Saturday, May 24, 2003
W O R D   P O W E R

Latin, Latin everywhere

Brinder Aulakh

DISLODGE an English stone and you will find a Latin presence under it. This week let’s go Latin hunting again.

I Match the abbreviations in Column A with their meanings in Column B.

Column A Column B

1. i.e. (a) for the greater glory of God

2. RIP (b) the Roman senate and people

3. op.cit. (c) that is

4. q.v. (d) written afterward

5. NB (e) namely

6. e.g. (f) in proportion to value

7. SPQR (g) May he or she rest in peace

8. ad val. (h) which see

9. viz. (i) in the work cited

10. AMDG (j) in the same place

11. ibid. (k) take notice

12. PS (l) for example


II Complete the following Latin phrases and pair them with their meanings in Column B.

Column A Column B

1. Sub j —— (a) clean slate

2. t—— rasa (b) until an unspecified date

3. ur— et (c) through or

-- bi by my fault

4. te— inco- (d) honorary


5. s—- die (e) before the courts

6. adeste fi-- (f) sanctioned by law

7. per d—- (g) at first sight

8. hon—— (h) O come,

causa all ye


9. mea c—— (i) to the city and the world

10. p - facie (j) daily

11. de j- (k) unknown territory

III Who said what? Put the speaker and his/her words together.

Column A Column B

1. Veddite quae (a) Dido

sunt Caesaris

Caesari et quae

sunt Dei Deo.

(Render unto Cae-

sar the things that

are Caesar’s and

unto God the

things that are


2. Alea iacta est (b)Terence

(The die is cast.)

3. Si vis pacem (c)Saint para bellum John

(If you want peace,

prepare for war.)

4. O tempora! O (d) Jesus


(Oh, the times!

Oh the habits!)

5. Spectatum (e) Julius

veniunt, veni- Caeser

unt spectenteur

ut ipsae.

(They wish as

much to be seen

as to see.)

6. Quo vadis? (f)Vegetius

(Whither goest


7. Omnes dete- (g) Dr.

riores sumus Johnson


(Too much freedom

debases us).

8. Non ignara (h) Ovid

mali, miseris

succurrere diso.

(No stranger to

misfortune myself,

I learn to relieve

the sufferings of


9. Nullum quod (i) Juvenal

tetgit non ornavit

(He touched noth-

ing he did not adorn.)

10. Mens sans (j) Cicero

incorpore sano.

(A sound mind in

a sound body.)

Answer key

I 1-c, 2-g, 3-i, 4-h, 5-k, 6-1, 7-b, 8-f, 9-e, 10-a, 11-j, 12-d.

II 1 judice-e, 2 tabula-a, 3 urbi, orbi-i, 4 terra-k, 5 sine-b, 6 fideles-h, 7 diem-j, 8 honoris-d, 9 culpa-e, 10 prima-g, 11 jure-f.

III 1-d, 2-e, 3-f, 4-j, 5-h, 6-c, 7-b, 8-a, 9-g, 10-i.