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Monday, September 8, 2003
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Mundian toh bachke raheen Boom(s) with Punjabi MC
Amit Puri

Rajinder Rai
Rajinder Rai

WHAT makes the film Boom so famous? One of the reasons why this movie has gone down well with the audience is because of its songs. Punjabi MC is the group whose songs made the film famous. Rajinder Rai, a 27-year old bhangra DJ, and the key person of Punjabi MC was born in the British city of Coventry. He began his musical career by rapping in a conventional style and picked up a nickname, Punjabi MC, for himself when he became a bit famous.

He is the key person of the group, Punjabi MC. The most famous song of the film is Mundian toh bachke (featuring Jay-Zís). Punjabi MC style is fusing bhangra with the latest music. This style is famous in dance clubs and appreciated all over the world. Punjabi MC released, Rootz, first that became controversial first and famous afterwards. The year 1995 saw the release of 100% Proof, considered by many to be an all-time Bhangra classic.

That was the beginning. His album in 1996, Grass Roots, was again a hit. In January this year, Mundian toh bachke, turned out to be a superhit. It sold over 1,00,000 copies in two days flat in Germany itself.


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