Saturday, August 23, 2003

Ranbir Singh
LTHOUGH the character of villages and towns has gone considerable change over the last two centuries, the vestiges of wall paintings still available throughout Haryana serve as an important tool to peep into the lifestyles of the ruling classes, the trading community as well as the peasantry of the state. The painted havelis and wall paintings of Shekhawati came to limelight in the mid seventies through the efforts of foreign writers, but few people across the world are aware that there were, and still are, places and buildings in Haryana too which abound in this form of art treasure. It was only a matter of time and investigation awaiting revelations through the media that wall paintings of Haryana slowly begin to emerge out of the deep. 

Why does horror appeal to us?
Juhi Bakhshi
VERYBODY is celebrating the return of the spooky and the scary to main- stream Indian cinema. Not that it had really gone away. It was always there though in the hands of the so-called B-grade and C-grade moviemakers. We did have some mainstream directors tinkering with this genre of films now and then but horror never caught the fancy of big-time stars, directors and producers like now.

Mail retains its romance
Mohinder Singh
ID you know that in England where the modern mail system originated, the postage was paid by the recipient? The mail man collected it in cash on delivery. The due sum was calculated using complex formula.