Saturday, August 2, 2003

Rich like us!

In recent slum-demolition drives, the Chandigarh Administration stumbled upon dwellers who were not all that poor to enjoy unreasonable benefits. At least three slum-dwellers owned cars, close to 90 per cent of the jhuggis had refrigerators, including frost-free brands, almost every jhuggi had a desert cooler and two of them even had airconditioners, 
writes Ajay Banerjee
Rich like us!

Men over 35 need a facial too
Parvesh Handa
EAUTY care is essential for men as it is for women. With grooming becoming a prerequisite in the corporate sector as well as for social dos, more and more Indian men are becoming conscious of their looks. The result is evident in the number of beauty parlours that have sprung up to cater to only men.



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