Saturday, September 6, 2003
R H Y M E  T I M E

An ode to a teacher!

O teacher! You are like God

Who shows the right path that leads us to our Lord.

You are our friend & well wisher

& not a mere preacher

Your teaching brings us light

That makes lives of children shining bright.

You inspire us to be persons far better.

You are a teacher and a scholar

We are your ardent followers

You are our guide

and a person in whom we have pride.

You correct us when we’re wrong.

Your motherly care makes us strong.

Oh teacher! Deeper meaning of life you taught us true.

What I am in this world, I am due to you.

May you live long & shine like a house of light.

That is my humble prayer, not a fancy’s flight.

— Sunidhi Gupta, Class XI,
Moti Ram Arya Public School, Chandigarh.


For my teachers

I wish to express to you my gratitude

for providing me strength and fortitude

You have kindled in me a spark

that guides me through the dreary dark.

My skills you have tapped and polished;

my faults and drawbacks demolished.

Your devotion, sincerity and patience

have inspired me to achieve excellence.

The virtues of respect and responsibility too,

have made me cherish every advise from you.

With an overwhelmed heart, I thank you again

for making my life’s foundation strong.

You encouraged me to do the right thing

and forgave me when I went wrong.

Indebted to you I will always be

for teaching me to believe in me,

for guiding me to look for truth,

for trusting me and my capability,

for loving me and letting me be.

— Richa Sarin, Class XII,
SGGSCP School, Chandigarh.

We, the consumers

Regardless of where we live,

In village or in cities,

We buy goods,

And make use of services.

All of us, are consumers first,

Of the earth, the air and the water.

Are these free from pollution, we’re not sure,

Air or water may not be pure.

Pesticides with instructions written in foreign languages,

Are use by farmers often ignorant of the consequences.

Various chemicals are in vogue for spraying,

To clear the land and to have bumper crop growing.

These are responsible for poison in vegetables we buy,

And we consumers get sick and may even die.

These are some of the hidden killers,

Of which are unaware, we consumers.

Consumer organisations have stood up for their rights,

We should all get united in the fight.

This is the movement of people-like you and me,

And not those people who just value money.

Everyone should value people,

Everyone should value environment,

So take a pledge on this day,

To make a great success of this movement.

— Nandini Agrawal, Class VI C,
S.T.C. School, Karnal.