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L U D H I A N A   S T O R I E S


One arrested, 2 booked under Copyright Act
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 20
The police has booked two persons on the charge of manufacturing soap cakes and detergent powder and marketing these with names similar to a well-known brand, after packing these in similar wrappers, with the intention of cheating consumers. They have been booked under the Copyright Act.

Manjit Singh of Bindra Trading Company, Guru Amardass Nagar, and manufacturer of soaps under G-Series brand, was arrested by the police today. His partner was, however, absconding. Raids were on to nab him.

The action followed a complaint by Mr Bharat Bhushan Sharma, proprietor of the Bhiwani Detergent Khadi Gramudyog, Kurali, Ropar district.

According to the complainant, his company is the holder of T-series franchise for manufacturing washing powder and detergent cakes. He alleged that it had come to his notice that M/s Bindra Trading Company was manufacturing products similar to the products manufactured by his company under the brand G-Series which had a similar pronunciation.

He had further alleged that the products were packed in wrappers having similar look and colour scheme. After coming to know about this, he came to Ludhiana and met some buyers. They told him that they had demanded T-series products, but were given G-series products.

He also alleged that the buyers could only distinguish between the two products after washing clothes. The G-series products were deliberately given a look similar to T-series products in order to cheat consumers.

He said he had received several complaints stating that his company’s products had spoiled their clothes and had affected their hands. On enquiring, he came to know that the products were not manufactured by his company.

He said the products manufactured by his company were registered under the Copyright Act. The owners of M/s Bindra Trading Company were committing an offence by marketing their products after giving these an appearance like that of the products of his company, he said. Even a registered notice was sent to the company through an advocate, but the party, instead of responding properly, threatened him on the phone and warned him of dire consequences, he alleged.

The police had registered a case under Section 420 of the IPC, Section 63 of the Copyright Act and Sections 78 and 79 of the Trade and Merchandise Act against M/s Bindra Trading Company and one arrest was made in that connection today. Sacks containing soaps and detergents of G-series were also seized from the premises of the company.



Six booked for fraud
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 20
The police here has booked six persons, including four managers of the Johnson and Johnson company, for allegedly committing a fraud against a local resident and causing him loss of lakhs of rupees. One of the managers has been arrested.

The police came in action following a complaint by Mr Sunit Gupta, owner of K.M. Associates, who had alleged that his former business partner had, in connivance with officials of the company, fraudulently got his dues transferred in his name. Following the complaint, the police registered a case against these persons.

Those who have been booked include Devinder Sabharwal, Anil Sharma, Vivek Kumar, Swami Roto and two other persons. A case under sections 467/468/406 and 120-B has been registered against the accused.

Mr Gupta, in his FIR, had stated that he had opened a company named K.M. Associates with his partner Shashi Kant. They had taken a franchise from Johnson and Johnson company. But after some time both partners got separated and his partner opened another company, M.S. Mangla.

He had alleged in his complaint that an amount of Rs 2.73 lakh was due towards the multi-national company but his partner got the drafts made in his own name allegedly in connivance with officials of the company.

The police has already arrested Devinder Sabharwal and is also taking action against his partner. 



New MD courses in homoeopathy
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, September 20
The Chief Justice of the Punjab and Haryana High Court, Mr Justice Binod Kumar Roy, inaugurated postgraduate courses in MD, Homoeopathy, in Sri Guru Nanak Dev Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital here today. He also laid the foundation stone of a new Postgraduate block in the college.

Addressing the function, Mr Justice Roy pointed out that in the homoeopathic system of treatment, the history of a patient prior to his ailment is required to be gathered.

He called upon the students to acquire excellence in homoeopathy so that they could serve the needy patients at cheaper rates. He hoped that the advancement of homoeopathy would be given more momentum with the opening of the postgraduate classes in the college.

Mr Santokh Singh, Minister for Medical Education, Punjab, said that the homoeopathic system of treatment was very much in practice not only in India but in the world and had given excellent results in treating many diseases. He said that after the PG classes in homoeopathy, the government had decided to introduce postgraduate classes in ayurvedic system from the next academic year. He said that during the current financial year, Rs 50 crore was being spent for the improvement of standard of medical education in Punjab.

Mr D.S. Jaspal, Principal Secretary, Health and Family Welfare, and Information and Public Relations Punjab, said that the state government had chalked out a comprehensive plan for the improvement of Indian medical systems, as these were providing excellent treatment of many chronic diseases. He informed that the government was going to constitute an ayurveda development council on the pattern of the Homoeopathic Council. He informed that the Ayurvedic Development Council would also work as a drug certification agency, as at present there was no agency for the standardisation of drugs in the state.

Dr Tejinder Pal Singh, Director, SGND Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital, said that homoeopathy had been gaining ground among the people who feel disillusioned with the allopathic system of medicine and said that the governments, both at the centre and state-level, should give it due recognition and importance. He said that Sri Guru Nanak Dev Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital, which was established in 1992 under the guidance, of Dr Karam Singh, a renowned exponent of the Indian system of medicine, had emerged as a leading homoeopathic institute not only in Punjab but in North India.



Railway employees fleece migrants
Kanchan Vasdev
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 20
A migrant labourer had gone to get a railway ticket from the ticket window at the local railway station. After waiting for some time, his turn came and he asked for the ticket. The employee at the window asked him, ‘‘How much shall I charge you?’’ ‘‘Rs 10’’ came the reply. The ticket was given to him and he left the counter at once.

Another migrant came and got the ticket by paying another Rs 10 to the employee. A local resident who was watching all this was surprised although he could not make out what was happening. To add to his surprise, the railway employee did not ask him this question and charged the amount of ticket only.

But that was not all. He waited and watched. He was shocked to see that the employee concerned was asking every migrant for the money and not the local residents or those looking educated. He inquired from the migrants, who told him that everytime they come to get ticket, they had to pay Rs 10 or 20 extra, otherwise they had to go back in the queue and wait for another turn.

Inquiries by Ludhiana Tribune revealed that the uneducated migrants, who visit and leave city everyday, are the victims of this corruption that has been going on at the local railway station. Invariably, they are asked to pay the small amounts if they want to get their ticket “at the first turn”. If they refuse to pay, they are told to leave the counter without ticket.

While most of them do not want to complain against this practice to the higher authorities as it is a matter of Rs 10 only, those who gather courage to go up to the authorities are seldom given a hearing.

Vijay Partap, a migrant from Darbhanga in Bihar, who was waiting for his ticket at the counter, said that it was easier for us to pay Rs 10 and take the ticket, otherwise it’s a wait for hours. Intriguingly, the racket is so organised that almost all migrants know that they would be asked to pay the money and just an amount of Rs 10 would do the trick. The information travels by word of mouth.

Another city resident, Col S.K. Sood (retd), had sent his worker the other day to get two tickets for Shatabdi Express. He said that his worker was also asked for the cut but he refused to pay, stating that his employer was a retired Army officer and he was buying tickets from him. The employee did not argue and gave him the tickets.

“I felt very bad after hearing this from my worker. While the government talks about rooting out corruption, it is prevalent everywhere. What would these poor migrants do except pay the demanded amount. Nobody gives them a hearing,” said Col Sood.



Employees to hold rally at Chandigarh
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, September 20
The Punjab Government Employees’ Action Committee, representing more than 100 associations, will hold a state level rally at Chandigarh in protest against privatisation and ‘panchayatikaran’ of government departments.

The district conveners of the action committee, Mr Jagdev Singh Garcha, Mr Jasdev Singh Lalton, Mr Dayal Singh and Mr Darshan Kumar said in a joint statement here today that functionaries of the employees unions were mobilising support all over the district to ensure maximum participation in the rally so as to make the government review its anti-employees polices.

Mr Garcha observed that there was widespread resentment among the employees against the government move to hand over five important departments to panchayats at a function at Bathinda on October 2. The employees would resist the ill-conceived decision with all their might and would give a befitting reply to the government for this step.

Functionaries of the action committee alleged that the government was acting at the behest of bodies like the WTO, the World Bank and the IMF who were out to exploit the developing nations and were putting pressure on them to promote privatisation.



Youth Cong to launch campaign
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, September 20
The Punjab Youth Congress (PYC) would soon launch a mass contact campaign to propagate the policies and programmes of the Congress government in Punjab. During the door-to-door campaign, the achievements of the government would be highlighted before the masses.

This was stated by a delegation of the PYC, comprising Mr Gagandeep Singh Wasu and Mr Sushil Malhotra, both general secretaries, during a meeting with the Chief Minister at his residence. They also presented a book written by Ms Vibha Shastri, daughter-in-law of former Prime Minister Late Lal Bahadur Shastri, to Capt Amarinder Singh.

They said as a result of an unrelenting battle against corruption and policies like empowerment of panchayats, crop diversification and employment generation, the popularity graph of the ruling party had gone up. They expressed gratitude to the Chief Minister for nominating Rana Gurmit Singh Sodhi, a party worker and a legislator, as chief whip of the party.

According to Mr Wasu, the Chief Minister asked the activists to serve the people with zeal and commitment and to focus on the problems of unemployed youth, the poor and the downtrodden.

Meanwhile, YC workers, led by former senior vice-president of the party, Mr Sarbjit Singh Bunty, organised a demonstration at Sessions Court Chowk against Union Minister of State Vinod Khanna for saying that President rule could be imposed in the state. The protesters also burnt an effigy of the minister and raised slogans against the NDA government.

The speakers observed that Mr Khanna, a ‘greenhorn’ in politics, was trying to disturb the peace and tranquillity in the state at the instance of erstwhile ruling combine as Mr Badal and his allies were apprehensive of being put behind the bars for their corrupt activities while in power.



Kalam an epitome of wisdom

Ludhiana, September 19
In the mental dome of the region in general and that of Ludhiana in particular, certain thoughts expressed by Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam keep on reverberating. He heads the state, which is the biggest democracy. He is the first citizen of the greatest democratic republic. His very first visit, though brief in time, will last long in effect. It is both historic and history in making. It sets one thinking and feeling, reflecting and recollecting. History will record it as a rare visit by a rare person. The visit carries many facets bearing several dimensions. The man is epitome of logic and magic, learning and living, thinking and daring. These dimensions surprised many and mesmerised all. In an age dominated by self-seekers and corrupted by petty politics, such gems of human kind resist pollution of all sorts. That great minds think alike, holds true. Dr Abdul Kalam shares logic and farsighted-ness with Dr Rajendra Prasad. He reminds one of the mental incision and linguistic precision of Dr S. Radhakrishnan. He at once unfolds the sensitivity and sensibility of Dr Zakir Hussain. All add glory to the Republic. Justify their status. Great men feel, think and act alike. They individually as well as collectively symbolise human values. The recent visit of the President echoes wisdom, re-echoes values. When a school student asked him to comment on the anti-corruption measures taken by the Punjab government, the first citizen proved himself second to none. He did not jump to comment as all lesser beings do. He thoughtfully and gracefully reflected “Corruption can be fought by three moral forces represented by mother, father and teacher”. What a priceless gem of wisdom! Coincidently, the nation celebrated Teachers’ Day on the following day.

Though peerless himself, the most dignified yet humane individual expressed his gratitude to his teachers and mentors. Pragmatism looked like true service. Altruism stood personified. A great man leaves space for greater ones, past and contemporary ones, or those probables of the future. Men of straw fall victim to ego. Men of values rise. They permanently stay in the mind. Wisdom echoes on as wisdom. In 1953, Dr S. Radhakrishnan delivered the Punjab University convocation address at Ambala. One of the much-quoted pearls of wisdom: “The reputation of Punjab University is well known here in India, even so overseas....... Now, friends, as you go into the practical life, try to justify your degree.” He did justify his. All the wise do. Great alumni justify degrees. Thereby, add to the academics status of their almamaters. The recent celebration on Teachers’ Day missed much of the spirit. Ironically, a section of the teaching community converted it into an occasion of protest. Teachers choosing Teachers’ Day as a day of protest? Teaching, noble of profession, turning this crossing? True teachers serve. Money is never their priority.

It is relevant to recall the visit of Mr G.S. Pathak, the then Vice-President of India. He laid the foundation stone of a big hospital at Ludhiana. Thereafter, quietly left for the modest home of his teacher, Master Kishan Singh. He touched his feet and stood blessed. As his daughter touched the feet, Masterji interrupted: “Daughters do not do this”. “Guruji, my mother could not join my father. I am doing it at her bidding, on her behalf.” Dr Zakir Hussain was a highly dignified and private man. History records that as Aligarh University ‘Tarana’ was being sung, tears welled up in the eyes of Dr Zakir Hussain. Pure sentiments are pure wisdom. Tears dried, sentiments stay on reminding eternal values. Where is God? A curious question. Where is man? A prompt counter-question. Here are men, persons of vision and action, ‘Karmyogis’! Dr Kalam epitomises, symbolises Karmyoga.

— M.S. Cheema



Now, Chhapar Mela means business
Vimal Sumbly
Tribune News Service

Chhapar, September 16
Immaculately dressed non-resident Indians, coffee stalls, motor cycle shows, hit numbers from Vengaboys and an ATM. This is not any modern marketing mall of a metropolis or a city like Ludhiana. This is simply a scene at the annual mela at Chhapar, a nondescript village about 40 km from Ludhiana. This probably reflects the changing face of rural Punjab.

Although dust and din still overwhelm the mela, there are many modern things to be seen here. The mela is held at the holy shrine believed to be the seat of Naga devta (lord of snakes). Thousands of people, cutting across religious affinities, throng this shrine to pay their obeisance. The mela lasts for three days.

Various political parties have used the occasion to organise their conferences to take advantage of the presence of thousands of people. Be it the Congress, the Akali Dal or the Communist Party, every political party holds political conferences highlighting and propagating its agenda.

It is no longer politics alone that dominates Chhapar Mela. It is business and economics as well. Probably for the first time, various motor cycle companies had set up their sales counters. Suresh Kumar, an executive of a leading motor cycle company which had set up a sales counter, said they had come here for the first time. The response was tremendous as people showed a lot of interest.

For people like Mr Jassi Khangura, a UK-based NRI, a leading hotelier and managing director of Hotel Park Plaza, it was a nostalgic journey down memory lane. “You don’t get to see these things in England — people in large numbers enjoying themselves in their own way,” he said.

Mr Khangura, who is actively involved with the Congress, belongs to the neighbouring Latala village. He was brought up in England and has studied there. Yet he feels at home at Chhapar.

“In places like London, you do not find this dust and crowd. But still here I find something close to my heart,” he revealed, while adding that “such occasions provide you a sense of belonging which is rarely found in Western societies.” He also addressed the political conference organised by the Congress in chaste Punjabi. Although he had to struggle a little, he remained cool and confident, saying that he loved Punjabi the most.

Not to be left behind, even the Punjab National Bank also held an exhibition at the mela. The exhibition highlighted various schemes of the bank regarding the deposits as well as advances, with focus on the consumers from the rural areas. Mr Pushpinder Singh, senior manager and branch head of the bank, stated that the bank had also set up an ATM in the neighbouring Mandi Ahmedgarh and people were showing keen interest in it.



Where residents wade through slush, sewage
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, September 20
A choked and overflowing sewer line near Dairy Complex on main Humbran Road in the city has made the life of the residents miserable, besides causing extensive damage to the road. The stagnant sewage has eaten into the top surface of the road and big potholes have emerged on a large stretch of the road making things difficult for motorists and other road users.

According to area residents, since the level of the road is quite low the rainwater or waste water discharged from dairies and houses in the area keeps it inundated for days together even when the sewer lines are not overflowing. The vehicles and pedestrians, more often than not have, to wade through ankle-deep water to reach their destinations. The dairy owners are the worst hit because access to their respective units and residential and commercial areas around the dairy complex becomes difficult.

The work on levelling and surfacing the road was taken up by the municipal corporation authorities a few months back but in the wake of persistent problem of overflowing sewers, it was abandoned because the stagnant water would have caused damage to its surface, said sources in the MC.

The MC officials maintained that the problem was dairy owners’ own doing. “Despite repeated directions and challaning of a number of dairy units, the dairy owners have not desisted from disposing of cow dung and other solid waste into the sewer lines. As a result the entire sewer has been choked and lines are overflowing.”

A senior officer in the O and M Wing in the MC told Ludhiana Tribune that work was on to clean the choked sewers and several truckloads of cow dung and solid waste had been removed. In order to regulate the flow in the sewer lines, a new manhole had been constructed at a problem spot. The ongoing work was expected to be completed in next few days and thereafter the work on levelling and surfacing of road would be taken up.

The area councillor, Mr Hem Raj Aggarwal, being away, was not available for comments.



Traffic, sewage problem in Mochpura Bazaar
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, September 20
Frequent traffic blockade and sewage overflow are a major headache for shopkeepers and customers at Mochpura Bazaar here these days.
The traffic gets held up for more than an hour at times, making it extremely difficult for the commuters to pass through the narrow lanes. There is no parking place near the market and the retailers who come to the bazaar prefer to park their vehicles outside the shops.

Even the shopkeepers have put up their stalls of shawls, blankets and pullovers outside their shops, making the passages narrower.

A majority of the passing vehicles include rickshaw- pullers and rehriwallahas, which impede the traffic slow, further aggravating the problem.

Frequent sewage overflow is yet another problem in the market and the stench becomes unbearable. The buyers who go by foot find it extremely difficult to pass the place. 



A sarpanch without any authority
Lovleen Bains

Sahnewal, September 20
The Sarpanch of Bhairomunna village, belonging to the ruling party, feels himself “powerless” as he is not being granted the authority and powers that ought to make him a “sarpanch”.

Mr Rajinder Singh was elected sarpanch of the village under Koom Kalan block on June 29 during the panchayat poll. He said: “I was given the charge on September 4. I was to be given the charge of a bank account (No. 8373) that carried a balance of Rs 29,184. But neither the cheque book nor cashbook was issued to me.”

He added: “Another account (No. 9138) with a balance of Rs 3,548 at the Katani Kalan branch of Indian Overseas Bank was to be handed over to me, but no cashbook has been issued to me.”

“Also, I do not have the records register and the salaries of sweepers, workers, chowkidar etc. have been held back for the past six months. He further alleged that the record of five years of the former panchayat had not been shown to him. The new sarpanch has requested the BDP O of Ludhiana to intervene and ensure that all necessary powers be given to him at the earliest.



Preparations on for Mohan Singh Mela
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, September 20
In a special meeting held in Punjabi Bhavan here today, members of the Prof Mohan Singh Memorial Foundation chalked out plans to hold Prof Mohan Singh Memorial International Cultural Mela. It was decided unanimously by the members of foundation that the mela would be organised on October 19 and 20 at Punjabi Bhavan.

The chairman of the foundation, Mr Jagdev Singh Jassowal said that the mela will be dedicated to the ex-secretary general the late Dr Parminder Singh, and ex-senior vice president, the late Mr Harjit Singh Bedi, who were the pillars of the foundation. The special gates will be made in memory of the late Mr Balwant Gargi, a noted Punjabi play-wright. The statue of Prof Mohan Singh will be garlanded by members of the foundation at Aarti Chowk and then the entire procession will lead to Punjabi Bhavan. Mr Jagpal Khangura has been appointed as chairman of the welcome committee.

The programme of October 19 will be divided into two sessions. The morning session will start with a ‘kavi darbar’ and a symposium based on the works of Prof Mohan Singh. It will be followed by recitation of poems written by Prof Mohan Singh. Persons under 30 can participate in this state-level contest. School children will get prizes in junior category.

In the afternoon session, dhadhi and kavishree darbars would be organised. State singer Hans Raj Hans will render ‘sufiana songs’. A play will also be staged. Punjabi Sahitya Akademy will host these functions. In a sub -committee formed to oversee the smooth running of various functions, Mr Jaswant Zafar from the Akademy and Mr Gurbhajan Singh Gill and Mr Nirmal Jaura on behalf of foundation will coordinate.

The president of foundation, Mr Pargat Singh, proposed the name of Mr Kulwant Jagraon for the post of secretary-general which fell vacant on account of death of Dr Parminder Singh and everyone present accepted the proposal.

Mr Jassowal said that the year 2004 will mark the birth centenary of the great writer and the Government of India should bring out a postal stamp to honour him. The other decisions taken at the meeting were that banning the beaming of obscene and vulgar songs by television channels as they bring a bad name to Punjabi culture.



Factions to mobilise workers for protest
Our Correspondent

Amloh, September 20
Factions of various employees unions and federations at a joint meeting have decided to mobilise workers by holding meetings jointly at block headquarters of the district to gear up for the protest march on September 22 in Chandigarh.

A “Sangharsh Committee” has been constituted consisting of three conveners — Mr Balbir Singh Ghuman (Vigayanak Kender), Amarjeet Singh Garewal (Bari) and Mr Baldev Singh (Democratic Teachers Front) — besides two members from each faction. The same pattern of joint front will be adopted at the block level, according to Mr Balbir Singh Ghuman, convener of the front, here today.

It was decided to arrange a vehicle in each block to transport the employees to Chandigarh besides “aanganwadi” workers and PSEB employees. The district has been divided into Amloh, Sirhind, Bassi Pathana and Khamano zones under the charge of Mr Balbir Singh Ghuman, Mr Gurbachan Singh Virdi, Mr Amarjeet Singh Gill and Mr Yashpal, respectively.

The workers would press the government to accept their demands pertaining to privatisation of departments, besides others.



Avoid slang in your language

I was utterly shocked to read a news item in Ludhiana Tribune dated September 9, 2003, wherein the Principal of DAV Public School had suspended two students for a few days for not conversing in English in the school campus. Are we still living in independent India or imperial India ?

I strongly believe that English should be a compulsory subject in all schools and be taught right from LKG classes because English is the most widely spoken language in the world. In the international arena, the Indian diaspora has always enjoyed an advantage over Japanese, Chinese or even German and Italian counterparts because of better communication skills in English (both verbal and written).

While students may be encouraged to converse in English, punishing them for not doing so is barbaric. Unfortunately, despite such strictness, the quality of English that is spoken by the students who pass out from public school is appalling. The language that is spoken is rude, grammatically incorrect and full of slang. Sadly, in this age of SMS and e-mail, conversing in slang is considered ‘with it’.

What is shocking is that rude and unspeakable words like crazy, stupid, idiot, rascal, nonsense, shit, shut up, are sprinkled liberally in conversation and are quite acceptable so long as the person is speaking in English. You only have to eavesdrop on a group of the so-called trendy teenagers to realise this. (This of course, does not supply to everybody).

It is unfortunate that we are ashamed of conversing in our mother tongue or national language. Ironically, the same issue of newspaper carried a news items of another Ludhiana School (KVM) holding a workshop to promote Hindi. Holding such workshops and celebrating Hindi Divas at the national level and instituting national awards for writing in Hindi are meaningless so long as the students are being punished for speaking it at other places.

I think we need to set our priorities right. What is needed is an inculcation of respect for all languages. Emphasis should be on learning grammatically correct expressions and speaking polite language, minus the slang — be it English, Hindi or Punjabi — and students should be punished for not doing so.

Dr Seema Bedi

Proud of Hindi

Apropos of the news which shows the Principal of a reputed school’s love for English and hatred for Hindi. Our national language should not be ignored even in convent and public schools and the children should be encouraged to speak and write in the language. We should not forget that our Prime Minister, Mr Atal Behari Vajpayee, chose to speak in the national language while addressing delegates at the UN while he was the Foreign Minister. He was greatly applauded worldwide.

Recently, the government announced that examinations of NDA and CDS will be held in Hindi. If the Centre is taking concrete steps to promote Hindi, I see no reason why the Principal of a local school is discouraging his students to speak in Hindi.

N.K. Sharma

VIPs a ‘boon’

The advent of VIP/VVIPs always proves a boon for the particular area which they visit with a specific schedule and programme. The government machinery swings into action and like a magic wand all eyesores disappear and the whole place gets a spanking new look.

No doubt major parts of Ludhiana present an ugly look and such visits are welcomed by denizens of the most polluted city of the state. Twice the people have observed the changes effected following which the city is decked up like a bride. First it was during the visit of the late Giani Zail Singh. I remember that the Jagraon bridge came into existence at that time and the city was fully beautified.

The second instance was the visit of Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam on September 4. Various parts of the city were spruced up and all the major roads leading to the city were recarpeted.

I wish the President had the time to pay a visit to the other parts of the city, especially the Dugri Urban Estate, so that he could have seen the ugly face of the city.

I express my sincere thanks to the worthy president since his tour resulted in the execution of some pending works in various parts of the city which had been pointed out by the people but had met with a stony silence from the authorities.

Vinod Bala

Well done, CM

Kudos to the Chief Minister and his vigilance team for trying to clean up the web of corruption from the body politics of Punjab. If the speed with which the enquiry has been completed by the Vigilance Department against the alleged irregularities committed by Ex-Minister Harbans Lal is any indication, then surely we are moving towards a clean governance ensuring accountability of the wrongdoers — politicians or bureaucrats.

Accountability is the hallmark of good governance without which nothing can be achieved and the handling of the forest scam with such speed is a pointer towards the things which are going to take shape in the near future.

Once again, thanks to the Chief Minister and the Vigilance team. Keep it up!

Major S.S. Khosla


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