Monday, August 11, 2003, Chandigarh, India


N C R   S T O R I E S


Hyderabad can be Delhi’s model: Advani
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, August 10
It is official now. The Bill for making the NCT of Delhi a “State” of the Union will be introduced in the monsoon session of Parliament. The two Houses of Parliament, which were adjourned on Friday, will now meet on August 13. Deputy Prime Minister and Union Minister of Home Affairs L. K. Advani, who launched the Bharatiya Janata Party’s campaign for the Assembly elections in Delhi today, said the blueprint of the State of NCT of Delhi was ready.

“My ministry (of Home Affairs) has prepared the blueprint for the State of NCT of Delhi… I hope the Bill will be introduced in this session only and all parties will support it wholeheartedly,” Mr Advani told the Parivartan Rally hosted by the Delhi BJP.

Launching himself into a broadside against the Congress, Mr Advani said still more needed to be done to make the NCT of Delhi a truly metropolitan city. The BJP, he said, would accelerate the growth of the Capital if voted to power.

The BJP, he said, would change the shape of the Capital if the electorate reposed faith in the party for a second time at the hustings. The NCT of Delhi had the potential to develop into a city that showcased the cutting edge of technology, he told the gathering. Dismissing the accomplishments by the Sheila Dikshit ministry on the fronts of transport, energy and good governance, Mr Advani said the Capital had witnessed a retarded growth in the last five years. Hyderabad, he felt, ought to be the development model for a city-state like Delhi.

“I was astonished to see the development in Hyderabad, the capital of Andhra Pradesh… Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister says Hyderabad is the health capital and high-tech city of the country… we could develop the NCT of Delhi on similar lines,” he said.

The Deputy Prime Minister hinted at the party hardselling the twin issues of statehood for the NCT of Delhi and the new guidelines for the Master Plan of Delhi 2021 to woo the voters ahead of the elections later this year. The “more” controversial issues of Ayodhya or Ram Temple were ignored.

Before concluding his speech, Mr Advani reiterated his party’s decision to project Delhi BJP president and Member of Parliament Madan Lal Khurana as the shadow chief minister. The party, he added, would fight under the stewardship of Mr Khurana.

He rounded off his speech by underlining the party’s vision for the all-round development of the country. The NDA government, he said, was committed to realising the dreams of President Abdul Kalam and Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee to establish India as a developed nation by 2020.


With a cook for sentry, jail inmates escape at will
B. S. Malik

Sonepat, August 10
The escape of two inmates of Sonepat Bal Sudhar Grah (Bostel jail) is not a dubious first in the history of the jail, which is known to have pathetic security. The authorities have failed to provide additional security guards despite repeated requests, leading to a number of escapes in the past.

Three decades ago, the Old DC Courts were converted into the Bal Sudhar Grah with the aim of lodging undertrials and convicts below the age of 16 years. This complex had a capacity to house 50 inmates and was placed under the control of the Social Welfare Department.

Like other jails in the state, the Bostel jail is also getting overcrowded. On an average, 125 to 175 inmates are lodged here. There has hardly been any extension of the jail premises. Moreover, it still has the original staff — one superintendent, three wardens, one assistant and a cook. As against this, the number of inmates has increased by almost three times. According to the staff, even the assistant and the cook are put on security duty.

Significantly, a number of inmates have crossed 16 years of age. According to rules, they must be shifted to the district jails. However, in the records, they are shown as under 16, so that the courts take a lenient view during conviction and they can escape the rigorous life of the district jails, it is learnt.

It may be recalled that on August 24, 2002, a group of jail inmates attacked the cook and the guard, injuring them seriously, and five of them escaped. Two of them were nabbed within 48 hours but the other three are still untraceable.

Similarly, five inmates escaped on the night of July 20, 2000; one inmate escaped on July 28, 2000, when he was being taken to the court for a hearing in the case against him; and about a dozen inmates escaped on April 17, 1999, after beating up the security guard.

Also, six inmates found their way out by deceiving the duty staff on December 11, 1998; one inmate escaped on August 18, 1998, after throwing chilly powder in the eyes of the warden; and two inmates escaped on June 3, 1998, while being taken to the court; and one managed to escape after bluffing the staff on duty.

Despite more than a dozen such incidents, the authorities have failed to beef up the security arrangements in the jail. Justice S. S. Nijjar of the Punjab and Haryana High Court had also pointed out some lapses during his visit here two months back, but no effort has been made to remove the lacunae.

According to information, most of the inmates are either charged with or convicted of involvement in heinous crimes like murder, dacoity, loot, attempt to murder and rape. More than 50 per cent of the inmates are being tried in different courts in the state.


One look at your nails and he can tell your
best-kept secret
Nalini Ranjan

New Delhi, August 10
It may sound incredible but it is true. Forty-year-old Sunil Kumar Garg of Laxmi Nagar in East Delhi has discovered a unique way to diagnose diseases — by examining the teeth and nails. To him, the condition of the teeth and nails of a person provides the biggest clue to his ailment.

He is not a qualified doctor, not a registered medical practitioner either but has spent years reading about Vedic treatment of diseases. He is using this knowledge to help the people. His fame in diagnosing ailments accurately has travelled far and wide. People throng his house at all hours hoping to get some relief. Others make a beeline to his furniture shop on Panchkuian Road.

Seeing the rush, he has now set aside Tuesdays and Saturdays to tend to these needy patients.

He charges nothing for his service. In some cases, he even provides money and medicine to the patient.

Last year, he started a charitable society, Nar Sewa Narayan Sewa (Serving humanity is serving God). Under the aegis of this society, he holds free check-up camps in different parts of the city from time to time.

How it all began? “About five year back, a regular customer of mine came to my outlet from Rohtak to purchase some latest furniture. After several regular visits, we became very friendly. In the course of talk, I revealed that he was suffering from liver cancer. He was astonished by my correct diagnosis,” Sunil Kumar Garg says.

“I made that prediction after seeing his teeth and nails. It was my first experiment after a comprehensive study of Upanishads, Vedas and many ancient books on the subject of medicine. I also studied Naturopathy at different levels. In our ancient books of medicine, it is mentioned that diagnosis of ailments can be done even through seeing the forehead.”

Married with four children, Mr Garg is toying with the idea of starting a charitable dispensary in his area to help the people.

Those who have been diagnosed by him look up to him with awe. In some cases, he had diagnosed diseases, which even the regular doctors were unable to do.

His clients believe that he is possessed with divine powers. A God-fearing man, Mr Garg himself believes that the Lord has chosen him to take on charity rather than business. His family has often accused him of ignoring his own business while devoting time to charity. A Vedic scholar as he is, he laughs it away.


First eye flu, now cholera & malaria
Our Correspondent

Ghaziabad, August 10
At least two children died of cholera with the disease spreading to Adarsh Nagar here. Shivani (5) and Kailashi (4) of the area succumbed to the disease, which seems to be striking children and the elderly. The condition of the daughters of Prem Chand of the same colony, Maya (5) and Mansi (3), is also serious. They have been rushed to a nursing home.

Earlier, a similar condition prevailed in Dundakhere slum clusters. However, the administration has not responded to the situation. Due to knee-deep water in the area, people find it difficult to move out of their houses. Sewerage water has mixed with rainwater in the low-lying areas, which have become a breeding ground for diseases. Already conjunctivitis is doing the rounds in district, In a special camp organised by the Health Department in Kela Bhatta, more than 50 per cent of the 113 patients were found to be suffering from conjunctivitis. Another 22 patients were suffering from malaria-like fever, 14 from loose motion and nine from skin problems. Similarly in Arthala, 54 of the 106 patients at the camp had eye flu, 15 had loose motion and vomiting, 26 had fever and 11 had cough.

It has been observed that a majority of eye flu patients do not go to ophthalmologists, but use all sorts of eye drops on the advise of the local chemists. Eye specialists say that using eye drops without the advice of bona fide ophthalmologists can be dangerous as it can lead to eye ailments like cataract.

Those suffering from conjunctivitis are advised to maintain cleanliness and keep indoors as exposure to the sun and sultry weather can make it worse and spread it to others. The patient should wash his hands with soap and wash his eyes with clean water a number of times. Medicines should only be used on the advice of an eye specialist, advise the doctors. Though eye flu has affected people in all colonies of the city, the health department has not so far issued any guidelines or instructions on the subject.


Can Beijing Olympics put the biz back in Faridabad?
Bijendra Ahlawat
Tribune News Service

Faridabad, August 10
The Faridabad Small Industries Association (FSIA) is in an upbeat mood. It is looking forward to its visit to China in October. The visit could open new vistas for many manufacturing and business concerns, especially in the run-up to the Beijing Olympics.

Stating this, the general secretary of the FSIA, Mr Rajiv Chawla, said here today that the association has launched an awareness campaign to involve small entrepreneurs in this exercise in a big way. The FSIA held its executive committee meeting last evening to discuss the matter in detail.

According to Mr Chawla, Beijing Olympics is still five years away, but for certain sections of the Indian industry, it is the showtime already. From steel to metals, from software to construction, Indian firms are bracing up for the promised ‘gold rush’, he said. At stake are contracts worth billions of dollars as China goes on construction overdrive to be ready for the “grand show” in 2008.

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is planning to host a convention in China in October, where the agenda is to help strike a chord between the Indian industrialists and their Chinese counterparts. The CII is setting up an office in Beijing, as the total exports from India to China have gone up by 104 per cent to $ 1.68 billion between January and May this year as compared to the same period last year.

Experts believe that the four main thrust areas are environment (parks, landscaping etc), transportation, construction (sports and related facilities) and software. Here, Indian companies could cash in on their inherent low-cost advantage and technical expertise. To help the industries in India avail of these opportunities, the CII, Mr Chawla said, is organising a ‘Made

In India’ show from October 16 to October 19 at Beijing.

Mr Piyush Bahl, Senior Director and head of CII’s East Asia representative office, also took part in the FSIA’s meeting here yesterday.

According to Mr Bahl, the Indian firms should not be afraid of Chinese products thronging the market but strive to meet the challenge through excellence in production and bringing down the manufacturing cost.

The participants at the meeting were asked to upgrade themselves and exploit every opportunity to showcase their products in the national and international market.


Disappointed…No pin-up girls in DUSU poll this time
Smriti Kak
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, August 10
With the dates of the elections to the Delhi University Student’s Union having been announced, the varsity is awash with posters and pamphlets asking students to cast their votes for the best man or woman. The two main factions, the NSUI and the ABVP, have got into the poll mode with “issues” that they claim are “for the benefit of the entire student community”.

“Our campaign this year is going to be issue-based. We will refrain from making it a carnival,” said the spokesperson for the NSUI, Kuntal Krishna. Unlike last year, when the election became a virtual ‘‘beauty pageant,’’ the party this year promises to pay more attention to the candidates’ “academic achievements and work record”.

“The candidate for the president’s post will have to be acceptable, academically bright, with absolutely no criminal record and should have done a fair amount of party work,” asserts Krishna. The opposition ABVP, too, is “still working on the manifesto and the candidates”. Party spokesperson, Jatin Mohanty, said: “We will choose a candidate with matching credentials. We will also harp on our achievements to win votes.”

Deepti Rawat, the outgoing general secretary of the DUSU, adds, “We had promised a safe campus and we have been able to deliver that. There are so many promises that we have kept and our good work will not go unnoticed.”

Ask them what are the chances of having women slugging it out for the top post, there is a diplomatic retort: “We are not averse to backing a woman for the president’s post, but if we get a man who is more promising then the choice will be obvious,” said Krishna.


Banner of revolt against MC chief
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, August 10
Fifteen out of the 31 councillors of the Sonepat Municipal Council have decided to revolt against the Chairman, Satpal Goyal, because of his style of functioning. This decision was taken by these councillors at a meeting in the PWD Rest House here on Saturday.

A councillor, Jagdish Khatri, alleged that the government guidelines and directions were not being followed by the Chairman in conducting the council’s affairs. He alleged that the Chairman was required to hold the council meeting on the last Friday of every month; but no meeting had been convened in the last four months. This was despite submitting a written request to convene the monthly meeting. The Chairman chose not to respond, he said.

He also alleged large-scale irregularities and bungling in the recruitment of safai karamcharis and the purchase of diesel and electricity equipment. Though complaints in this regard had already been lodged with the department authorities at Chandigarh, no action had been taken so far, he added.

It was also alleged in the meeting that the Chairman was neglecting the development works in the areas of those councillors who were criticising his style of functioning.

Mr Khatri said that all councillors assembled at the meeting were with the government and they would urge the Chief Minister to take action in this regard, according to a press note.



Irked by power cuts, villagers resort to gherao
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, August 10
A large number of irate residents from Shershah, Janti, Khatkar and Dahesra villages gheraoed the powerhouse at Kundli village near the Haryana-Delhi border, about 25 km from here, last evening to register their protest against the erratic supply of power for the past few months.

According to a report, the irate residents reached the powerhouse and raised anti government and anti-UHBVN

slogans before resorting to a gherao. A junior engineer made a series of attempts to pacify the irate mob but failed. Thereupon, the Executive Engineer and the SDO were summoned. They assured the angry residents that steps would be taken to ensure regular power supply to their villages and no power cut would be enforced at night. Thereupon, the residents returned to their villages.

According to another report, traffic was held up for about three hours on the Gohana-Panipat National Highway 71-A near Chidana village, about 50 km from here, yesterday for a similar reason. The situation turned violent when the police beat up a boy. The angry residents started pelting stones on the police but no one was hurt.

Residents of Shamri and Dhurana villages also joined the protest and held up traffic. A large number of vehicles, including trucks, cars and buses, were lined up on both sides of the road. This led to inconvenience to the travelling public.

Residents from Nahra, Nahri, Majra and Chhetehra villages are also unhappy due to the erratic power supply since the past few months.

On receipt of information, the SDM, Mr Suraj Bhan Jangra, along with the tehsildar as well as officials of the UHBVN arrived on the spot. The SDM assured the angry residents that their villages would get regular power supply from the Mundlana feeder but they refused to disperse. Thereupon, the SDM offered an apology before the irate mob, comprising mainly women, for the alleged beating up of a boy by the police. The residents then lifted the blockade and dispersed peacefully.



NGOs vent ire against water ‘commodification’
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, August 10
Certain non-government organisations (NGOs) have kicked off their campaign against the ‘commodification’ of water by targeting their ire at the multinational corporation (MNC) that is laying the pipeline for the Sonia Vihar Water Treatment Plant in the NCT of Delhi.

The Sonia Vihar Water Treatment Plant is touted to be the second largest water treatment plant in the country. A pet project of the Government of the NCT of Delhi, the plant is expected to become operational by the year-end.

Environmentalist Vandana Shiva on Saturday told mediapersons they were protesting against the conversion of the “common heritage into a corporate commodity” by diverting 635 million litres per day (MLD) of the Ganga waters to the NCT of Delhi.

Right from the catchment area of the “ecological and spiritual lifeline of India” down to Varanasi, people along the banks of the Ganga were already being adversely affected due to the Suez-Degrement water treatment plant in Sonia Vihar, NCT of Delhi, she said.

Apart from her NGO Navdanya, which is coordinating the campaign, the “Jal Swaraj Abhiyan” is backed by Magsaysay awardee Sundarlal Bahuguna’s Ganga Bachao Abhiyan, the Rashtriya Jal Biradiri of Rajendra Singh, Tehri Visthapit Mahila Morcha of those displaced by the Tehri dam, Dehat Morcha of western Uttar Pradesh farmers, Bharat Jagriti Nyas of Hardwar and farmers all the way from Varanasi.

Besides, resident welfare associations of the NCT of Delhi have also joined the campaign, saying that the city was capable of meeting its water needs without the Tehri Dam height being raised.

Work on India’s second largest water treatment plant was started on June 21 last year and expected to be commissioned by the year-end. The MNC joint venture, Suez-Degrement, is said to be the biggest water giant in the world. It is currently laying a 3.2 metre diameter pipeline to divert the water from Muradnagar in Ghaziabad district to Sonia Vihar.

Ms Shiva said the treatment plant should be used for recycling the Yamuna waters. Instead, the “colonial corporatisation” was affecting the livelihood of millions along the river. She added that with the privatisation, Suez would hike water tariffs in the NCT of Delhi tenfold and “hijack the public investment in dams and canals to justify full cost recovery of the Rs 200 crore invested by Suez-Degrement.”

However, this sum was nothing compared to the “estimated Rs two lakh crore” which would be spent on the Tehri Dam along with the cost on agriculture in terms of droughts, crop failure and the like. Elaborating on the damage to the river, she said that despite a bumper monsoon this year the level of the Ganga at Varanasi had come down drastically.


CM’s flying squad conducts raids on fair price shops
R. D. Sapra

Sonepat, August 10
The Haryana Government has expressed grave concern over the maldistribution of subsidised rationed commodities among families living below the poverty line in this city and other parts of the district and ordered a high-level inquiry into a series of public complaints in this regard.

According to a report, officials of the Chief Minister’s flying squad accompanied by the police conducted surprise raids here and at Ganaur and Kharkhauda towns yesterday. They checked the records of certain flour mills about whom complaints had been received regarding the sale of wheat flour on the black market.

The officials of the CM’s flying squad are also reported to have informed the Deputy Commissioner, Mr Balwan Singh, about the public complaints received by the state government in this regard. The DC, in turn, directed the officials of the Food and Supplies Department to accompany them for conducting surprise raids.

The action of the state government has created panic among the owners of fair price shops and unscrupulous officials of the Food and Supplies Department.

Meanwhile, the officials of the Food and Supplies Department have taken a series of steps to streamline the public distribution system (PDS) in the district.

Mr Balwan Singh told mediapersons here today that the officials of the department had checked 62 ration shops and detected irregularities in 49 shops. The department, he said, also issued show-cause notices, asking them to explain why their licences should not be cancelled.

He disclosed the department had suspended the supply of 11 shops and cancelled the licences of four other shops on charge of serious irregularities. Similarly, security deposits totalling Rs 7,750 were also confiscated on a similar charge.

According to the DC, the officials of the department also checked five brick kilns and 13 petrol pumps during the last month. He warned that stern action would be taken against the owners of the fair price shops if they indulged in malpractices and irregularities in the distribution of rationed commodities.

The memorandum alleged that the offices of the District Food and Supplies Controller and AFSOs had become dens of corruption. Certain inspectors had occupied lucrative posts which had virtually become non-transferable. These inspectors, it is alleged, had developed links with some politicians and they did not bother about public complaints. They had been minting money from the depot holders at the time of releasing the rationed commodities for distribution among the ration card holders.


Right to strike: CITU to join bandh on Aug 13
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, August 10
The Haryana unit of the Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) will join the countrywide bandh on August 13, the call of which had been given by the union against the Supreme Court’s judgement depriving the government employees of their right to organise strikes.

Mr S N Solanki, president of the state unit of CITU told mediapersons here today that the union workers would take out processions and organise demonstrations and rallies against the apex court’s judgement on that day at all the district and subdivisional headquarters in the state.

He made a fervent appeal to the people to extend support and join the movement on this issue.

Mr Solanki said that the judgement had hit the democratic rights of the people as it had negated the statutory provision in the Industrial Dispute Act 1947.

He demanded that the party should convene a national convention to find the ways and means to defend the right of working people in the country.

Non-payment of salary

Sonepat: The Union Labour Minister, Mr Sahib Singh Verma, has expressed concern over the non-payment of salary to 2,500 employees of the Haryana Sheet Glass Limited near Murthal since November last year and asked the state government to intervene and take steps for releasing the salary of the workers without further delay.

Meanwhile, the employees have sent a memorandum to the Labour Commissioner Haryana demanding immediate action against the management for its failure to make payment of the salary to the employees.

Lottery bazaar raided

The special staff of the Inspector General of Police Rohtak Range, carried out a surprise raid in a lottery bazaar on the premises of the Sarang Cinema House here last evening and arrested as many as 17 persons while they were engaged in satta gambling in the garb of the lotteries.

According to a report, the staff also seized Rs 6,747 from the possession of the arrested persons on the spot. A case was registered under the gambling act against them.

According to another report, the Railway Protection Force (RPF) have arrested six persons while travelling on a passenger train (303 UP) in violation of the Section 156 of the Railway Act.



Physically disabled to get 13 prefabricated
phone booths
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, August 10
The National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) is providing 13 prefabricated telephone booths to the physically challenged persons.

The beneficiaries of the project, costing a total of Rs 5 lakh, have been selected in association with the Vocational Rehabilitation Centre, Delhi.

The Chairman and Managing Director, Mr C. P. Jain, handed over one such booth to a physically challenged person at Naraina Phase I here today.

The NTPC has provided employment to 128 physically challenged persons in the first phase of the special drive launched for the purpose. In the second phase of the drive, notifications have been sent to the employment exchange for filling of 169 posts under the category for physically challenged people.

It was also pointed out that the NTPC had already implemented a scholarship scheme for physically challenged students pursuing Engineering and MBA courses. The NTPC was recently awarded the Shell Helen Keller Award instituted by the NCPEDP for promoting employment opportunities for the physically challenged.


NTPC employee ends life
Our Correspondents

Ghaziabad, August 10
Arvind, a steno-typist in NTPC Dadri, committed suicide by hanging himself with a ceiling fan, according to Jarcha police. The reason for the extreme action is said to be family discord.

Arvind was upset over some clash in the family on Friday evening. After his wife had gone to bed, he took a bedsheet and hanged himself from the ceiling fan. The body was discovered by his wife in the morning. The police have sent the body for an autopsy. Investigations are on.

RLD flays Chautala govt for poor civic amenities

Jhajjar: Condemning the Chautala government for the poor state of infrastructure and civic amenities in the state, Mr Jagdish Pal Kaushik, state secretary of the Rashtriya Lok Dal, has asked the Governor to recommend the Central government to dismiss the state government by invoking Article 356.

In a press statement here today, the RLD leader alleged that a civil war like situation has been prevailing in the state as people come out on roads at many places in protest against the lack of basic necessities.

Referring to the recent incidents of violence, he appealed to the citizens to exercise restrain.

Giving examples of protests by the people in Mastan village where the villagers reportedly thrashed some power officials for erratic supply of electricity and road blockade incidents in Chuliana, Bamla, Jahajgarh, Mundlan villages of the state, the RLd leader alleged that such incidents are the result of the false promises made by Mr Chautala.

Coming down heavily on the INLD government for the damaged roads, he said that all the roads constructed by the government by releasing funds from the state exchequer including in Jhajjar district could not withstand the rains, and were washed away.

Coaching institute for IIT aspirants

Faridabad: A new coaching and guidance institute for the aspirants of IIT, Engineering, Medical and Management was launched at Sector-10 here today. The institute named as ‘Generation-next Education’, a business associate of ‘Career Launcher’ has been started in the town for the first time, said Mrs Anu Chaudhary, director of the institute.

She said the institute would be linked with V-SAT system and the students could interact live on computers with their counterparts in other cities, for exchanging notes and clarifications.

House burgled

Cash and valuables worth over Rs 40,000 were stolen from a house in Sector 15-A here on Friday night. It is suspected that members of the ‘kutchha-baniyan’ gang were involved in this burglary.

In another incident, a motorcycle was stolen form Sector-22 market, belonging to one Virender Singh.


Pirated books seized
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, August 10
Pirated books of foreign and Indian publishers worth Rs 25 lakh have been seized after developing intelligence by the Intellectual Property Rights Section of EOW of the Crime Branch of the Delhi Police.

Police arrested Dinesh Kumar, a resident of Dilshad Garden, in this connection. The police received a tip-off that pirated books of foreign and Indian publishers are being sold in Connaught Place. The information was developed and raids were conducted in different areas of the Capital. Hundreds of pirated books were recovered from a shop in Connaught Place. The shopkeepers disclosed the name of Dinesh Kumar who was arrested from his residence.

During interrogation, Dinesh Kumar admitted to his involvement in the case. He led the raiding party to an office and godown on the premises number 101 Choudhary Het Ram Market in North East district from where huge stock of pirated books were recovered in huge quantity, the police said.

Swaran Jayanti year

Kendriya Samaj Kalyan Board is celebrating year 2003 as Swaran Jayanti year. The board will organise different types of functions from August 6 to August 11 on this occasion. A seminar was also organised attended by chairpersons of the board of all the states, secretaries and members.


Commuters’ woes
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, August 10
Chandni Chowk MP, Mr Vijay Goel has addressed a letter to the Union Minister of State for Railways, Mr Dattaraya, apprising him of the problems faced by the commuters. Thousands of people come and go from the New Delhi Railway Station every day, but there is no proper arrangement for them, he said.

There is an ancient Vishwakarma Temple near Railway Station. A huge hoarding has been put up on the entrance of the temple. There is no proper arrangement for the parking of vehicles of the devotees, Mr Goel said and appealed to the minister to beautify the temple.



Three held for cheating; lucre seized
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, August 10
The Connaught Place police arrested three youths in two different cases, including the employees of the Union Ministry of Petroleum, on charges of cheating and forgery. A sum of Rs 60,000 was recovered from their possession.

In the first case, the Joint Director with the Oil Industry Safety Directorate, Ministry of Petroleum gave a cheque of Rs 10,000 to his peon, Vijay Kumar, for encashing it from the State Bank of India’s Parliament Street branch. The peon did the job and gave Rs 10,000 to Mr Sharma. Later, when Mr Sharma checked his account statement, he found that Rs 70,000 had been withdrawn from his account. He then lodged a complaint and Vijay Kumar was questioned.

During questioning, Vijay Kumar confessed that he had stolen a blank cheque from Mr Sharma’s chequebook and got it encashed for Rs 70,000 instead of Rs 10,000 with the help of one Prahlad Singh who had earlier worked as a peon in the same office. Both Vijay Kumar and Prahlad Sing have been arrested, police said.

In the second case, an accountant of the United Air Service was arrested for cheating the company of Rs 3.63 lakh. The company has its office at Indra Prakash Building in Connaught Place. The suspect used to make false entries in the company’s account books and prepare cheques. The matter came to light when the owner of the company got the company’s account audited, the police said.

Student attacked

A B.A. (final year) student of Swami Shardhanand College, Manish alias Bittoo, was reportedly attacked by Vikas, Vineet Kapoor, Situ and two others at Alipur Village. He sustained injuries on his head and hands and was admitted to Prashant Nursing Home. The suspects are absconding. A case of attempt to murder has been registered, the police said.


Two booked for bid to rape married woman
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, August 10
The Kharkhauda police have registered a case against two persons, Jai Bhagwan and Jagbir of Gopalpur village for an attempt to rape a married woman, Mrs Mukesh of the same village, and launched a massive hunt to apprehend them.

According to a report, the woman was alone in her house when the culprits forced their way into the house and attempted to rape her. She raised the alarm, but the culprits managed to escape. The woman was medically examined by the police in the civil hospital here last evening.

Case against dowry demons

The Kharkhauda police have also registered a dowry harassment case against the husband and other members of the in-laws family on the report of Mrs Bindoo of Kanwali village in the district.

This followed the directive issued by a court where the statement of the woman was recorded. She alleged that she was being harassed for not bringing a motorcycle and an air-conditioner from her parents. She got married to one Rajesh of Chhawla village in Delhi on November 24 last year. Since then, the husband and other members of in-laws family were harassing her for more marriage portion. She started living with her parents. when their demands were not met.

Husband in the dock

The Ganaur police have also registered a dowry harassment case on the directive of the local judicial court against the husband and other members of the in-laws family of a woman, Mrs Shashibala of Rajlu Garhi village, and started investigations. However, no arrest has been made in this connection.

The woman, in her complaint, alleged that she was being forced to bring a scooter and Rs 1.50 lakh from her parents.


Happy washing! A machine that operates and communicates to boot

Electrolux has launched the world’s first talking washing machine, the ‘Washy Talky’.

The new model has been launched keeping in line the company’s brand proposition of ‘nurturing hope, nurturing life’.

The technologically superior ‘Washy Talky,’ offers a number of unique features that rank the product as a generation-next appliance.

Free Baggage Insurance Plan

Samsonite India limited has launched a ‘Free Baggage Insurance Plan’, a first time for the luggage industry. Samsonite has considered the increasing complaints of lost baggage during the past few years and has introduced this plan to ease the worries of customers while travelling.

With the simple registration process, the customer becomes eligible to receive the benefits of the ‘Free Baggage Insurance Plan.’ This plan is attached with ‘Samsonite F’lite and Cruisair’ range of luggage (insured value upto Rs 20,000) and ‘American Tourister Promo and Carat’ range of luggage (insured value upto Rs 10,000).

Autumn collection

T T limited has introduced a new range of plain mercerized cotton and full sleeves T-shirt, which promises comfort to the wearer.

Made of fine interlock and soft cotton yarn, the collection also has an extra softeners and luster silicon finish using a specially crafted and unique fabric. The special knit structure gives the T-shirt a breath-ability element and provides the wearer with superior comfort.

Shock Resistance

Casio electronics has recently launched in India a new selection of the world’s toughest watches called G-Shock. The new ‘G-Shock Cockpit Series’ G-510/G-511 is a collection of analog-digital combination timepieces, with the entire face of the watch LCD. These watches combine digital precision with unmatched shock resistance, without compromising on the latest styling and functionality.

The name ‘Cockpit Series’, comes from its design, which resembles the instrument panel of a racing car.

Jeans for men and women

Numero Uno has launched “loose fit” jeans for men and the “straight”, skinny fit for women. The newly-launched loose fit for men offers a more relaxed and easy look.

The pair fits snugly on the hips and extends to comfortable loose legs. Available in a wide variety of denims such as cross hatch, slub denim and multi-count denim, the men’s wear is available in a huge range of washes.

Mouth-watering fruit conserve

Weikfield has launched a new mouth-watering fruit conserve flavour called ‘Four Citrus Fruits’ in India. The conserves are 100 per cent natural and made from an age-old French recipe that is one of the best-kept secrets of the Loire Valley in France.

St. Dalfour Four Citrus Fruits is a rich blend of lemon, grapefruit, mandarin, orange and Florida oranges. Cooked in natural states with no sugar, these fruit conserves contains the natural sweetness of concentrated grape juice.

Designer wall finish

Berger paints has launched ‘Illusions,’ an exclusive designer wall finish. The superior finish and innovative designs, available only through ‘Illusions’, make this range unique.

Berger paints has always been at the forefront of innovation in the paint industry, said Subir Bose, MD, Berger Paints.

Ready to eat Indian curries

Kohinoor Heat and Eat is a range of nine authentic ready to eat Indian curries that will provide convenience to people, who are either pressed for time or would like to savour Indian curries both in the domestic and global markets. It provides an alternative to the cumbersome cooking process and supplements family meals.

Sikkim Time

The SITCO watches have now decided to come up with quality watches at an affordable price. In this new series of quality watches, the company has come up with attractive range of designer watches for the ladies segment. Its high quality products are a reflection of its stringent quality control system, which are tested by sophisticated equipments.

Complete sound solutions

Philips has introduced an exciting range of state-of-the-art hi-tech multimedia speakers to offer complete sound solutions for VCD, MP3, DV, Home Theatre System (HTS) and PC.

The ultra-modern technology of Philips multimedia speakers not only enhances the power of sound, but also recreates the aroma of sound to provide a whole new experience of listening to music lovers.

New offering from Bajaj

Bajaj has launched the world bike ‘Wind 125’. Wind 125 is the latest offering from Bajaj in the executive bike segment. With the launch of this bike, Wind 125 is expected to fit into the gap between the existing Caliber 115 and 150 Pulsar.

“The Wind 125 is designed to deliver the best of performance, comfort, safety and reliability for the executive motorcycle rider,” said R. L. Ravichandran, a representative of the company.

Double Dream

Double Dream has recently launched ‘whip n cook topping’ from Rich Kwality Products. The Double Dream makes your cooking tastier. It can be used as an array of recipes, from dinners to desserts. “Now while indulging in these temptations, you’ll never feel guilty if you use Double Dream as it is UHT processed and aseptically packed low in calories and extremely low in cholesterol–so it is actually healthy, said Sunil Pardal, CEO, Rich Kwality Products.

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