Saturday, March 8, 2003
M A I N   F E A T U R E

A realistic depiction of life
Moti Lal Verma

Satpal VermaSATPAL Verma is a rare name among those self-taught realist painters who have expressed life in its different moods. This artist, also fond of classical music, was born on May 2, 1930, in Ganganagar, Rajasthan.

Dulhan, a pencil sketch, by Verma
Dulhan, a pencil sketch, by Verma

Depicting men, women, palaces, forts, flora and fauna, his paintings give a new dimension to the untouched issues of human life. Whenever he gets enamoured by any scene, he likes to capture it on canvas.

How do the trees and plants look when they are hit by a cyclone? Red, pink or blue - what does the sky look like in the morning and the evening? What expressions appear on the face of a child while he is weeping? What emotion is depicted on a mother's face when she is feeding her child? This he has portrayed on a painting titled 'Vatsalya' in which a sheep is shown feeding a ram. Through this painting he has depicted mother's love and affection.


The Shining Desert, a painting
The Shining Desert, a painting

Besides concentrating on nature, he also uses the medium of painting to tell you about sorrow and social evils afflicting our society. In a painting titled 'who is burning?' he hits out at the practice of giving and receiving dowry. This painting shows a burning woman with Parliament in the background. Some of his paintings lay bare the socio-economic problems of rural India.

Satpal Verma has 225 paintings to his credit. Even though this artist has had no formal training in art, he has students doing Ph.D. coming to him for guidance in realistic work.

Some of his famous paintings are 'Himalayan Shepherd', 'Kangra Lass' 'Junagarh Fort', 'Mamta', 'Innocent Tears', 'At the Spinning Mill', Chattrapati Shivaji', 'Sohni Mahiwal', Moonlit Night', 'The Glittering Taj', 'An Old Warrior', 'Last Shade of Life', 'Life Cycle', 'Rural Radiance', 'Jaigath Fort' and 'Shining Desert'.