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Punjab sanctions Rs 242 cr for development projects 
Economy back on the rails, says Finance Minister
Amarjit Thind
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 15
The government has embarked upon a comprehensive integrated development programme in the state through the District Planning and Development Boards, under which Rs 242 crore have been released for developmental projects and welfare programmes in all parts of the state, says Finance, Planning and Cooperation Minister Lal Singh.

He was presiding over the meeting of the District Planning and Development Board held at the Bachat Bhavan here today.

The Finance Minister claimed that the state was all set to witness fast integrated development and a sum of Rs 1,500 crore was being spent through the Infrastructure Development Board to undertake various development projects, including the construction of link roads, 40 overbridges, strengthening of major roads and construction of buildings of hospitals and schools etc in all parts of the state.

He said that out of these funds, about Rs 1,000 crore would be spent on the construction and strengthening of 879 km of link roads across the state and Rs 200 crore were being spent on the construction of 40 railway over bridges on the rail lines at vulnerable places, where the people were facing a serious problem of traffic jams on the arrival of the trains.

The state government was fully committed for the welfare of the weaker sections of society and during this year welfare programmes costing to Rs 820 crore for poor people under a special component plan were being executed. He asserted that the Congress had always taken concrete steps for the uplift of the needy people whenever it came into power in the state.

Mr Lal Singh claimed that with the enforcement of strict financial measures and activation of tax collecting machinery, the shattered economy had been put back on the rails and revenue receipt during this year were up by Rs 373 crore, whereas the revenue expenditure has been brought down by Rs 25 crore.

He claimed that it was the first time that the sanctioned annual plan of the state amounting to the Rs 2795 crore had been fully utilised against the 58 per cent utilisation during last year, and the prominent financial institutions of national and international level had started releasing the funds for development projects after a complete dry spell of years.

The Finance Minister disclosed that the government had decided to develop two villages from each of 141 development blocks at a cost of Rs 1crore as model gram, and had arranged funds amounting to Rs 141 crore for this purpose, for which the selection process of the villages has already been started.

Commenting on the commitment of the government to involve the newly elected panchayats in the development process, Mr Lal Singh said that the state government would provide all the powers granted under the 73rd amendment of the Constitution to the newly elected panchayats and the village bodies would be given full control of 29 government departments in their villages so that the proper utilisation of the staff could be made.

Referring to the various development projects and welfare programmes to be undertaken in Ludhiana through the District Planning and Development Board, he disclosed that during the current financial year funds amounting to Rs 24.12 crore have been allotted to the board for different development projects.

Out of these, Rs 6.76 crore had already been issued to release the different pensions under the pension schemes of the Social Security Department including old age and widow pensions in the previous meetings. He said that of the remaining Rs 17.36 crore, grants amounting to Rs 4.85 crore were released during today’s meeting.

Giving more details of the funds to be released for specific schemes, the Finance Minister informed that to carry out the beneficiary-oriented schemes in the district during this year, a sum of Rs crore have been earmarked out of which Rs 88.02 lakh released today. Mr Lal Singh further elaborated that to further strengthen the infrastructure in the district, funds worth Rs13.84 crore had been earmarked to implement the infrastructure-oriented schemes, out of which, grants of Rs 3.97crore had been released for the various projects.

In today’s meeting DPDB accorded the approval to grants of Rs 6.76 crore already released to give the pending pensions under different schemes.

The Finance Minister asked that district officers of different departments to utilise all the sanctioned funds properly and efficiently and warned that the government would keep a strict vigil on the quality of the development project and would take stern action against the officers who caught indulging in compromising the quality and misappropriation of funds.

He also directed the officers to hold discussions with the concerned MLAs and other members of the board before giving a final shape to different development projects and welfare schemes in their constituencies, so that the judicious distribution of funds could be ensured in each part of the district.

The minister also asked the MLAs to prepare the priorities of the developmental projects village wise in their constituencies, so that the funds could be released accordingly at the earliest and also to verify the utilisation of the previous grants of the board in their areas. Taking a serious note of pending utilisation certificates for a long time, the minister directed the concerned officers to submit detail reports explaining the reasons of the delay.

He warned that in case any amount was found misappropriated, strict action would be taken against the guilty officers. He also directed the officers, to get all the audit paras settled at the earliest and warned that in case of delay on the part of any officer strict disciplinary action would be initiated against the defaulter officers.

Earlier, Mr Anurag Verma, Deputy Commissioner, assured the Minister that the district administration would ensure proper and expeditious utilisation of the funds. They will also keep a vigil and monitor the progress of the ongoing works to ensure the timely completion and quality of the projects. He asked the officers to accord priority to redress the day to day problems of the people.



Delay in pregnancy can cause deformity in children
Shivani Bhakoo

Ludhiana, July 15
Ms Aradhna Sood (not the real name), a 32-years-old local resident, has left no stone unturned to get the taste of motherhood. Married for more than eight years now, Aradhna and her husband Sudhir (name changed) delayed their first issue as they had some other “priorities” and were not mentally prepared to bear the burden of a child. Even after much persuasion by the family and friends, couple deliberately delayed the pregnancy. But now they repent on the stand they had taken. After approaching leading doctors in this part of the region, the couple has left it to the hands of God for getting their desire fulfilled.

Theirs is not an isolate case. The city gynaecologists have confirmed that the number of such couples was increasing with every passing day. The working as well as non-working females preferred to delay the issues.

Dr Iqbal Singh Ahuja, a leading gynaecologist, said, “Delay in pregnancy at late age means no pregnancy. As the age increases, the fertility rate decreases. If a couple marries at a later age, they should not delay their first issue”.

Dr Ahuja further stressed that such delays, apart from infertility, could bring many deformities in the newborns. “It is called Down’s Syndrome in the child. There are chances of child’s being abnormal. The ovulation gets disturbed after 30 years. So females marrying at a late age must not delay their conception. The couple could become frustrated and frustration could be another factor to infertility”, added Dr Ahuja.

Dr Ajit Kang, another gynaecologist said that chances of genetic deformation increased if a female conceived after 35 years of age. “In addition to this, there are chances that pregnant woman could get diabetes, high blood pressure and hypertension. The baby could also be affected. We do get many such couples, who after so many years of marriage, are unable to conceive”, said Dr Kang.

A city-based psychiatrist said that majority of couples delaying issues were working couples. He said that well qualified girls with lucrative jobs in banks, advertising agencies, fashion houses, media like newspapers, TV productions etc were not ready to give up their jobs and ruin their bright careers. “Frustration, tensions and rifts are the result if anyone pressurises the couples to have kids. Such things were common at Metropolitan cities earlier but now the DINKS (Double Income no Kids) syndrome has become prevalent in this city, too. To be away from any kind of complication, couples should consult the gynaecologists and plan their family accordingly”, said the doctor.



New judicial complex opens today
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, July 15
The courts, working in the old complex for more than five decades, will start functioning from the multi-storeyed new judicial complex at the Mini Secretariat here from tomorrow.

Today, lawyers were seen busy in shifting their offices to the new complex. They were seen carrying their office tables, chairs, almirahs and other necessary items in rickshaws, cars, tempos and other means of transport.

It was a busy and tough day for the lawyers as the elevators in the new complex were not working today and they had to use the ramps as well as stairs to reach their new places of work situated on different floors.

About 25 lawyers were allotted seats in one room. A number of lawyers occupied seats in the verandah since there was not sufficient space for them in the rooms. The Bar Association has allotted the seats to around 600 lawyers in the new complex for the time being as their chambers are still under construction.

Mr Harish Rai Dhanda, president, District Bar Association, informed that even now there was sufficient space to accommodate more than 300 lawyers. He said that two canteens would start functioning from tomorrow on the third and fifth floors.

It may be recalled that the lawyers had strongly opposed the move of the administration and judiciary to shift the courts before completing the lawyers' chambers.

Then a proposal was given to the lawyers that temporarily they could be accommodated in the new complex till the completion of their chambers to which the lawyers had agreed.

Mr Baldev Singh, District and Sessions Judge, told Ludhiana Tribune that there would be four courts on the ground floor, New judicial complex opens today which included the court of the District and Sessions Judge, Mr S.M.S. Mahal, the Additional Sessions Judge, Mr Arunvir Vashist, the Chief Judicial Magistrate and the court of the Additional Civil Judge (Sr Division), Ms Anshul Berry.

He further said that on the first floor there would be courts of two Additional Sessions Judges, Mr Inderjit Kaushik and Mr D.R. Arora, apart from the court of the Civil Judge (Sr Division), Mr J.S. Chouhan and Mr D.P. Singla, Mr B.S. Deol (Judicial Magistrates). The courts of the Additional Sessions Judges, Mr J.S. Bhatia and Mr Baldev Singh Sodhi, would function on the second floor. Three courts of Judicial Magistrates, Mr Jasbeer Singh, Mr Sangeet Pal Singh and Mr Jaspal Verma, will also be on the same floor.

On the third floor, the court of Mr Sukhdarshan Singh Khaira, Additional District and Sessions Judge, Mr Ravinder Kumar Condal and Mr Jagdeep Singh Marak (both magistrates) would commence work from tomorrow, added Mr Baldev Singh.



Dhand meets his nemesis

Ludhiana, July 15
Nirdosh Dhand, booked in several criminal cases by the Ludhiana police in the past, is struggling for life in the DMC Hospital, after a dagger attack on him outside his house in Kundan Puri on Saturday night. His chances of survival, according to the doctors attending on him, are 50 per cent. According to sources, even if he makes it, he would not be able to speak as his vocal cords have been damaged beyond repair.

In the early 80s, Nirdosh Dhand was a nobody in this expanding city. In 1984, he started business of lending money and quickly made a name for himself as an unscrupulous moneylender. According to sources, he would give, say a loan of Rs 1 lakh at an interest of 10 per cent, giving in fact Rs 90,000 to the borrower after deducting the first month’s interest. He would impose his condition on the borrower, according to which he could not return the money before six months meaning that for a loan of Rs 1 lakh, the borrower had to pay a minimum interest of Rs 60,000 in case he or she returned the money after six months.

In several cases, the interest would be as high as 15 or 20 per cent too depending upon the circumstances and need of a borrower for more money. In the meantime, Nirdosh Dhand also started cultivating some friends in the Police Department who started utilising his lending services to their own benefit. Dhand would offer them good returns on their money and these friendly police officers would secure big money at an interest of 5 per cent and give it to him at a rate of 10 per cent. Several of his police friends , instead of borrowing money at 5 per cent from other money lenders, also started investing their savings in Dhand’s money-lending business.

According to sources, he would more often than not insist on the registration documents of houses and other immovable properties of people seeking loans. He owns a number of houses which once belonged to people who took loans from him but could not repay the same.

Dhand joined politics only a decade ago when his father contested the election to the municipal corporation as a Congress candidate, but lost. He was able to impress the political leaders of the day with his uncanny ability to mint money and also exercise some muscle power. But when he became too notorious for his alleged involvement in a number of criminal cases registered against him at various police stations of the city, he was abandoned by his political masters and publicly disowned. No political figure condemned the attack on him on Saturday.

Meanwhile, the two accused, Goldy and Amit, who allegedly stabbed him on Saturday, presented themselves before the police yesterday.




HIGH-WIRE ACT : Four-and-a-half-year-old Ganeshi from Chhattisgarh performs on the trapeze while her father beats a drum during a roadside show in Ludhiana on Tuesday. — Photo  Pradeep Tewari

FOR the people of Ludhiana, Sada-e-Sarhad, the bus that connects people of India and Pakistan, came as a messenger of peace and goodwill between the two neighbours when it passed through the city last week. Contrary to apprehensions of protests, the people went all out to appreciate the gestures of the two governments. People are now hoping that the visa restrictions between the two countries would also ease making interaction between people from both sides easier.

I too have a mobile

Technology is fast catching up with all sections of society. The other day when a city resident confronted his gardener for being irregular, he was quick to retort: “Sir, you could have contacted me on the mobile. I have given the number to the maid”. Dhirubhai’s dream is really turning into reality, at least in this city.

Security guards dress

A security guard with a private company revealed an interesting thing to Sentinel. He was not wearing his uniform on the day of Apni Mandi. When asked he said he did not wear it as he had to visit the vegetable market. Explaining the connection, he revealed that the vendors do not accept payment from cops in uniform and mistook him as one. So he changes the dress, “Kee kariye ji, Zameer nahi manda muft cheez laen nu” (My conscience does not allow to have freebies). Maybe there is a lesson or two for the men in khaki in this.

Tenant books landlord

Ever heard that a tenant has booked the landlord in a corruption case? The Ludhiana Vigilance Bureau has done exactly this by exposing the corruption in the Punjab Water and Sewerage Board. The vigilance is tenant of the board and the offices of both the departments are situated in one building only near the Zila Parishad here.

Digital lights

Chandigarh has it and even Mandi Gobindgarh has it but digital time-set traffic lights are yet to be introduced in Ludhiana, the financial capital of Punjab. The lights have been received well in Chandigarh and Mandi Gobindgarh. A digital clock showing the reverse counting tells the commuters the time left for the green signal. This is of immense use. It saves petrol and allows the vehicle driver to be exactly ready. This helps in controlling pollution also as the drivers switch off the ignition knowing that lot of time was left. However, the technology is yet to be brought in Ludhiana, which has the highest volume of traffic.

Pollution board

The first press conference of the newly appointed Chairman of the Punjab Pollution Control Board, Rana K P Singh, in circuit house here was full of embarrassments. First it was the much-publicised Surinder Dawer issue. The Chairman was asked if he would take action against a dyeing unit owned by MLA Dawer for causing pollution. Then the banners hung in the room to welcome the new chairman had many mistakes. One of the prominent ones was that he was the chairman of Punjab Pollution Board. Mediapersons and the others had a hearty laugh when one spelled it out as Punjab Polluting Board.

Phone mania

A colleague’s gardener had disappeared for some days and all the efforts to look for him failed. One morning he appeared. When he was asked by the colleague to tell him before disappearing he at once replied: “mera mobile number rakh lo sahib, jab zaroorat pare mujhe contact kar liya karo”.

Spoon feeding

Parents doing spoon feeding for their kids is common but in case teachers do this, it sounds quite strange. Recently, authorities of a school in a city area were told to send the paintings made by children for a column that is published in Ludhiana Tribune every Monday. The paintings that reached the office were all very alike. Same strokes, same tone of colours and a same writing where the names of the students had to be written. When the school art teacher was asked about it, he confessed that he himself had to draw these in the names of different students as the school was closed for summer break and he did not have any old, original assignments made by the students.

Family way

Women colleges and schools often face problems from the female staff who either have to go on a long maternity leave or have to take holidays off and on when their kids are unwell. Recently, sentinel met the principal of an education college who seemed quite non-plussed. When asked if she was fit, she said, ‘‘I am perfectly alright, but my staff is not. Five of my 12 staff members are in the family way. They would soon start going on leave one after the other. I am in a fix and thinking as to how I would manage the situation in their absence.’’

Petty fight

The other day a couple was seen exchanging hot words at the railway station. The wife was seen telling her husband that he had got late despite her telling him that they had to reach the station before 5 p.m. The clock in the railway station was showing 10 past 5. But the husband kept on insisting that his watch was showing 10 to 5. Still the wife was not convinced until an onlooker intervened and told them that the railway station clock was showing the same time for the last three days.

Anxiety neurosis

A large majority of people these days suffer from anxiety neurosis. According to a city based doctor, the young people also come with chest complaints, thinking they are suffering from heart diseases. It is very difficult to convince them that if they had heart disease they would be in the hospital.It is anxiety that is giving them symptoms of heart disease like pain in the chest. Housewives also suffer from a lot of anxiety and suffer from belching. The pressures of life have increased so much that most of the people suffer from some sort of acute pains due to anxiety. They are mostly symptomatic and can be cured by the person himself if he /she realises that most of the diseases are in the mind and they have to devise some stress busters to live life more peacefully.

Monsoon hungamas

Monsoons are causing a lot of ‘hungamas’. The first one was created by Reliance when they offered Mobile sets for Rs 501. Hangamas were created as the frustrated people even broke one of its showrooms when the company ran out of mobile sets. After that in every nook and corner, hungama sales of clothes, electronic appliances comprising air conditioners , refrigerators are on. Some big stores are offering attractive discounts in the name of ‘monsoon hungamas’. Whether it is summers, spring, monsoons or winters, the companies, and shopkeepers put on their thinking caps and come up with attractive schemes to lure the customers. The customers are gullible and are easily taken up by these schemes and buy things even when not require. Thanks to the sale strategy.


While travelling, Sentinel noticed the following lines written at the back of a truck ‘Malikk ka paisa, driver ka paseena, nikalti hai yeh road par, ban ke haseena’.




Ailing medicine market calls for relief
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, July 15
The biggest wholesale market of medicines in Northern India — Pindi Street has gone sick. Faced with problems like rampant encroachments, fire hazards and insanitary conditions, the shopkeepers cry for remedial measures which for the time being, seem to be a far cry.

The badly congested and narrow market, surrounded by busy commercial centres like Chaura Bazar, Saban Bazar, Books Market and Dr Gujjarmal Road had road width hardly enough for pedestrians and at times even the access for two-wheelers is difficult if not impossible. The situation is made worse by haphazard parking of scooters by the shopkeepers and customers, extending sales counters outside the shops towards the road and stacking wooden cases and other material on roadside with scant consideration for others.

According to Mr Lalit Verma, general secretary of the District Chemists and Druggist Association, the sanitation level in the market is pathetic, to say the least. The main chowk of the market, where rehris of eatable used to be parked on both sides of the road in the past, has virtually been turned into a fast-food joint with permanent stalls replacing the hand carts. The crowd at these eating joints not only create obstruction in the flow of traffic, but wreck havoc to the sanitation level as well by indiscriminately throwing left overs, disposable plates and cardboard boxes all around.

The fast-food joints also use cooking gas burners in the open, thereby exposing the medicine shops to grave fire hazard, remarked another shopkeeper. “The market is such a congested place and such is the extent of encroachments all over that in case of fire, the fire tenders can in no way reach the interior portion. In such an eventuality, only the almighty can save us and our shops.”

Mr Verma laments that the shops dealing in electrical goods on the covered portion of the huge open drain flowing diagonally from the centre of the market, have further compounded the problem. Though the road width of this stretch from Book Market to Saban Bazar is considerably more in comparison to Pindi Street, but due to stacking of merchandise on both sides of the road and loading and unloading of goods throughout the day, the area has become permanently problematic for visitors.

Mr Verma said the association had already taken up the matter with civic administration at local level as well as with the state government to initiate necessary steps, that too without delay to bring some semblance of order and restore cleanliness and better flow of traffic in the market which was paying huge amount to the government and the local body by way of taxes as also was catering to the medical needs of not only the mega city but almost the entire state.



PPCB chief calls for a plantation drive
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, July 15
The newly appointed chairman of the Punjab Pollution Control Board (PPCB) Rana K.P. Singh said the government would deal with the menace of increasing pollution in towns and cities in an effective manner.

Speaking at a felicitation function, organised by the Punjab Youth Congress at Circuit House here on his first visit to the city, stressed the need for concerted efforts to deal with the environmental pollution in the industrial hub of Punjab. He said though the PPCB would be responsive to the genuine problems of the industrial community but no compromise would be made in the steps toward ridding the residential areas of the city from polluting industries. He called upon the people to take up sapling plantation in a big way and also to join hands with the authorities in the campaign for pollution control.

Besides PYC president Devinder Singh Babbu, city Mayor Nahar Singh Gill, Congress legislator Surinder Dawar, Mr Pawan Diwan, Mr Krishan Kumar Bawa, Mr Akshay Bhanot, Mr Jarnail Singh Grewal and Mr Navneesh Malhotra were present at the function.

Mr Babbu while hailing the nomination of Mr Rana to the post of PPCB chairman, recalled the contribution made by him as an active functionary of the YC. He expressed the confidence that the new incumbent would play a vital role in making the board an effective organ to combat pollution. He said the Youth Congress would also go in for sapling plantation in a big way.

Among others Mr Pawan Diwan, Mr Jarnail Singh Grewal and Mr Akshay Bhanot also addressed the function.



Recruitment rally from Aug 16 to 18
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, July 15
A recruitment rally for soldier (general duty) in the Territorial Army (TA) will be held at Camping Grounds, near Jagraon Bridge, here from August 16 to 18.
According to the Commanding Officer of 152 Infantry Battalion (TA) Sikh, on August 16 the recruitment process would be undertaken for candidates of all categories from Punjab, while those from Himachal Pradesh and the state of Jammu and Kashmir could appear for recruitment on August 17 and 18, respectively. Those in the age group of 18 to 42 years, who have passed the matriculation examination, would be eligible for screening at the rally.

The candidates would be required to bring original certificates of matric, along with mark sheets, proof of residence, character certificate and six copies of passport size photographs.



League flays BJP’s stand
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 15
The Indian Exservicemen League, Punjab and Chandigarh, has taken a serious note of the statements of some of the BJP leaders, who they allege are desperately trying to debunk the anti-corruption drive of the Punjab Government.

The league said it was determined to educate the exservicemen, widows and their dependants not to be mislead by the vicious propaganda of the corrupt and stand by the present government in its efforts to make society free of corruption and benefit of development of the state goes to all Punjabis.



2 injured in road mishap
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, July 15
Two persons were injured, one of them seriously, when their scooter collided with a cart. According to the information available, Mr Manjit Singh and Mr Sinder Singh, both brothers of Bardeke village, were on their way to Sohian on a scooter from they were to get labour for digging a well, but their scooter collided with a cart near a canal injuring both of them. Both were admitted to the Civil Hospital, Jagraon, but doctors have referred Mr Manjit Singh to Ludhiana as he had sustained serious injuries.



Husband, in-laws booked for demanding dowry
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, July 15
On the statement of Ms Ritu Vij, a resident of Sarabha Nagar, a case under Sections 406, 323, 498, 342 and 34 of the IPC was registered at the Sarabha Nagar police station yesterday against her husband Amit Vij, a resident of Adampur in Jalandhar district, his father Surinder Vij, mother Kiran and Dolly, sister of Surinder. The woman had alleged that the accused used to beat her frequently and also demanded more dowry. No arrest has been made so far.

Beaten up: The Sadar police yesterday registered a case under Sections 323, 341, 506 and 34 of the IPC on the statement of Mr Surinder Kumar, a resident of Nehri village in Una district, now living in Thakkar Wal village, against Sonu, Bickey and Kuldeep Singh. The complainant had alleged that while he was going on the road, he was intercepted by the accused and beaten up. The accused also threatened him, added the complainant. No arrest has been made so far.

The Jodhewal police yesterday registered a case under Sections 451, 323, 506 and 34 of the IPC on the statement of Mr Ved Pal, a resident of Noor Wala village, against Bittu and Sukhbir. The complainant had alleged that the accused came to his house on Sunday night, beat him up and also threatened him before leaving. No arrest has been made so far.

Injured: The Civil Lines police yesterday registered a case under Sections 279, 337 and 338 of the IPC on the statement of Mr Ram Nath, a resident of Jawahar Nagar camp, against Jaspal Kumar, a resident of Jhanori village falling under the Morinda police station in Ropar district and the truck he was driving. The complainant had stated that the accused had hit his son Abhishek who was admitted to the hospital in an injured condition. The police today said the truck driver was arrested and released on bail.

The Division No 6 police yesterday registered a case under Sections 279, 337 and 427 of the IPC on the statement of Mr Narinder Singh, a migrant from Bihar, against an unknown person riding a scooter (PB 10-B 8562). The complainant had stated that the accused hit his brother, Gurinder Kumar, while he was going on the road and injured him. The accused fled the scene of the accident. No arrest has been made so far.

Cops booked: An undertrial in a case of Section 109 of the CrPC, who was taken to the Civil Hospital for treatment yesterday, managed to give a slip to the policemen and ran away. A case under Sections 223 and 224 of the IPC was registered against head constable Hardev Singh, Balbir Singh and Beant Singh, on the statement of ASI Sukhbir Singh, in charge, Atam Park police post. The complainant had alleged that accused Beant Singh had already been booked under Section 109 of the CrPC and when taken to the hospital by the accused policemen on Monday evening, he managed to flee custody. No arrest has been made so far.

Held for quarrelling: The Division No 4 police yesterday arrested Prince, a resident of New Shiv Puri, Raj Kumar, a resident of Chhawni Mohalla, Baljit Singh, a resident of Kakowal village, and Sital Ram and booked them under Section 160 of the IPC. The police said today that the accused were quarrelling on the road with each other disturbing the general peace of the area. They were released on bail.

The Division No 7 police has also registered a case under Section 160 of the IPC against Sarabjit Singh, a resident of Gita Nagar on the Tajpur road, and Sukhbir Singh, a resident of Manjit Park near Shingar Cinema, who were arrested while they were quarrelling on the road and disturbing the peace of the area. The accused were released on bail.

One arrested: The Division No 7 police registered a case under Section 411 of the IPC yesterday against Sushil Kumar, a resident of Ganganagar in Rajasthan after he was arrested and a stolen motorcycle, which had been stolen from Khassi Kalan village sometime ago, was recovered from his possession.



Punjab mobilises record collection in small savings
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 15
With the induction of professional marketing strategy for motivating the investors and encouragement to small savings agents, remarkable results have been obtained in this field in Punjab by mobilising a record collection of Rs 2904.75 crore during 2002-03 under different small savings schemes as compared to Rs 2135 crore collected during the corresponding year.

This was disclosed by Mr Lal Singh, Finance, Planning and Cooperation Minister, while addressing an impressive gathering of small savings agents and investors at the state-level function organised to take out the lucky draw of 24th Lucky Coupon Scheme and to distribute the prizes to the winners of 23rd Lucky Coupon Scheme of small savings at Guru Nanak Bhavan, here today.

Elaborating further, the Finance Minister said the department of small savings was functioning with 40 employees and adopted a commercial marketing strategy by appointing 18,000 small savings agents on commission basis and have posted outstanding results in this field as compared to the other states.

He asserted that with the all out efforts of the agents and investors, the state would collect more than Rs 3,200 crore under the small savings schemes, which would contribute towards more than 50 per cent of the development of the state by earning soft loans amounting to Rs 2,700 crore for the state.

The money invested in different small savings schemes being run by the Union Government by the investors from the state ensure an equal amount of soft loans for the overall development of the state and during the last year, the state had received Rs 1,785 crore as soft loans and during this year, loans amounting to Rs 2,600 crore were expected.

The Minister informed that during the current financial year maintaining the outstanding achievements a net collection of Rs 328.87 crore have been made till May 30, against the net collection of Rs 274 crore during the corresponding period last year.

He further claimed that during 2003-04, till the month of July, a soft loan of Rs 894.97 crore have been received by the state from the Centre for different development projects whereas loans amounting to only Rs 752.76 crore during the corresponding period of the last year, recording an increase in collection of Rs 142.21 crore. He said out of the total loans received this year, the government had returned high cost loans amounting to Rs 268.49 crore so far and in the whole year the state would convert high cost loans of Rs 1000 crore into low cost loans.

Mr Lal Singh said the state government had also decided to reinstate the discretionary grants to the Deputy Commissioners for different development works out of small savings award money and during this year, Rs 5.5 crore were being released to the Deputy Commissioners for this purpose. Appreciating the outstanding achievements of Ludhiana district in the small savings collections for the last 24 years, the Finance Minister announced an award money of Rs 84 lakh for the district.

Referring to the excellent results of implementation of the strict financial management and austerity measures, he asserted that the economy of the state had witnessed exemplary improvement and last year’s annual plan had been fully utilised in the state where as during the tenure of the previous governments, the utilisation level of the annual plan was only 58 per cent.

He informed that with the assistance of World Bank Water Supply and Sewerage Projects was being executed in seven prominent cities of the state at a cost of Rs 462.5 crore and with the financial assistance from financial institutions of Middle East, such projects were being implemented at a cost of Rs 140 crore. The state government was taking up a case to get financial assistance of Rs 150 crore released from the LIC and HUDCO for the implementation of development projects in the state.

Congratulating the small savings agents and concerned officers for their outstanding contribution in the field of small savings, he appealed them to strive hard during the current financial year too so that the record performance of last year could be maintained. He announced a grant of Rs 5 lakh for the improvement in Guru Nanak Bhavan.

The Minister presented prizes of one kg gold, two Swaraj tractors, and three petrol cars to the winners of the 23rd lucky draw taken out at Ludhiana on February 12 last year and honoured the Deputy Commissioners of different districts and other officers, who did excellent work for promoting small savings collections.

Earlier, Mr Anurag Verma, Deputy Commissioner, welcomed the minister and highlighted the excellent achievements of the district in small savings and informed that the district had achieved top position in the state by making gross collection of Rs 990 crore and net collection of Rs 523.08 crore during 2002-03 under the different small savings schemes.

He claimed that during the current financial year, the district would cross collection of Rs 1,000 crore and till date had mobilised Rs 205 crore as gross collection and Rs 80 crore as net collection, where as during last year in the corresponding period gross collection of Rs 159 crore and net collection of Rs 170 crore was made.

He said the district had adopted the small savings as a mass movement and during the last 24 years the district had succeeded in securing the top position in the state in small savings collections.

Mr Megh Raj, Director, Small Savings, while addressing the function informed that the state has shown a remarkable improvement in the field of small savings and the net collection which were at Rs. 282.26 crore in 1991-92 had touched an all time high record of Rs 2904.75 crore in 2002-03.

He further stated that despite reduction of interest rates in small savings schemes and many other handicaps, the state has been able to make a record net collection. This has been possible only with the enterprise displayed by agents and enthusiasm shown by the depositors coupled with a strong back up by the district administration and the postal authorities. He appealed to the public to make maximum savings in the post offices in the state and take pride in contributing to the welfare of the state.

Mr A.K. Sharma, Deputy Director, Small Savings, proposed a vote of thanks and appealed the agents to make maximum collection to enhance their income and to participate in the development of the state. Mr Mohinder Kumar Malhotra, Regional Director, National Savings, Punjab, also addressed the function.

The DCs honoured on this occasion included Mr S.K. Ahluwalia, Fatehgarh Sahib, Mr S.S. Sandhu, Nawanshahr, Mr Ramesh Kumar Ganta, Moga, and Ms Usha R. Sharma, Muktsar.

Among others who were present were Mr S.K. Sharma, Commissioner, MC, Mr Jagmohan Sharma, president, DCC (Urban), Mr Harmohinder Singh, president, DCC (Rurel), Ms Sushil Gupta, Deputy Mayor, MC, and Mr Amarjit Singh Tikka, vice-president, PYC.



Multinational launches filters in city
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 15
Valvoline Cummins, the auto lubricant giants, after creating their own niche in the Rs 750-crore filter industry in the country, formally announced their expansion in Punjab.

Valvoline Cummins has taken up North India as the launch pad for this new product range, simply for the reason that 40 per cent of the total consumption of automotive filters is in the north and will thereafter extend the availability to other parts of the country. In the first phase of the operations, Valvoline has launched 12 products for the commercial vehicles segment, which will increase in the second phase with the launch of more filters covering other automobile segment.

Mr Naveen Gupta, CEO, Valvo Cummins, said: “Being in the lubricant industry in the USA for the past 135 years, and in the filter segment for 20 years, coming up with automotive filters in the diesel segment in India is a natural extension. Since Valvoline has a very strong distribution network, the spread of the products would be faster.”



New scheme for credit card holders
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, July 15
Standard Chartered Bank has announced one of the largest loyalty programme on its Credit Cards - ‘Win a diamond a day’. Under this programme all Standard Chartered credit card holders who use their credit cards between June 15 and September 15 will be eligible for a daily draw and one lucky customer everyday will win jewellery products like diamonds earrings, pendants and chains from Tanishq, India’s most desirable brand of jewellery.

Shyarn Srinivasan, general manager and head, Credit Cards and Personal Loans, Standard Chartered Bank, said: “As the largest issuer of cards in the country we always look at creative ways to reward customers and build loyalty. We wanted to create a special property that will drive card preference via an immediate reward to the cardholder. We believe that simple and effective programmes such as this will go a long way in building consumer preference and brand loyalty. For this promotion, we are proud to be associated with Tanishq.”


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