Sunday, August 31, 2003, Chandigarh, India


C H A N D I G A R H   S T O R I E S


Boy rescued from kidnappers
Nishikant Dwivedi

Three persons who were arrested in Chandigarh on Saturday for kidnapping a youth of West Bengal for ransom
Three persons who were arrested in Chandigarh on Saturday for kidnapping a youth of West Bengal for ransom. — Tribune photo Pawan Sharma

Chandigarh, August 30
A 16-year-old youth of West Bengal, Prabhat Kumar Dey, who was allegedly lured by three persons from Bihar with the promise of job and later held for ransom, was rescued in a joint operation by the Chandigarh Police, the Railway Police and the West Bengal Police here this afternoon.

The three alleged kidnappers, Sunil Sahni, Sanjay Sahni and Ranjit Kumar, all residents of Bhagalpur district, Bihar, have been arrested. On a tip off by the West Bengal Police, a joint operation was launched to rescue Prabhat, police sources said.

Interestingly, all this while Prabhat was with his “friends”, he was completely ignorant about the fact that a ransom had been demanded from his family, which lives in extreme poverty. It was only when the police rescued him at the Chandigarh railway station this afternoon that he got to know that he had actually been kidnapped. The trio had reportedly kept Prabhat somewhere in Ropar district.

The family of Prabhat, residing in Bansi village, Bankura, West Bengal, had got a case registered with the police after they received a telephone call from the three kidnappers, demanding a ransom of Rs 5 lakh.

According to sources, Prabhat had left his native place on August 12 for Vishnupur, West Bengal, to take admission in a college but did not return on August 19, his family received a telephone call from the three kidnappers. The West Bengal traced the call.

The three kidnappers made two more calls to the family during the following two days, demanding Rs 5 lakh. Failing to get a positive response from the family, they scaled down the ransom amount to Rs 1.50 lakh on August 25. The alleged kidnappers directed Prabhat’s family to reach the Chandigarh railway Station with Rs 1.50 lakh in cash, directing that the person carrying the money should be attired in a red shirt and black trousers and should position himself near a particular bogey of the Kalka-Howrah Mail on August 30 at the time of train departure (1.10 am).

The West Bengal Police that had traced the call informed the Chandigarh Police. A joint police team was formed and a trap laid to nab the alleged kidnappers last night.

The kidnappers, however, did not turn up as they were fast asleep and the train had already left the station.

In the morning at 8.30 they again made a call to Prabhat’s family and reiterated their demand. The police swung into action after they had traced the call. The alleged kidnappers were arrested this afternoon.

The accused will be presented before a court in Ambala. The West Bengal Police has taken Prabhat back to his home state.



City govt colleges sans medical facilities
Geetanjali Gayatri
Tribune News Service

The DPI (Colleges), Mr Dilip Kumar, said every college allowed either a pharmacist or a nurse to administer first-aid. “There is no provision for a doctor in the colleges. Besides, if a hosteller is seriously ill, it is the duty of the warden to take him to hospital. Every hostel in the city colleges has a warden,” he added.

Chandigarh, August 30
Government College, Sector 11: With three hostels housing over 450 students, the college has absolutely nothing in the name of medical facility on its premises. A doctor used to come to the hostel on weekly basis nearly 10 years ago.

Government College for Girls, Sector 42: Surrounded by other educational institutions and residential area, this college has a student strength of over 200 in the hostel. Though it does have the sanctioned post of a nurse to its credit, she was transferred a month ago and no replacement has come. The college is making do with a student of the hostel trained in nursing.

Government College, Sector 46: Though the college has a hostel in Sector 15 which is shared by resident students of the PGI it has no arrangements for medical facilities. A pharmacist has been entrusted with the task of treating students who fall ill or are hurt on the campus.

Government College for Girls, Sector 11: A nurse is available to attend to students round-the-clock. However, the college has, time and again, asked for a visiting doctor, permission for which is still pending at the DPI office.

Private colleges: All private colleges in the city with hostels on their premises run a dispensary to attend to routine problems. In addition, they have tied up with private practitioners who visit the college at least twice a week and are available on call in case an emergency arises.

A survey of medical facilities in city colleges has thrown up startling revelations — most government colleges are waiting for complications to happen as in the case of 17-year-old Samilima Barua, a student of Dr Ambedkar Institute of Hotel Management, Sector 42. A hosteler at the institute, she complained of fever, headache and diarrhoea for two days ago but was not checked by a doctor. She died on the third day.

Interestingly, most college principals justified the non-availability of a physician on grounds that the colleges are located close to hospitals — an excuse which holds no good for students.

Questioning this reasoning, the students argue that they can’t go rushing to big hospitals for common problems of cold, fever, stomach aches and the like. “The college must understand the necessity of having a doctor on call to attend to us when the need arises. “The wardens should have all his contact numbers to tackle any kind of medical problem which may arise at unearthly hours,” assert students in government colleges.

They also are critical of students’ organisations who rake up trivial issues to capture votes but have never taken up any issue which has a direct bearing on the students. “We were terrified after we read of his death in the newspapers. We are far away from home and it is the duty of the college authorities to ensure our well-being. All colleges ought to have a medical expert available for consultations,” add the students.

Though most college principals did agree that medical facilities were inadequate in colleges, they seemed reluctant to take initiative in this regard. “The students have also never brought up the matter which means they are satisfied. If they have no problems, there is no cause of worry. If they raise a demand we will see what can be done,” says a college principal.

Meanwhile, students in private colleges have no such complaints. At MCM DAV College, Sector 36, a doctor comes regularly and stays a stone’s throw from the campus while at GGDSD College, Sector 32, very near the Government Medical College, two doctors visit the college on alternate days.



Admissions to PU colleges conclude
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 30
Admissions to affiliated colleges of Panjab University concluded here today. Interestingly, the university has allowed more than 500 late admissions this year with the permission of the varsity Vice-Chancellor. The university was open today despite Saturday being a non-working day. Sources said more than 100 applications were processed on the last day.

The main reason behind large number of late admissions this year has been the earlier massive fee hike announced by the Punjab Government. The hike was announced on May 12 through a notification. It was letter withdrawn on July 22.

The university had fixed July 14 as the last date for admissions in the normal course, following which the admissions were to be made on with the permission of the college principals and the Vice-Chancellor. The university, however, decided to extend the last date of admissions till August 30. Sources said result late cases could seek admissions up to 10 days after the declaration of their results. The admissions were over for students of school boards, whose admissions were held back on one account or the other.

A college principal said normal admissions were over, but students would have the option of joining colleges through migration. So a student enrolled in a college of some other university could shift to a college of Panjab University even later during the year, he said. Meanwhile, the stage is now all set for elections to the Panjab University Campus Students’ Council.



Report indicates use of poison
Murder of Delhi-based executive Mandiv Sapra
Pratibha Chauhan
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 30
Delhi-based executive Mandiv Sapra could have been administered aluminium phosphide poison before he was allegedly murdered by his doctor wife, Sapna Sapra, at Hotel Mountview here on July 1. She is currently lodged in Burail jail.

The much-awaited viscera and blood sample report of Mandiv Sapra has indicated the presence of aluminium phosphide poisoning and ethyl alcohol. His blood and urine samples had been sent to the Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL), Patiala.

According to sources, the report was handed over to the police on August 26. The findings of the blood report is likely to be one of the most vital evidence in the case, point out doctors and police officials, investigating the case. They say there is a possibility that the poisonous substance was given to Mr Sapra with alcohol. Being one of the high-profile murders that took place in the city, the investigations are being keenly watched by legal luminaries as well.

Sources said the report would be discussed with forensic experts on the panel of the health department, before arriving at any conclusion. The autopsy report had indicated two deep injuries on the throat, inflicted with a sharp-edged weapon. It is only now, after getting the CFSL report, that the police would be in a position to submit the challan in the court.

Meanwhile, forensic experts pointed out that aluminium phosphide, used as an insecticide for wheat, was the most commonly used poison, in suicide cases. Senior forensic experts, said repeated demands had been made by them to ban free sale of this insecticide.

Sapna Sapra, the prime accused in the murder case was arrested soon after the murder. The couple was staying at the hotel, while on a business trip to the city.

Initially, Sapna had told the police that she was unaware of what happened on the night of the murder for she was given an injection as she was unwell.



Railways to replace 800 locomotives
Vijay Mohan
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 30
The Railways has drawn up a plan to replace over a thousand ageing locomotives in its fleet over the next 10 years. The process, which begins this year, is aimed at improving the maintenance and safety standards.

According to railway sources, a total of 819 diesel locomotives and 333 electric locomotives are to be replaced during this period with new locomotives equipped with enhanced safety features. These figures do not include locomotives operating on metre gauge and narrow gauge sections.

“This programme is being undertaken under the modernisation and upgradation of our maintenance practices and asset reliability procedures,” a senior railway officer remarked.

“Till date, the Railways is operating 215 diesel locomotives which are overaged,” the officer said. “Our projections are that till 2013, the duration of the aforementioned programme, the figure would touch 820,” he added. As far as electric locomotives are concerned, 250 new locomotives would be inducted to replace 333 locomotives which have or would have become over age in the same period.

The sources said during the first five years (2003—2008), the Railways would replace 90 diesel locomotives every year and thereafter during the next five years, 74 locomotives would be replaced each year.

For electric locomotives, the Railway’s plan stipulates that 20 locomotives would be replaced every year during the first five years (2003-2008) and thereafter 30 locomotives would be replaced over the remaining five years.

The sources said funds for the replacement programme would be allocated annually through the Railway’s Rolling Stock Programme.



State award for Mohali artist
Parbina Rashid

Chandigarh, August 30
Devinder Pal Singh, a Mohali based artist, known for his miniature kites has been awarded with Punjab State Award in the field of art. Devinder Singh whose name has already entered in the Limca Book of Records - 2003 for his world famous smallest kites and fancy educational kites, has succeeded in reviving this dying folk art of Punjab with his endeavour.

Devinder’s miniature kites, eight of which can pass through the eye of a needle in a single go, has given him the distinction of the first Punjabi ever to hold a record in the Limca Book of Records.

This skill of his had won him an international contest held in Slovek as the “Best in the World” for making such kites with the dimensions of 1.65 mm by 1.5 mm and also a record in the Slovak Book of Records last year.

Devinder, has represented India in many international kite making contests, including Germany, France and the USA.

With a view to generating awareness about this dying art among the younger generation, Devinder has been carrying out an intense regime of workshops, seminars and lectures meant for student community.

“Do not let this art form die,” says Devinder, making an appeal to various organisations for organising more kite competitions so that people become aware of this heritage handed down from generation to generation.

Through his educational kites, Devinder has been spreading message of environment related messages to the masses.

Talking about his ultimate aim, Devinder says he will try to get a place for himself in the Guinness Book of World Records. “But more than achieving records my main ambition will be to stop this dying art from being completely wiped out,” he says.



Abandoned by family, plagued by diseases
Tribune News Service

Abandoned by family and friends, Balbir Chand has no money and shelter and needs help
Abandoned by family and friends, Balbir Chand has no money and shelter and needs help. — A Tribune photograph

Chandigarh, August 30
Call him a victim of fate or anything else but Balbir Chand is desperately in need of help. Having been abandoned by his kin this patient of acute diabetes is nowadays shunting from one place to another for shelter, hoping that some good samaritan or a social organisation will come forward to help him.

Contented with his job of a cycle mechanic, Balbir Chand did not even know when the illness befell him. Based at Phagwara until a few years ago, he was a happily married man with three children and loving parents. He also used to earn a decent living. Business turned into a losing proposition and near ones began deserting him one after the other. Struck by frustration and tension and diagnosed for diabetes, his right foot got infected after meeting with a minor accident.

Even before he could realise what had gone wrong his right leg was amputated. The hapless man recalls, “I had no money and no one came to help me. So a friend brought me to the PGI, Chandigarh, where I could not get the treatment due to lack of money. Then I went to the CMC, Ludhiana, where the doctors amputated my right leg to prevent the infection from spreading. The Missionaries of Charity took care of me, but finally I had to leave because I developed further complications. I came to Chandigarh again.”

Presently in Chandigarh, Balbir Chand has been diagnosed for many a disease, including scabies. Facing shortage of money he is shifting from one dharamshala to another. Even the Red Cross cannot help him as he is no longer admitted to the hospital.

The latest complication is that he is losing his sight gradually. With tears he appealed for help during his visit to The Tribune office this afternoon. “The doctors have asked me to get spectacles, but I need Rs 400. I also need food and shelter”, he added.



‘Killing’ of cows condemned
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, August 30
The alleged killing of 22 cows reportedly by employees of the Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh has been condemned by the Chandigarh Kendriya Ramlila Sabha. In a press note, it stated that the killing had tarnished the corporation’s image.

They added that stuffing the mute animals in vehicles and then pushing them to their death was inhumane. They also demanded the formation of a joint probe committee of elected representatives from different political parties and religious social organisation of the city.

They further added that a survey of all domestic and stray animals should be conducted and they should be issued numbers or tags. The transportation of animals without permission should also be banned for the commercial transport vehicles.



Cattle owners to get land for rearing
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 30
Cattle owners within the limits of the union territory will now be able to rear cattle at designated places on panchayat lands located across four villages by paying a fixed amount to the Administration by way of rent.

The rent will be Rs 2 per square yard. The cattle rearers can get a minimum of five marlas ( 120 square yards) and a maximum of 15 marlas ( 375 square yards). About 50 acres of panchayat lands in the villages of Mauli Jagran, Maloya, Khuda Ali Sher and Kaimbwala have been identified for this purpose, the Deputy Commissioner, Mr Arun Kumar said.

The land will be given on an ‘‘as is where is basis.’’ No construction other than a shed will be allowed to cattle rearers. There are an estimated 6,500 milch cattle in Chandigarh across the villages of Mani Majra, Buterla, Badheri, Attawa and Burail. These villages are within the municipal limits. About four months ago, a drive to remove cattle from villages was started but was stalled under political pressure. 



Cops issue guidelines to elderly
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, August 30
In view of the attack on an elderly couple in Sector 9 on Wednesday night by a robber, the police this evening launched a special drive to “reassure” the elders of the city “that they are safe and the police is with them”.

A total of 250 police teams were formed for the purpose. The cops reportedly visited the elderly living by themselves, heard their concerns and advised them about the precautions, they needed to take. Station House Officers also visited the houses of the senior citizens.

The police has suggested some do’s and dont’s.


* Police verification of servants and tenants

* Keep local and permanent addresses of the gardener and milk vendor,

* Raise the outer boundary wall of your house to five feet and fix barbed wire
over it.

* Proper lighting arrangements.

* Fix a door eye and on doors must have latches.

* Fix iron grills on windows and ventilators.

* Emergency call bell for neighbours.

* Fix seismic lights.

* Leave telephone numbers with relatives, friends and the police.


* Do not attend to strangers during odd hours.

* Do not let in street vendors.



Foundation stone of Audit Bhavan laid
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 30
The Controller and Auditor General of India (CAG), Mr Vijayendra Nath Kaul, on Thursday said the Centre wanted to expand the function of the department in many ways and that it required better functional capability.

Mr Kaul, who was in the city to lay the foundation stone of an audit bhavan on the Sector 17 premises of the Accountant General (A and E), Punjab, said the Prime Minister had desired that the department expanded its functions in certain areas like common audit. He hinted out that a state government, excluding Punjab, had sought assistance of the department in its efforts to achieve the objectives of the Panchayati Raj.

The CAG said the new building of the AG (Audit), Punjab and Chandigarh, would create more space for the audit wing. The building to be raised next to the existing office of the AG ( A and E), Punjab and Chandigarh, would cost around Rs 13 crore. Additional space of 88,000 sq feet would be available in the new building, said Mr Kaul.

A provision for a lecture hall and a guest house have been kept in the new building. A provision for future expansion and technological upgradation has been kept in the new building. Once completed, several wings of the AG office, housed in rented accommodations, would be shifted to the new building.

Addressing the gathering after the foundation laying ceremony, the CAG impressed upon the employees to keep pace with advancements in information technology and to work for strengthening accountability and public financial administration.

Hoping that the new building would be completed by next May, he said it would provide more functional area to the employees. He asked the employees to perform better despite all odds. He observed that people in the country were good at planning but were not as good at implementing.



Doll museum to get new look
Parbina Rashid

Chandigarh, August 30
The International Dolls Museum at Bal Bhavan in Sector 23, will get a major facelift. Thanks to the endeavour of CITCO.
The renovation of the museum includes installation of new flooring and lighting system and modification of existing aquarium besides changing the dresses of at least 286 dolls in the museum which gives glimpses of traditions and lifestyles of about 28 countries all over the world.

“The new-look museum will be opened to public in a week and we are still waiting for instructions regarding the dresses and the display arrangement,” said a source from the Indian Council for Child’s Welfare which is the managing authority of the museum.

The major attraction of the museum — an elaborate train set from Germany which had been lying defunct since the late 80s has also been sent for repair. The art work for the museum which has been commissioned to the students of Government College of Art include the renovation of the giant aquarium and glass painting in the door panels.

“We are converting this seven feet by three feet aquarium into an hexagonal form” said Paramjeet Singh Rana, a former student of Government College of Art. Another group of 10 students under the guidance of Mr Mahesh Prajapati, a lecturer of the college, is already working on the theme for the glass paintings.

Sources said CITCO had already spent about Rs 7 lakh and will spent Rs 2 lakh more on the finishing touches. “This place has the potential to become one of the major tourist attractions,” said Mr Shiv Kumar, the project in charge. “The place is a mine of information for children and adults alike. The dresses, the ambience and posters and flags at the backdrop featuring the landmarks of the countries make geography come alive,” he added.

The international dolls museum inaugurated in 1985 by the then Adviser to the Chandigarh Administrator Mr K. Bansal, has dolls from all over the world — Russia, Hungary, Spain, France, Austria, Turkey, Denmark, Finland and South East Countries like Japan, Hong Kong, Korea and China. Illustrations of fairy tales like Sleeping Beauty, Alladin and Cinderella and portrayal of epics like Ramayana and life history of Jesus Christ done by local artistes have aesthetic value.

However, lack of visitors has been the major dampening factor for the managing authority. “Despite the fact that the museum’s name featured in the CITCO website as a major tourist attractions of the city, number of tourist has been negligible over the years,” said a source.

The register listing visitor’s name and comment shows sporadic visits from outsiders. “The major chunk of visitors here are those school students who come to participate in some programmes at Bal Bhavan, but with this new look museum and some publicity we are likely to attract more tourists,” the source added.



Van Mahotsav at Forest Hill
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 30
Forest Hill Resort ( FHR) at Karoran village in Ropar district organised Van Mahotsav day today where more than 100 employees of the FHR planted two saplings each. These saplings will have the names of the employees. A plant of 'Rudraksh' was also planted which was donated by Brig K.S. Chandpuri.

Col B.S. Sandhu, Chairman, FHR, said the total area of the FHR comprised the kandi belt. During the launching of the resort there was not even a blade of grass as the land was arid and devoid of any ground water. Rain water was the only source for the plants, flora and fauna. The lakes were de-silted. Today the water holding capacity had increased to 20 ft depth, as a result the water table had risen in the area. These steps had given a new life to the flora and fauna.

"We have planted more than one lakh saplings and exotic species of plants. Thus the resort is truly acting as the lungs for Chandigarh," said a beaming Col. Sandhu.

“Thousands of people from Chandigarh and surrounding areas, who have visited the resort, say in unison that a 'Heaven' has been created which matches the beautiful valleys of Switzerland,” said Devinder Sandhu, Director of the Resort.

School children of almost all schools of the city visit the place for learning about the plants and aqua life. Film stars like Kareena Kapoor, Urmila Matondkar and other leading stars have been here for shooting.

“We are strengthening and thickening the ground cover so that the entire rain water gets soaked in the ground thus putting a total stop to soil erosion,” said Col Sandhu.



Training programmes for unemployed youth
Our Correspondent

SAS Nagar, August 30
Two entrepreneurial training programmes, organised by the Regional Centre for Entrepreneurship Development for unemployed youth, concluded at Guru Nanak VBT Polytechnic here today.

The first programme was meant for the beneficiaries of the Margin Money Scheme launched by the Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) of the Government of India, while the second was linked with repair of solar energy systems on behalf of the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

The objective of the programme was to upgrade the managerial skills of the beneficiaries so that they were able to manage their units in a more professional way.

While distributing certificates to the participants, Mr H.C. Upreti, Director, State Office of the KVIC, said the commission was implementing the scheme for financing industrial projects in rural areas in order to promote industrialisation and employment generation.

He said the scheme was applicable to any manufacturing/ service unit having project cost up to a limit of Rs 25 lakh for individual institutions, cooperative societies and trust. The promoter’s contribution ranged from 5 per cent to 10 per cent and subsidy from the KVIC up to 30 per cent depending on the category of beneficiary. Loans for the scheme were available with all nationalised banks.



Rainwater enters houses
Our Correspondent

SAS Nagar, August 30
Water entered some houses in Phase I after a downpour in the morning here on Friday. Affected residents said the level of some HL houses in the area was low and whenever there was heavy rain, water entered their houses. They said they had been facing this problem for the past many years, but the authorities concerned had made no efforts to solve the problem.

Mr Bhupinder Singh Sandhu, Station Fire Officer, said the water level on some roads in a pocket of Phase I was more than a feet. Water had entered some houses. The road gullies were not choked.



JEs demand reinstatement of colleague
Our Correspondent

SAS Nagar, August 28
The Council of Junior Engineers of the Punjab State Electricity Board demanded that a suspended JE be reinstated immediately.
All 15 JEs of the town sat in dharna in protest against the suspension of Mr Kulwant Singh. The president of the council demanded that the latter be reinstated as he had been suspended without an inquiry.

He said if the authorities failed to reinstate the suspended employee by Monday, all JEs of SAS Nagar circle would join the council in the protest.

Mr Kulwant Singh was suspended on the basis of complaints of corruption against him.



Govt car hits scooterist, cops silent
Our Correspondent

Panchkula, August 30
A government vehicle with a red light atop rammed into a scooter near the HUDA nursery chowk, leaving its rider seriously injured. The driver of the vehicle fled.

The scooterist has been identified as Bhupinder Singh, a resident of Sector 4 here, who was going towards Bartana in Zirakpur.

Eyewitnesses said the scooterist was flung off as the Ambassador car hit the scooter. A PCR vehicles was called and the injured rushed to the General Hospital in Sector 6. The police, however, denied any information about the accident.



Programme on rainwater harvesting
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 30
In order to create awareness about rainwater harvesting, the Central Ground Water Board, North-Western Region, Chandigarh, will organise a three-day training programme. The programme will be held in the committee hall of the Punjab Tubewell Corporation here from September 2.

Engineers and technocrats from the Central Public Works Department, the Punjab Public Heath Department, the MES, the Railways and various municipal corporations will take part in the programme, according to a press note.



Utthala ceremony
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 30
The Utthala ceremony of the late Dr R.S. Prasad, Professor and Head of the Departments of Electronics , Computer Science and Information Technology of Punjab Engineering College, who was killed in an accident on Thursday will be held at Sanatan Dharam Temple in Sector 15 at 1: 30 p.m on August 31.



Five held for flesh trade
Our Correspondent

Panchkula, August 30
Continuing its drive against those involved in flesh trade in the district, the police has arrested five persons, including two Army men, and three women, here today.
According to the police, they were arrested from an under-construction house in Sector 4 while the watch guard of the house managed to flee from the scene.

Following a tip-off, a team headed by SHO Ashok Kumar raided the house and caught them. The persons have been identified as Balwant Singh and Vijay Singh, while the women are residents of Mani Majra and Bapu Dham in Chandigarh.

According to the police, the Army men had come to Western Command for some official work and are posted in the Kargil area. A case under the Prevention of Immoral Trafficking Act has been registered against them.

Four held: In a case of harassment for dowry, the police has arrested four members of a family for harassing, including the husband of the complainant, here today.

On the complaint of Ms Jaivitri, the police has arrested her husband Ashok Kumar, father-in-law Sher Singh, Mother-in-law Shanti Devi and Ramesh Kumar for harassing her in want of dowry.

The accused were today produced before a court where Ashok Kumar was remanded to police custody for two days while other co-accused in the case were remanded to 14 days’ judicial custody.

Mishap victim dies: Manmohan Singh, who was seriously injured in an accident in Mani Majra on August 24, died at the PGI here yesterday. As per police sources he was hit by an unidentified vehicle and was admitted to the hospital. A case under Sections 279, 337 and 304A of IPC has been registered.

Snatched: Pawan Kumar of Baterla village was arrested allegedly for snatching a purse of Ms Amarjit Kaur here yesterday in the market of Sector 41. A case under Section 356 has been registered.

Theft: A Maruti Zen car (HR 51K 1149) of Mr Sanjay Verma of Sector 11 was stolen from his residence on the night of August 28. A case has been registered.

Held: During the past 24 hours, the police has arrested four persons from different parts of the city for liquor smuggling and claimed to have seized liquor bottles from their possession. All of them have been booked under various Sections of the Excise Act.



Youths create scare in Phase I
Our Correspondent

SAS Nagar, August 30
A scare was created in the Phase I market when armed persons alighted from two cars here today with the intention of committing a crime. The young persons, who were stated to be at least 15 in number, were carrying swords and sticks. A few of them entered the premises of a lottery ticket seller and decamped with two mobile phones.

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