Saturday, March 22, 2003
R H Y M E  T I M E

Election world cup

The atmosphere is full of anticipation,

Liars queue for participation,

After mostly years five,

To host, ‘the election world cup’ does India strive,

Only those who master the Dark Arts

And have an illiteracy degree can take part,

The pitch with grass of false promises is cast,

And number of teams can be unlimited and vast,

To stun your opponent

Balls of false accusations are the component,

Just as advertisements are to players of cricket,

Campaigning is to those who get an election ticket,

India’s bank is always empty for the poor,

But there is always enough to afford politicians’ tour,

Vajpayee, Laloo and Sonia are players of wide renown,

Even Mayawati often gets success of her own

The players wear dhoti, kurta and a cap on hair,

The winners get a luxury chair,

On this chair dozing is allowed,

Just keep away from press reporters crowd,

Here are some scenes from the game,

Vajpayee bats and score well,

Mrs Sonia to bowl him out swells,

Narendra Modi got the catch,

He made it by supporting riots and giving lot of cash,

Wonder how with all that fat will Jayalalitha run!

Mind you, elections are never fairly won,

Out of dark measures victory is spun,

But with elections we must cope up,

After all it’s a part of democratic set up.

— Ishita Laroiya, Class IX-B, Sacred Heart, Chandigarh


What one should do

We are born to love, not to hate,

We are born to work, not to depend on our fate,

Success is always at our gate,

If we are never late.

We should always wait,

Before changing our gait.

To be happy with your fellowmate,

Always speak the truth at any rate.

— Akhil Sehgal, Class X,

St. Joseph’s Convent School, Ferozepur


What is terrorism?

It is the biggest enemy of patriotism.

What does it give?

Only expresses a desire not to live.

Why did it start?

When will it end?

No one know what will happen

What will it do all of a sudden.

Terrorism is found everywhere

No peace is found anywhere

From the peaceful land of India

To the rich land of America.

No one knows these questions’ answers,

No one knows what all we’ll have to suffer

Let’s see what we will earn,

Or what we will lose in this game of terrorism.

— Netika Walter, Class IX, Gorton Mission School, Kotgarh