Monday, July 28, 2003, Chandigarh, India


L U D H I A N A   S T O R I E S


‘Killer’ veggies in city markets
Polluted nullah water ‘poisoning’ green vegetables
Kanchan Vasdev
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 27
Think again before you buy green vegetables from a city market to provide yourself with essential nutrients. There are chances that you may be buying vegetables with traces of carcinogenic heavy metals as most of these vegetables are grown alongside the Buddha Nullah, the most polluted water body of the city.

So whenever you shell out your hard earned money on the exorbitantly priced vegetables, just to provide necessary minerals and vitamins to your children, be sure the vegetables are not grown near Buddha Nullah. Inquiries made The Tribune have revealed that most of the vegetables sold in the city markets come from the fields alongside the nullah.

These are not only irrigated with water from the nullah but are also washed in the dirty water before being sold in the market. Various Punjab Agricultural University studies reveal that these vegetables absorb the pollutants in the form of heavy metals, which are known to cause cancer in human beings. More so, in monsoon season, these can cause water-borne diseases like gastroenteritis, cholera and jaundice as the nullah receives the sewerage discharge of many areas of the city.

A visit to the bank of nullah in the Haibowal area is enough for anyone to believe that any one can fall sick after consuming the produce. The green vegetables are irrigated with the water drawn from the nullah or from the tubewells installed near the water body. These tubewells too yield muddy and stinking water.

Despite various studies by the PAU scientists, who had sent the reports to the Pollution Control Board and the local health department, both the authorities have preferred to remain silent over the issue even as innocent residents continue buying the toxic vegetables.

Dr B.D. Kansal, a scientist of Punjab Agricultural University, who had conducted a survey on the pollution levels of the Buddha Nullah some time ago said his research had revealed traces of heavy metals, including lead, nickel, and chromium, in the nullah water in alarming concentration.

Dr Kansal said he had collected samples from the nullah as well as from the Dhnansu village, from where nullah starts, and a comparison of these had revealed that these traces were 1,000 times more in urban area as compared to samples drawn from near the village.

His study had further revealed that the vegetable farmers were irrigating their crops, mostly the leafy vegetables, with nullah water. He added that these vegetables accumulated heavy metal traces inside their plant body. The scientists said leafy vegetables and fodder accumulate these traces to a maximum because of their structures. After human consumption these traces get accumulated in soft organs of the body like liver and kidneys and can cause cancer of these organs after consumption, over a period of time.

Stating that he had himself witnessed the farmers washing their vegetables in the polluted nullah water, Dr Kansal said these vegetables, if eaten raw could cause water-borne diseases like typhoid, cholera and jaundice. He added that he was shocked to see many farmers growing mint which was always consumed raw along the Buddha Nullah.



17-year-old girl gang-raped
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 27
A 17-year-old girl was allegedly abducted and gang-raped by three youths of Jhabewal village in a house which is under construction at the village on Friday morning.

The case came to light today when the girl approached the Sahnewal police for the registration of a case against the three youths.

The Sahnewal police has booked the three accused on the charges of abduction and rape. They have been identified as Didar Singh, alias Pappu, Kuldip Singh and Harjinder Singh alias Guddu. They have been booked under sections 376, 506, 365 and 34 of the IPC and Section 25 of the Arms Act. They are yet to be arrested.

While the police maintained that it acted promptly on the complaint, the vicitm’s family asserted that the police tried to discourage them from lodging the complaint. The family alleged that the police was helping the accused by not arresting them.

The girl and her parents came to civil hospital this afternoon for the medical examination of the victim. She was in a pathetic condition. The family said she was still under shock by the torture and was not stable.

Talking to Ludhiana Tribune, the girl, who is a daughter of a mason belonging to Jhabewal village, said she was abducted by the three youths at gunpoint at about 10 am from the outskirts of the village on Friday. The youths came in a white Maruti car.

She was on way to attend a class at a stitching training centre. The accused stopped her on the way at a deserted place and forced her into the car at gunpoint. She was taken to a house which was under construction outside the village. The house belonged to a farmer, Narain Singh.

The girl claimed that she was beaten and raped in the building for several hours. She was released in the evening and somehow managed to reach home.

She said she narrated the entire incident to her parents next morning. ‘‘My parents are not well-off. I tried to keep the incident a secret but could not come to terms with it,’’ she said.

Sources said the family members initially thought it better to keep quiet. However, they could not control their anguish and decided to lodge a complaint after much deliberation. The girl’s father was inconsolable at Civil Hospital.

Civil hospital sources, meanwhile, revealed that the medical examination confirmed that the girl had been raped. The report has been handed over to the Sahnewal police. The accused live close to the house of the victim.



Confusion over preparation of voters' ID cards 
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 27
Confusion prevailed at five booths set up by the local administration in CFC School in Gurdev Nagar for the preparation of voters’ identity cards as a photographer assigned the job of clicking pictures reached late by more than three hours.

The residents, who started gathering at the place at 8 a.m., the time mentioned in the advertisement by the authorities, had to wait for hours before they could get photographed.

Fuming and fretting at the delay, many of them said that the authorities had no respect for the time of so many people who had come to get their ID cards prepared.

The officials present on the spot said that they could not do anything as they were told to go to the school and do their duty. On the condition of anonymity, they said that they could not do anything except convey to their authorities that the photographer had not reached.

Talking to Ludhiana Tribune, Mr Rajan, a resident, said that he had been waiting for the photographer since morning but nobody turned up till 10.30 a.m. He added that his three hours were wasted for a work that actually required a minute only.

Some elderly persons who were made to wait for the photographer were also resenting the delay. They said that despite their age they had to keep standing. The humid weather had added to their woes.

Mr Varinder Kumar, another resident, said that he was working in a private office and he had not even told his employer about his coming late. ‘‘I had thought that I would reach there by 9 a.m. as it would not take more than an hour for me to get my photograph clicked.’’

Similar problem was aired by Nidhi, a student, who said that her valuable time was wasted. She said that if the administration was not able to hire a photographer it should have called the voters some other day.

Other voters complained of the slow pace of work as only one photographer arrived at the venue despite the fact that there were five booths in the school.



Jaghera house taken over
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 27
Led by leaders of the Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) and some municipal councillors, a large number of residents of Lohara village and opponents of a deposed Sant Shamsher Singh Jaghera today took control of a house allegedly occupied illegally by the accused several years ago in the village, here today.

The house was in the centre of controversy recently when Shamsher Singh Jaghera was caught by the police on rape charge last week. He had allegedly occupied the house which belonged to a slain terrorist. Some local Congress leaders had allegedly helped the accused.

The newly constituted Gurdwara Mastuana Sahib Parbandhak Committee and the Khalsa Panchayat organisation had taken up the case of the house and urged the district administration to hand it over to them. Today, the residents took control of the house and handed over its keys to the management of Gurdwara Reru Sahib in Lohara village.

Mr Simarjit Singh Bains, Municipal Councillor, told Ludhiana Tribune that the house would be converted into a dharamshala or a janjghar (marriage palace). Other persons leading the move included Mr Balwinder Singh Bains, Ms Sunita Rani, Municipal Councillor and Mr Satpal Singh Lohara.

The takeover of the house was peaceful. Later in a press release, Mr Bains said that they had in a communication to the Deputy Commissioner demanded strong action against government officials who helped accused Jaghera in occupying the house.



Rock band enthrals Ludhianvis
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, July 27
A Delhi-based band, “Hundred Octane” enthralled the audience with rock music at Hotel Majestic Park Plaza. The six-piece band comprised of Arvind on Guitar (leader), Jimmy on base guitar, Vikram on keyboard, Nikhil on drums, Ish on guitar and Prateek the vocalist.

They played a variety of music songs by Pearl Jan and Brian Adama, and songs from Summer of 69, The Doors, and Collective Soul to name a few. They played music from Nirvana, Guns’n’ Roses, The Uriah Heap, Deep Purple. Hundred Octane also gave the audience a taste of music of Retro, Metal, Hard Rock and Eighties Rock.

Mr Jaswinder Bhogal, a rock music fan said,” It was a soulful music and my friends and I enjoyed the variety of rock music that was played by the band. Since rock music was played for the first time in Ludhiana, we really liked the change. We know rock music is not everybody’s cup of tea.”

Ludhiana Tribune spoke to the Hundred Octane members before the start of function. Arvind said they had ear for all kind of music but Rock music was very soulful. Prateek said rock music originated in late fifties and early sixties and its founder was Jimmy Handrix of the USA. Jimmy said Rock music was unique. Lyrics were philosophical and meaningful. It had gained popularity over the years.

Vikram said it was their mission to popularise the music through their band.

And how did the band get together? Arvind said, “Like-minded people find each other. We were all into music individually and finally found each other. We are all into different professions and only in the evening we get together and practise. We have done more than 250 shows.”

Ish said all of them were self-taught musicians and since some people did not understand English lyrics, Hundred Octane was trying to made a fusion of Hindi lyrics with hard rock music. Soon their new album would be out.



BSP gaining ground among Dalits
K.S. Chawla

Ludhiana, July 27
Alarm bells are ringing for the Congress in Punjab as Dalits are weaning away from the ruling party allegedly due to apathy of the party leadership. Dalit power in Punjab is on the rise and once again tilt seems to have shifted towards the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP).

Punjab has been witnessing tension between Dalits and Jat Sikhs in rural areas for the past few months, especially after incidents of violence at Talhan in Jalandhar district and Bhatian in Ludhiana district. The recently held panchayat elections in the state have also resulted in escalation in tension among the two communities in rural areas. There have been skirmishes over the control of places of worship between the two communities. Both Jats and Dalits have been for ages having common places of worship like samadhs and gurdwaras in the same complex in the rural Punjab. There is strong awareness among Dalits and they are no longer willing to play a second fiddle to the upper castes.

Dalit leaders, including Ms Mayawati, Chief Minister of UP, and Mr Ram Vilas Paswan, President, Lok Janshakti Party, have tried to cash in on the emerging situation in Punjab.

Mr Paswan made an attempt to address a rally at Talhan village but was taken into custody by the police. Similarly, Ms Mayawati was neither allowed to address a Dalit rally in Jalandhar nor at Talhan and was forced to organise a rally in Chandigarh. The rally was well attended and the leader made scathing attacks on the Congress leadership, including the Chief Minister, Capt Amarinder Singh.

Reports suggest that some of the Congressmen of Punjab participated in the rally of Ms Mayawati in Chandigarh along with their supporters.

Mr Parminder Mehta, secretary, Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee, has drawn the attention of the Punjab Pradesh Congress Chief, Mr H.S. Hanspal, towards the resurgence among Dalits and the apathy of the state Congress Dalit leaders towards the Dalit community in Punjab.

Mr Mehta has stated in his letter to the PPCC chief that vote bank of the Congress is getting eroded and the party needs to take immediate steps to remove the tension between Jats and Dalits. Punjab has produced three leaders in the Doaba region where the majority of the Dalits are settled. These are Master Gurbanata Singh, Mr Darshan Singh Kaypee and Master Jagat Ram. Two sons of Master Gurbanata Singh and one son of Mr Darshan Singh Kaypee are Cabinet Ministers in the state government. But their influence in the Doaba belt is weakening and one senior minister in particular has come under cloud during the Talhan episode.

Two senior party leaders — Dr Manmohan Singh and Ms Ambika Soni — were shown black flags when they visited Talhan along with Capt Amarinder Singh.

The Shiromani Akali Dal’s position is also becoming weak in rural Punjab because of the tension.

However, political observers feel that the BSP is badly divided in Punjab and many of its senior leaders who were elected to the Lok Sabha and Punjab Vidhan Sabha in 1992 have left the party.



FCI palledars allege discrimination
Our Correspondent

Ahmedgarh, July 27
The FCI Punjab Food Agency Workers Palledar Union (Azad), which has been struggling to ensure equal distribution of work among palledars working at the local FCI unit, has called upon the authorities concerned to solve their outstanding problems.

The union president, Mr Zora Singh Nasrali, state president, Mr Karam Deol, and executive committee member, Mr Shinna Khan, in a joint press note here today alleged that ever since April 1, 1997, when 72 handling workers were attached with the local FCI unit, 27 of their workers had been discriminated against. These workers, in order to protest against the discrimination, had been receiving their wages under protest and sending letters in this connection to higher officials every month. But higher officials were being equally callous towards their demands, said the union leaders.

The leaders further stated that eight of their ancillary workers were yet to get their overtime wages for seven months, which had been released on April 23, 2003. But these had not been distributed among workers despite repeated requests by the union. They said the management of the local FCI depot was discriminating against these workers in utter violation of the department circular, according to which all workers are supposed to get an equal share of work.

Twenty seven of their workers have been getting half the wage as compared to 44 workers of the other union, as a result of which they have suffered losses worth lakhs of rupees as far as their CPF was concerned. Other benefits, like those of overtime, were also being curtailed in the case of 27 workers affiliated with the Azad union.

The union leaders lamented the fact that in spite of several meetings with higher officials in the past, the discrimination against their workers was persisting. They alleged that the officials were in league with the local management and as such they were not interested in providing a lasting solution to their problem.

They further stated that the formation of “sardar mandals” and gangs, according to the department circular, seemed to be the only solution to their problem. But the formation of such mandals and gangs was also scuttled from time to time by officers concerned on one pretext or the other. They added that after they filed a write petition in the Punjab and Haryana High Court in July, 2002 regarding the formation of “sardar mandals” and gangs, the court ordered in January, 2003 that these mandals should be formed immediately. But the court orders were ignored by the officials concerned and no mandal or gang was formed.

They regretted that exploitation of workers was still on as the officials were not going ahead with the formation of sardar mandals because of vested interests.

The union leaders made an appeal to the FCI’s Regional office at New Delhi, the Managing Director and the Chairman, FCI, to hold a high-level probe into the matter and punish the guilty. Also demanding a probe by the CBI or the Vigilance Bureau, the union leaders appealed the Chief Minister, Capt Amarinder Singh, to intervene in the matter and ensure justice to the affected workers.



Rich tributes paid to martyr
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 27
Rich tributes were paid to martyr Major Singh, who had laid down his life while safeguarding the frontiers of the country in Jammu and Kashmir, at his native village Lapran on the eve of his third martyrdom anniversary today.

The foundation stone of a stadium in his memory was laid by Mr Tej Parkash Singh, Transport Minister, Punjab, who also performed the unveiling ceremony of a life-size statue of the martyr. He laid down his life on July 28, 2001.

Later, addressing a “shaheedi” conference, Mr Tej Parkash Singh paid his rich tributes to the martyr and said it was only because of sacrifices made by the martyrs that the borders of the country were safe.

He said martyrs from the state had played a leading role during the freedom struggle, various wars, terrorism and Kargil conflict. He said it was our foremost duty to remember the martyrs and look after their families.

Referring to the commitment of the government for the welfare of the families of the martyrs, the minister claimed that Punjab was the only state to give an ex gratia of Rs 2 lakh, government service to one member of the family and a plot or Rs 5 lakh. He said in Ludhiana district alone, 40 soldiers had laid down their lives in Jammu and Kashmir since the start of Kargil war. He said an ex gratia of Rs 2 lakh each had been given to 33 families and remaining cases were in process.

The minister asserted that a number of government schools had been named after martyrs and would be given special grants for the development. He announced a grant of Rs 1 lakh for Shaheed Major Singh Memorial stadium.

Mr Malkiat Singh Dakha, MLA, while paying his tributes to the martyrs said they had earned great honour for the state by sacrificing their lives for the country.

He demanded that the state government should give required relaxation in qualification for providing job to the next of the kin of the martyrs, so that the family could live a respectful life. He also demanded to expedite the cases of the families of martyrs for the release of grant of Rs 5 lakh or a plot each announced by the government.

Among others who paid their tributes included Mr Amarjit Singh Tikka, vice-president PYC, Mr Gurdev Singh Lapran, Mr K.K. Bawa, Mr Najar Singh, president Block Congress, Doraha, and Mr Kartar Singh Bowani, secretary CPI.

A free eye check-up camp was also organised by Dr Romesh Mansooranwala, who examined more than 100 patients and provided them with free medicines.



Vendor’s ‘silver passion’
Vimal Sumbly
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 27
Desires are precious and invaluable and money doesn’t matters much. That is the belief Kundan, a street vendor, who sells plastic goods on a rehri in the Field Ganj area, is living with. He earns about Rs 3,000 a month, but that did not prevent him from fulfilling his desire which is “not that big or expensive”.

Long ago, probably at some function after seeing people take food in silver utensils Kundan dreamt of taking his food also “only in silver utensils”. “It was long time back that I had a dream and it took me years to realise it”, Kundan told The Tribune today.

It is not because of any astrologer’s advice that he takes food “religiously” in silver utensils. He does not believe in astrology and has an unfailing faith only in God. He considers Satya Sai Baba of Shirdi as his Guru. It took him so many years to save enough money to purchase a silver plate, bowl, glass and a spoon. “It has not made any difference in my life, but has given me the contentment that I could do what I dreamt of”, he said.

He is so particular about it (taking food in silver utensils) that even if he happens to visit any of his relatives’ or friends’ place he takes his utensils along. Even when he orders for tea, while selling the plastic goods in Field Ganj, he sends the silver glass along with the order and asks the tea vendor to serve his tea in the silver glass only.

Kundan has to feed his wife and two sons who are studying in the Class III and IV. But still he manages to save something for purchasing the gold utensils. It is not that he has to cut the family expenses. He tries to fulfill all demands and requirements of the family, even buys jewellery for his wife. “Now I want to have gold utensils and would like to take food in those utensils only and am hopeful to collect enough money to get the same by the next year”, he said with confidence.

He has been selling plastic goods for the past 10 years. He feels content with his life. “I do not have many desires and my needs are limited. I am trying to live life king size within my own means and I do not wish for things that I see around but cannot afford”, he said. 



Park panels claim doing work
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, July 27
The Federation of Park Management Committees, which is an amalgamation of several park management committees of various localities, today rebutted the corporation Commissioner's remark that all 128 park management committees (PMCs) of the city had become defunct.

In a press note issued here, Mr Pawan Sood, general secretary of the federation, said the Commissioner's statement did not hold much ground as “most of the PMCs were still doing their work on parks consistently with whatever funds they can manage”.

Mr Sood said in spite of the withdrawal of Re 1 per sqm grant by the civic body, several PMCs, which comprised mostly senior citizens, were still doing their best as far as the maintenance of parks was concerned.

Mr Sood said the federation was opposed to the idea of handing over the maintenance of city parks to private contractors as it would spoil the good work done by PMCs in the past two-three years. He said the 467 parks, if handed over to contractors, would lose their greenery in no time because of their casual attitude. He said constant care was needed to keep the greenery alive and flourishing.

Mr Sood said the federation was waiting for a favourable judgement by the PSHRC regarding its dispute with the local MC which would hopefully resolve the whole issue.



Members of Green World corner councillor
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, July 27
Members of Green World held a meeting with the councillor of their ward at Government Primary School, Jamalpur, today. But the lady councillor sent her husband, Mr Mastan Singh, to face the irate members. The members had called an emergency meeting to apprise the councillor of their problems.

The chairman of Green World, Mr Bhadur Singh, and other members, Rajesh Sigh, Deepak Gupta, Dharveer Sachdeva, Ishwar Kumar and Baldev Singh, attended the meeting.

The residents of Ram Nagar narrated their problems. They said that there was no post office in the area. They residents had to walk 3 km to the post office in the neighbouring locality. Mr Raghuvir Singh said that there were no rubbish bins, cleanliness was not maintained, street lights did not function.

The members demanded that basic amenities like clean drinking water, a government dispensary and a government high school should be provided. The meeting was attended by sarpanch of Ramnagar Colony. 



Cong honours sarpanches, panches
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, July 27
The Ludhiana Rural Congress Committee organised a function at a local palace today to felicitate sarpanches and panches of villages of Kilaraipur constituency segment. Mr Harmohinder Singh Raekote, president of the District Rural Congress and former MLA, presided over the function and Ms Gurdial Kaur Khangura, Member of Planning Board, Punjab, was the guest of honour. Around 200 sarpanches and panches owing alliance to the Congress were honoured.

Ms Gurdial Kaur Khangura promised to bring maximum grants for the development of the area. She called upon newly appointed sarpanches and panches to abide by the party principles.



Women pickpockets target unsuspecting
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, July 27
Next time you take a ride in an auto in the city, beware of women pickpockets who specialise in diverting one’s attention, albeit momentarily, and escaping with whatever they can lay their hands on.

These women use innovative ways to engage the attention of their ‘target’ and make good use of the moment to grab the money and escape.

Ms Dimple, a resident of Moti Nagar, had a taste of this yesterday. She was to reach the CMC Hospital where her son is undergoing treatment and took an auto from the Vardhman Mill on the Chandigarh Road. When the auto reached Samrala Chowk, three women who had been standing there, got in the vehicle. It was only later that the housewife realised that neither had the women signalled the auto to stop, nor had the auto-rickshaw driver asked them where they were to be dropped.

Narrating her experience, Ms Dimple said on reaching the CMC Hospital, she opened her purse, containing more than Rs 15,000, the women obstructed her movement and she lost her balance for a minute. One of the women took hold of the purse for a moment and returned it to her. It was only when she was entering the hospital premises that Ms Dimple realised the money was MISSING. The matter was reported to the Division Number 3 police station.

According to sources such women were operating on different routes in the city. Between Local Adda and the Focal Point and between Local Adda to Bus Stand and between Aggar Nagar and Ghanta Ghar Chowk. Sources pointed out that one specific gang comprising three infant-carrying women, who are rather shabbily dressed in ill-fitting suits , can be spotted any time of the day at the foot of the railway station end of the Jagraon Bridge. They can be seen waiting for an auto with a rural woman or women inside who invariably become unsuspecting victims of their designs far more easily. However, these women adopt different tactics to dupe men.

Some auto-drivers are also reportedly hand-in-glove with these women who also specialise in removing gold chains and necklaces.



5 booked for defying ban
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 27
The Sadar police has booked at least five persons on the charge of constructing houses or buildings in Baddowal within 1,000 yards of the Army Ammunition Depot.

The persons have been booked under Section 188, IPC, for violating the orders of the District Magistrate, banning construction activity within 1,000 yards of the ammunition depot. Those booked are Kalli Singh, Bikka Singh, Shingara Singh, Chander Ram and Satish Kumar.



Negligence ‘claims’ woman’s life
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 27
A woman of Sangowal village died allegedly due to the negligence of a private doctor in Kochar Market here today. The woman, Ranjit Kaur, was undergoing blood transfusion.

According to information, the woman had got admitted to the hospital as she had to undergo a surgery for fracture in pelvic girdle. She was being given blood. Her husband said that when the blood was being transfused, she started feeling sick. She was referred to another hospital where she was declared brought dead. A case was lodged with the Sadar police in the evening.



Traders declare ‘war' against exim form
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 27
The Punjab Pradesh Beopar Mandal today declared its "war" against the proposal of the Punjab Government to introduce exim form for all trade and business transactions and served an ultimatum on it to clarify on the issue within 15 days following which the traders would be forced to launch a mass movement against the government.

A meeting of the steering committee of the mandal was held here today under the chairmanship of its president, Mr Amrit Lal Jain. Representatives of the mandal from all the districts attended the meeting and decided to organise protests throughout the state on August 5 and submit memoranda to the government through the local Additional Deputy Commissioners.

The members asserted at the meeting that there was no fun in introducing the exim form since it would restrict the trade movement and lead to huge losses to the trading and business community. They pointed out that the Punjab Government had tried to impose the exim form in July 2002 and had to withdraw the decision owing to a lot of hue and cry from traders and business houses. They observed that the matter had been discussed with the Chief Minister, the Finance Minister, the Excise and Taxation Minister and senior officers in the administration.

Mr Jain asked when there was no point in introducing the exim form in 2002, it is surprising as to why the government had decided now to introduce the same form knowing well the difficulties involved in it after its implementation. He said when the government was talking of introducing reforms in the industrial policy such type of decisions would jeopardise the industrial growth and progress in the state.

Arguing that the exim form will unnecessarily put a burden on the trade and business, he listed several points which were uncalled for. He said the traders or the industrialists had made several declarations, including RC number of the consignor, name and address of the consignor, RC number of the consignee, name and address of the consignee, description of goods, name and address of the transport company, name and address of the owner or the person in charge of goods, bill delivery note number and date and value of goods and also the destination of goods.

The Beopar Mandal warned the government against taking the traders for granted. It also opposed the decision of the state government to impose sales tax on textile and sugar despite the fact that these items were already attracting additional excise duty in lieu of sales tax. It pointed out that there was no sales tax on these goods in the neighbouring states and other parts of the country. This the mandal observed was a clear provocation for the traders to shift out of Punjab.

Prominent among those present at today's meeting included Mr Amrit Lal Jain, Mr Pyare Lal Seth, Mr Chhote Bhai Patel, Mr S.K. Wadhwa, Mr Tarsem Jain, Mr Sunil Mehra, Baba Jit Singh, Mr Mohinder Aggarwal and several others.



Bank takes over two companies
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 27
Failing to pay back the mortgage, two Ludhiana companies have been deprived of their possessions and property that has been taken over by Punjab National Bank. The two companies, Bittu Garments and Remax Fun World, had secured a loan from the Hibowal Kalan branch of the bank that they failed to repay.

Disclosing this here today, a bank spokesperson said that the parties had been given due notice. Put together, the two companies owed the bank Rs 28 lakh.

The bank according to Mr U.S. Bhargava, general manager, Punjab Zone, has so far taken possession of immovable properties in seven different accounts of defaulters amounting to Rs 51.10 lakh.


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