Wednesday, April 2, 2003, Chandigarh, India


C H A N D I G A R H   S T O R I E S


Man sets himself on fire, dies
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April1
Gripped in poverty and disheartened after the death of his father, an unemployed migrant from Himachal Pradesh allegedly committed suicide in Hallo Majra village here, this afternoon.

According to the police, Satish Kumar (30) was living in a one-room rented accommodation at Hallo Majra. He allegedly set himself on fire after pouring kerosene on his body around 3.30 pm.

When the police reached at the spot, the door of the room was locked from inside. The door was broken, but it was found that Satish had already succumbed to his burn injuries.

An empty plastic can was found lying in a corner of the room. The police suspects that kerosene used for committing suicide was possibly brought in that can.

Mr Jagdish, brother of the deceased, who lives in Sector 22, also arrived on the spot on hearing about the death of his brother. According to a statement given by him to the police, Satish was unmarried and unemployed.

Talking to Chandigarh Tribune, he said Satish was feeling depressed after the death of their father, Charan Dass, in January this year. Their sister has also expired last year. “Two deaths in the family during a short span of time have made him depressed,” he added.

He said Satish was a school dropout and was not in any permanent employment. “He even worked as a labourer, but could not make both ends meet with the earnings. I often used to give him money,” he said. He admitted that Satish used to take drinks occasionally.

The deceased belonged to Gondpur village in Una district of Himachal Pradesh and had been living in Chandigarh for the past many years.

The dead body has been sent to the Government Hospital, Sector 16 for a post-mortem examination and inquest proceedings have been initiated under Section 174 of the CrPC.



Railway Board apprised of anomalies in Shatabdi fares
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 1
The Ambala Railway Division authorities have written to the Railway Board highlighting the discrepancies in the fare structure of the Shatabdi Express running between Chandigarh and New Delhi.

As per the revised fares effective from today, the fares of trains departing at different times is different, even though the distance traversed is the same. Passengers travelling on the Chandigarh-Delhi morning Shatabdi (2006) now have to pay Rs 790 for the executive class and Rs 410 for the AC chair car, while the fares for the Delhi -- Chandigarh morning Shatabdi (2005) are Rs 890 and Rs 480 respectively.

Similarly, for the Chandigarh-Delhi evening Shatabdi (2012), the fare is Rs 890 for the executive class and Rs 480 for the AC chair car, while for the Delhi-Chandigarh evening Shatabdi (2011), the fares are Rs 790 and Rs 410, respectively.

The revised fares for the Jan Shatabdi have been fixed at Rs 325 for the AC chair car and Rs 105 for the second class.

The Senior Divisional Commercial Manager, Ambala, Mr Aneet Dullat told TNS that though the discrepancies in fares had been conveyed to the Railway Headquarters, the reason for the same was not known. "The fare structure is devised by the Railway Board and officials at our level are not involved in such exercises," he said. Mr Dullat added that till fresh instructions came in from the higher authorities, the present fare, which became effective today, would be charged from the passengers.

Meanwhile, several counters have been set up by the railways to refund the difference in the old and new fares. Passengers who had made reservations on or before March 31 for journeys to be undertaken on or after April 1 had been charged as per the old fares. This, railway officials said, was due to the computerised system in which the new fare structure had to be programmed.



15-yr-old autos impounded
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 1
Even as the State Transport Authority impounded four auto-rickshaws in the city for being beyond the 15 year limit for three-wheelers, the Punjab and Haryana High Court took up a petition seeking directions to the UT Administration and other respondents for granting permits to auto-rickshaws with “CNG fuel mode only”. Next date of hearing in the case has been fixed as April 3.

In their petition, the Hind Auto Rickshaw Workers Union and another petitioner had stated that the authorities were granting permission to diesel autos. These, they had added, was neither economical, nor environmental friendly, compared to the autos with the CNG.

Union members have also sought directions to the respondents for quashing a public notice issued on October 16 last year imposing a ban on the plying of 15-year-old autos in Chandigarh with effect from January 1.

Claiming the notice to be violative of Article 14 and 21 of the Constitution of India, counsel for the petitioners had added on their behalf that around 2000 auto-rickshaw operators in the city would be deprived of livelihood. This, counsel had added, was also in violation of principles of natural justice. Counsel had further added that the notice was also liable to be quashed as it had left out major pollution-causing vehicles, including old buses, trucks and goods carriers.

Meanwhile, the STA and the police sent out special teams to check auto-rickshaws which are beyond the 15 year limit. The autos impounded today cannot be released. Another team will conduct late night raids at the Inter State Bus Terminus and the railway station when a swarm of auto-rickshaws from neighbouring villages and townships ferry passengers. Most of these autos have no permits and no clearances.



Free legal aid for the poor
Kiran Deep

Chandigarh, April 1
In order to ensure ‘justice for all’, the State Legal Service Authority (SLSA) has been providing free legal aid to poor persons and helping them to solve their disputes amicably at a pre-litigative stage. As many as 2443 cases, including matrimonial disputes, property disputes, accident claim cases, fraud cases etc, have already been settled by the SLSA till March 31.

A person, even before going to the court, can move an application on a plain paper, without any court fee, or send it by post to the authority for getting any dispute of any nature amicably settled.

With a view to provide free legal aid to deserving persons, the SLSA has been providing advocates at state expenditure at all District Courts, the Burail jail and the High Court. Financial assistance, as regards court fee, expenses for documentation, expenses for summoning of witnesses and other incidental expenses connected with litigation, is also provided by the authority.

Mr Sant Parkash, Member Secretary of the SLSA-cum-Judge of the Permanent Lok Adalat, said “Members of a Scheduled Caste or Scheduled Tribe, women or children, victims of trafficking in human beings, beggars, mentally challenged or disabled persons or those whose annual income, from all sources, does not exceed Rs 50,000, are eligible for free legal aid.”

He said victims of mass disasters, ethnic violence, caste atrocities, floods, droughts, earthquakes and industrial disasters, were also eligible for the free legal aid. He said in order to provide speedy justice, two Lok Adalats had been functioning on the premises of the Punjab and Haryana High Court and one in the District Courts. These courts were functioning under the aegis of the Executive Chairman of the SLSA, Justice N.K Sodhi, he said.

“The cases which cannot be settled at this level, are sent to the Permanent Lok Adalat functioning in the District Courts complex. Most cases are settled within a month or two here,” he said.

He said a counselling centre for settlement of family and matrimonial disputes was also functioning on the premises of the Punjab and Haryana High Court.

Those desirous of availing themselves of these facilities can contact Mr Sant Parkash, in the Addl. Delux Building, Sector 9, Chandigarh (fourth floor). He can also be contacted on telephone No. 742999, fax No. 742888 or through email at


Pneumonia alert
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 1
The Chandigarh Administration today received an official communication from the Union Ministry of Health asking the authorities to beef up the monitoring service for diagnosing patients suffering from killer pneumonia.

According to sources in the Administration, the authorities at the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, besides Sector 16 General Hospital and Sector 32 Government Medical College, have been asked to be on high alert.

Though so far not even a single case of pneumonia has been reported in the country, doctors have been directed to pay special attention to patients coming with respiratory ailments, specially from South-East Asia.

Now known as severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), cases of killer pneumonia have so far been reported in 15 countries. As many as 58 persons have lost their lives.



Notice to coop societies stayed
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 1
In a major decision which affects all cooperative housing societies, the Additional Registrar, Cooperative Societies, today stayed the notice served by President of the Progressive Cooperative House Building asking members to clear dues by March 31.

Since the President is a non allottee member, members of the society who have been allotted shares in the plots, moved an application against this with the Registrar Cooperative Societies. The allottee members pointed out to the order of the Chandigarh Administration of March 28. This says societies have to be bifurcated on the basis of allottee and non-allottee members.



Public transport vehicles flout pollution norms
Aditi Tandon
Tribune News Service


The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, clearly mentions that the Central Government can make rules regarding construction, equipment and maintenance of motor vehicles and trailers in matters regarding emission of smoke, visible vapours, sparks, ashes or oil and regarding standard for emission of air pollutants. Further, the Punjab and Haryana High Court had earlier directed installation of pollution check points at Zirakpur, Parwanoo and Kharar so that vehicles entering Chandigarh could be checked for pollution levels.

Permitted levels for diesel vehicles (smoke density in HSU)

(i) Full load: 75 HSU

(ii) Free acceleration: 65 HSU

Permitted levels of petrol vehicles (CO by volume)

(i) Four wheelers: 3 per cent

(ii) Two-three wheelers: 4.5 per cent

Chandigarh, April 1
The city may have adopted pollution control laws, as required under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, and also by the Supreme Court, but their implementation remains to be made effective. For long now, the pollution control norms have been flouted, adding to pollution levels of the city which, experts confirm, have been rising on account of enhanced carbon content in the air.

Private vehicles play their part in adding to pollution levels, but the onus largely falls on public transport vehicles which are plying in the city without following proper pollution control norms. A random survey of buses at the Inter-State Bus Terminus confirmed the problem. Many drivers contacted by Chandigarh Tribune could not produce the pollution under control (PUC) certificates which the pollution control laws necessitates. While some drivers were not even aware of what the PUC certificate was all about, others refused point blank to produce them. Some drivers produced “invalid pollution control certificates.” As per rules, the bus drivers plying vehicles in Chandigarh must get their PUC certificates upgraded every six months (as against three months in New Delhi).

These buses include some from Chandigarh Transport Undertaking, many Punjab Roadways Transport Corporation buses, PEPSU, Haryana Roadways Transport Corporation, Himachal Pradesh Roadways Transport Corporation and Rajasthan Roadways buses. A majority of buses entering the city from outside are not complying with pollution control norms. Many drivers informed that they had rarely been stopped by the traffic police personnel or the State Transport Authority people for check.

Mr Surinder Kumar, General Manager, CTU I and II, said that such cases could not be possible. He, however, said most bus drivers were illiterate and hence possibly unaware of PUC certificates.

Going by the fact that public transport vehicles are among the major sources of pollution, it is time the traffic police and STA began conducting regular and effective checks of various buses plying in the city. During the past, pollution has the main agenda across India, with even the Supreme Court ruling that no vehicle will ply on roads after 15 years. Every motor vehicle owner must ensure minimum pollution levels in their vehicles. Vehicles that flout rules can even be impounded, on a simple complaint to the STA. Those conducting pollution checks at many points in the city informed that a few motor vehicle owners came back to get their puc certificates upgraded every six months.



100 zoo carnivores forced to go on fast
Bipin Bhardwaj

Chhat Bir (Patiala), April 1
More than 100 odd carnivores of Mahendra Chaudhary Zoological Park were forced to go on fast today because of the accident of the vehicle that had been sent to Saharnpur to procure meat.

The zoo canter (PB-31B-8897) that was being used in transporting the food material collided with a motorcycle near Saharnpur city this morning. The mishap took place while the Canter was overtaking a protest rally organised by traders against the proposal of VAT in the city. Following this the irate protesters assaulted the zoo employees leaving them injured.

Sources in the zoo revealed that the Canter was carrying Mr Harpal Singh, a forest guard’ Prem Dutt, cook and Manoj Kumar, driver. They are returning to the zoo when the mishap occurred.

The director of zoo, Mr Kuldeep Kumar, confirmed the ‘forced fast’ of the carnivores because of the mishap. He made it clear that the carnivores would be fed on Friday, which was the actual day of fast for the zoo carnivores.

The zoo director also said a team had been sent to Saharnpur to bring the injured employees back. He, however, added that the exact cause of the accident could be known only after the arrival of the injured.

Though the Punjab Wildlife Department has given the beef supply on contract basis to Muhammad Kamil, a Saharnpur-based meat contractor, but the contractor was unable to provide the food stuff due to some reasons. To meet the beef requirements of the zoo carnivores, the zoo authorities had sent the zoo Canter along with the employees to purchase about 735 kg of meat .

Mr Kuldeep Singh added that they had to sent their staff members to Saharanpur the previous meat contractor could continue with the meat supply. He claimed that the contractor would provide meat supply from April 7 regularly. Lions, tigers and panthers were seen waiting for food in front of the gates of their enclosures whole the day.



Monkey menace: notice to Admn
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 1
Treating as a public interest litigation, a letter written by PGI doctors regarding monkey menace at the Institute, a Division Bench of the Punjab and Haryana High Court today issued notice of motion to the Chandigarh Administration, the Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh and other respondents asking them to give details of the steps taken to tackle the problem.

The development is significant as, according to sources in the PGI, the monkeys were creating problems not only for the doctors, but the patients also. Besides picking up the articles, they were also disturbing the peace. The case will now come up for further hearing on April 18.



Chandigarh has highest per capita income
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 1
Rise in the overall revenue of the government, marginal increase in earnings from industrial activity, besides the positioning of Chandigarh as city with the highest per capita income of Rs 44, 397 are among the major features of the Statistical Abstract for the year ending March, 2002, released by the UT Administrator, Lieut-Gen J.F.R. Jacob (retd). Notably over past year the consumption of power on per capita basis has risen a little while the consumption of petrol has dropped.

The publication is brought out annually by the Directorate of Economics and Statistics (Statistical Cell) of the Chandigarh Administration. Abstract-2002 touches all socio-economic aspects. It presents comprehensive statistics pertaining to various aspects of the economy of Chandigarh.

Though the Abstract is just a book of statistics, it reveals the changes which have occurred over the past few years. A reading between the lines reveals that the economy is growing slowly. The sale of certain products is slowly shifting out of Chandigarh. For example there has been a fall in the consumption of petrol and diesel. This is because of the opening up of additional petrol stations in the adjoining townships of SAS Nagar and Panchkula, besides the price difference.

The city has become a virtual water guzzler. But line losses are to be factored in these numbers. Figures says that each person in the city consumes 99, 000 litres of water annually. This means that every person uses a whopping 272 litres of water. Besides the losses due to theft and leakages, consumption of water is in watering of lawns, washing cars and water used by service stations and industry.

Another interesting fact is the fall in the number of foreign tourists staying in Chandigarh. The more number of tourists staying in hotels will mean rise in earnings for hoteliers and income through taxes for the government. The ‘Abstract’ also shows the growth of production in the small-scale sector and in large and medium segments of the industry.

The figures also show how agricultural produce has dropped. This is not due to the shifting of avocation but due to the acquisition of village lands such as in villages like Kishangarh, in Sarangpur, now Mauli Jagran.

The figures will be of immense help for the planners as well as the administrators.

The ‘Abstract’ also gives an in-depth information on agriculture, forest, health, livestock, industry, energy, roads, water supply, trade, finance, education, labour and employment, transport and communication, cooperation, food and civil supplies, social welfare and Scheduled Castes welfare, local bodies, tourism, entertainment, newspaper, intoxicants, state domestic product, electoral statistics and employees.

A section in the publication titled Chandigarh in Figures-2002 contains data on important sectors of the economy in concise form.

Detailed data pertaining to population, village and small-scale industry, water supply, government employees, Budget and expenditure, police, health and family welfare and climate, rainfall and land has also been incorporated in the publication.



Work begins on back-lanes
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 1
The concreting of 50 back-lanes of Sector 22-A, B, C and D commenced today. The local MP, Mr Pawan Bansal, formally started the work in Sector 22-C.

Earlier, a function was organised by the area councillor, Mr Pradeep Chhabra, that was attended by hundreds of local residents. While speaking on the occasion, Mr Bansal appreciated the initiatives taken up by the corporation in respect to development projects. He announced that he would provide all possible financial help for development projects in the city from his contingency fund.

“The concreting work would be completed in three-months”, said the MP.

The MP has provided Rs 9 lakh for concreting the back-lanes of Sector 22. He has also promised to provide Rs 4 lakh for developing a green belt between Sector 22-B and C.

Mr Subash Chawla, Mayor, while addressing the gathering announced that he would provide Rs 2 lakh from Mayor’s fund in addition to the MP’s announcement for developing the green belt. Mr Chhabra also announced Rs 2 lakh for the construction of a footpath in Sector 22-B and C. He said the green belt would be named “Moon Light Park”.



Stress on women’s role in Panchayati Raj
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 1
It is by strengthening the participation of women in the Panchayati Raj institutions that issues like female foeticide and domestic violence can be effectively tackled. It is with this motto that Priya, an NGO, is working in rural areas of Fatehabad and Mahendergarh in Haryana."Democracy can be a reality in India only if women raise their voice against domestic violence and female foeticide," observed Mr Shailendra, at a press conference here today.

He said that it had found in rural areas that women had started stepping out of the confines of their homes to take up the role of sarpanch or to raise their voice against social evils like dowry and female foeticide. "It feels very nice to see how women from the Dalit community are coming out and assuming positions of power in the Panchayati Raj institutions despite opposition from people," said Mr Shailendra.

He also informed that under the Hunger Project, the third Sarojini Naidu Prize for Best Reporting on Women in Panchayati Raj had been announced.



Haldia report condemned
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, April 1
The Haldia Committee Report on power sector reforms came under criticism at a meeting of the UT Powermen Union Chandigarh held here today. Terming the report as a failure, the Union decided to hold protest dharnas against it at all Electricity offices here tomorrow.

The Union also criticised the UT Administration for its reported move to privatise the UT Electricity Department. The powermen also urged the Administration to accept and implement their demands.

The Union also threatened to intensify its ongoing agitation if the Administration does not accept their demands. This was stated in a release issued by general secretary of the union, Mr Bhag Mal Rana here.



4.93 lakh PF statements issued
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 1
In fulfillment of its commitment to provide speedy and trouble-free service to the members of the Employees Provident Fund, the Regional Provident Commissioner office distributed 4.93 lakh statements of accounts throughout Punjab and Chandigarh today.

Mr N.N. Sharma, Regional Provident Fund Commissioner I, Punjab and Chandigarh, in a press note issued here today, said these statements were issued on the first day of the new financial year by organising separate functions at Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Bhatinda and Amritsar.

He said two cheques worth Rs 22.88 lakh, along with pension payment orders, were also distributed to members working in Punjab Agro Industries Corporation Limited and Punjab State Industries Export Corporation Limited. Account statements of the staff and officials of the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation, Punjab region, for the year 2002-03 were also released.

Mr A.D. Nagpal, member of the executive committee and Central Board of Trustees, EPF, impressed upon the employers to come forward and submit statutory returns in time thereby enabling the organisation to serve members in a better way.

Mr S.K. Aggarwal, Regional Provident Fund Commissioner (F&A), asked employers and workers to contact him personally in case of any difficulty.



Kids make full use of Fool’s Day
Monica Sharma

Chandigarh, April 1
Fools were not the only ones made to appear stupid on April 1 — All Fool‘s Day. Even businessman and top executives were not spared. If pranks were not played by their colleagues, their little ones kept calling them up in offices, once in desperate tone, next time to tell them that their contention was just a joke.

In schools, pranks on the occasion of All Fool’s Day continued through out the day. The children were sometimes asking their friends to look out for an imaginary bee or to cautious of a friend who was supposed to be in a bad mood.

Even journalists were not spared. An early morning call by a colleague warned a reporter that a murder had taken place. After he reached the spot, he was told on his cellphone that it was just a prank.

In Sector 17, a little one could be heard shouting, "Just for Rs 1, I will reveal the secret of becoming a multi-millionaire." As another student paid him the amount, the announcer whispered, "Do the same thing.... Anyway, do not mind, today is All Fool's Day".

This was not all. Just as a business executive stepped out of a showroom in Sector 17, he saw a Rs 100 note lying on the ground. As soon as he tried to pick it up, the note bounced forward. He tried again and again, only to encounter the same result. After at least four unsuccessful attempts, the resident realised that the note was glued to a fine thread held by a student. Hiding behind a pillar, he, along with his friends, was pulling the thread very time someone tried to pick it up.

All jokes were, however, not harmless. An executive, working with a multinational organisation, received an SMS to say that his girlfriend could be seen having lunch with his business rival. He rushed to the fastfood joint only to find strangers there. Frantic calls at her residence revealed that someone had sent a wrong message.

The message was later traced to a caller in Shimla who gave the executive the telephone number of his friend in Chandigarh, who in turn, had been asked by another friend to convey the message. After several minutes of hard search, the original sender turned out to be his younger brother who was all set to scream "April Fool".

One thing good about this year's Fool’s Day celebrations was that the Fire Department did not receive even a single hoax call. "Since morning, we were prepared of it," said an official in the department. "Perhaps, the kids realised that calls can nowadays be traced and the caller can be in trouble".



Bush's effigy burnt
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, April 1
Local units of five trade unions — AITUC, CITU, INTUC, HMS and ACTU — held a joint dharna to lodge their protest against the US-led war on Iraq and also burnt an effigy of US President George W. Bush in Sector 17 here this afternoon.

Speaking on the occasion, various leaders of the participating unions asked people to oppose the war. Some of the union leaders who spoke on the occasion included Mr Devi Dayal Sharma and Mr H.S Gambhir (AITUC), Mr Malkiat Singh and Mr Prem Singh Bhanger (AICTU), Mr Inderjit Singh Grewal and Mr Balbir Singh (CITU), Mr Rampal Sharma and Mr Janak Raj Khillan (INTUC) and Mr Mukkarram and Mr V.P. Vadhera (HMS).



Fire breaks out in Sector 30-D
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 1
A fire broke out in two booths of Sector 30-D market this morning.

According to sources in the fire wing of the Municipal Corporation, the fire broke out in booth Nos 23 (cloth shop), and 25 (tailor shop). Five fire engines were pressed into service. Both the booths belong to one person.



Orissa Day celebrations
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, April 1
Speeches and a cultural programme marked Orissa Day celebrations by the Utkal Sanskruti Sangh at Lord Jagnanath Temple, Sector 31, here today.

A former MLA from Haryana, Mr Lahiri Singh, was the chief guest and Dr Bhagwan Prakash Mishra was the guest of honour.



Baby found

Chandigarh, April 1
A two-day-old baby was found abandoned on the PGI premises, here last night. The baby was found lying in front of the Advanced Paediatrics Centre. The baby is said to be healthy. TNS



In defence of the ‘fallen’

AS per a report published in Chandigarh Tribune dated March 23, 2003 (Flesh trade racket busted), some unfortunate young women who had submitted themselves to the flesh trade were traced and subsequently arrested. Expectantly, as always, such incidents raise the proverbial storm in a tea cup. One and all, especially the self-righteous keepers of the society’s moral health, shower damning judgements on them and ruthlessly brand and treat the hapless women unkindly. Their unfortunate situation must surely be born out of a gnawing compulsion, perhaps only as a last-fling effort at mere physical survival in a hostile, callous and uncaring society. One has to be really driven against the wall to stoop to a conscious degradation of one’s self before resorting to prostitution as a means of sustenance.

Does anyone even care to consider the plight of these unfortunate women? There are many that readily sit in vitriolic judgement on these Godforsaken women, often with pathological enthusiasm. All of them, however, fail themselves miserably when it comes to offering a positive solution to this problem. So many of us have the good fortune to hold comfortable station in life. But how many among us have the moral standing and the courage of conviction to make an offer of a salaried job (a so-called respectable job) to them, which will enable them get out of this life ? Can anyone openly come forward to rehabilitate them by providing them with the requisite support that they may live a life of dignity as envisaged by a civilised society?

There is a definite necessity to urgently open our minds and see beyond the walls of self-righteousness. The harsh realities of life are far removed from the stained-glass moralities we absolutely adore to profess.

On the one hand through books, advertisement, cinema, T V etc products are sold with such overwhelming emphasis on sensate values that an unholy pursuit of sensation becomes a consuming problem in society. On the other, with a misleading facade, religious, political and social organisations pretend to express much concern with sexual morality in society; but they have no qualms in allowing us to perpetrate greed, violence and murder in the name of religion, caste, nation and what not. It is our own hearts and minds which first need cleansing if we are to genuinely uphold lofty moral traditions in society.

Besides, what about those who entice, abuse and push these women into prostitution, many of whom belong to the cream of society? They often go scot-free, to lead a normal and honourable life with their families, as if nothing has happened. It is a matter of shame for any society which claims to subscribe to norms of civilisation as we know it.

PANCHKULA, Vivek Khanna

Film personalities as Governors

A few Governors of various states are completing their terms very soon, which includes the present governor of Punjab, Lt Gen (retd) J.F.R. Jacob. There is news in the media that several retired high-ranking bureaucrats and former retired policemen are visiting important offices in New Delhi to get assistance from the top brass for being appointed to the all-important post.

The Government of India, a few years ago, appointed the Sarkaria Commission, which was asked to lay down the criteria for appointment of Governors in various states of our country. This commission headed by learned (retired) Judge of the Supreme Court of India, Mr Justice Ranjit Singh Sarkaria, suggested the following criteria.

1. He should be eminent in some walk of life.

2. He should be a person from outside the state.

3. He should be a detached figure and not too intimately connected with the local politics of the state.

4. He should be a person who has not taken too great a part in politics, generally and particularly, in the recent past.

The new Governor of Punjab, keeping in view the criteria laid down by the commission should be eminent in some walk of life and must also know Punjabi language, the official language of the state.

In forgein countries sports legends, artistes of eminence and noted film personalities are appointed Governors. In our country, despite the criteria laid down by the above commission, which has been accepted, too, no eminent person from the sports or film arena has been appointed governor. I would appeal to President APJ Abdul Kalam, who is to nominate Governor for Punjab, to appoint renowned cricketer Bishan Singh Bedi, or noted film legends Dharmendra or Dev Anand or Flying Sikh Milkha Singh, Mr Nek Chand, creator of Rock Garden as Governor of Punjab and Administrator of Chandigarh. Nek Chand, Milkha Singh, Bishan Singh Bedi, Dharmendra and Dev Anand have a clean past and are extremely well known.

Chandigarh, Narinder Singh ‘International’

Road conditions poor

Through this letter I want to attract the attention of the authorities concerned toward the poor condition of the road from Phase VII, Mohali to Kharar via Landran. The road attracts high traffic because of PTL’s combine division at Chappercheri, and an engineering College at Tanjori, and a polytechnic at Khonimajara. A number of accidents have occurred due to the bad condition of the road. Early action in this regard would be highly appreciated.

Panchkula, Munish Bahl



Glitz & glamour
All work and no play... still stay fit any day
Saurabh Malik
Tribune News Service

FLIPPING through History of English Literature’s dog-eared pages with her ivory chiselled fingers, Dharkan gained insight into the rise of novel, along with five kgs.

Today, reposing on a comfortable chair behind an impressive study table in her house, the under-grad knows all about Thomas Hardy and the pangs of slipping into a pair of denims with ends that simply refuse to meet.

In days that are no more, and will not come back until the examinations are pushed into the recycle bin of her memory, she would jog all the way to Sukhana lake. After pushing aside the quilt even before lethargic sun’s not-so-potent rays pierced the thick drapes, that is.

That was months ago, before the mysterious examination fever forced her to remain indoors. Now, she munches chocolate with caution, but is still gaining weight. If the fear of weighty books, and heavy-weight title, is pushing the mugged up lessons out of your head also, worry not. Instead of scratching your silky tresses, read out for a our guide to a fitter you.

First of all, don’t just sit behind the study table for hours. Try pacing the room with that book in hand. Initially you may find it difficult, but soon you will get used to the idea of “learning while walking”. If you think little walking is not going to make a big difference, you are mistaken. Experts believe two or three hours everyday is enough for you to “maintain your weight”.

This is not all. Instead of jumping into the bed for enjoying that five-minute gap in between two lessons, do some “spot exercises”. Calf raisers are quick and easy. Stand with your legs straight, feet flat on the floor.,Rise on toes. Lower and repeat.

Otherwise, fidget a lot. You may not know, but you can actually burn approximately 4,200 kilojoules a day if you swing your legs, tap your fingers and chew gum. Anything that keeps your body moving means you are exercising.

Another thing. Twirl your way to health. After all that mugging up, put on your dancing shoes and burn fat the fun way. You don’t even have to paddle all the way to a discotheque. Switch on the stereo and lose your blues, along with loathsome calories.

If you are unaware, dancing is an “effective form of exercise that gets your whole body moving”. In six hours of hitting the floor, you can shake of 7,000 kilojoules.

Last thing. Laugh out loud. Twenty seconds of laughing is the same as spending three minutes on a rowing machine. It works your facial, chest and abdominal muscles. So guys, don’t just sit there with your head buried in the books. Go, get up and stay fit.



Mars Speaks
Never too busy for workouts

HE is never too busy for exercises. In fact, ramp model-cum-law student Rajesh Sehgal drives down to the gymnasium daily even if he has to sit in the examination hall the next morning and scribble every thing he knows about the legal system and the Indian Penal Code.

"No, I am never exhausted after all that pumping and pushing," he asserts.

Passing his muscular hands through dense hair, he smiles. "Rather, the work out refreshes me up. I can concentrate better on my studies after lifting all those weights, so many times have I noticed".

Pushing back the chair, Rajesh, also a music-video artist and a keen cricketer, escorts you to a cozy little room illuminated by synthetic daylight.

"This," he asserts proudly, "is my home-gym. If I do not get time to go to the gym for weight training between 6 am and 7.30 pm because of one reason or the other, I make it a point to sweat out on the jogger and the stepper here” Good work. Keep it up, Rajesh. — TNS



Chic Pick 
Bang with bangles

ONE is just not enough. Slip on as many as you can. Nay, not for shielding your comely arms from Apollo's onslaught, but for that jingling effect.

You can go in for hexagon bangles, or pick up the round ones in steel, or in crystal. The ones with nice little `ghungroos' are simply alluring. The choice is entirely yours.

Before you drive down to the market for buying the bangles from the chunk jewellery shops, remember to carry the dress you wish to wear. It is always better to pick up the bangles in complimentary hues.

You can take home the ones in bold red, somber maroon or striking pink, depending upon the shade of the attire you wish to don.

On the spot comparison helps you to choose the right shade. Also, compare the two in natural, rather than synthetic light thrown by high-wattage bulbs. It can “change” colours. No doubt about it.

Another thing. If you buy the ones with nice little `ghungroos', just make sure that the bangles do not get entangled with your clothes.

Ghungroos are usually secured with thin copper wires that can pull out the threads, spoiling your suit for all times to come.

In case of glass bangles, make sure you do not forcibly slip them on. They might break in the process and result in cuts. You should always go in for bangles in a slightly bigger size.

Last advise. Get rid of the loathsome tan around your arms before you wear the bangles. This can be done with professional help or through home-made recipes. Anything you like. So folks, bang with bangles but only after making the preparations. — TNS



Tip Top
Attempt examinations but with caution

YOU have mugged up your notes well. Have tucked in an extra pair of pens in your hand bag, along with the roll number card. Are all set to scribble everything you know about the theory of demand and supply in your Economics paper. Good. But before you sit down to answer the questions, here are some tips. Just go through them. We will be telling you more about the art of handling the examination papers in the coming weeks.

Reach the centre well in time — half an hour before the paper commences, at least. Make sure you are sitting in the allotted room. Also search your handbag for objectionable documents, lest precious minutes are wasted arguing with the invigilator.

Talk to candidates sitting around. It will make you feel comfortable, besides giving you a sense of security. Another thing. Tie up with a friend sitting in another room. Try meeting him after the half time is over on the pretext of going to ease yourself. It will boost your confidence. In the end, do not attempt the paper till you have made up your mind after going through the questions. All the best kids. — TNS



Goodbye tan

HEY, gals driving up and down the geri route in you jaunty jalopies, remember to wear long white gloves for preventing tan. This is not all. Make-up artist Zameera recommends scrubbing arms with besan.

She asserts, "Every now and then, you should rub fresh milk, nicely blended with besan, kacchi haldi, lemon juice and bajra powder, for getting rid of the tan".

Also, wear sunscreen before venturing out. Make sure the composition is specified. The precaution is essential. Figures reveal one in three persons now suffer from hypersensitive reactions against one in six earlier.

It's not just red, raw rash you normally associate with allergy, but irritation and tingling too.

If irritation occurs, choose hypo-allergic ranges. Keep chemical-based products to the minimum. The natural, the better. — TNS



Top 10 songs for relaxing

THE examination season is here. No wonder, the entire day is spend going through the notes and books. But whenever you feel like relaxing, just listen to these songs. They will help you relax. All the best and happy listening.

  • Just ask your heart Frankie Avalon
  • Candle in the wind Elton John
  • My heart will go on Celine Dion
  • I'll be there for you Bon Jovi
  • Right here waiting Richard Marx
  • A little more love Kenny Rogers
  • Theme for a dream Cliff Richard
  • I just can't stop loving you Michael Jackson
  • Hello Lionel Richie
  • I just called to say I loved you Stevie Wonder



One gets bail in pension scam
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, April 1
A bail application moved by R.K. Gupta, who was arrested by the Central Bureau of Investigation(CBI) in a pension scam was today accepted by a local court. He was granted bail on furnishing a bond of Rs 25,000. Mr Gupta, along with B.S. Nagpal and Tejinder, were booked by the CBI for allegedly preparing forged documents related to pension of Baldev Singh and causing a loss of Rs 2.34 lakh to the government.

Three acquitted

Kuldeep, Sandeep and Anil, alleged to be involved in a case of dacoity, were on Tuesday acquitted by a local court. The three were acquitted as prosecution failed to prove the allegation levelled against them. A case against the three was registered by the police on a complaint of Mr Sanjay Khurana. The complainant had alleged that the three had decamped with Rs 1.10 lakh and lottery of Rs 50 lakh from his house in Sector 22 in 1995.

2 mobile phones stolen

Two mobile phones have been stolen in the city. Mr Aditya Nath Sharma, a resident of Sector 9, has reported that his mobile phone was stolen from the Sector 9 market. In another case, Mr Narinder Kumar, a student of Panjab University, has reported that his mobile phone was stolen from his room in hostel No. 4 of the university. Two cases under Sections 379 and 380 of the IPC have been registered in the police station of Sector 3 and Sector 11, respectively.

Caught red-handed

Rajesh Kumar, a resident of Palsora Colony, was caught red-handed while stealing building material from the Beant Singh Memorial Complex, Sector 42. A case has been registered against him under Sections 380 and 411 of the IPC on the complaint of Mr Gopal Singh, supervisor of the complex.

Four arrested

The local police has arrested four persons namely Beeru, John, Narain and Mahi Pal, all residents of Bapu Dham Colony, on charges of gambling at public place and seized a cash of Rs 300 from their possession. A case has been registered against them.



Inspector booked for graft
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, April 1
An Inspector in the Weights and Measures Department, Mr Pritpal Singh, along with his tout, Dinesh Kumar, have been booked on the charges of demanding bribe of Rs 8000.

While Dinesh Kumar was arrested, Pritpal Singh managed to escape. According to information, Pritpal Singh had demanded this bribe to give licence to Sham Singh’s weigh bridge. Pritpal Singh had been repeatedly calling in Sham Singh to his office for licence, but it was not given to him. Finally, he was asked to pay Rs 8,000 as bribe.

However, Sham Singh complained to the Superintendent of Police, who had asked DSP (Headquarters), Mr Desh Bandhu, and Tehsildar, Panchkula, Mr Ashwani Sharma, to investigate the case. The duo gave marked notes to the accused and Dinesh was caught red- handed.



Massive rise in city bank deposits
Ajay Banerjee
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 1
Residents of the city, which enjoys the highest per capita income in the country, are on an amazing saving spree. Banks are flush with funds as deposits in the public and private banks jumped collectively by a whopping Rs 1090 crore. Small savings are on the rise and recorded a deposit of Rs 271 crore. Another indication of the saving spree is a major drop in the number of vehicles sold in the city.

These figures are part of the Satistical Abstract , Chandigarh, 2002, released this morning. Deposits in banks are rising, rather surging. Figures in the abstract say that at the end of March 2001, public sector banks located in Chandigarh had a deposit of Rs 6841 crore, while private banks had deposits of Rs 2895 crore. One year later in March 2002, the figure had jumped to Rs 7375 crore for, public sector banks and Rs 3442 crore for private sector banks. March 2002 is the latest figure used in the abstract as it takes time for the entire data covering a wide spectrum of things to be collated and published.

Sources in the banking sector said the jump in the deposits was due to the presence of a large proportion of the salaried middle class in the city, which has little investment options like those exercised by the trading community. The fall of the share market and also losses faced in the non-banking finance companies had also attracted people towards the banks.

The real estate market is also offering limited options. The city also has a huge base of people living all across the country who put money here. Insiders say a large portion of huge amounts of money stashed away in the banks is from Non Resident Indians, who routinely deposit money in India as they get better interest rates in India. Also remittances sent by foreign-based children to older people living here add up to the kitty.

Another factor is the high number of retired people as they prefer banks. Several retired IAS, IPS and Army officers live here and enjoy huge pensions, which again come through banks. And, the figure does not include any cash lying in the lockers.

A large number of companies operating in Punjab and Haryana have their accounts here. Banking industry says the deposits have gone up even further since the data was compiled for all the 206 bank branches.



SBI ATM inaugurated
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 1
Mr D.P.S. Rathore, Regional Director, RBI, inaugurated the 16th ATM of the State Bank of India at the Sector 8-B market, here today. Speaking on the occasion, Mr J.P. Verma, General Manager (D&PB), SBI, said, ‘‘Out of the 71 ATMs in the Chandigarh circle, 42 have been already networked and the remaining would be networked by May 15.’’

He said the SBI had also decided to adopt ‘single window system’ at all its computerised branches in a phased manner and it had been already started functioning in 100 of the 320 fully-computerised branches in this circle. The bank is also customising a ‘‘core banking solution’, which will be put on trial during the first half of 2003-04. This would help transfer the branch data, he said, of all existing computerised branches to a centralised dare warehouse in phases. Mr Yogesh Agarwal, CGM, SBI, was also present.



Cream cheese launched
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 1
Britannia New Zealand Foods Pvt Ltd has launched cream cheese.

The cheese can be enjoyed as a spread on toast or parathas, as an ingredient in savory dips and sauces, and also in sweet preparations like cheesecake. During the initial phase of the launch, a free recipe booklet featuring Indian and Western dishes will be given with each tub.

This product is available in all major cities. Being a dairy spread, the cheese is to be stored under normal refrigeration conditions. It has a shelf-life of six months.



Exhibition of garments
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 1
A Jaipur-based fashion house, Janak Nandini, today opened a garment exhibition in Sector 22. On display at the exhibition are some of the finest ‘bandhini’ and ‘lehriya’ patterns in fabrics of all possible descriptions. Crepe, georgette, chiffon, kota cotton and cotton have been used to create a designer range.

Brought to the city for the first time, Janak Nandini, has also tried to create some new patterns by blending traditional designs with contemporary one. The idea is to make multiple use of fabrics..

The exhibition will continue till April 3.



Contest winners get prizes
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 1
Mr Swaran Bajaj, general manager (marketing), Spice Telecom, handed over prizes to the winners of ‘‘Spice-2003 Champion Kaun Contest’’ at a function organised at company showroom in sector 17 today.

The first prize, a Philips home theatre system, was given to Mr Devinder Kohli from Jalandhar and the second prize, a Philips music system, was given to Ms Ritu Gupta of Kapurthala. The third and fourth prizes were bagged by Mr Ajay Khaneja and Mr Sandeep, both from Chandigarh. They received a Philips 21” colony television and a Philips DVD player, respectively.


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