Saturday, March 29, 2003

No matter what, applause is what they got

The boys boarded the home-bound plane grim-faced and unsure of public response. It was, however, just a matter of seconds, says Ashwini Bhatnagar, before the embarrassing silence was broken by a thunderous applause. The fans, though disappointed that the team was not carrying home the Cup, went all out to let Sourav and his boys know that second best was good too. No matter what, applause is what they got

Remembering the air fighter who knew no fear
P. S. Chanana
ERY few people in Patiala know about Mehar Singh after whom are named the sprawling Mehar Singh Colony towards the north of the city and Mehar Singh di Kothi on the Patiala-Sirhind road. The colony and the house are on the land allotted to the late Trilok Singh, father of Air Commodore Mehar Singh, in lieu of the agricultural land left by him in Pakistan.

Why fool around on April first?
Roshni Johar
IRST April is the day when funsters and pranksters come up with strange and weird hoaxes, sending others on a wild goose chase. The pranks played range from simple to sensational ones. "The headmaster is calling you to the staff room" or "Your shoelaces are not tied" are common junior school gags.

Learning to read between the words
Hazel Curry
say tomato, you say tomato. But at times it seems men and women speak a completely different language. The frustration of not knowing what your partner is thinking can cause relationship rifts. Translation is a life-long obsession for us all, and I estimate that by the time I get my bus pass, I’ll have spent at least a year of my entire life exhaustively deconstructing male comments with girlfriends.