Friday, July 11, 2003, Chandigarh, India


C H A N D I G A R H   S T O R I E S


MC panel for property tax from September 1
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 10
The collection of tax on commercial and government buildings is likely to begin on September 1 continue till September 30.

This was decided by the House Tax Committee of the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation at a meeting held here today under the chairmanship of Mr C.K. Sawhney.

However, the General House is empowered to take a final decision on the recommendations forwarded by the committee or make changes in the schedule.

The committee decided that as the scheme was being launched for the first time in the city, there was a need to launch an education programme for tax payers.

A programme has been chalked out a month-long education campaign for the benefit of the tax payers. The committee approved of getting leaflets printed to explain the scheme.

It also decided to put out advertisements in newspapers, inviting banks for collecting tax in their branches. The terms and conditions of the dealings with the banks were scheduled in July, sources said.

The committee also approved that the people on contract would be engaged for a period of six months to form the part of a team to be headed for junior engineers of the Building and Road Department of the MC for sending notices to those who opt out of the self-assessment scheme of tax payment.

The taxpayer is likely to be given the month of September for filing returns. After the date of the filing of the return expires, the work on assessment through the MC will start.

One of the basic conditions for dealing with banks is that they have to be fully computerised. The corporation is thinking of giving fixed deposits to the banks of the amount realised through tax collection.

The terms and conditions to be decided could be forwarded for the approval of the Finance and Contract Committee, if the need be.

The corporation officials said the unit-based tax scheme was not going to incur any expenditure for the MC except that the campaign to educate the people could result in a little bit of expenditure.

As part of the campaign, 10 teams of the corporation would be formed a launched an education programme which would approach market welfare associations, explain to them about the scheme and clear their doubts.

Despite the House approving tax on commercial and government, building at 2 per cent and 1.5 per cent, respectively. The Chandigarh Administration increased it to 5 per cent, inviting a meek opposition from the Congress and the other parties.

The imposition of the tax had been hanging fire because of the differences between the Administration and the political class in the MC.



BA students await results
Tribune News Service

Law classes from July 21

The start of regular classes in the Department of Law, Panjab University, has been postponed to July 21 in view of the delay in the admission process. The classes were earlier scheduled to start on July 14.

Meanwhile, chaos and confusion prevailed in the department today as students who were selected during counselling held on July 8 had to wait for hours for the merit lists to be displayed. They were agitated over the fact that the list, which was supposed to be displayed yesterday, was not available till 1.15 pm today. The students were supposed to pay the fees today.

For admission to the Law Department at the PU’s Regional Centre, Ludhiana, the list was not available till 4.30 p.m. According to department officials, the waiting lists will be put up on July 12.

Chandigarh, July 10
Even as Panjab University declared the results of 80 BA (III) students today, a large number of students who had appeared in the BA (II) and BA-III examinations conducted by the university are still awaiting their results. This has put a question mark on their admission to higher courses.

Over 200 students of BA (II) history are still awaiting their results. These include students bearing roll numbers 20421-48, 20680-20700, 37881-900, 37921-940, 37491-96, 41233-41253 and 41738-774.

A large number of students of BA (II) economics and sociology as well as BA (III) are also yet to get their results.

Students have been running from pillar to post for the past few days to get their results and marks cards. The last date for admissions in the university is July 12. Although a clause in the admission rules states that students can apply up to 10 days after the results have been declared, the question arises is that if the seats are already filled by that time, then they would be left with no options.



Gunshot causes panic in court complex
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, July 10
Mystery shrouds the firing incident in the district courts complex this morning. Though the police and eyewitnesses claim that the gun shot was fired accidentally by a lawyer’s gunman, the lawyer, Mr M.K. Shishodiya, maintains that he fired the shot in order to disperse some goons who had come to the courts to “eliminate him.”

Mr Shishodiya, on whose compliant that police had arrested Amarjit Bawa, president of the Himachal unit of the Indian National Trade Union Congress, said that seven of Bawa’s men had gathered near his kiosk in front of the Chief Judicial Magistrate’s court this morning. “It was only when they pointed at me and one of them attempted to take out a weapon from his kurta pocket that I picked up my double-barrel gun and aimed at them. However, a scooterist came in between and I lifted the gun and fired in mid-air, “ he said. He added that he ran away after firing the shot as he feared that the goons would retaliate.

Mr Shishodiya said this was not the first time that an attempt had been made on his life by Bawa’s men. “On June 30, when I was on my way to Shimla, Bawa’s men had attacked me. I managed to come back to Pinjore only when I was given security by the Shimla Superintendent of Police,” he said.

He said he had an arms licence and had been carrying the .12 bore double-barrel gun to the courts for his own protection. He said the police was trying to make up the “theory of accidental firing” as it was embarrassed that such an incident had happened right near his own office.

Meanwhile, the local police claimed that the gun shot was accidentally fired by a private security guard of Mr Shishodiya in the district courts complex this morning. Interestingly, Mr Jasbir Singh, a relative of Mr Bawa, who was also in the district courts, complained to the police that a gunman of Mr Shishodiya had fired at him.

Eyewitnesses, including lawyers and litigants, also went by the police story and said the two private guards hired by Mr Shishodiya, were sitting in Mr Shishodiya’s kiosk outside the Chief Judicial Magistrate’s court, when one of the security guards , who was carrying a .12 bore double-barrel gun, accidentally pressed the trigger and the bullet was fired in the air after piercing through the tin-shed roof.

Meanwhile, the firing incident created quite a commotion in the courts complex and policemen, who had brought the accused to the courts, went on alert. As another security guard pleaded that it was by mistake that the gunshot was fired, normalcy was restored.

Later, the Superintendent of Police, Mr Ranbir S. Sharma, immediately directed the DSP City, Mr Om Vir, to rush to the courts and inquire into the matter. The president of District Bar Association, Mr Satish Qadiyan, and other members of the bar told the police that the shot was fired accidentally by Mr Shishodiya’s gunman.



Theft at TBRL reveals chinks in security
Vijay Mohan
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 10
The reported theft of certain items from the range of the Terminal Ballistics Research Laboratory (TBRL), a key organisation involved in India’s nuclear weaponisation and missile programme, near here, has focused attention not only on the security procedures being followed at high-profile defence establishments, but also on the problem of encroachment on defence land by civil population residing in close proximity to such establishments.

Though the goods reported stolen did not belong to TBRL, the incident, nevertheless, is being viewed seriously. It is understood that the Ministry of Defence has also sought inputs on the matter from the authorities here.

TBRL is a Defence Research and Development Organisation set-up and is closely involved with the country’s integrated guided missile project as well as nuclear weapons programme, besides carrying out tests and evaluation of various kinds of ammunition, projectiles and aviation components.

The contractor engaged in carrying out certain construction activities within the range had reported yesterday that goods valued over Rs 6 lakh had been stolen from the site, following which the Panchkula Police had registered a case. It has been alleged that some local villages had stolen the goods after entering the range through breaches in the perimeter wall. The police has rounded up several persons for investigation.

TBRL officials said that this was perhaps for the first time that a theft from the range had been reported, though they claim that it did not compromise the establishment’s security. “The incident is not a reflection on the range’s security,” the Director of TBRL, when contacted, stated. “There are several civil works in progress at the range and the material could have been lifted by some civilians. Nothing belonging to TBRL has been stolen,” he added. He said that the authorities would also try to increase the number of guards and watchmen at the range to prevent such happenings.

A section of officials, however, are quick to point out that the incident revealed that a proper watch on the items kept within the range premises was not being kept nor were the movements of persons and goods being monitored effectively.

The range’s 22-km long glass shard-topped perimeter wall, which encloses 5,000 acres, has been breached at several places by local villagers, who trespass into the range to collect firewood or graze cattle. Such entry by villages, officials argue, pose a security hazard. “Any one can enter the range and make his way to the testing facilities. Even though they are separately enclosed and armed guards are present, one cannot rule out the possibility of sabotage or espionage,” a scientist at the laboratory commented.



UT in damage-control mode on demolitions
A.S. Prashar
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 10
The UT Administration today launched a major damage-control exercise to prevent the row over the public pronouncements by the Union Minister of State for Home, Mr I.D. Swami, calling for a halt to the anti-encroachment drive in the city, and the apparent defiant stand taken by the Administration on the sensitive issue, from snowballing into a major political controversy.

The local Bharatiya Janata Party leadership has not taken too kindly to the stand taken by the UT Administration that the drive against encroachments would continue, although Mr Swami had said no demolitions should take place till jhuggi-dwellers had been rehabilitated. Mr Satya Pal Jain, a former Chandigarh BJP MP, who happened to be in New Delhi today, met the Central party leaders and apprised them of the latest situation arising out of the anti-encroachment drive. He also drew their attention to the stand taken by the UT Administration on the issue.

Mr Jain and the UT BJP chief, Mr Yashpal Mahajan, said in a talk with TNS that Mr Swami had come to Chandigarh at their invitation to study the situation arising out of the drive and articulate the party’s stand on the issue. The matter had also been discussed with the Deputy Prime Minister, Mr L.K. Advani. It was, therefore, surprising that the Administration had chosen to ignore his directive.

For the UT Administration, the controversy involving the Central and local BJP leaders could not have come at a worst time. Mr L.K. Advani, who is also the Union Home Minister, and as such, having direct charge of the Union Territories, is due to visit Chandigarh tomorrow to attend a function of the local BJP. Little wonder then that there was a panic-like situation in the corridors of the UT Secretariat this morning after the news of the mutually contradictory stands taken by Mr Swami and the Administration on the anti-encroachment drive was flashed by newspapers.

The issue was discussed among other things at a meeting of the coordination committee led by the Administrator of the UT, Justice O.P. Verma (retd), who is also the Governor of Punjab, and attended by all top officials of the Administration. It was stated that the circular, on which, yesterday’s press note had been issued was an old one (dated July 1, 2003) and had nothing to do with Mr Swami’s visit to the city yesterday. The Governor, later, reportedly rang up Mr Swami in New Delhi to clarify the situation.

The Adviser, Mr Virendra Singh, when contacted, sought to dismiss the controversy out of hand. “There is no problem,” he said.

How the press note came to be issued yesterday by the Public Relations Department after so many days was being investigated. It was stated that the Director Public Relations, Mr Naresh Narwal, was in Agra to attend a training workshop while, the Public Relations Officer, Mr Kewal Bindra was occupied with preparations for a seminar to be organised by the Punjab and Haryana High Court later this week in the city. A third PRO official, Mr Rupesh Kumar, had issued the press note without consulting the higher authorities. Action is being taken against him.

The BJP leaders said the manner in which the sensitive issue of demolitions was being handled reflected poorly on the functioning of the UT Administration. “The manner in which a press note has been issued on behalf of the Administration is most unfortunate and has caused embarrassment to not only the Administration but also the Central and the UT BJP leaderships.

They said they expected the UT Administration to call off the demolitions as directed by Mr Swami and launch the drive only in accordance with the guidelines laid down in this regard by the minister.



Swami’s remarks draw flak
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 10
The local unit of the Congress has sought the resignation of the Union Minister of State of Home, Mr I.D. Swami, for failing to control officials of the Chandigarh Administration. The local unit of the Shiromani Akali Dal has said it will not tolerate the injustice of encroachers being given houses even as Punjabis are being evicted.

Mr Gurpratap Singh Riar, president of the SAD, Chandigarh unit, said. ‘‘We want to ask Mr Swami if he had taken permission from the Prime Minister or Home Minister before rewarding law breakers.’’ In what capacity had Mr Swami said that slum encroachers would be given land and houses. asked Mr Riar.

While Punjabis whose lands were acquired by the government had not been given due compensation, Mr Swami wanted to “reward” the encroachers. This would not be tolerated by SAD and citizens of Chandigarh, he added. He said the BJP wanted to spoil the beauty of Chandigarh and the BJP was “shielding law breakers”. The SAD assured the Chandigarh Administration of support in curbing the menace of encroachment .

Meanwhile, Congress councillors said for the BJP there could no bigger shame as the party was ruling at the Centre while the Chandigarh Administration which was directly under the control of the Union Ministry of Home Affairs was flouting the directives of its Home Minister.



Verma wants survey on eligible squatters
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 10
The Punjab Governor and UT Administrator, Justice O.P. Verma (retd), today asked the Chairman, Chandigarh Housing Board, to submit a plan for the construction of sufficient EWS, HIG, MIG and LIG houses in the Phase-III sectors on the land acquired by the Administration.

Justice Verma said the construction work on EWS houses had to be expedited on priority and work should be allocated simultaneously to many construction agencies so that they complete the work within five months. He said these houses were required to rehabilitate eligible squatters and the surplus would be offered to ineligible squatters and the general public.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Commissioner would conduct a survey of illegal hutments all over the city to identify and list pre-1996 eligible squatters.

The Administrator said that while planning for these housing colonies, civic infrastructure of these sectors should be upgraded to take the load of increasing population. He said in the Phase III sectors, stormwater pipe network should be designed to cater to 12.5 mm rain per hour instead of 6.25 mm rain per hour as planned for rest of the city. He said as the gradient of water flow was from northern sectors to southern sectors, the problem of water-logging was more in the southern sectors and stormwater pipes should be laid accordingly.

Moreover, civic infrastructure, including sewerage network, potable water distribution, and electricity supply should also be simultaneously upgraded to meet the future load of population. These housing colonies should be properly connected with the rest of the city by an efficient public transport system so that workers living in these colonies could commute to other parts of the city.

Taking a serious view of sewerage of slums being directed towards the Sukhna choe, Justice Verma asked the Finance Secretary to evolve a plan so that it was directed towards sewerage network and the pollution of the Sukhna choe could be checked. He asked the Administration to evolve a programme so that there was no stagnation of water in Leisure Valley or in the Sukhna choe.

Suggesting holistic development of all 18 villages of the city, Justice Verma said emphasis of the Administration should be on strengthening the civic infrastructure and improving the standard of living there.

Justice Verma asked the Finance Secretary to finalise a plan after consultation with architectural/planners for setting up a modern fish market in Sector 41. Justice Verma said it should be fully air-conditioned based on modern technology and if required a consultant hired for the purpose. Justice Verma asked the municipal corporation to amend the byelaws to ensure that chicken were slaughtered in hygienic conditions.



Vulture population declining due to infection
Ruchika M. Khanna
Tribune News Service

Cattle carcasses likely cause

Paregrine Fund, a US-based group , involved in research work on the vulture decline problem in three vulture colonies of Pakistan, had recently announced during a meeting of World Working Group of Birds of Prey and Owls, that vulture mortality was a result of the birds feeding on carcasses of cattle, which had been injected the Diclofenac (a pain killer). However, scientists of the BNHS and RSPB, UK, believed that considering the extent of spread of the disease and analysis of blood of sick birds and tissue analysis of dead birds had indicated towards an infectious disease as the most likely hypothesis. 

Jodhpur (Pinjore), July 10
The nationwide annual vulture survey for 2002, has shown an alarming 50 per cent decline in population of white-backed vulture species and 25 per cent decline among the population of longbilled and slender-billed species of Gyps vultures, because of a viral infection.

This was told by Dr Vibhu Prakash, Principal Scientist, Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) and coordinator at the Vulture Care Centre here today. He added that the survey carried out by biologists, officials of Wild Life Departments of various states and ornithologists, under the aegis of the BNHS, also showed a rapid decline in the population of Himalayan Griffan and Eurasian Griffan (migratory Gyps species of vulture).

The population of the vultures- which are the most important scavengers in the eco system, had been declining rapidly. The population of the Gyps species (white-backed, long-billed, Himalayan Griffan and Eurasian Griffan) in the Indian subcontinent had been showing a downward trend since the early 90s. With the decline in vulture population, it was the dogs, and pigs that had taken over the role of scavengers — which, observed experts, had direct repercussions on the human population. An international red alert for these scavengers was sounded in 1998, and world over, ornithologists were trying to separate the strains and identify the virus.

It was thus that the Vulture Care Centre had been set up here by BNHS along with Royal Society for Protection of Birds, UK, National Birds of Prey Trust, UK, Department of Forests, Haryana and the ZSL Institute of Zoology. This three-year programme had been funded by the Darwin Initiative for Survival of Species, UK.

Speaking to TNS, Dr Vibhu Prakash said that so far a team of scientists from the BNHS and Royal Society for Protection of Birds (RSPB), U K, involved in studying the viral infection in Gyps species of vultures at the Centre here, had been able to define the physiological characters of the strange viral infection afflicting these scavengers. The team defined the characteristics of the disease, among others as the birds being unable to absorb water resulting in dehydration, and gout (excessive protein deposits), leading to death.

Since April this year, the centre had acquired 20 vultures ( 10 long- billed, nine white-backed and one Himalayan Griffan), from Pune and Akola in Maharashtra; Bayana in Bharatpur, Rajasthan; and, Badisher in Panchkula, Haryana. None of these birds were captured, only the sick birds were picked up and brought here, clarifies Dr Susanne Shurtz, a scientist from RSPB. She said that they were collecting tissue, blood and viscera samples from the carcasses of vultures for scientific testing at NIPER, SAS Nagar; BITS, Pilani; CB Patel Research Institute in Mumbai. Major research involved in isolation of virus was being done at Poultry Diagnostic and Research Laboratory, Pune.

These birds had been separated into four groups — the sick birds were kept in hospital pens, when their condition improved, they were kept in quarantine pens for a month, before being shifted to a holding pen. Once the birds showed improvement , they were kept in the flight pens. Now, the Vulture Care Centre had asked the Haryana Wildlife Department for more land to set up a flight aviary so that the cured birds could be shifted here.

They had now requested the state governments of Haryana, Orissa and Assam to allot them land for setting up vulture breeding centres, where the vultures breeding would be done in captivity and later the vultures would be released.



Rally by powermen
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 10
The UT Powermen Union at a rally today said in case the Chandigarh Administration failed to fulfil its demands, the employees would have no other alternative but to observe one-day token strike on July 16.

The union at its meeting said it was seeking to withdraw the proposal of privatisation of the profit-earning Electricity Department and scrapping of the contract system in the department. Also the union sought settlement of seniority of assistant linemen and junior engineers as per court judgement and filling of posts lying vacant in the department and creation of additional posts, a notification of draft rules meant for UT employees, offer of appointment to next of kin of deceased employees and grant of gazetted status to the JEs.

Today, the UT Powermen Union held a dharna outside the office of the Executive Engineer, Division No 3, Sector 19-B. A protest march was also organised.

The rally was addressed by the various trade union leaders, who urged upon the Chandigarh Administration to concede the legitimate and long-pending demands of the employees.



Advani to open BJP training camp today
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 10
The Deputy Prime Minister, Mr L.K. Advani, will visit Chandigarh tomorrow to inaugurate a three-day BJP training camp here.

As many as 45 MLAs from Punjab, Haryana, Himachal, Jammu and Kashmir and Uttaranchal will attend the camp. The BJP chief, Mr M. Venkaiah Naidu, will preside over the concluding session on July 13.

The MLAs — 19 from Uttaranchal, 16 from Himachal, three from Punjab, one from Jammu and Kashmir and six from Haryana — will get training from Mr Advani, Mr Naidu, the party Vice-President, Mr Pyarelal Khandelwal, the Organising Secretary, Mr Sanjay Joshi, the leader of the Opposition in the Bihar Assembly, Mr Sushil Kumar Modi, party organisational election in-charge. During the session, the new Punjab BJP Bhavan will also be inaugurated by Mr Naidu on July 13.



Garg is Rotary Club chief
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, July 10
Mr Rajneesh Garg was installed as president of the Rotary Club, Panchkula for 2003-04 by the outgoing president, Mr Mohinder Nandwani, here last night.

The other office-bearers sworn in last month were Mr Parveen Goel as senior vice-president, Mr Shobhit Ghai as vice-president, Mr I.J. Puri as secretary, Mr Nawal Miglani as treasurer and Mr Ajay Batra, Ms. Poonam, Dr G. Mintal, Mr Rakesh Singla and Mr Ajay Chabbra as directors. Mr N. Paul Sabharwal was elected as president elect for the year 2004-05.

Mr Prem Prashant, Financial Commissioner-cum-Principal Secretary, was the chief guest, while the past District Governor Major Som Dutt, was the guest of honour. Speaking on the occasion, Mr Rajneesh Garg lauded the efforts made by outgoing president Mohinder Nandwani and his team.



Beads that bring peace
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, July 10
Interested in rudraksha for good health, better career prospects or simply for fashion? Walk into an exhibition going on at Piccadily Hotel in Sector 22 and have a look at the collection of rarest beads.

Described as the “eyes of Lord Shiva”, beads of all sizes and shapes are on a display at the exhibition which was inaugurated yesterday. Brought all the way to the city from as far as Indonesia, Nepal and Japan by Mumbai-based organisation Rudralife, you can also buy the beads of your choice.

The rarest beads include one to 14 “mukhi”, besides Shri Gauri Shankar bead with two naturally joined rudrakshas. “You should wear it for peace and comfort,” organisers claim.

This is not all. You can also go in for Shri Ganesha bead, bearing a trunk like elevation seen on the face of Lord Ganesha. “You will be able to achieve perfection in every sphere of life,” the organisers assert.

You can also pick up one to 21 “mukhi” rudraksha for health, peace, prosperity and spirituality. Sidh mala (one to 14 “mukhi”) and Indra mala (one to 12 “mukhi”) are also on the display. For acquiring the original beads, you will have to shell out Rs 15 to Rs 15 lakh.

According to Tanay Seetha of Rudralife, “Our objective is not just to display and sell pure beads, but also remove the misconceptions about rudraksha. During the exhibition, the people will also be guided to wear rudraksha according to the vedic procedures”. The exhibition is on for five more days.

Relationship between prosperity and rudraksha is a debatable issue. Country’s former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi used to wear a Indra mala for good luck. At least this is what the organisers are claiming.



Muddy water gushes out of taps
Tribune News Service

SAS Nagar, July 10
Residents of Sector 71 have complained that the water they are getting from their taps is muddy and not potable. Every time the taps are turned on, dirty brown water gushes out and continues to do so for over five minutes after which it gets clean and is used. The president of the New Residential Welfare Committee, Sector 71, Mr Manohar Singh, said the residents had complained to the authorities regarding the water but no action had been taken so far. Members of the welfare committee also complained that the problem of stray cattle had reached intolerable proportions. “Just a few days ago, Mrs Ajaib Singh, a resident of kothi number 3613 here, was seriously injured when she was hit by a cow and had to be admitted to hospital,” said Mr Gurpal Singh, general secretary of the committee. A similar complaint about muddy water has been made by residents of Sector 66. According to them, the water in their taps has to be filtered thoroughly before it can be used.

Water supply to both these sectors is under the control of the Punjab Urban Planning and Development Authority (PUDA) here. According to PUDA officials, the problem of muddy water is faced during the monsoons when the strata of the soil changes and mud gets mixed with water when it is taken out initially. PUDA officials, however, said a solution to the problem would be found within a few days.

Unusable road

The Principal of DAV Public School, Sector 10 here, has complained to the municipal council that the road leading to her school is in a bad state. According to her, the road has been rendered unusable due to the rains. “The road leading to the school is not a very long stretch and can be repaired easily. The road is now like gravel spread on a track and when the rains come, it is a mix of potholes filled with water and slush all around. Reaching the school is difficult for students many of whom use bicycles and even fall, dirtying their uniform and getting hurt,” said Mrs Jaya Bhardwaj, the school principal.

Save water?

Even as the municipal council here is encouraging people to save water during the summers, a tap in one of its public parks in the Industrial Area, Phase IX here, has been leaking for over a month. Industrialists who are running various units around the park state that they have called up the council many times but no one has come to repair the tap which continues to run almost all through the day.

Other than wastage of precious water, the running tap is also rendering the park difficult to use for children and stollers. Industrialists pointed that they had tried their own methods to stop the water from gushing out of the broken tap but only temporary results could be achieved.



Platform: Save water

With the watertable going down with every passing day, we all should try and save water. A renewable resource, water is used by all of us — human beings, animals and plants for our basic needs.

Small steps taken towards the conservation of water can go a long way. Instead of running a tap while brushing our teeth, we should use a mug of water for economising water use. Likewise, rather than using a shower for a bath, use a bucket. We should also take care that we do not leave the tap open or leaking while not in use.

By adopting such small measures we can make an impact on water conservation as the saying goes “small drops make a mighty ocean.” And by saving water we will indirectly be saving our environment.

Padamjoi Kaur Bhatia, Class IX, Guru Nanak Public School, Chandigarh



Applications for bravery awards invited

Chandigarh, July 10
The Indian Council for Child Welfare (ICCW) invites application in the age group of 6 to 18 years for the national bravery award for 2003. According to a press release by the ICCW, the deed should be an act of selfless service in the face of danger to life or threat of physical injury. Incident which have occurred between July 1, 2002, and June, 2003, will only be considered, it says.

The details and application form will be available in Bal Bhavan, Sector 23, Chandigarh, between 3 pm and 5 pm. The last date for submission of application is September 1, 2003. OC



Reedhima’s statement

Chandigarh, July 10
Reedhima, a 17-year-old girl who had escaped from her relative’s house from Solan last month claiming that she was tortured by them, was today produced in the court of the UT Chief Judicial Magistrate, Mr C.L Mohal. She has recorded her statement in a complaint case filed by her against her parents and relatives under Section 23 of the Juvenile Justice Act, 2000. OC



3 held for snatching mobile phone
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, July 10
Three persons have been arrested for snatching a mobile phone from Mr Nayan Kishore Puhan here yesterday. The three accused, Dinesh, Narinder Kumar and Anil, had allegedly snatched the phone near Arya Samaj Mandir, Sector 22-A, yesterday. They have been booked under Sections 356, 379, 411 and 34 of IPC.

Held: The police has claimed to recover a stolen bicycle from Amrit Lal of Kajheri village here yesterday. He has been arrested under Sections 379 and 411 of IPC. He had allegedly stolen the bicycle from M\s Satna Plywood, located in the village.

Injured: An unidentified person was injured seriously after the Bajaj scooter (CH01P 5909) he was riding skidded near roundabout of Sectors 18, 19, 20 and 21 here this afternoon. He was bleeding profusely and was rushed to the PGI by a PCR vehicle. His condition was said to be serious when the reports last came in.

One Pani Nayyar of Mani Majra was also injured and taken to PGI after a CTU bus allegedly rammed into him near the ISBT, Sector 17 here. A case has been registered.

Held for smuggling liquor: Om Prakash, a resident of Karnal (Haryana) has been arrested allegedly for smuggling liquor here yesterday. The police also claimed to have seized 600 pouches of whisky form his possession here yesterday.

The police has also claimed to arrest, Shyam Lal of Mani Majra, and Ranjit Singh of Mansa Devi, Panchkula, from different parts of the city for consuming liquor at public places. All the three have been booked under various Sections of the Excise Act.


Theft in jewellary shop: A jewellary shop owner in the Darshan Gate area has complained that his servant had made away with gold and silver worth nearly Rs 1 lakh from his shop. According to a complaint registered at the Kotwali Police Station, the jewellary shop owner Pawan Kumar said he had come to know recently that 275 gram of gold and 1.5 kilogram of silver was missing from his shop. He said he suspected that one Rajesh who was employed in his shop and was resident of Harpa in Uttar Pradesh was behind crime. He said Rajesh had not reported for work after the gold and silver items were reported missing.


Injured: Two school-going sisters were injured when they were hit by a scooter at St. Vivekanand Marg in Pinjore. The girls were admitted in a local private hospital. According to source, Anjali Sharma and Priyanka Sharma were hit by a speeding scooter when they were on their way to school on Tuesday morning. As per the information, Anjali is a student of Class VII and Priyanka of pre-nursery.


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