place even after the land had been acquired by PUDA and a plot as compensation given to him. The owner of the houses had built another house in the plot given by PUDA and given it out on rent while he himself refused to vacate the original house. According to PUDA officials, the house was right in the middle of a main road of Sector 68 and divided it from Kumbhra village. All development works, including laying down of water and sewerage pipes, could not be carried out due to this house. The PUDA team faced resistance from the house owner, till the police intervened.

In the second operation of the day, a public park in Sector 69 was cleared of illegal occupation by a nihang who had built three rooms and horse sheds in the park. PUDA officials also stated that the land was being misused as the occupant had planted poppy in the park and was rearing horses. The room in which Guru Granth Sahib had been placed was left untouched by the team. ‘‘We have contacted the Amb Sahib Gurdwara from where a team will be coming tomorrow to shift the Guru Granth Sahib.’’said Mr Ranjit Kumar.

Over the last one week PUDA team has removed illegal structures from Mohali village, Sector 48-C and Sector 57. As a result of these operations, including today’s, over three acres of PUDA land at various places in the township has been cleared of encroachments.

PUDA’s last operation for the day was scheduled for Madanpura village. More than 10 unauthoriesd structures had to be removed. The villagers on the arrival of the PUDA team late in the evening blocked the traffic and raised hue and cry. The team retracted. The road block by the villagers was removed by the DSP, SAS, Nagar, at 9 pm.


UK may go in for Indian EVMs
Roopinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Voters turned up in large numbers to exercise their franchise electronically in the just-concluded assembly elections. Of particular interest was the absence of the sharp rhetoric that had often accompanied the use of electronic voting machines (EVMs) in the past.

Reasons for the widespread acceptance of the EVMs are many. In fact, they are so good that according to Chief Election Commissioner J.M. Lyngdoh, many nations, including the UK and certain African countries, are interested in buying EVMs from India. They are also better than many such machines used in the US Presidential elections.

India has been using such machines in a progressive manner ever since the Representation of the People Act was amended in 1986. Interestingly, even though the Americans used a mechanical-lever machine for the first time in 1892 in Lockport, NY, their machines are not so reliable. This is largely because they have continued to use the old machines, based on antiquated technology, considered reliable because they leave a paper trail, i.e. the punch-cards that can be counted to verify results.

However, the manner in which these cards are punched became the root of the problem and words like “hanging chads” and “butterfly ballots” became common during the recounting of votes in Florida during the US Presidential election in 2000.

The latest voting machines do not have such problems, since they are electronic and are much improved. They have various advanced features like being tamper proof, having the advantages of easy operation, speedy voting, and giving instantaneous results.

Contrary to similar machines in other countries, the Bharat Electronics-made Indian EVMs do not have touch-screens and other advanced, user-friendly gizmos, but they also cost a fraction of such machines. As a result, the Election Commission is now in a position to conduct elections with EVMs, whereas many American counties are still making do with old machines, even as they test out expensive systems, such as the $14-million one in California’s Riverside County. In both cases, there is very low or no probability of any uncounted/ unmarked votes and no one can vote twice.

While by definition no system can be 100 per cent tamper proof, coupled with the kind of security precautions that are taken for ballot boxes, the indigenous Indian machines have proved themselves ever since they were first introduced in 1998.


BJP councillor booked
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, February 27
The local police has booked BJP Councillor from Ward No. 4 ( Sector 6 ) ,V.K. Sood, on the charges of criminal trespassing. The accused has, however, obtained an interim bail from a local court and termed it as a political rivalry.

According to information available, the police has registered an FIR under Section 452 of the IPC and Section 18 ( 2) of the HUDA Act against V.K. Sood. It has accused the BJP councillor of breaking the official seal of HUDA on his resumed property in Sector 5 and thus taking the law into his own hands.

The case against the BJP councillor has been registered on a complaint of the Estate Officer, HUDA, who has alleged that the accused allegedly broke the seal put on his resumed showroom in Sector 5 by the Tehsildar, HUDA, Mr. Bachchan Singh. This showroom had been resumed by the Estate Officer on February 17 and was sealed on February 18. The complainant said the seal was broken on the same day by the accused.

It is also stated in the FIR that the said showroom was allotted to nine persons on September 28, 1989. But resumption proceedings were initiated against the allottees for non- payment of installments since 1995. 


Panchkula eatery ‘ducks’ rules
HUDA mum on agreement violation
Ruchika M. Khanna
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, February 27
Flouting rules and regulations laid down by the Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA), a lessee of a cafeteria in a public park here has introduced various “entertainment oriented” sales promotion techniques.

The fast food joint, Hot Millions, running in Vatika Park in Sector 5 here, which has been leased out by HUDA, has kept at least 16 domestic ducks and introduced joy rides and other stationary games on the cafeteria premises, against the provisions in the lease deed between HUDA and the group.

The restaurant owners have kept the ducks captive in two small enclosures, kept on the rear end of the restaurant. These animals are released in a pond created near the cafeteria each evening around 5 pm, just as the restaurant begins to receive its customers. However, on Sundays the ducks are released just before lunch time.

Besides, a joy ride has been set up on the premises of the cafeteria, which the toddlers accompanying the customers are allowed to enjoy free of cost. Another stationary game has been set up, for which the player can buy a token for Rs 10 from the cafeteria counter and then pick up a small stuffed toy by maneuvering the mechanical hand in the game. The lessee has also put up glow sign boards of the eatery, which, say HUDA officials, is again a violation. Sources in HUDA inform that a few years ago, notice had been issued to the lessee for similar violations, especially with regards to keeping of domestic ducks.

Attempts to reach the Managing Director of Hot Millions, Col A.B. Singh, over the telephone proved futile.

It is learned that HUDA had leased out this cafeteria to Hot Millions in 1997 for a period of three years, which can be extended for three consecutive terms of three years each. The cafeteria had been leased out on a monthly rent of Rs 30,000, with a 25 per cent increase in each term. This is the third term of the lease deed and HUDA is getting a monthly rent of Rs 51,000 at a hike of 40 per cent in the third term.

When contacted, the Panchkula Estate Officer, HUDA, Ms Monica Mallik, said she would inspect the violations by the lessee of the cafeteria, if any, and suitable action would be taken against them.


Protest by footpath workers
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 27
Hundreds of members of the Footpath Workers’ Rozgar Bachao Samiti today held a rally at labour Chowk in protest against the UT Administration’s apathy by neglecting their outstanding demand of providing “dismantling structures” along the roadsides.

Addressing the gathering, Mr Subash Chawla, MC Mayor, promised footpath workers that the enforcement staff of the MC would not harass those who had already come under the survey conducted by the MC. However, he expressed his inability to fulfil the demand of allowing “dismantling structures” along the roadsides due to the non-clearance of the proposal by the local administration.

The Mayor also lashed out at the NDA government at the Centre for ignoring the weaker sections of the country while framing policies. “Had the MC been entrusted more powers, it would have definitely been the guardian of the weaker sections in the city”, said Mr Chawla.

Mr Ramesh Kumar Chandola, chairman of the samiti, while addressing the gathering claimed that a sum of Rs 2.25 crore had already been sanctioned for providing booths to them. But the proposal had proved to be a non-starter. 


Festival of Gardens results
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 27
Even as the Rose Garden in Sector 16 is all set to welcome visitors to the three-day Festival of Gardens opening tomorrow, the much-awaited results of some categories of contest were today declared. The first to be declared in the series of results is that of Class D which includes flowers and plants grown in pots. This category was kept open for amateurs only.

The results: Aster: Mahesh Parshad, 364/Ph-II, Sector 26, Chd, 2; Antirrhinum: Ram Sumer Mourya, H.No. 125/6, Pkl, 1; Verbena: Cynthia Shear, St. Xavier High School S/20, Pkl, 2; Salvia: Ashok Kumar Mourya, 125/6, Pkl, 1; Rama Shanker Yadav, 327.9-D, Chd, 2; Continental Device India Ltd. H.No. 15/5, Chd, 1; Ravneet Kaur, 18/3-A, Chd, 2; Brachycome: Jaswant Lal, 61/3-A, Mohali, 1; Mamta Trihan, 39/7, Pkl, 2; Cineraria: Rama Shanker Yadav, 327/9-D, Chd, 1; Ram Neval, 42/9, Chd, 2; Carnation: Lallan Parshad, 39/7, Pkl,1; Mamta Trihan, 39/7, Pkl, 2; Collection of Different Folliage Plants: Prabhu Nath Yadav, 53/4, Chd, 1; Mishu Kohli, 554/18, Chd, 2; Collection of Cacti: Shushil Kumar, 606/17, 1; Dr. Rajni Thareja, Principal, Hans Raj Public School, Sector 6, Pkl, 2; Collection of Succulent: Sushil Kumar, 606/17, Pkl, 1; Surinder K. Garg, HL-482 Ph-9, Mohali, 2; Bonsai Large Size Format Upright Style: Rupan Deol Bajaj, H.No. 522/16, Chd, 1; B.P. Singh, 1559/18, Chd, 2; Bonsai Medium Informal Upright Style: Prabhu Nath Yadav, 53/4, Chandigarh, 1; Rupan Deol Bajaj, H.No. 522/16, Chd, 2; Bonsai Miniature: Rupan Deol Bajaj, H.No. 522/16, Chd, 1; B.P. Singh, 1559/18, Chd, 2; Rupan Deol Bajaj, H.No. 522/16, Chd, 2; Bonsai Grown as Group planting Style: Rupan Deol Bajaj, H.No. 522/16, Chd, 1; Rupan Deol Bajaj, H.No. 522/16, Chd, 2; Rupan Deol Bajaj, H.No. 522/16, Chd, 2; Dahlia: Dr. Arnanshu Bahera, 8-H, P.G.I. Chd, 1; Varinder Sharma, 804/8, Pkl, 2; Dianthus: Prabhu Nath Yadav, H.No. 53/4, Chd, 1; Rama Shanker Yadav, 327/9-D, Chd, 2; Geranium: Rama Shanker Yadav, 327/9-D, Chd, 1; Vishal Singh, 1800, Sec 7-C, Chd, 2; Kale: Rama Shanker Yadav, 327/9-D, Chd, 1; Kavita Marriya Principal Residence, DAV College Sector-10, Chandigarh, 2; Marigold: Chander Bhan, 302/10-B, Chd, 1; Ashok Kumar Mourya, 3012/21-D, Chd, 2; Nemesia: Mahesh Parahsd, 304/Ph-II, Sector 26, Chd, 1; Rama Shanker Yadav, 327/9-D, Chd, 2; Rama Shanker Yadav, 327/9-D, Chd, 2; Nasturtium: Rama Shanker Yadav, 327/9-D, Chd, 1; Rama Shanker Yadav, 327/9-D, Chd, 2; Petunia Double Hybrid: Lallan Parshad, Kothi No. 39, Sector 7, Pkl, 1; Mamta Trihan, K.No. 39/7, Pkl, 2; Petunia Single Hybrid: Kavita Marriya Principal, DAV college, Sector 10, Chandigarh, 1; Cynthia Shear c/o Xt. Zavier High School S/20 Panchkula, 2; Continental Device India Ltd. 15/5, Chd, 2; Pansy: Rama Shanker Yadav, 327/9-D, Chd, 1; Rama Shanker Yadav, 327/9-D, Chd, 2; Phlox: Cythia Shear c/o St. Zaviers High School, Sector 20, Pkl,1; Paras Nath Mourya, 3012/35-D, Chd, 1; Any other flower: Col. Gurmit Singh, 3268/35-D, Chd, 1; Ravneet Kaur, 18/3-A, Chd, 2; Mishu Kohli, 554/18, Chd, 2.


Insurance employees’ meeting
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 27
A general meeting of LIC and general insurance employees was held here today to protest against the government’s move to privatise the insurance sector. Mr N.M. Sundaram president, and Mr K. Venugopal, general secretary of the All-India Insurance Employees’ Association (AIIEA), dwelt at the decisions of the recently held 19 th General Conference of AIIEA at Raipur.

Addressing the employees, Mr R.P. Manchanda, a former president of the AIIEA, said the union’s struggle had checked the government’s move to privatise the LIC and GIC. The speakers urged the employees to implement these decisions. 


Docs have fun at Springfest
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, February 27
For the young doctors at the PGI, it was time to have some fun. Taking a break from their daily routine, the doctors and other staff members, dressed up in casuals, walked up to Bhargava Auditorium for participating in the ongoing annual cultural extravaganza — Springfest-2003.

As some made themselves comfortable on the seats, others appeared on the stage to entertain the audience. Normally moving on the campus with a serious expression, they laughed their hearts out as their colleagues enacted “mad ads” and “twisted movies”. Late in the evening excitement broke loose at the Upper Cafe as the youngsters twirled round to the impressive beats of latest dance numbers.


7 children held for theft
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 27
The police today arrested seven children from Bapu Dham for allegedly stealing electrical gadgets worth over Rs 50,000. The suspects had unloaded at least three big cartons from a truck parked in the transport area of Sector 26 here today.

They were produced before the UT Chief Judicial Magistrate, Mr C.L. Mohal, who sent them to a juvenile home. Manu, Sanjeev Kumar, Mitar Pal, Ram Avtar, Ram Dass, Soni, Mohinder had allegedly stolen the electrical gadgets. A case under Section 379 of the IPC has been registered at the Sector 26 police station.


Hero Honda to launch cruise bike
Manoj Kumar
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 27
Hero Honda Autos Limited, which has emerged as the world’s no 1 motor cycle manufacturer, is all set to launch a new 200 cc plus cruise bike by April this year. It would offer another option to the buyers in the limited upper income segment. Despite a marginal fall in the market share in the national market, the company still dominates the Indian market, says Mr Kamal Karmachandani, area manager, Hero Honda Ltd.

He points out that the company had rather succeeded in increasing its share in the Punjab and Chandigarh market by 4 per cent, from 41 to 45 per cent during April, 2002, to January, 2003, period in the motor cycle market. It has about 27 per cent share in the two-wheeler market at the national level. He claims that the company’s focussed approach to produce bikes of international standards with the maximum mileage had helped win the trust of customers.

Elaborating the cause of the company’s dominance in the market, he says during the late eighties when other two-wheeler companies failed to understand the shift in the market from scooter to motorcycles, the Hero group entered into an alliance with Honda, and brought out the finest model in the market. Easy availability of finance, vast dealer network and assurance of quality spares and after sale service have further helped increase the sale volume. Consequently, its Passion, Splendour and other models have now become a household name in urban as well as rural market.

Hailing from Lucknow, Mr Karmachandani (36) did his MBA from Lucknow university. After having a stint in the marketing division of two other companies, he says, he joined the Hero Honda group in Lucknow, and worked for over six years there. For the past three-and a half years, he is looking after the marketing and service operations of the company in the Chandigarh region here.

Regarding the growing competition from other models, he says, “I feel that despite cheaper models in the market, Hero Honda still enjoys the faith of the young segment due to no compromise with quality. Further, our continuous interaction with dealers and customers helps us improve our after sale services.


Hungry Inn opens
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 27
The doors of a new restaurant were thrown open to the public here today. Mr Yogeshwar Sharma, CEO of Hungry Inn, Sector 46-C, said the eatery filled the gap of a modern fast food joint-cum-restaurant in the southern sectors.

Done up in a colourful trendy fashion, the unit seeks to attract the youth with a DJ and Indian, Chinese and Continental cuisines.


NEW UNIT: Rittal India Pvt Limited, a subsidiary of the Rittal-GmbH and Co. KG, Germany has set up a new enclosure cooling unit manufacturing facility at a cost of Rs 20 million at its plant at Doddaballapur near Bangalore. This would cater to the needs of machine tool and automotive industry, said Mr Umesh, General Manager, Marketing, while addressing a seminar of managers of leading companies.

INTEL’s CLUB: At least 80 master trainers from all over the region belonging to Koshish, Intel’s Master Trainers Club at Chandigarh (MTCC), participated in its second open forum at DAV Public School, Sector 8-C. The event was presided over by Mr Vivek Attray, Director, Science and Technology, and Director, Technical Education of UT Administration. The chairperson of the club, Mrs Sarita Manuja, said Koshish aiming at harnessing the innovative potential of the master trainers to implement technology aided learning in maximum number of city schools.


Seminar by bankers
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 27
A seminar was organised today by the Indian Institute of Bankers (IIB) to celebrate its platinum jubilee. According to Mr P.C. Bahman, Assistant General Manager of the Oriental Bank of Commerce and honorary secretary of the institute’s local chapter, the institute is carrying out various activities for the benefit of bankers by conducting classes on JAIIB/CAIIB and seminar on banking and educational activities.

Mr Madan Lal, Regional Director, RBI, was the chief guest. He spoke on the economic activities and changes that had taken place during the past decade. Mr J.K. Deshpande, Deputy Director of the IIB, presided over the function.

Mr D.K. Khera, who was the guest speaker, spokes about HRD challenges in new technology-driven era and Mr N.S. Toor expressed his views on risk management.


Water purifier with 5-star system
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 27
Purity of water is of utmost importance for the well-being of a human being as impurities lead to several disorders.

JVR Enterprises, a Delhi-based company, dealing exclusively with water purification systems, in a press release here today announced a “water purifier with five star purification system”. The gadget is equipped with a pre-filter, ultraviolet tube and it sterlises to eliminate colour and odour. It also has components of activated carbon for eliminating chemical impurities from water.

The press release added that” the problem is that chlorine was common in water and it is suspected of causing cancer and overdose of chlorine leads to brain damage or nervous disorder”. This can lead to clogged arteries which means a heart attack. Water was an issue which needed great care for personal and family care.Back

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