Thursday, June 5, 2003, Chandigarh, India


C H A N D I G A R H   S T O R I E S


Villagers feast on city’s water
Kulwinder Sandhu
Tribune News Service

Maloya, June 4
Even as the demand for water is shooting up this summer, pipelines carrying water to the city have been punctured near Maloya village, south of Sector 39.

When this correspondent reached one of the points near Maloya village, water was spouting out in a fountain about 20 feet high from one of the three main pipelines (BM-45-0-328163), carrying water from the Kajauli waterworks, situated on the main Bhakra canal, 27 km from the city. A few children were enjoying the fountain on top of the pipeline, about 8 feet high.

Twelve-year-old Raju, who was beating the heat in the fountain, told Chandigarh Tribune that the leakage in the pipeline had been continuing for the past many days. He said many children of the village and adjoining areas had been coming to the leakage point daily to bathe.

He showed two cement slabs where people washed their clothes, using the water leaking from the pipeline, accumulated in a ditch. A close look at the ditch revealed that a subterranean channel had been formed, ensuring regular supply of water to the ditch.

About 100 metres from the main leakage point, along a ‘kutcha’ road connecting the Maloya road and the Sector 39 grain market, a fresh water pond had come up, with regular supply of water leaking from the main pipelines of the Kajauli waterworks. A taxi owner was busy washing his Tata Sumo along the road while a few children were busy bathing. This Chandigarh Tribune correspondent identified three main leakage points in a vast stretch of vacant land, covered with bushes fed by the leakage.

Mr M.P. Singh, Commissioner of the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation, when contacted at his office this evening, expressed concern over the leakage. He visited the spot along with senior officials of the corporation to assess the damage and work out remedial measures. He ordered an immediate on-the-spot survey to ascertain if the punctures in the pipelines were accidental or deliberate.

He said one could not take the risk of repairing the pipelines now, making city residents suffer for at least five days. He explained that the pipelines would have to be emptied and dried before starting the repair work. The Commissioner said they could bear the loss of wastage of water up to 2 MGD, but could not make the people of the city suffer for a few days.

Mr Swaran Singh Kanwal, Superintending Engineer, engineering division, public health wing of the corporation, said these pipelines were laid in 1982 and each pipeline had the capacity of supplying 20 MGD of water daily. He further said the maintenance of the pipelines was the responsibility of the Public Health Department of the Punjab Government and they were paying the department.

Health officials ruled out the possibility of contamination of water in the pipelines as the water was coming out of the pipes due to high pressure. This did not allow foreign particles or dirty water to enter the pipes, they asserted.


Riot victim flays govt doublespeak
Tribune News Service

‘I’m not a riot widow’

Mrs Kashmir Kaur is not a riot widow, as has been reported in various newspapers. “I am married and some of the others among the five of us who have been chosen for immolation are also not widows,’’ she said.

SAS Nagar, June 4
Mrs Kashmir Kaur, one of the five women “chosen” for self-immolation in protest against the attitude of the Congress government towards the 1984 riot victims, today flayed the government for its alleged doublespeak on the PUDA housing policy for riot victims in Punjab.

Residing in one of the houses allotted by PUDA to riot victims in Phase XI here, she stated that the government was trying to mislead the media by giving a rosy picture of the housing situation of riot victims, especially when the ground reality was very different. ‘‘Riot victims living in flats allotted by PUDA in Punjab were promised waiver of penalty on instalments and payment of instalments of the original cost over the next 28 years at the rate of Rs 95 per year. But these promises were set aside the minute the Congress came into power. People in our colony have been charged with penalties to the tune of Rs 25,000, even more than the original cost of the flat when these were allotted.’’she points out.

Mrs Kashmir Kaur, who has also established a local women’s committee to put forward their demands to the authorities here, said the government should take up the cases of thousands of riot victims who were living illegally in PUDA flats in SAS Nagar and other parts of the state. “Where are the houses for them? There are over 200 persons in Mohali alone who are living in the constant fear of being thrown out of their homes. How many times are we going to be thrown out of our homes in our own country?” she asked.

Pointing out that PUDA’s scheme to provide booths to riot victims who had established “khokhas” in markets had failed to benefit those who were deserving, Mrs Kashmir Kaur alleged that the booths in the Phase XI market were given away to JCT and PTL employees instead. “It was done in connivance with PUDA employees, who were paid money to allot these booths. Since we refused to pay bribe, we were not given a booth. I had the oldest ‘khokha’ in the market but 14 years later, I still don’t have a booth.’’ said Mrs Kashmir Kaur, wife of Prem Singh.

Mrs Kashmir Kaur and her supporters in the colony have decided that a jatha from SAS Nagar will reach the Akal Takht. ‘‘After the end of the 10 day ultimatum, the number of persons chosen for self-immolation will increase to 11 and we will intensify our agitation.’’ she said.



Cong nod to privatisation of sanitation 
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 4
The Congress today allowed the privatisation of sanitation after initially showing resistance to Mayor Subhash Chawla’s proposal which had sparked off agitation by sweepers and created a chasm in the party.

In a marathon meeting lasting nearly five hours, unanimity emerged on a decision: “till permanent posts of 1009 sweepers are not allowed, privatisation could be tried,” The Chandigarh Territorial Congress Committee (CTCC) president B.B. Bahl, briefed the Chandigarh Tribune about the meeting. He said the councillors were get a final view of the Chandigarh Administration about the possibilities of the approval of 1009 posts of sweeper.

The decision comes as a shot in the arm for the Mayor, whose popular proposal won accolades from the residents for its promise to ensure quality sanitation, and who had scrapped the financial tenders in the wake of allegations of by-passing the general house.

The decision has also nullified the report of the nine-member all party committee of councillors headed by former Congress Mayor Lalit Joshi which had opposed privatisation.

With the Congress now rallying behind the Mayor in a delayed decision, the Mayor is likely to get his proposal through in the House with a solid support of nine nominated members who had reportedly given the Congress an ultimatum to move ahead on the privatisation of sanitation.

The party decided to exclude villages and colonies from allowing the contractor charging for house-to-house garbage collection.

The party also decided that the corporation should not allow the machinery donated from the Member of Parliament Local Area Development (MPLAD) in demolition drives.

The party decided to give another chance to councillors to express their reservations against privatisation at another meeting scheduled for tomorrow before the House meeting.

It was also decided that the party would oppose the imposition of property tax at 5 per cent and would demand that the decision of the House for a 2 per cent tax be honoured.

The party asked the Mayor to now get the approval of new terms and conditions of the contract from the House.

The approval of the councillors and the party came after the Mayor conceded to a demand of councillors to authorise them to issue certificates of satisfaction to the private contractors. The Mayor had earlier proposed this certificate coming from the residents welfare associations.

However, a rider has been added requiring a councillor to issue such certificates by 15th of every month, failing which bills would be considered automatically passed.

The four Scheduled Caste councillors, who were opposed to privatisation, agreed to the proposal after their demand of giving the contract to many parties was approved, Mr Bahl said.



Two killed in accident on Banur road
Tribune News Service

SAS Nagar, June 4
Two women were killed and at least 12 persons injured when the tractor-trolley they were travelling in overturned after being hit by a speeding truck on the Landran-Banur road near the Dehri village bus stop this morning. Most of those injured, including both the dead Surjit Kaur (70) and Harjit Kaur (32), were related to each other and belonged to neighbouring villages Jalalpur Bassi and Jalan Kalan in Patiala district, and were on their way to Saneta village to attend the bhog of a relative.

While the injured were immediately admitted to Civil Hospitals in Banur and Kharar, one of them, said to be in a serious condition, has been brought to the PGI. The police here has registered a case under Sections 279, 304-A and 427 (causing death due to rash and negligent driving) against the driver of the truck.

According to eyewitnesses, the tractor-trolley (PB70 2869), with 18 people on board, was coming from Banur side when it was hit on the rear by a speeding truck (RJ 02G0822) coming from the same side. The driver of the tractor, Gurdev Singh, lost control of the tractor and it fell into a nearby low-lying area with the trolley and tractor overturning in the process. While a few of those on the tractor managed to escape the fall, most of the other persons on the trolley got trapped under the trolley, killing Surjit Kaur on the spot.

An alarm was raised and villagers collected to help. Another tractor-trolley was called to transport the injured. While the body of Surjit Kaur, a 70-year-old resident of village Jalalpur, was taken to Civil Hospital, SAS Nagar, for postmortem, another 32-year-old woman, Harjit Kaur, was rushed to Kharar Civil Hospital in a serious condition, where she died later.

According to the information provided by the doctor on emergency duty at Civil Hospital, Kharar, Dr Rajiv Bhalla, another victim in a serious condition, Mahinder Singh, has been shifted to PGI, Chandigarh. Gurdev Singh and Gulzar Kaur, Gurmail Kaur and Jai Singh, both couples, are admitted at the Kharar Civil Hospital. Among those who are admitted to the Civil Hospital, Banur, include Harjinder Kaur, Labh Kaur, Shanti, Ram Kaur. Mahinder Singh’s younger brother, Jaswinder Singh, who lost his wife Harjit Kaur in the accident escaped unhurt. Some others, including Baldev Singh, Shri Pal Singh, Nasib Kaur, Harvinder Kaur and Jagir Singh, too, are said to have been among those with minor injured.

According to the information provided by the SHO, Sohana police station, Mr Sukhjit Virk, eyewitnesses stated that the driver of the truck tried to escape after hitting the trolley but was stopped just short of Saneta village by a Maruti car driver who followed the truck. The driver, Daria, is a resident of Hansi, Haryana.



Admn notifies bylaws on property tax
Tribune News Service


  • If a part of residential property is used for commercial purposes that part will attract tax.
  • Religious places have been exempted but its part being used for commercial purposes will attract tax at the rate of Rs 10 per square feet per month.
  • If for any reason the tax calculated comes to less than Rs 50 per month the minimum tax charged will be Rs 50 per month.
  • Commercial property belonging to war widows, war heroes, freedom fighters and or any other persons who have sacrificed their lives will be exempted from the tax.
  • If a person deposits the tax for the full year on or before the due date a rebate of 10 per cent shall be allowed and if half-yearly tax is deposited on or before the due date, a rebate of 5 per cent will be allowed.
  • Government buildings will have to pay service charges at 75 per cent of the rates prescribed under zone C.

Chandigarh, June 4
Property tax on commercial, industrial and institutional land and buildings has become effective from May 7 with the Chandigarh Administration today notifying the bylaws for property tax at 5 per cent of the annual rateable rent (prescribed by the MC).

The Chandigarh Administration has kept the draft bylaws unchanged, rejecting objections of the BJP to withdraw it and that of the Chamber of Commerce and Industries here to leave the industry out of its purview.

The imposition of the tax comes nearly after 17 years of tussle between the authorities and the people who managed to keep it in abeyance after a notification at 10 per cent of the rateable value on February 24, 1998, during the BJP regime.

With the fresh notification the February 24, 1998 notification, which was never implemented, stands rescinded.

The notification this time is protected by the Punjab Municipal Corporation Act, 1976 (Extended to Chandigarh).

The cash-starved corporation is expected to recover around Rs 15 crore tax in the year ending on March 31, 2004.

Sources in the corporation said the nitty-gritty of how the tax would be recovered was discussed at the meeting of the House Tax Committee held on Monday.

They said the corporation would get a booklet on bylaws published for the assesses and assessment forms would be attached with it. The corporation is evaluating three options for the collection— giving the collection to a private agency and keeping accounts with itself, collecting and accounting itself or giving the collection to a bank with a network in almost all localities and accounting being done by the corporation.

The sources also stated that as per the Punjab Municipal Act the non-payment of tax by a tenant could result in his eviction from the premises through a court apart from attachment of the property.

The notification comes a day before the municipal corporation General House meeting tomorrow, where elected members are likely to oppose the hike in the rate, at which privatisation of sanitation would also be discussed.

The notification has also come ahead of the Janata Dal(United) threat to stage a dharna in front of the corporation office seeking withdrawal of the tax.

Meanwhile, the Punjab Government has been asked to study these bylaws for implementation in the state.



No respite from heatwave
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 4
Residents of the city and surrounding areas had no respite today from the heatwave.

The city recorded a maximum temperature of 44.4°C today as against 44°C yesterday. The night temperature here was also high at 29.4°C.

Hot surface winds coupled with frequent power breakdowns in the afternoon added to the woes of people already reeling under intense heat.

The local Meteorological Department said Ambala recorded a maximum temperature of 45.3°C and a minimum temperature of 29.1°C.

Patiala recorded a maximum temperature of 45.5°C and a minimum temperature of 30.2°C. The maximum relative humidity was 40 per cent and minimum of 14 per cent, said an official of the department.



Heat-related ailments up
Tribune News Service

Symptoms of heatstroke

*Exhaustion, dryness of mouth and muscular cramps

*Vomiting and decreased urinary output

*Low blood pressure and dehydration

*Seizures, fits, convulsions and disorientation

Tips to beat the heat

*Drink at least 12 glasses of water daily and more ‘nimbu pani’

*Wear light and preferably cotton clothes

*Keep head covered when out in the sun, using a black umbrella, scarf or ‘dupatta’

*Apply sunscreen before moving out in the sun

Chandigarh, June 4
Due to the unbearable heat and the scorching sun for the last few days, the number of persons queuing up at city hospitals with complaints of heatstroke, prickly heat and sunburns has been rising constantly.

One person suffering from heatstroke was admitted to the General Hospital, Sector 16, last night. “A young girl who had come from Manipal to take part in some sports tournament in the city had to be hospitalised due to heatstroke,” said Dr G.S. Sandhu, medical officer at the hospital.

More than 100 persons approach doctors at the General Hospital, the Sector 22 polyclinic and the Government Medical College and Hospital, Sector 32, with complaints of prickly heat and acute sunburns everyday. “Out of the 200 patients coming to the skin OPD daily, almost 30 are new cases of prickly heat and acute sunburns,” said Dr S.D. Kayashta, Head of the Dermatology Department at the polyclinic.

Doctors suggest that in order to avoid these heat-related problems, one should avoid exposure to extreme temperatures and should not step out in the sun immediately after sitting in the cool confines of an air-conditioned room. Consuming a lot of liquids and avoiding direct exposure to sunlight can avoid any such complications.

Dr Sandhu says anybody who feels exhausted and has dryness in the mouth and muscular cramps needs to take extra precautions. Doctors say those whose duty requires them to stay in the sun for long hours, like traffic police personnel and security guards, should try and stand in the shade as far as possible.



Pink Rose Society’s chief clarifies
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 4
Mr Jagjit Singh Gill, president, the Pink Rose Cooperative House Building Society Ltd, Chandigarh, in statement here today said the news story “Seven allottees dumped” does not reflect the correct picture with regard to the affairs of the Pink Rose Cooperative House Building Society Ltd, Chandigarh.

“It is our information that the flats of the society which are still under construction do not carry any premium in the open market.

“It has been stated that names of certain members have been replaced. I wish to state that the society openly publicised the substitution of the members. The case for the formal clearance for the substitution of the members is still pending with the Administration. A cooperative inspector has already examined the records minutely and submitted a report to the Administration in this regard.

“As regards the case of Mr Madan Gopal Goyal, he is a defaulter and as such, he cannot contest the election to the executive of the society. But the then Returning Officer allowed him to contest the election on the verbal instructions of the “higher authorities” in the Cooperative Department. Mr Goyal was elected on March 25, 2003, in spite of a stay order of the Secretary, Cooperation, UT, Chandigarh.

“I wish to state to that as the word cooperative itself implies, a cooperative project cannot succeed unless it gets the cooperation of all its members. In this regard, all members should be prompt in clearing their dues so that there is no delay in the completion of the project”.



Dumping’ of allottees: probe ordered
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 4
Taking cognizance of a report in Chandigarh Tribune regarding how names of seven persons were replaced in the list of original allottees, the Chandigarh Administration today ordered a formal inquiry into the matter and asked the Additional Deputy Commissioner-cum-Additional Registrar, Cooperative Societies, Mr Inderjit Singh Sandhu, to inquire into the matter and scrutinise all records himself.

The ADC has been asked to call for all original records of the society, sources in the Chandigarh Administration said.



Labourers seek Governor’s protection
Kiran Deep

Chandigarh, June 4
Seeking liberation from a life of penury, torture and inhuman treatment, 22 adults and 12 children, who had been kept as bonded labourers for the past 10 months by a brick-kiln owner at Agampur in Anandpur Sahib, have sought protection from the Punjab Governor and Chief Minister and the Punjab State Human Rights Commission (PSHRC).

The labourers have also sent letters to the Punjab and Haryana High Court and other authorities concerned seeking action against those who have tortured them and kept them in illegal confinement.

With not a single penny with them, they have been sleeping in the open at the parade ground in Sector-17 and eating whatever little is being offered to them by lawyers and passersby.

“We have been bearing the physical and mental torture for the past 10 months but after the brick-kiln owner, who brought us here from our native place in Rajasthan, beat up some of the labourers, we decided to flee said,” Parmal Singh, a victim, while telling his tale of woes.

“Provoked by the demand from some of the labourers to give them salaries, the owner started beating us up mercilessly with sticks, while threatening that he would burn us alive in the brick kiln if they ever made any demands,” said Suchedi.

“It was a villagers of Agampur village, who had lured us to come here. We agreed to come here after they promised that men would be paid between Rs 3,000 and Rs 7,000 and women Rs 3,000 and Rs 5,000,” said Rukma Devi, another victim. Even though they did other odd jobs, apart from working at the brick kiln they were given about Rs 400 per month per person.

“Whenever anyone dared to demand the promised wages the owner and his workers would beat us up with sticks, not even sparing the small children,”said another victim Kailash.

Even their plea to the local police authorities near the brick kiln failed to evoke any response. Fearing threat to their life it was on June 2 that all of them fled the brick kiln and boarded a train, taking the risk of travelling without tickets.

Help finally came from two local advocates Rajinder Sharma and Baldev Narang, who decided to take up their cause and provided them food and other things.


World Environment Day-2003

World Environment Day is not just another day. Commemorated each year on June 5, the day is one of the principal vehicles through which the United Nations stimulates worldwide awareness about the environment. The theme for the year 2003 is: Water - Two Billion People Are Dying for It!

For India, this theme could not have been more relevant. Thanks to the drought conditions in large parts of the country, water shortage has become even more acute. Temperture is soaring. Wells, ponds, baolis, rivulets, tubewells have gone dry. In many areas, water has become costlier than milk. And to top it all, the weatherman has predicted that the monsoon will be delayed this year. The need for conserving water has never been more urgent !

We invite school students to send in original and innovative ideas on how to conserve water for publication in Chandigarh Tribune. The write-up should not exceed 300 words and should be accompanied by a passport size colour photograph.

— Editor



World Environment Day today
Our Correspondent

Panchkula, June 4
To mark World Environment Day, the Haryana chapter of the Institute of Town Planners (India) will hold a workshop on ‘‘Human settlement and environment’’ at hotel Red Bishop in Sector 1 here tomorrow morning.

Mr Bhaskar Chatterjee, Financial Commissioner and Principal Secretary to the Haryana Government and the Country and Town Planning Department, will inaugurated the workshop, according to Mr Nadim Akhtar, Secretary of the Chandigarh regional chapter of the institute.

PARWANOO: The Parwanoo unit of the H.P. State Environment Protection and Pollution Control Board is organising a three-day programme to mark World Environment Day. The programme started here yesterday.

A vehicular exhaust monitoring check-up camp was organised at Sector 3 here. About 231 petrol and diesel vehicles were checked up and 89 vehicles were found producing more pollutants than the prescribed limit. The defaulters were advised to get their vehicles properly tuned to bring down the emission level. Students of the local government school also participated in the camp.

A cleanliness drive was also launched today by schoolchildren at Kamali village, near Parwanoo. A rally was also taken out at Masul Khanna village and various competitions were also organised on the occasion.

Dr Harish Sharma, senior scientist, along with Mr Sharwan Kumar, Mr S. Kumar, Mr Anup Vaidya, Mr Prakash Sharma, Mr Avtar Singh and Mr Rama Kant Awasthi also attended the function.


JDU to expose Cong-ruled MC’s misdeeds
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 4
The Janata Dal-United (JD-U) will hold a dharna in front of the office of the Municipal Corporation tomorrow the day when the late Jayprakash Narayan gave a call against the Emergency imposed by the late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in 1975.

The party president, Mr Surinder Bhardwaj, announced to expose the misdeeds of the Congress-ruled Municipal Corporation. The party also declared that it would fight for a permanent UT status for Chandigarh. Mr Bhardwaj said the party would submit a memorandum to Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpyee demanding the permanent UT status to city.

The party demanded an immediate revival of the post of Chief Commissioner, time-scale promotions for Chandigarh (UT) cadre employees, extension of Lal Dora and regularisation of houses built outside it, allocation of 50 per cent budget for the development of colonies, providing water, electricity and sewerage connection to colonies and withdrawal of rent and property tax notifications.

The party also demanded the proper implementation of building bye-laws and regularising need-based changes in the commercial and domestic buildings. The party wanted the Chandigarh Administration to allow the registration of roadside vendors, ensuring minimum wages to labourers and starting day markets.


Confusion over Gurpurb; chhabeels as usual
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, June 4
For devotees, there was a confusion regarding the martyrdom day of Guru Arjan Dev. Even though the gurdwaras in the city did not observe the day with usual religious fervour, chhabeels were organised in different parts of the city today.

The confusion over the date stemmed from the fact that the Punjab Government offices remained closed in the city today, although the Nanakshahi calendar issued by the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee says that the martyrdom day falls on June 16.

Gurdwara authorities insisted that chhabeels were organised keeping in view the intense heat wave and had nothing to do with the martyrdom day.

“The residents have been organising chhabeels for the past three or four days just for the convenience of commuters travelling in the intense June heat,” a sewadar with Sector 8 Gurdwara said.

Some of the devotees, however, insisted that they were offering sweet water because of the martyrdom day. “Yes, we have been organising chhabeels to prevent commuters from falling sick due to the heat wave, but today this was not the only reason. Our intention was to observe the martyrdom day also. In any case, we will be observing it again on June 16,” a devotee remarked.

The traffic moved at a snail’s pace at several places in and around the city as the enthusiastic devotees stood right in the middle of roads for offering glasses of sweet water to passers-by. At several places, residents parked their vehicles along the roadside to have ‘parshada’ being offered to them.

A survey of the city revealed that chhabeels were organised in Sectors 7, 16, 17, 20, 32 and Mani Majra, besides along the National Highway number 21, leading to Zirakpur and Dera Bassi, right up to Ambala.

In fact, bottlenecks were created at several points on the national highway to Ambala and Patiala as the drivers parked their trucks along the roadside to savour rose water.


Chill out with cool stuff 
Harvinder Khetal
Tribune News Service

Summer drink tips

  • Avoid caffeinated beverages and alcohol as these fluids dehydrate the body rather than quenching thirst.
  • Avoid carbonated drinks which can cause bloating and keep you from imbibing enough fluids to rehydrate.
  • Gulp lots of plain cold water and sports drinks to bring zest in the dog days of over 40° C and beat the heat.

Chandigarh, June 4
It's the peak of summer with the mercury hovering around 45° C. A time when venturing out leaves you all sweaty and dehydrated. When anything that promises to provide you with even a wee bit of thandak is welcome. Whether it be the airconditioned environs of a restaurant offering cool deals or that quick takeaway softy.

Rather than the hot soups and stews that warned us up in the winter, summer eating calls for lighter meals. With hardly any local eatery offering cold soups, you are left with some drink or cold salad to serve as starters.

And as far as the cool liquids are concerned, there is a huge range to gulp down. Of musically romantic names. In a number of flavours and colours served in a variety of glasses topped with innovative or routine decorations that add to the look and taste. Like the kiddy umbrella or that red cherry or the fruit sauce or crush with numerous ways of chilling. Such as cooling the glasses in the freezer or cracking ice into the drink till the dew covers the outer rim. So that if you prefer to banish the straw pipe, along with your tongue, your palm too gets a feel of the freeze.

Go for one of the alluring juices mixed with dices of mangoes and melons. Or the cocktails of fruit juices blended with cream, ice-cream, soda, wine ... the list is endless. The orthodox can check out the thick tall glasses of creamy lassi with a hint of red squash. Or the ever-refreshing lime squeezed into soda or icy. Or the good old sherbets, squashes, khas, jaljeera or panna (mango) drinks commonly stacked in grandma's fridge. However, the cocktails may not be such a cool idea for those counting calories.

If it's value for money vis-a-vis a stomach-filling that you're looking for, try the thick shakes available at most joints in lip-smacking chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavours. Complement with a burger, and you can be assured of a feeling of fullness.

The other solid but cold delectable is the sandwiches with stuffings of cold chicken shreds or cool cucumbers and cheese. Of course, it's the salads of veggies, sprouts, nuts and fruits blended with dollops of thousand island dressing that top the list of favourites. For being both healthy and filling.

Celebrate the sweet arrival of mangoes and melons with the luscious desserts dished out in most places. If nothing, you will definitely find nutty ice-creams or the traditional faluda kulfi and kheer to pamper your sweet tooth with their icy effect. Or the syrupy ras malai or cold rasgullas. And see the heat fatigue dissolve in hot air.



Annual Urs
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, June 4
Annual urs of Hajrat Sakhi Sarvar Peer (Lallanwale) will be held for two days from June 5 at Peerkhana, Burail in Sector 45.

Eminent qawals from Uttar Pradesh and Punjab will present qawalis at 9 pm on both the days. Rasm Chadar Poshi will be held on June 6 at 4 pm, according to the organiser Khalifa Nazir Shah Sabri.


Property owners to revive stir
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 4
The Property Owners’ Welfare Association (POWA) yesterday decided to revive its protests for the removal of Rs 1500 ceiling in the November 7 rent notification allowing a free hand to the owner to seek eviction of the tenant.

The decision comes a day after the Chandigarh Beopar Mandal (CBM) announced to make a fresh bid for the withdrawal of the notification. The POWA called an emergency meeting chaired by Brigadier Sant Singh (retd) to discuss the rally of the CBM held yesterday. The association supported the imposition of the property tax if the money collected be spent on the welfare of the society.


Injured youth dies
Our Correspondent

Kalka, June 4
One of the two youths, who were seriously injured in on accident an Sunday morning, died yesterday at the PGI, Chandigarh, while the condition of the second was still reported to be serious.

Nitin Kumar and Amandeep were going on a scooter for taking tuition classes, when they lost control over the scooter and fell on the road. One of them received head injuries, while the other received severe injuries on the body and the face. The deceased, Nitin, was a resident of Bharat Nagar Colony.



Man cheated of Rs 1.50 lakh
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, June 4
Mr Sanjeev Kumar, a resident of Pinjore, reported to the police that Mohan Dass, Blossom Society, Sector 48, had cheated him of Rs 1.50 lakh. Mohan Dass had taken the money for sending Sanjeev abroad but he neither kept his promise nor returned the money.

Later, he gave four cheques totalling Rs 1.50 lakh but the cheques bounced when presented at the bank. A case under Sections 406 and 420 of the IPC has been registered.

INJURED: A Panchkula resident, Vinod Bhatia, was injured when his scooter was hit by car on the bridge between the Transport Chowk and Railway Traffic Light points here yesterday. The injured was later admitted to the PGI. A case has been registered.

QUARREL: Ms Vidya Devi of Sector 32-C reported to the police that Pawan Kumari, her neighbour, quarrelled with her. In the quarrel, Ms Vidya was injured and taken to Government Medical College and Hospital. A case has been registered.

THEFT: Mr Satish Kumar, a Sector 23 resident, reported that his car was stolen on the night intervening June 1 and June 2 from his residence. Mr Pardeep Singh, a resident of Sector 33 also reported to the police that his scooter was stolen from his residence on April 16. Two cases have been registered.

The police has arrested — Mohan Singh of Paploha village and Ramesh Kumar of Tagra Haquimpur village — for drinking liquor at public places. 



Demand for air-conditioners up
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 4
With the temperature touching 44°C, the demand for air-conditioners and refrigerators has picked up in the city and surrounding towns. Dealers claim that the easy availability of financing schemes and zero per cent interest schemes have fuelled the demand for these.

After a cut in excise duty on air-conditioners, most manufacturers have slashed prices.

Says a dealer,“During the past one month, the demand for air-conditioners has picked up. After buying colour televisions and refrigerators, air-conditioners have caught the fancy of consumers.

Prices have come down, causing an increase in demand. Manufacturers of branded products are selling between 2,000 and 2,500 air-conditioners in Chandigarh every month.”

He says the sale of local brands has declined sharply. He adds that consumers are attracted by after-sale service, price and credit. He claims that 80 per cent of the air-conditioners sold in the city are through various financing schemes.

A dealer in the Sector 22 market claims that Samsung and LG air-conditioners are selling like hot cakes. He says one can buy a 1.5-tonne Samsung air-conditioner with remote control for Rs 19,990 as against Rs 24,990 last year. He adds that one can buy the same air-conditioner without remote control for Rs 18,990.

He says Videocon has introduced a 0.75-tonne air-conditioner, priced at Rs 13,990, which is suitable for a small bedroom. He says the firm has also introduced a 1.5-tonne air-conditioner with ioniser and remote control, priced at Rs 19,990, which can clear inner air and smell from the room.

Says Mr Paramvir Singh, looking to buy an air-conditioner, “Most dealers are quoting the same price for branded air-conditioners. One can get a discount of up to Rs 1,000 if one pays in cash.” The dealers are also offering credit for between 6 and 12 months without interest by taking post-dated cheques. They are offering air-conditioners on zero per cent interest mostly to government employees.

Mr Surinder Singh said after the slashing of prices by branded manufacturers, the sale of local brands had sharply declined. He claimed that 80 per cent of air-conditioners were sold through financing in the city.


Linen range launched
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 4
Arrow has announced the launch of a new range of linen: a wide range covering cotton-linen and 100 per cent linen (solids and yard dyed checks).

Linen is one of the most environment friendly fibers in the world. It absorbs moisture and heat from the body. The amazing development of linen in recent years stems from consumer reaction to synthetic, artificial, polluted and harmful environment. Linen has hundreds of applications, but it excels when it used in contact with the skin.

English Cottons: Peter England, the largest selling shirt brand in India, from Madura Garments, has launched English Cottons, a range of formal office-wear shirts made from imported cotton rich fabrics.

These shirts are available in 22 shades, both in full sleeves and half sleeves. The collection is priced at Rs 375 each and is available at all exclusive Peter England showrooms and leading menswear stores across the country.

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