Saturday, June 14, 2003

Groomed for Cash?
What's wrong in recognising dowry as part of the girl's share of her father's property?
by A.J. Philip
HWETA Bansal, a third-year BA student from the neighbourhood of Hisar in Haryana, has joined the new pantheon of women who refuse to be sacrificed at the altar of dowry. She decided against marrying the boy her parents had chosen when he preferred to remain a mute spectator to the ugly bargaining his family members indulged in to satiate their dowry demands.

Dowry demands zero tolerance
by Aruti Nayar

Dowry deaths have risen from 5,500 in 1996 to 7,000 now
by Renu Rangela

‘Multanis want to preserve their culture'
by R.C. Ganjoo
HE Hindus who migrated from West Pakistan in 1947 and settled down in Delhi and adjoining areas are known as Sirayaki Multanis. The 20-lakh Sirayaki Multanis have realised that due to their displacement their cultural heritage is threatened with extinction.



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