Saturday, March 8, 2003
R H Y M E  T I M E

A journey of love

After a long time of search,

I want to rest,

New as I have found you,

I have forgotten the rest.

Donít you feel the same!

Believe me!

This is no game.

Make me your shadow, please

Let my passion openly release

Let my hand touch yours,

Then the pure love will pour

So donít let me fail.

Let the ship of our love sail,

ó Bimal Walia, Class XII,
GMSS-33D, Chandigarh.


Father and son

Once upon a time, there was a lad

Fond of cricket and his dad

Cool friends and family he had

But one thing about him was bad

For cricket, he was quite mad

Just one thing used to make him sad

Loses in the game was that

But still he used to live quite glad

All in all, a cool life he had

But one day, rather a night

A big storm came into his life

And attacked on him with its full might

No one else, but his dear dad died

Crushed by a lorry on the road side

He saw the intolerable sight

And lost his mind

The poor boy, as a result, got away

from his dad, friends, and school that day

Never again he tried or was gay

Quite helpless in chair, he used to lay

Never again heard voice of his dear one

Never, with his friends, had fun

His childhood was all done

Now he has no companion, none

But he is here to do his fatherís undone

So that is the story of father to the son

ó Akashdeep Kamra, Class X,
DAV Public School, Patiala

For you, Kalpana

Kalpana, shining up there among the stars

Now you are theirs, earlier you were ours.

You now belong to the limitless space,

Made us alone and left sadness on our face.

We will always remember you,

For your achievements which were never few.

You made us aim, to touch the height,

With our hard work and our might.

We will always respect your dedication,

Towards your work and bring out the same with elation.

ó Prachi Minglani, Class X,
Bhavan Vidyalaya Panchkula