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Monday, August 25, 2003
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Legal advice on portals
Vinod Kumar

LAW and judicial system of every country works to protect the rights of its citizens. Like every other country, India also has its own set of laws, which enables its citizen to live with respect and dignity. Laws have immense impact on society and play an important role in its development. It is the prime duty of every citizen to maintain law and order that is important for peace not only in a country but also for the world. We are providing you a list of Websites that provides information regarding law and judiciary of India.


The site, www.indlaw.com, is a business-to-business Internet provider of research modules related to Indian legal, tax, business and regulatory issues. This portal comprises of comprehensive database of various case laws, judgments, reports, legislations, forms, notifications, circulars regarding legal, tax and regulatory issues in India for lawyers, chartered accountants and tax professionals. It also includes links like legal jobs and careers, professional search, advocates, a legal dictionary and journal search. You can subscribe to Indlaw newsletters, which enable you to access the latest legal news from the mailbox.


Legalpundits.com is a legal portal and functions as a service facilitator for Indian law through the Internet. The advisory board of this Website includes some of the world’s leading legal and business minds. This is a complete Website on Indian laws and contains information about judgments, family law, succession, criminal law, labour law, import and export, immigration, direct tax and property and the draft documents. A search engine is also available that can be used to search information on this site.


This Website is a virtual legal office. Every one will find this to be an excellent resource for answers to common law problems and for information on laws in India. Here you can find articles and archived material related to Indian laws in the library section of this site. One can subscribe to the newsletter published monthly, which will bring you what is new at MyVakil site, legal news, opinions and editorials on topics that have a legal angle to them. A search engine is also available which can be used to search information on this site.