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Confusion over exam rules
Law students not allowed to write papers
Sanjeev Singh Bariana
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 13
The Law Department of Panjab University is in a piquant situation yet again as certain LLM students have not been allowed to appear in the ongoing semester examination for failing to have the minimum attendance. They were asked to leave the examination hall once they were seated.

However, LLB students who were facing the same problem on account of the shortage of lectures were allowed to appear in the first examination on the payment of a special fee. During the last semester examination, over 24 students were denied roll numbers for falling short of the required attendance. The university made at least four committees on the issue and finally the students were allowed to write the examination. The case is pending in the Punjab and Haryana High Court and the results would be declared only after the court decision.

Department sources said earlier the students short of lectures were allowed to appear for the first paper on the payment of Rs 80.

Prof Bal Krishan, Chairman of the department, said the issue pertained to a handful of students so it was not a big problem. The matter would be referred to the Syndicate and if granted permission, the students could write the remaining papers this time, he said. Since, the students would miss the ongoing papers, they could appear in the same during the next examination.

A student said in routine, short lecture cases were allowed by the university in anticipation of the decision of the Syndicate. This saved academic time of a student who might have had genuine reasons to miss the lectures.

The university had withdrawn powers of the Syndicate and the Vice-Chancellor to condone the lectures in 1999. However, citing the Law Department episode as an example, the university has restored the powers to the Syndicate as the Vice-Chancellor is learnt to have refused to take the responsibility.

As regard to the earlier provision of allowing the students to appear in the first examination on the payment of a special fee, the sources said the department was working out the details of the case before any decision was announced.

Khusbaz Singh Jattana, president of the Students Organisation of the university, said law experts themselves were unclear about the “laws” governing their own department.


Many students benefited from CBSE scam
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 13
Several students of CBSE in Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh “benefited” from the scam involving tampering with answersheets of this year’s matric and senior secondary examinations. The exact number of the beneficiaries is yet to be ascertained.

The scam was unearthed by the Operation cell of the Chandigarh Police. Seven persons are in police custody in this regard.

Police sources said the practice was continuing for the past few years. So far, around 70 beneficiaries have been detected. Students of some private schools and colleges paid money to improve their performance.

In the CBSE, the work of coding the answersheets was given to two contractors designated as Chief Security Officers — Mr D.V. Arora, a former Registrar of Kurukshetra University, and Mr T.S. Bhalla, a retired Senior Audit Officer from A.G. Punjab. As per the guidelines issued by the CBSE to the Chief Security Officers (CSOs), the entire responsibility of the process was with the contractors. The CSOs further appointed 33 security officers. One of the security officers, Subash, arranged around 60 daily wagers for the job of replacing the original roll numbers with factitious numbers.

Investigations reveal that a watchman and a security guard, who frisked those coming out of the collection centre, were appointed by the CBSE. A flying squad of the CBSE visited the collection centre daily.

The sources said the possibility of the involvement of private schools in the scam to improve the performance of their institutions was also being probed.

The Regional Officer of the CBSE, Mr Yograj Sachdeva, was not available for comments.

The arrested persons have been booked for forgery with an intention to cheat. Though the role of the contractor, D.V. Arora, in the racket has not been found by the police. The role of involvement of certain CBSE officials in the racket is yet to be probed.

A police official said the modus operandi of the gang was to lure students to improve their performance. A case under Sections 380, 468,471 and 120 B of the IPC has been registered at Sector 19 police station.


Johar inspects college, transfers Principal
Our Correspondent

SAS Nagar, May 13
The Punjab Minister for Higher Education, Mr Harnam Dass Johar, inspected Government College here today and seeing the poor upkeep of the institution ordered the transfer of the college Principal, Mr Tarlochan Singh Sohi.

Mr Sohi had taken over as Principal, recently and is scheduled to retire in about a month.

Mr Johar asked the DPI (Colleges), Ms Nisha Sarad, to set up a three-member committee to inquire into the various shortcomings and submit a report.

Officials, including the SDM, SP, DSP, and Estate Officer, accompanied the minister on the college premises.

Mr Johar, whose visit had been intimated to the college authorities in advance, was shocked to find the campus in a state of neglect. “Even the cremation ground looks better than this,” said the Punjab Deputy Speaker, Mr Bir Devinder Singh, who was accompanying the minister.

Mr Johar blamed Mr Bir Devinder Singh, who represents the Kharar constituency in which the college falls, and the DPI concerned for not paying proper attention to the maintenance and cleanliness of the institution.

Mr Johar had a round of the campus and found that the toilets were filthy and had broken taps and non-insulated electric wires. Unhygienic conditions prevailed in the canteen. Utensils in the canteen were dirty and benches were damaged. He found broken furniture dumped in the music block. He directed the college authorities to get the furniture reparied within a week. Sinks in the home science laboratory were dirty. The minister said the laboratory had been turned into a canteen by certain staff members. Biscuits and material for making tea had been kept in one of the cupboards.

The college campus had wild growth all around. The minister asked the Executive Officer of the Municipal Council to help the college authorities in getting rid of the wild growth. The Principal of the college, however, brought to the notice of the minister that as the college was always short of funds it was not possible to properly maintain the college permises. He said the college had only two gardeners and it was not possible for them to take care of the 28-acre college complex.

Mr Johar inspected the hostel complex coming up on the premises. Funds for the complex are being provided by the Union Government. The construction of 10 rooms, out of 40, has been completed but the work to be done by the Public Health Department was pending. Mr Johar asked Mr Bir Devinder Singh to get in touch with the officials concerned to expedite the work.

Mr Johar visited the shooting range set up on the college campus and said the institution was not making proper use of the range. He found that only one student was practising at the range.


Seminar on NCC awareness
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 13
A seminar on NCC awareness and motivation was organised at Shivalik Public School here today.

About 500 cadets from 21 institutions in Chandigarh and Punjab attended the seminar which was inaugurated by the Deputy Director General, NCC, Brig D.S. Dhillon.

Various dignitaries attending the seminar, including NCC group commanders and commanding officers of NCC units spoke about various facets of the NCC and encouraged students to join the NCC to improve their personality, leadership qualities and comradeship.

A documentary on aims, opportunities and incentives offered to cadets was also filmed. Associate NCC officers also gave lectures on the occasion. A cultural programme was also presented by cadets.


Cultural institute established
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, May 13
Established for promoting creativity among talented city students, a group of educationists have come together to serve the cultural and social cause of society through an institute named Srijan. Srijan is aimed at identifying, promoting and training the students for vocal music, theatre, fine arts, dance, creative writing and best out of waste. The students would be identified through a talent hunt to be organised in July. The institute will conduct inter-school and college competitions.

According to a press note, Mr K.L. Manuja has been elected patron of the institute. Dr D.S. Gupt is the Chairman while Ms Sarita Manuja is the co-chairperson. Dr Satinder Dhillon and Ms Santosh Bhandari are vice-presidents.

The new Secretary-General is Mr Charles Samuel, while Professor S.P. Khuller is the Secretary. Ms Suchitra is the Joint Secretary, while Mr Somesh is the Finance Secretary. Other members include Dr Anuradha Agnihotri, Ms Annie Charles and Professor Mahindra Kumar


Circular Motion

THE motion of an object around a fixed point where it remains equi-distance from the point at all times is called circular motion.

If your twirl a weight around on a length of string, you have to pull on the string to keep the object in circular motion.

This pulling creates a central force, called a centripetal force. The circular motion results from the force acting inward along the string.

In circular motion, there is always a central force responsible for the motion of a moving object.

All moving objects will travel in a straight line unless a force prevents them from doing so and changes the object’s direction.

A toy airplane attached to a string is a good example of circular motion. When force is applied to the string, the airplane files in a circle around the person at a fixed distance from him.

Another example is the hammer throw in sports. An athlete builds up force by whirling the hammer (heavy ball attached to a string) around him.

When he lets go of the hammer, it flies of in a straight line because when in flight, there is no force acting upon it to change its direction.

Angular momentum precession

An object that is in circular motion, such as a fan or a spin drier, has angular momentum.

The momentum of an object determines how easy or difficult it is to stop its motion.

Angular momentum can be worked out by multiplying the object’s momentum [ mass X velocity] by the object’s distance from its fixed centre of rotation.

For example, when a fan is switched off, it will continue to spring for some time because of its angular momentum.

The heavier the fan, the faster will be the spin and hence greater will be the momentum. Consequently, it will take longer for it to stop spinning.

When a spinning object, such as a wheel or a top slows down and loses its balance, it starts falling over to one side. This is due to force of gravity. It does not over fall right away. It slowly circles around its point of balance and gradually moves from a vertical position to a horizontal one. This phenomenon is known as precession.

How & Why: Gyroscope

A Gyroscope is a wheel that spins on a pivot. Once the wheel is set in motion, it will continue to spin on the same horizontal plane or level.

The gyroscope resists any influences that might upset the plane in which it is spinning. This is why gyroscopes are used in compasses on ships and aircraft for navigation.

The gyroscope keeps spinning on a plane that is parallel to the earth inspite of rough seas or turbulent air.



Beant case: CBI files reply
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, May 13
The CBI today filed a reply acting on an application moved by the one of the accused, Jagtar Singh Tara, in the Beant Singh assassination case in the special court in the Model Burail Jail. The accused Jagtar Singh Tara had stated in the application that he should be allowed to file an affidavit in the court that another accused, Navjot Singh, was falsely implicated in the case and had nothing to do with the case.

While filing a reply before the UT Additional District and Sessions Judge, Mr Balbir Singh, the CBI stated that the accused Jagtar Singh Tara could not file any affidavit at this stage. The CBI further stated that at a later stage when Jagtar Singh would be allowed to record statement in the case, only then he could make a statement in favour of Navjot Singh. Meanwhile, the statement of witness Girish Joshi, proprietor of the Kiran Hotel in Agra, could not be recorded as defence counsel raised objection that name of the witness, Girish Joshi, was not mentioned in the list of witnesses provided by the CBI in the case earlier. Thereafter, the CBI moved an application in the case to consider Girish as an additional witness in the case. The court adjourned the proceedings for filing of reply by the defence counsel.

7-year RI for robbery

A resident of Maloya, Ashok, was today sentenced to seven year’s rigorous imprisonment for committing robbery with an intention to cause grievous hurt. The accused allegedly assaulted the complainant, Raghuvir Kaur, and had stolen a National Saving Certificate of Rs 12000.The UT police had booked the accused under Sections 397 and 411 of the IPC.


Warrant Officer ‘didn’t secure Jindal’s release’
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 13
In a representation addressed to the Chief Justice of the Punjab and Haryana High Court, SAS Nagar resident Surinder Jindal today claimed that the Warrant Officer, appointed by Mr Justice K.C. Gupta of the high court, failed to secure her husband’s release from the illegal custody of the officials at Phase VIII police station.

She claimed that over 45 minutes were spent by the Warrant Officer at the Station House Officer’s room on May 10. Ms Jindal added that she and her counsel were not allowed to remain in the room. Moreover, the Warrant Officer talked to someone for about 15 minutes after borrowing a phone from a police official and did not disclose his findings to them.

She further alleged that the Warrant Officer acted under pressure and intentionally did not bring the detainee along with him. As a result, the police officers showed formal arrest of her husband and produced him before a Kharar court, she concluded.


Use it or lose it
A.S. Prashar

It wasn't long when fat people were regarded as healthy and prosperous. Even as recently as 25-odd years ago, celebrities such as Madhubala, Meena Kumari and even Hema Malini would be considered "too big" by today's accepted modeling standards. Today's society concentrates on a culture of convenience leaving many of our natural instincts as inappropriate, or not complying with proper etiquette.

Through the years there have been new equipment, best-selling books about new ways of eating, dieting, or special workout routines, each sharing the limelight until the next idea or fad comes along. But all professionally accepted information relates to our unhealthy lifestyle practices which leave the contemporary adult with increasingly under-utilised physical capacities. As a result, we suffer from frustration, aggression, lower mental clarity and decreasing physical ability each year. So instead of trying the next "new" or "in" idea, just look at what you do during a day for transportation, relaxation, food choices and general activity. By concentrating on these areas you're sure to save yourself a great deal of grief and maybe even some money.

Quality of life is what we all want. Good health helps us achieve a high quality of life. Fitness makes us want to live it every day. Recent times have witnessed an enormous change in the lives of people. Men and women have become increasingly conscious of themselves with regard to their health, fitness and looks. Today fitness has acquired a totally new meaning. Fitness is now treated as a broader concept and weight loss is a part of this broad concept. Fitness as a concept encompasses weight loss, weight maintenance, healthy eating habits, an active lifestyle, a positive state of mind, along with a healthy and glowing skin.

Why is it so difficult to lose weight? It's not good intentions, we all have those. It's the motivation to stay with an exercise programme over the long haul and lose the weight. That's what is difficult.

We all know we should do some physical activity daily. Our health is our most important asset to us and to the ones we love. Most of us find it difficult to exercise regularly. Maybe you just don’t have a lot of people to exercise with. There are lots of reasons to not exercise regularly. Generally it is easy to start to exercise, but really hard to keep it going. We all would like to have someone to exercise with. It is so much easier when we have a friend’s encouragement, this is where health and fitness clinics like ours play an important role, says Ms Rangoli Sodhi, clinic manager.

"The body speaks the language of the mind and is a reflection of one's inner self. A toned and healthy body speaks of a person’s optimism and inner self- confidence," according to Ms Vandana Luthra, the health guru who has set up an enormous health and fitness empire all over the country. As a matter of fact, VLCC has now become the single largest player in the fitness and beauty industry in India. A recent McKinsey Study has pegged the size of the Health and Fitness Industry worldwide at over Rs. 20,000 million.

"We offer state-of-the-art slimming and beauty treatments based on scientific principles rather than crash diets, artificial food packages, appetite suppressants and dermatologically damaging treatments", says Ms Sodhi. "Our sole aim is not to make people lose weight, but also to alter the entire lifestyle of the individual. We customizes the weight loss programmes as per the individual’s need, his medical status and body composition analysis. To ensure healthy, sustainable results, the treatment comprises of diet modification, psychological counselling and behavioural modifications. This results in a qualitative change in the entire life style of an individual, translating to a beautiful life.

Exploring the benefits of alternate therapies, We have also set up 'Aroma Studios' for both men and women. India's first comprehensive Institute of Beauty and Health Management has also been established.

Start your day right

  • No time ? Build a breakfast around foods that are ready to eat or take little preparation time. there are plenty that quality; fresh and canned fruits, milk yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese, ready-to-eat cold cereals and instant breakfast mixes.
  • If you always run out of time in the morning. Take you breakfast with you. some cut fruits or juice or porridge to eat on the way. Perk up cereals with fruit or stir chopped nuts such as peanuts, walnut etc., into cooked cereal.
  • You're on a diet. Start the day with a healthy breakfast will help you to avoid temptations later in the day. Try a bowl of cereal or juice, piece of fruit and 2 slices of warm, freshly toasted brown bread with your favourite stuffing.
  • Not hungry yet ? Drink juice. Something is better than nothing. Have some bread or crackers later in the morning, then drink some milk and eat some cheese, an egg or peanut butter.
  • Don't skip if you're on a diet. There's no evidence that skipping meals will help you lose weight. In fact studies show that most people who skip breakfast tend to eat more later in the day. Some even select more calorically dense foods than those who eat breakfast.

Here's the result of poor physical health: 

  • You can feel poorly, physically and mentally
  • You can shorten your lifespan significantly and miss out on some of life’s finest moments
  • You’ll sit on the sidelines while others have fun
  • You are not able to play with your kids or grandkids for more than a couple of minutes
  • You may not be able to help your loved ones when they need you

Here is how you benefit from good health: 

  • You will feel better physically and mentally about yourself
  • You will look younger and be more vibrant
  • Lose weight and live longer and be healthier
  • You will be active and enjoy life
  • You will be there for those who love you and depend on you 



New trends

If anybody wants to see the latest, high tech, digital products from Samsung - All they need to do is to walk into the established Samsung DigitAll home located at Sector 8-C, Chandigarh.

Samsung DigitAll home represents a new concept of display introduced by Samsung India, wherein the Company’s complete range of advanced, high quality products are displayed in a more interactive manner, with a more lifestyle orientation to the display, so that the customer can actually visualise the Samsung products in his/her own home settings. Thus, the company’s efforts in creating a modern kitchen in the Samsung DigitAll home or creating a Home Theatre experience in a Living Room set up using Samsung Projection TVs and DVD Player. The Samsung DigitAllhome showcases the entire Samsung Digital product portfolio: Plasma Televisions, DVD Players, Projection Televisions, ‘‘Plano’’ digital flat televisions and the entire portfolio of Home Appliances, including high end side by side Refrigerators. ‘‘The Samsung DigitAllhomes will complement our existing network of 25 Digital Plazas (Brand shops) in different parts of the country. We plan to increase the number of Samsung DigitAllhomes from the existing 9 nos. to 50 by the end of the year’’ states Mr R. Zutshi, Director-Samsung India. Samsung plans to set up 4 more Digit Allhomes in Panchkula, Amritsar, Jammu and Srinagar over the next 3-4 months.

The company has garnered a 27 per cent market share in the Flat TV Market as per the ORG Report for the month of March 2003. ’’ We are looking at further consolidating our position in the Flat TV market in this year ‘‘states Mr Zutshi. Samsung sold 100,000 Flat TV in the first Quarter which amounted a 22 per cent volume contribution to its total CTV sales of 450,000 units in this period. The company plans to further strengthen its colour television range by launching new LCD colour television models in the screen segment between 15’’-40’’ in July this year. Samsung India is targeting CTV sales of 1.2 million units in this year.

Samsung India Electronics Ltd is targeting sales of Rs 2800 crores for its consumer Electronics and Home Appliances business in the year 2003.


Miss India Pacific coming today
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 13
Femina Miss India Pacific Parmita Katkar will be in Chandigarh tomorrow. This beauty queen will give away “Certificates of Appreciation” to students of National Institute of Fashion Design (NIFD), Chandigarh, pursuing their short term course.

Parmita, the gorgeous beauty is also a film star with various movies like ‘Bas Yun Hi’ with Nandita Das and ‘Inteqam’ with Manoj Bajpai and Isha Kopirikar. Hot star of Jazzy B’s latest music video “Mar Gaye Tera Roop Dekh Ke” she also has to her credit the prestigious title of Miss Perfect 10 in the Miss India Contest. She features in various ad campaigns like Videocon with Shahrukh Khan, Toyota Qualis, Mc Dowells, Maaza, Horlicks, Dabur Hazmola.

At this passing out ceremony the students will be getting an opportunity to interact with the beauty queen wherein she will be sharing with them her experiences of the link between the fashion, design and glamour world and also the secret of her success.

After the handing over of the certificates Parmita Katkar will be joining the students for a special dance bash, organised to celebrate the students D Day at Discotheque Cyanide.


Chhattisgarh artefacts come to city
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 13
Come tomorrow and the city will rise to beautiful, earthy creations from the land of Chhattisgarh. Being brought to Chandigarh for the first time, the Chhattisgarh handicrafts and handloom exhibition, opening tomorrow at Lala Lajpat Rai Bhavan, Sector 15, will unveil the rich tradition of the state which boasts of a treasure house of skilled artisans.

An exquisite bell metal product from Chhattisgarh
An exquisite bell metal product from Chhattisgarh

Chandigarh has been chosen as the preferred centre by the Chhattisgarh Government to display the largest collection of its artifacts. On the eve of the opening, Ms Renu G. Pillay, Managing Director of the Chhattisgarh Khadi and Village Industries Board, admitted that Chandigarh had been chosen because “it is renowned for its appreciation of art and craft and also for its discerning taste.”

She spoke about the strength of the exhibition, which promises to take the visitor to a virtual tour of the state. “Titled Shabari”, the exhibition will feature the best collection of bell metal, wrought iron, wood, terracota artifacts, along with handloom, kosa sarees and kosa fabric, typical of Chhattisgarh.

She said the exhibition would feature an entire gamut of cotton, silk (kosa) and cotton silk blends (popularly known as “baftha”).

She said such exhibitions would ensure an increased market access for the artisans. At the exhibition, which would remain open till May 19, craftsmen and weaver societies would be selling their products directly and hence the exquisite products would be available at reasonable prices.

Some of the major attractions include bell metal from Kondagaon and Ektal, wrought iron from Kondagaon, wood craft from Baster and terracota and kosa from Champa.

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