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Bulldozers roll on in Ram Nagar
Tribune Reporters

Ludhiana, September 23
The demolition squad of the Municipal Corporation partly demolished as many as five buildings, being constructed in violation of the building bylaws in different parts of the city yesterday.

The MC team, led by the Municipal Town Planner (MTP), Mr P. K. Garg, descended in Ram Nagar locality near Domoria Bridge and demolished part of a commercial complex where a basement was being unlawfully constructed.

Due to the incident involving a scuffle and roughing up of MC officials during a similar drive on Monday, the civic officials were accompanied by a strong posse of police. However, MC team faced no resistance and the task was completed without any untoward incident.

The scene then shifted to upmarket commercial centre of Ghumar Mandi and the targets were two commercial complexes in Prabhjot Complex and another in a nearby lane. The MC team razed parts of basements which were being constructed in contravention of the building bylaws. The basements were partly filled up with sand with the help of earth moving machines and undertakings were obtained from the owners of these buildings that they would abide by the building norms.

The MC squad later demolished a portion in front of a computer institute on Malhar Road and yet another building near Fountain Chowk. A couple of illegal extensions of buildings towards roadside were also dismantled in Sunet village by the civic officials.

However, there is no check on encroachments by hundreds of hawkers on both the sides of the G T Road, near bus stand, Sidhwan Bet Road, Tehsil Road, Moga road and Ludhiana Road. Vehicles and hand-carts are parked there ignoring the no parking signboard put up by the police. Kiosks have come up on the roadside in the area near the office of the local Administrator. The encroachment continues in spite of the High Court orders directing the authorities to remove encroachments. When buses reach the Jagraon town crossing it becomes difficult even for pedestrians to pass. The opening of the bridge near Sidhwan Bet connecting Doaba, Malwa, has added to the traffic woes of commuters. 



Raids on roadside butcheries
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, September 23
In carrying out the directions of the Punjab State Human Rights Commission (PSHRC), the Municipal Corporation has launched a concerted drive in the city to check the menace of butchering animals on the roadside and sale of meat and fish in the open.

The raiding parties, headed by Municipal Medical Officers of Health (MMOH) had conducted series of raids on seven main approach roads to the city and around 12 quintal unhygienic and rotten meat/fish were destroyed and more than 300 chickens were removed from the kiosks on main roads during last three weeks starting from August 22.

While presenting the status report of action taken by the MC before the PSHRC on September 19, Dr G.S. Grewal, MMOH, submitted that the pressure was being mounted against the offenders and the health staff, assisted by the sanitary inspectors, tehbazari staff and other enforcement officials would take all necessary measures to stop the slaughtering of animals in the open and sale of meat and fish on the road side.

Mr B.C. Rajput, member of the PSHRC before whom the complaint came for hearing told the MMOH that the MC teams of officials could invoke provisions of the Police Act to check the menace which was a source of annoyance to the public at large.

The status report presented before the PSHRC in a complaint filed by an NGO, People for Animals (PFA), the MC stated that in a meeting of concerned officials, also attended by representatives of the complainant NGO, it was decided that in the first phase, action should be confined to seven main approach roads to the city. Accordingly, the raiding parties, led by respective MMOH of the area made daily rounds at these roads from early morning to late evening on all working days to ensure that animals were not slaughtered at road side kiosks and sale of meat and fish was not carried out in the open.

The progress of the campaign was reviewed in another meeting on September 1 which was presided over by the MC Commissioner, Mr S.K. Sharma, and the consensus was to continue the operation in the already identified areas till the desired results were achieved.



Three cops nabbed while accepting bribe
Our Correspondent

Doraha, September 23
The DSP (headquarters), Mr Kashmir Singh Bhinder, nabbed three policemen while they were taking bribe from truck drivers while on duty near a toll-plaza at Doraha on Sunday night. The policemen were also beating up some persons.

According to Mr Bhinder a team comprising two Constables, a Head Constable, an SPO and a driver is stationed at the toll plaza at night to maintain proper law and order at the place. Hence, a naka had been imposed in which, Constable Jagjit Singh and two Head Constables Ujagar Singh and Balbir Singh were caught while they were beating up the driver and conductor of truck (number HR45-4143) and forcing them to pay illegal gratification to them.

Mr Bhinder Singh further said one of the policemen, Ujagar Singh was drunk which was confirmed after the medical examination.

All three policemen have been booked under Section 7.13 (2) 88 of the Punjab Corruption Act and sent to judicial remand. The case was, however, registered on the statement of Sumit Kumar, the cleaner of the truck who had been beaten up by these policemen.

The DSP (headquarters), Khanna, “we had several complaints against Constable Jagjit Singh when he was posted at first-aid post, Doraha, Bulepur, Bija and several other places but for want of any written complaint or proof, we were helpless till I personally nabbed him at the toll plaza so that it may be a lesson for other errant cops too”.



‘Rail, rasta roko’ by farmers on Sept 30
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, September 23
Several organisations of farmers have decided to resort to a “rail and rasta roko” agitation on September 30 to focus on the poor plight of the farming community and press the government for a comprehensive relief package. This was decided at a joint meeting of the participating bodies here today, which was attended by activists of Kirti Kisan Union, Kul Hind Kirti Kisan Sabha, Jamhoori Kisan Sabha, Bharti Kisan Union (Ekta), Punjab Kisan Sabha and Bharti Kisan Union (Ekta - Sidhupur).

Prominent among those who addressed the meeting were Mr Hardev Singh Sandhu, Mr Tarlochan Singh Jhoraran, Mr Kuldip Singh, Mr Lakhwinder Singh Boani, Mr Kirpal Singh Hans, Mr Raghubir Singh Benipal, Mr Mohinder Singh Silon, Mr Baldev Singh Latala, Mr Darshan Singh Koohli, Mr Balwant Singh, Mr Kartar Singh Boani, Mr Surinder Singh Jalaldiwal, Mr Sadhu Singh Ghaloti and Mr Jang Singh Leel.

The activists of farmers’ bodies castigated the Centre and the state government for their anti-farmer policies which had led to a situation of no return for the agricultural community. “The Centre as well as the Congress government in Punjab, led by Capt Amarinder Singh, have gone back on their election promises and not fulfilled all demands accepted during parleys with representatives of farmers,” they said.

Focusing on the pending demands, they observed that issues like increase in MSP of paddy, commencement of procurement in mandis, issuance of electricity bills against tubewells, hike in power rates for domestic consumers, move for privatisation of PSEB, recovery of sugarcane arrears of farmers, levy of canal irrigation water charges, imposition of four per cent sale tax on pesticides and insecticides, remission of all types of farm loans, scrapping of repressive provisions of the Cooperative Act and arrests of farmers for recovery of loans were hanging fire, with the government turning a blind eye to the farm economy.

Meanwhile, Bharti Kisan Union (Ekta) has hailed the coming together on a common platform of nine organisations of farmers, while extending its support to the proposed agitation on September 30. Addressing a meeting, the district president of the union, Mr Darshan Singh Koohli, said only a determined and extended struggle could change the lot of the farmers.

He said as a result of the ailing farm economy and the mounting debt burden, farmers were being pushed towards the extreme step of committing suicide.



Auto-rickshaw driver found dead
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 23
An auto-rickshaw driver, Ranjit Singh, was found dead on the Metro road in Jamalpur early this morning.
While the police claimed that the youth died in an accident, his family members alleged that he was murdered.

Ranjit Singh, a resident of Jamalpur, had gone for a walk last evening but did not return. Family members approached the police in the morning, only to learn that the body of a youth had been found in the area.

Bhupinder Singh, father of the youth, said his son had sustained only head injuries. He said somebody had killed his son with the motive of robbing him.

The post-mortem examination report will be available tomorrow.




Burning an effigy is a common way of registering one’s protest. The demonstrators, very conveniently make an effigy to set it ablaze, and after the demonstration is over they leave it burning on the place. It might pose a threat to property. Besides, it definitely pollutes the environment as smoke is generated after its burning. There should be environment-friendly ways of protest.

Cop vs cop

One often sees cops sticking their thumbs out for a lift from motorists, who rarely have a choice, but to stop and oblige. But this week, one of the cops was in for a shock when the man he signalled turned out to be not just another cop, but also higher in rank to the hitch-hiker cop. It was now the turn of the scooter riding cop to refuse a lift to his junior colleague. That was not all. He also reprimanded the junior colleague for harassing innocent commuters and told him that he would not carry the man because he did not have a helmet.

Dress code

At a meeting of a ladies club, the members were asked to come dressed in two particular colours. Hence all the members were wearing varying shades of those two colours. When Sentinel asked one of the members who decides the colours of dress code, she replied: “The president. Probably she chooses a particular colour as she has a nice outfit in that colour. Rest of us then have to rummage through our wardrobes to find a saree or salwar of that colour”.

Cobblers in colleges

One thing the girls in colleges find useful is the presence of a cobbler. He sits at a strategic place in the college and carries out brisk business mending sandals, shoes etc. The staff members also find the presence of a cobbler useful. Since girls are not allowed to get out till a certain amount of time, the presence of a cobbler suits the college as well as the girls.

Punjabi theatre

After about two decades , the city saw revival of Punjabi theatre. Ms Nirmal Rishi, movie artiste, and a famous theatre artist, was associated with Harpal Tiwana. She directed a Punjabi play ‘Saavee’ that was staged in Punjabi Bhawan for two days. There were no cat-calls and people sat glued to their seats. The best thing was that she adhered to ‘Gujjari’ dialect and had trained raw artistes who gave an excellent performance. Ms Rishi, a lecturer in Khalsa College for Women, has promised to present plays regularly and thus one hopes for revival of Punjabi theatre.

Tokens for change

Certain innovative shopkeepers in the city have hit upon a novel idea to counter the problem of non-availability of currency notes of lower denomination or ‘change’ as they are known in common parlance. The shopkeepers have began issuing tokens with value of Rs 1 to Rs 5 to customers. This practice has two benefits. First, the problem of shortage of currency notes is solved. Second, the customer who possesses a token or two will always return to the same shop for further shopping as he also has to encash the tokens. A shopkeeper in Sarabha Nagar market said the system had been evolved as several customers used to oppose the earlier system of giving sweets in lieu of ‘change’.

Good Samaritans

Ludhianvis are often referred to as a community interested in earning more and more money only and then spending it lavishly with evident tinges of show-off. But there is a lesser known tribe of several Good Samaritan Ludhianvis who have installed water-coolers , water tanks and even earthen pots outside their residences to offer free drinking water to thirsty passersby. The labourers, rickshaw-pullers and beggars are the ones who benefit the most from this benevolent act. Come summers and Good Samaritans can be seen cleaning water coolers and tanks. A number of old earthen pots have been replaced by the new ones. The only dismal note is that people offering such service have to keep the water coolers and tanks strongly chained lest some one steals them. What a pity, anti-social elements don’t even spare Good Samaritans.


“A thing of beauty is a joy forever,” wrote a great poet once. But in the present scenario a thing of beauty can become a hindrance for the smooth flow of traffic. The other day a beautiful girl driving her car stopped at the red lights installed at Bharat Nagar Chowk. Within a few seconds many drivers who were also stopping on the red lights turned their back towards her and kept staring at her. Much to the embarrassment of the girl the traffic kept standing even when there was a green light. Some drivers at the back honked continuously to ensure that the traffic started moving.


A strong feeling of respect and gratitude is the first thing which comes to our mind whenever we hear the word Shahadat, meaning martyrdom. But when the city policemen use the word in their conversation they do it with a little of scorn and plenty of self-pity. Lest , someone feels offended , we would like to clear that the word is only a code used by the men in khaki for the strenuous duty of appearing in a court of law to depose in a criminal case. As the cases linger on for several years, the duty becomes cumbersome and draining. Hence the extreme expression. Whenever a policemen tells someone he is going for shahadat, the expression on the face of the listener is worth watching. A wry smile will appear on his face and the eyes are filled with pity. Some deeply concerned ones will go a step further. Showing all concern, they would even tap the man on his back.


The cycle-scooter parking owners are going hi-tech if devising new methods to deal with the worn out currency notes of small denominations is any indication. Besides meeting with the shortage of change the shopkeepers have been issuing ‘tokens’ to the customers in lieu of currency notes but the parking stand operators are not to be left behind. They have started dealing with currency notes covered in polythene. “We mainly deal with currency notes of Rs 1, 2, and 5. The condition of these notes is already deplorable when these come to us. So we have found a new idea. We just buy small plastic bags fold the notes into these and seal them.” said one parking lot contractor.

Excise and taxation

The other day the Excise and Taxation Minister, Mr Sardool Singh, was addressing the industry representatives in a function. He had come from Jalandhar and was using the name of the city repeately in conversation. The participants came literally to blows when the minister said: “The Mayor of Jalandhar, Mr Nahar Singh Gill, has spared some time for all of us”. Seeing them laughing the Minister realised his mistake and said he was not able to forget Jalandhar as I am coming from there. So the hangover.

Shri Ram

Interesting things come to light when the people are protesting against something. At times they are unable to make out how to register their protest. In a recent dharna organised by residents of EWS Colony, who were protesting against the shortage of drinking water, the residents could not think what to do. They were sitting with empty buckets when some mediapersons reached the spot. Excited at their arrival the residents started raising slogans against the councillors of the area. As they were shouting ‘‘Ram Chander’’ with some adjectives on the top of their voice, one of them said “Prefix Shri to his name” and the participants followed with “Shri Ram Chander” at once. — Sentinel



Gosain, Dawer trade charges
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 23
Attacking the local MLA Mr Surinder Dawer a senior BJP leader and former Deputy Speaker, Mr Satpal Gosain, today said he would meet Akali Dal and BJP leaders tomorrow in Chandigarh and urge them to raise the issue in the state Assembly.

Addressing a press conference here, Mr Gosain charged Mr Dawer of resorting to corrupt practices. He said he had written to the Prime Minister, Mr Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the Congress President and the Leader of Opposition, Ms Sonia Gandhi, the Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh and others demanding an investigation into the accumulation of wealth disproportionate to his income by Mr Dawer. He said he had also demanded a CBI inquiry into the matter.

On the other hand, Mr Dawer described the issue as a personal vendetta against him by Mr Gosain. He alleged that Mr Gosain had resorted to character assassination for getting cheap publicity on the eve of the Assembly session.

Mr Dawer said he had a clean record in politics and business and all his assets, moveable and immovable, were accounted for. “Anyone is welcome to probe as my dealings are clean and transparent”, he said.



Kalam comes to aid of orphans cheated by kin
Kanchan Vasdev
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 23
The President, Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, has come to the aid of two orphans whose relatives allegedly cheated them by fraudulently selling their property in the city. The First Citizen of the country has written to the Punjab Chief Secretary to take action against the suspects. One of the orphans, Paras Puri, a 12-year-old boy, had written to Dr Kalam, seeking his help to get justice.

The Division No 5 police had recently booked four persons after an inquiry had established that the children’s relatives had forged documents and got the property of the orphans transferred in their name, Those booked were Joginder Singh, Narain Ram Lambardar, Bhure Lal and Roop. On the statement of Surinder Puri, an uncle of the orphans, a case under sections 419, 467, 468 and 120-B of the IPC was registered against them.

However, no one has been arrested so far. The brother and sister are still living separately. Inquiries revealed that these persons forged a permanent account number (PAN) card of the children’s deceased father and other documents to show him alive and executed a sale deed of his property, which was the sole source of survival for the two children.

The Tribune had early this month reported the plight of Kangna Puri, a 13-year-old girl, and Paras Puri. The two siblings were even separated by the relatives. The relatives allegedly took the girl away to grab the property.

Paras had written a letter to the President, asking for his intervention in the case. Paras and his sister, both residents of Kucha Bihari Lal Saraf, lost their father, Arun Kumar Puri, an employee of the Municipal Corporation, in March, 1998, due to diabetes. Their mother died six months later. The registry of their father’s plot, gold ornaments, kisan vikas patras and papers related to his savings in the post office were allegedly taken away by their relatives.

Their maternal uncle and other relatives had tried to encash the KVPs and withdraw the money from their account in a post office after forging Arun’s signature. Due to the alertness of Arun’s brother, Surinder Puri, their request to withdraw the money was rejected. The case was also registered on the complaint of Surinder Puri. The relatives had prepared a false PAN card and produced it before the Registrar (Sales), thus executing a sale deed in the name of Arun Puri. A copy of the forged PAN card was attached. The person who posed as Arun Puri was also photographed and his picture was pasted on the sale deed.

When it was executed, Surinder Puri complained about the case to the SDM (West). He showed him the death certificate of Arun Puri and also produced his original identity card issued by the MC and the voter’s ID card. The SDM forwarded the case to the Division No 5 SHO, Mr Anil Joshi, on August 8, 2003. An inquiry by the SHO, Mr Anil Joshi, established the guilt of the four persons.



New tubewell to end water scarcity
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, September 23
‘‘The ruling Congress party in the civic body is pursuing its agenda for overall development of the city and the Municipal Corporation will bring about qualitative as well as quantitative improvement in the civic amenities and delivery of services’’. These remarks were made by Ms Malkiat Kaur, a Congress councillor (Ward No 56) while formally launching the work to sink in a new tubewell in Janakpuri locality here today.

She said with the commissioning of the new tubewell in about two months’ time, the persistent problem of water scarcity and low pressure in the area would be solved permanently and more than 30,000 persons would benefit from the facility of improved water supply. Ms Malkiat Kaur dwelt upon various other development works for the area that were in different stages of planning and execution.

Prominent among those present on the occasion were Mr Ramesh Joshi, Secretary, Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee, Mr Pritpal Singh Ghayal, former councillor, Mr Mangat Ram, Mr Vijay Tiwari, Mr K. Takkar, Dr Ajit Singh, Mr Shammi Sharma and a number of civic officials from the O and M wing.



Outcry against ‘Nach Punjab Nach’
Our Correspondent

Sahnewal, September 23
The Lok Sath Kala Manch has objected to the portrayal of Punjabi women in singer Harjit Mehandi’s album, “Nach Punjab Nach”.
At a meeting held here today, members of the club criticised the singer as well as DM Music company, which is owned by pop star Daler Mehandi, for releasing an “obscene” music video.

The members warned that they would start an agitation against the release of the album.

They stated that the effigies of the singer, musician, director and all others involved would be burnt publicly.



Sabha workers go on fast
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, September 23
Hundreds of members of the Nagar Sudhar Sabha observed fast today in front of the office of the Municipal Council. Sabha members have decided to continue the fast till September 26.

Fed up with the problems of sanitation, cleanliness and sorry state of roads, members of the sabha presented a memorandum to Mr Gurmit Singh, the local SDM. Their demands, include that removal of encroachments in front of the shops for smooth movement of traffic, proper drainage system for the rain water especially on Raikot Road, Kacha Malak Road, Lajpat Rai Road, and repair of roads.

Members of the sabha who observed fast included Mr Lachhman Singh, DEO (retd), Harbans Singh Akhara, Sukhwinder Singh Kalsi Municipal councillor, Harcharan Singh, Malkiat Singh, Lakhbir Singh, Mohinder Singh, Sukhwant Singh and Kirpal Singh.



All-India Tribes Dal threatens to move SC
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 23
The All India Tribes Dal has threatened that if their demands regarding welfare schemes for destitute tribes were not fulfilled, it would move the Supreme Court against the governments responsible for delay.

Mr Rana Bawa Singh Sansi, president of the dal, said the National Human Rights Commission had directed the governments to rehabilitate these tribes, but no action was taken.

No scheme had ever been mooted for their welfare or for imparting education to their children, he added.



Minister assures tax relief to traders
Tribune News Service

Excise and Taxation Minister Sardul Singh addresses an interactive session organised by the Knitwear Club
Excise and Taxation Minister Sardul Singh addresses an interactive session organised by the Knitwear Club in Ludhiana on Monday evening. — A Tribune photograph

Ludhiana, September 23
Excise and Taxation Minister, Sardul Singh has assured the traders and industrialists that the government was keen on providing tax relief to them. At the same time, he exhorted them to pay taxes. Addressing an interactive session, organised by the Knitwear Club, here last night, Mr Singh pointed out that there was no alternative to paying taxes. When traders and industry will pay taxes only then can the government function, he clarified.

Earlier, the Knitwear Club president, Mr Vinod Thapar and general secretary, Mr Narinder Miglani, presented a memorandum to the minister. The function was attended among others by the Mayor, Mr Nahar Singh Gill, local MLA, Mr Surinder Dawar, the Commissioner, Central Excise, Mr H.K. Mittal and leading knitwear manufacturers of the city.



TVS-SBI scheme

Ludhiana, September 23
The TVS Motor Company in collaboration with the State Bank of India has launched a new 'dream loan scheme' for two wheelers. The scheme according to the senior officials of the bank and the company will make the purchase of TVS motor cycles very affordable.

Speaking at the launch of the scheme, the Deputy General Manager of the SBI, Mr Samir Saran, said that the monthly installments have been kept very low.

The Area Manager TVS, Mr Krishen Kumar, said, under this scheme up to 90 per cent funding is provided at the lowest possible rate of interest on the daily reducing balance basis. This scheme has been launched exclusively in Ludhiana in association with Gulzar Motors, the authorised dealers of TVS motors. TNS


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