Saturday, March 22, 2003
M A I N   F E A T U R E

Smile is a laugh in whisper!
I.M. Soni

WHEN you are down in the dumps, smile. You protest: how can this be possible. It is possible. And see the results.

When I feel the need to uplift my mood, I smile. Then I get so busy watching the reaction of others that I forget what had pulled me down in the first place.

It means to smile you have to raise the apples of your cheeks! As these apples go up, so go your spirits. You become pink and perky. Lower your apples, and down go your spirits.

Go to a crowded market and smile. Some people (warm-hearted ones) will smile back to you. Others may say to themselves: "He seems to be a funny fellow." Go with a vibrant smile on your lips and you will get noticed. Go to the market with a dejected expression and nobody will care a hoot for you.


A smile means pleasantness. It means that you like people. You are pleased to see them. It is a sign of inner radiance and an effort to charm.

The best thing about smile is that it is twice blessed. It pleases him that gives. And him that receives.

A smile can work wonders at home too (where it is needed the most but is used the least). Family members scowl more often than they smile. They forget that it is impossible to shout or scowl when they are smiling.

I have known from personal experience that when we are in a sunny mood, the radiance spreads to others too. It means smiling is "infectious".

Understandably, a smiling woman becomes the queen bee of her hive! When she is in a radiant mood, she hugs, kisses her children. She pats them on the cheek. She prepares their tiffin with loving care. She even goes to the extent of pampering her mother-in-law, however, peevish she might be.

The magic of smile naturally and effortlessly travels to the bedroom. The room, which all day had looked dull, drab and dreary, begins to look multi-hued. She paints a touch of romance in it.

A famous American actress was once asked how she "seduced" her husband. She replied, "I look at him and smile. He is trapped!"

Many honest wives reading this article will concede, however, grudgingly, that their smile has often done him in! And yet, they are miserly in using this magic flash in the marital love-game.

They forget the two sexes complement each other. He with his loving valour, she with her smile and softness! Husbands like to be appreciated by their wives. They take lack of appreciation as criticism.

If you want to make your family happy, smile. If you want to adorn a plain face, smile. If you want to create sunshine on a cold, cloudy day, smile.

Smiling is particularly recommended to couples who find it hard to laugh, as a smile is a laugh in a whisper.