Thursday, October 9, 2003, Chandigarh, India


L U D H I A N A   S T O R I E S


Youth’s kin blame friends for murder
Jupinderjit Singh
Tribune News Service

Ravi, who was allegedly murdered by his friends near Kasauli in Himachal Pradesh.

Dhamot (Payal), October 8
His desire to drive a Bullet motor cycle, coupled with the treachery of his friends, led to the death of 25-year-old Ravi, who was allegedly murdered by them at Garkhal village in Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh, yesterday.

A resident of this village, near Payal, the victim was the bread-winner of the family consisting of his old mother, his father, a heart patient, and six sisters. He was the youngest in the family.

Shocked at his death, his 75-year-old father, Mewa Singh, suffered another heart attack and is battling for life. Mourners converged on their about 150 sq-yard house, a picture of abject poverty. The family owns only one acre of land. The youth’s body was brought from Garkhal today and he was cremated here in the afternoon.

Ravi, termed as a member of a gang of car thieves by the Solan police, had no criminal record with the local police, claimed his family members. Local police sources corroborated the claim, saying that the youth had no criminal record, even though he was a suspect.

His relatives claimed that the youth was betrayed by his friends, who exploited his desire to drive a motor cycle. Kuljit Singh, a cousin of the victim who lives in a neighbouring house, said Ravi had never indulged in any anti-social activity or brought home any valuable item or cash to suggest that he was a thief.

“Our son was not a criminal. He has been taken for a ride,” claimed the parents. According to the family members, the three suspects had stolen a motor cycle and given it to Ravi to drive.

“Ravi told us that his friends — Amandeep Singh, Ranjit Singh and Mohit — had given him the motor cycle. He said it belonged to an NRI, who was returning to his country and selling the vehicle at a throwaway price,” said Kuljit Singh.

“He had brought the new motor cycle home and was pulled up by his parents and relatives,” he said. Ravi informed them that he was keeping it for a few days only. The family came to know only after the murder that the motor cycle had been stolen.

“Ravi was innocent. That is why he parked the motor cycle right outside the house of its owner in Sahnewal,” Kuljit said. This, too, was told to the family by the police today. Police sources confirmed that the stolen motor cycle was found parked outside the owner’s house in Sahnewal. They had seen Ravi parking the motor cycle and then taking it away. Sources said the police had laid a trap for him but he slipped away.

However, the FIR of the stolen vehicle does not mention his name. “At the time of lodging of the FIR, the identity of the suspect was not known,” said a police official.

Kuljit Singh said the family members became worried when the police started raiding their house asking about Ravi and the motor cycle. “We told Ravi to return the motor cycle to his friends and wash his hands of the matter. Ravi left home four or five days ago,” he said.

The family members said Ravi ran away as he was threatened by his friends that he would also be involved in the case. They claimed that Ravi was murdered because he probably decided to spill the beans later in Himachal Pradesh.

Police sources said a team of the Sahnewal police was in Dharampur (Himachal Pradesh) today to investigate the matter. The SP (D), Gurpreet Singh Toor, said the suspects would be brought here on production warrant and interrogated to trace the stolen vehicles.



Parents seek President’s help in solving son’s 
death case
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 8
The parents of 21-year-old Ashish Hansi, an IAS aspirant who had allegedly committed suicide more than eight months ago, have written to the President of India, Mr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, to intervene in the matter and help them get justice.

The suicide case of the boy hinges on a single mobile phone number. The father of the deceased, Mr N.M. Hansi, has been receiving SMS on his son’s mobile even after his death.

Mr Hansi said the number was of BSNL mobile and he had written to the local BSNL office several times to provide him with the details of the number but to no avail. Everytime in the statement the details of other numbers were provided but not of the specific number and the word “unknown” was mentioned in front of it.

The deceased’s father has cast aspersions on the role of some senior officials whose children had been studying with his son for quite some time. He added that he had requested the authorities a number of times to provide him with the address and identity of the owner of the phone but to no avail.

He expressed apprehension that as the matter had already been delayed, further inaction would only lead to tampering with the records by the BSNL authorities. Mr Hansi has demanded a CBI inquiry into the case.

Ashish had allegedly committed suicide on February 20 and a note was found in his pocket in which it was written that “he was feeling too pressurised”. But his father could not make out what that “pressure” was. “I want to know what was the problem of my son. The needle of suspicion is pointing at the mobile number. I am sure it would help in the investigations.”

Ashish had committed suicide after hanging himself from a hook in his room. Mr Hansi said he was a very hardworking student and was preparing for IAS preliminary exam. On the fateful day also he was studying in his room. When his father returned home he knocked at his door, and on getting no response from inside he broke open the door only to find his son hanging from the ceiling.



Heavy rush to submit board exam forms
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, October 8
Long queues were seen outside the local office of the Punjab School Education Board as over 2,500 students turned up on the last day today to deposit the examination forms and fee.

Even though 12 counters were set up by the board office, it still took two hours for privately appearing candidates and some private academy owners to get the work accomplished. While there were eight counters in the morning, the number was increased by four on the orders of the board office manager.

The teachers and students rued that the long and elaborate process set by the board chairman for depositing the forms was the real problem. They said the forms arrived late in the board office. Then these were to be attested from the principal of a nearby government, aided, recognised or an affiliated school. A copy of the ration card was also made mandatory with each form. Since many students did not have their ration cards, a declaration from the municipal corporation councillor of the area had to be procured as a proof of residence.

The teachers said the process was too cumbersome and it took them a fortnight to complete the desired formalities. They said each child had to be persuaded to get the necessary documents and this consumed a lot of time.

Rakesh, a plus II student, who had come from Jagraon, said he reached the office at 11.30 a.m. As soon as he completed a few formalities and stood in the queue it was lunch time. The window remained shut for more than one and a half hour, he said. “The board officers said they were counting the cash which could take some time. Finally when the public raised an alarm and started complaining, the window was opened. It took me another two hours before my form was accepted,” he added.

While the rush was manageable today, it was complete chaos yesterday as there were just six counters and the number of the applicants was above 2,000. Since the board office manager was also away yesterday, people were finding it difficult to get their grievances addressed.

Mr Ramesh Kumar, manager of the depot, said the attitude of teachers and students was to be blamed for such a problem. He said they all seemed to have been waiting for the last date.

He added that nearly 14,000 forms for plus II and class X were deposited till evening.



Surprise check on DTO’s office
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 8
Mr Anurag Verma, Deputy Commissioner of Ludhiana, today conducted a surprise check on the District Transport Officer’s (DTO) office in the morning today to review the working of the office after the launch of ‘‘suvidha’’ scheme.

He stayed in the office for around an hour and checked all the records stored in the computers. The Deputy Commissioner said that he was doing the checks before the start of the single window system and was seeing whether the work was being done properly or not.

He said the district administration had started a single window system for the renewal of intime arms licenses.

The scheme will be convenient for the public as it will automatically get a lot of help as it is single window system where people will come and submit their documents and will be given a receipt after checking the documents. They will be issued a date on which they will come to collect the documents.

He said that the scheme would be launched within a period of one month in all the offices.



IHRO regrets scholars’ ‘disrespect’ to Takht
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 8
The International Human Rights Organisation (IHRO) has expressed shock at the action of some Sikh scholars based at Chandigarh and their supporters abroad who ‘‘have started to challenge the authority of court of Sri Akal Takht Sahib,’’ the only religion-political takht and a unifying force and inspiration for Sikhs worldwide.

Stating that it has never happened in the history of Sikhs, nor such menacing challenges, been thrown with impunity to the authority of Akal Takht, and never have important philosophical and theological terms, having well-established meanings and connotations, been twisted by some vested interests claiming to be Panthic, Mr Anurag Singh, the IHRO Academic, Cultural and Religious Affairs secretary, said this was aimed to create confusion and forge troubles within the Sikhs to suit their ignoble and narrow selfish ambitions.”

The IHRO has decided to take up the matter with Akal Takht and with credible Sikh organisations and institutions, including the SGPC and the DSGMC, to expose the miscreants, according to Mr D S Gill, chairperson of the organisation.

“These very people had run after the former Jathedar of Akal Takht for getting Dr Piar Singh and Dr Pashaura Singh punished for their objectionable writings. Now they have changed their opinion, reasons best known to them,” the communiqué by the IHRO added.

The IHRO Core Group, at a meeting here yesterday, resolved: “Sri Akal Takht Sahib is the guardian of Sikh ethos, ideals and traditions, as the Gurus established them and the Gurus adopted an uncompromising attitude when they were faced with such situations. The Sikhs were advised not to associate with Minas, Dhirmalias, Masands and Ram Raiyas.

“Likewise, the court of Sri Akal Takht Sahib had ex-communicated individuals Babu Teja Singh, Giani Bhag Singh, including Nirankaris, and now Gurbax Singh Kala Afghana for their perverted writings and blasphemy,” said Mr M.S. Grewal, secretary-general, in a statement here today.

In another resolution, he added, the IHRO appreciated the efforts made by certain Sikh groups to confront these adversaries of the Sikh faith and called upon all others to collectively face this menacing challenge academically, following Sikh traditions and tenets.



Arhtiyas’ demands conceded
Our Correspondent

Sahnewal, October 8
Arhtiyas of five mandis, including Lakhowal, Jandiali, Koomkalan, Katani and Dhanansu, had demanded that they should be given the receipt of the quantity and the quality of the produce in the mandi itself. A final consent in this regard was given by the SDM, Ludhiana, today.

The arhtiyas of these five mandis had assembled at the office of the SDM today. According to Mr Ramesh Kumar Pappu, president of the Arhtiya Association, the purchasing agency for these five mandis is Punjab State Warehouse Corporation and the warehouse assigned to them is the Ganesh Overseas Mill, Raton Jogan, where they alleged that the produce was weighed in the mill itself and the shortage was borne by the arhtiyas which was highly objectionable and caused huge losses to the arhtiyas.

They had organised a dharna in this context and had demanded that the supply should be weighed in quality and quantity of the mandi itself and the receipt of the same should be given to them, there and then .

The SDM, Ludhiana, gave a patient hearing to their demand and assured them that their demands would be given due consideration and they would be given the receipt in the mandi itself.



‘Blast’ victim  succumbs to injuries
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 8
The mystery surrounding an alleged blast at Peeru Banda Mohalla in Salem Tabri yesterday morning deepened today when one of the injured women died at a private hospital here today afternoon.

The woman, Pammi, was cremated without any post-mortem examination. The police has not registered any case regarding her death. The alleged blast took place in a colony where, according to sources, a number of illegal cracker manufacturing factories are run by area residents.

The woman’s death has belied the claims of the residents of the area and the Salem Tabri police that no blast had occurred. The police had even claimed that the injured persons, including two women and a minor girl, had suffered minor injuries only. It said their hair had got burnt besides some burn marks on the face.

However, all that proved false when the woman succumbed to injuries. The police and the residents had prevented mediapersons from visiting the alleged blast site or meeting the injured woman in the hospital.

Some mediapersons were openly threatened by the residents yesterday when they had gone to the colony after learning about the blast incident.



SDM honours blood donors
Our Correspondent

Machhiwara, October 8
A function was organised yesterday to boost the morale of young members of the Emergency Blood Donors Association, Machhiwara, who had saved many lives recently by donating blood. The function was organised by the association at Dasehra Ground here.

The SDM, Samrala, Mr Jaspal Singh Jassi, honoured 33 young blood donors belonging to the association on the occasion. The donors were presented an appreciation award and a memento each.

In his brief address, Mr Jassi appreciated the young donors and said blood donation was the gift of life.

Speaking on the occasion the president of the association, Mr Anil Sood, said the association had been established in 1997 in the memory of late Chander Shekhar Monu. He further added that the association which had come into existence with nine members only had 150 members at present. As many as 100 members have donated blood so far, he said.

Mr Sood urged the administration to set up a blood bank in the town.



Dasehra leaves city air, water bodies polluted
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 8
Dasehra got over but the air in the city was left polluted due to the burning of the effigies. Moreover, hundreds of polythene bags could be seen littered in city water bodies. Residents thronged the canals and river banks to immerse idols of various gods and oat saplings and left the polythene bags carrying these.

“This happens every year. People come here, perform the rituals and litter garbage. I understand their religious feelings but they should also think about the environment, ” said a resident pointing towards the Sidhwan canal, the banks of which were littered with polythene bags and other material.

Environmentalists urged upon the residents to celebrate festivals in an environmental-friendly way. They said the local residents should devise ways and means to avoid making the festivals a source of pollution.



Pensioners hail setting up of day-care centre
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, October 8
The day-care centre for senior citizens that was inaugurated on October 1 become operational today. The centre set up by Mr Gursewak Singh Madhok is the first of its kind in the city. The centre is located at 1124-A/3018-A, Gurdev Nagar, Ludhiana.

The idea of the centre has been appreciated by members of the Government Pensioners’ Association. The senior citizens can avail of library facilities in the centre from October 10.

Facilities of newspapers, journals, audio-visual entertainment and beds to take rest free of cost will attract more elderly people.



Punjab Govt urged to scrap unjust tax on phones

The recent Supreme Court ruling upholding the right of state governments to impose sales tax on monthly rentals of telephones being charged by the BSNL is ‘unfortunate’. It has angered crores of phone subscribers across the country. They urge the BSNL and NGOs to file a review petition in the Apex Court against the ruling.

It is pointed out that the subscribers are already paying 8 per cent service tax on telephones to the Central Exchequer. Levying of another tax by a state government will make the service costlier and out of reach of the common man.

Sadly, the Punjab Government has levied sales tax on telephones at the rate of 12.5 per cent. It means that more than 30 lakh subscribers in Punjab will have to shell out 20.5 per cent tax (including 8 per cent service tax already imposed by the Union Government) on monthly rentals of phones. It is gross injustice to them. The Punjab Government is urged to roll back its decision.

Yash Paul Ghai, Ludhiana

Gandhi relevant today

In times when a brother has become an enemy of his own brother, parents sell their children for monetary returns and people make money legally or illegally, Gandhiji’s teachings become more relevant because once he said that “Nature can fulfil one’s needs but not greed.”

Nowadays politics is based on caste, creed and religion. Earlier it was based on development. Today, regular threats were given to the minorities. I agree that the formula of non-violence is fading from our a minds because many of us were born after 1947. We have not played any role in the national freedom movement. That is the lone difference in the 21st century. Before 1947 every Indian was dedicated to the nation. Bapu said: “I will go to Pakistan to meet its top political stalwarts and its people.” Will it be possible today? No, never. Fundamentalism is on the rise. Its high time to rediscover Gandhiji, the apostle of peace.

Dr Jasvinder Singh, Malaud

Old-age homes

As a keen observer I had the occasion to study the goings on in senior citizens’ homes in Haryana and Punjab from close quarters. It is with deep concern and anguish that the conditions prevailing in these homes is pathetic. The entire responsibility of running them is left to the mercy of secretaries who have their own axe to grind. The inmates are treated shabbily and human rights are flouted. The inmates fearing eviction have to bow to the inhuman treatment meted out to them. Deputy Commissioners who are gentle and God- fearing do not know the horrible conditions and treatment meted out to the unfortunate inmates. Will some social organisation (Lions Club or Rotary Club) come to the rescue of these unfortunate souls?

Inder Raj Malhotra, Ludhiana

Demolitions a relief

The news “Building violations under vigilance scanner” (Ludhiana Tribune, October 2, 2003), saying that the Vigilance Department of the Local Self-government has directed the MC authorities in Ludhiana to check bylaw violations, pulling down of non-compoundable constructions in commercial complexes etc is a welcome step. The Municipal Corporation has also recently demolished illegal under-constructions and a completed construction in different parts of Ludhiana city. That the corporation authorities have finally acted and become strict to the building bylaw violators is a relief to the law-abiding people.

It is time now to extend action to the illegal constructions in the residential buildings where non-compoundable violations have been destroying the very basic architectural aspect of planned colonies like BRS Nagar. Besides carrying out the demolitions, the offenders/wrongdoers and other influential persons, flouting violations of building bylaws with impunity, need to be brought to their senses The government must impose an appropriate punishment, including imprisonment to them.

Ripudaman Singh, Ludhiana

Stern action a must

This is in response to news “Building violations under vigilance scanner” (Ludhiana Tribune, October 2, 2003) that the Vigilance Department of the Local Self-government has started keeping a close watch on non-compoundable violations in commercial buildings in all major towns of the Punjab. It is a worth appreciating the action which would check connivance between the MC officials and the offenders and curb bylaw violations going on in Ludhiana City. A stern action is a must so that nobody in future would ever dare to violate the non-compoundable violations.

Apart from action in commercials buildings, stern action is also required on such violations urgently in residential areas, including well-planned colonies, all over the state. The non-compoundable violations have been destroying the very basic architectural structure of well-planned colonies like BRS Nagar, Ludhiana. Also, it is imperative that MC should disseminate the much needed information on building bylaws, together with advantages of open breathing space at the front and at the backyard for proper air and light, in simple language. It must be pointed out that sufficient open space is required to be left at the backyard and be made as non-compoundable, as has been made at the front. This is required to be made as mandatory in well-planned colonies.

Dr Gurkirpal Singh, Ludhiana



Oil tanker crushes boy to death
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, October 8
A nine-year-old boy, Sunny, was crushed to death by an oil tanker this morning. Sunny, son of Raju, a resident of Akhara, was working at a tea stall opposite Government School, Jagraon.

He was crossing the GT Road chowk on his bicycle when an oil tanker belonging to R.A. Kapur Transport Limited, bearing the name of Amrinderpal Motors, crushed him.

The man driving the tanker tried to flee but he was caught by the people standing nearby and beaten up. The tanker was being driven by the conductor instead of its driver. 



Dowry demand ‘forces’ woman to end life
Our Correspondent

Doraha, October 8
A married woman allegedly committed suicide by setting herself on fire yesterday evening. The deceased had a two-year-old daughter.
The woman, Hardeep Kaur (26), took the extreme step when her in-laws allegedly threatened her of dire consequences for not bringing Rs 40,000 from her parents’ house at Hans village in Jagraon.

The father of the deceased, Natha Singh, said his daughter, was being harassed by her in-laws for dowry ever since her marriage to Kuldeep Singh of Buani village in Payal.

A case was registered at Payal police station today on the statement of the father of the deceased against her husband Kuldeep Singh, mother-in-law Paramjit Kaur, match-maker Beant Kaur and her daughter Manpreet Kaur under Sections 304-B, 34, IPC.

No arrests have been made so far. The body has been sent for post-mortem examination by the Payal police.



Man posing as constable arrested
Our Correspondent

Doraha, October 8
The Doraha police has arrested a person who was posing as a police constable at Kaddon Chowk, Doraha, late last night.
The Doraha police in charge, Mr Darshan Singh, had set up naka with his police party at the Kaddon Chowk where he stopped a Maruti car (No. PB 02L-2266) which was being driven by an imposter who was wearing police uniform.

Doubting his identity, the police party checked his documents and a fake passport and unused tickets of Punjab Roadways were recovered from his custody.

The papers of the car were also missing. He was later identified as Shakti Kapoor son of Vishnu of Chheharta in Amritsar.

A case was registered against him under Sections 420, 468, 471 and 171 of the IPC at Payal police station.



Five held for carrying poppy husk
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, October 8
Five persons have been arrested in separate cases for possession of poppy husk in the district. The Haibowal police yesterday arrested Narvair Singh alias Gopy, a resident of Dera Futakula village in Hoshiarpur district, from Partap Singh Wala village and seized 10 kg of poppy husk from his possession. He was booked under Sections 15, 61 and 85 of the NDPS Act.

In another case, the police arrested Sandeep Singh, a resident of Haibowal Khurd, and seized 9.5 kg of the contraband from his possession. He was also booked under the NDPS Act.

The Sudhar police has arrested Surinder Singh of Huzran and Judge Singh of Khurshaidpur in the Budel village area and seized 50 kg of poppy husk from their possession. A case under Sections 15, 61 and 85 of NDPS Act has been registered. In another case, Parminder Singh, alias Bittoo, of Bhaini Gujjran was arrested from Kishanpura Chowk and 15 kg of poppy husk seized from his possession. A case has been registered at the Sudhar police station.

Truck driver booked: The division No. 6 police, on the statement of Mahavir Podar, a resident of Ram Nagar, near the military camp, has registered a case under Sections 279, 304-A and 427 of the IPC against Ram Pal, a resident of Kotla village in Jalandhar district. The complainant had stated that a truck driven by Ram Pal had hit him and his nephew on Monday near the Dholewal chowk, as a result of which the latter had died.

Man arrested: The division No. 4 police yesterday arrested Anil Kumar, a resident of New Shivaji Nagar, and booked him under Section 406 of the IPC. Surinder Kumar, a resident of Kucha Bihari Lal Sarraf in Hindi Bazar, had alleged that Anil Kumar had not made the payment for a scooter bought by him.

Fraud alleged: The Sahnewal police yesterday registered a case under Sections 420,406 and 34 of the IPC or the statement of Jasmer Singh, a resident of Pawa village, against Satnam Singh, a resident of Ludhiana, and Buta Singh, a resident of Ghawaddi village. The complainant had alleged that the two persons had come to his house and promised to double his money if he paid them Rs 5,000. The complainant further stated that when he went to bring tea, they fled with his money.

Booked for theft: The Jodhewal police yesterday registered a case under Sections 380, 448 and 34 of the IPC on the statement of Som Nath, a resident of New Subhash Nagar, against Seetal Singh and his family members. The complainant had stated that he had rented a shop from the accused, who stole a compressor, 25 rings, 30 cycle tyres, 100 tubes and a table fan from the shop on the intervening night of October 5 and 6.

The Sahnewal police registered a case under section 380 of the IPC on the statement of Executive Engineer, PSEB, Kohara, in connection with the theft of a transformer on the night of September 12, causing a loss of Rs 38,000 to the PSEB.

The division No. 7 police registered a case under sections 457 and 380 of the IPC on the statement of Ramesh Kumar Sharma, a resident of new Kitchlu Nagar, who works at the Wonder Milk Plant, against unknown person(s) who stole Rs 14,825 from an almirah in the factory on the intervening night of September 28 and 29.

Assault cases: The division No. 4 police registered a case under Sections 323, 324 and 34 of the IPC on the statement of Kapil Kumar, a resident of Ghatti Mohalla, against Parveen, Tarlok, Ashok Kumar, Mindi and Rajesh, residents of the same locality. The complainant had alleged that the suspects had beaten him up and injured him on Sunday night.

The Model town police registered a case under Sections 323, 324, 341, 506 and 34 of the IPC on the statement of Harbans Kaur, a resident of Lal Quarter, against Paramjit Singh and Harvinder Kaur, residents of the same locality. The woman had alleged that the suspects had attacked her with a sharp-edged weapon on Tuesday and injured her.

The division No. 7 police registered a case yesterday under Sections 452, 323, 506 and 34 of the IPC on the statement of Kulwinder Singh, a resident of Shankar Nagar in Mundian Kalan village, against Gogu and Sukhwinder Singh, residents of the same village. The complainant had alleged that the suspects entered his office on Monday, beat him up and also threatened him.

Gamblers booked: On a tip-off, the Focal Point police registered two cases under the Gambling Act yesterday. The first case was registered against Gurinder Singh, Paramjit Singh, Inder Jit Singh and Bhupinder Singh, all residents of Jamalpur, and the other was registered against Ashwani Kumar and Raj Kumar, residents of Vishwakarma Colony.

Held for quarrelling: The Sarabha Nagar police yesterday arrested Ram Parkash, a resident of Maharaj Nagar, Singal Kapar, Dass, Rinku Thakur, Shiv Ganga, Duni Chand, Kansi Mishra, Sushil Kumar and Lalu, mostly Bihari migrants and booked them under Section 160 of the IPC. The police said today that the suspects were quarrelling at a public place and disturbing the peace of the area. The suspects were later bailed out. 



Bag containing Rs 1.75 lakh snatched

Ludhiana, October 8
An unidentified man snatched a bag containing Rs 1.75 lakh cash and stamp papers worth Rs 2 lakh from Mr Gurdayal Singh at Kochar Market late last evening.

A resident of Dugri, Urban Estate here, the victim works as a stamp vendor in the new district courts. He told Ludhiana Tribune that he was returning home on his scooter last evening when an unidentified man snatched his bag and fled. TNS



Gifts galore in market for Divali
Asha Ahuja

Ludhiana, October 8
With Divali round the corner, the market is flooded with a huge variety of gift items. People not only exchange gifts with friends but also give expensive items to officers, bankers and people in high places to curry favours.

But before stepping out for Divali shopping, be clear about how many gifts you want to give, how much is the budget and whether the gifts have to be different or similar. With this planning, head for the market and check out the new fancy arrivals.

The “in things” are designer candles available in a wide variety. Ever since Dimple Kapadia entered the candle-making business, many others also have got into making scented candles and aromatic candles in a variety of designs. The gel candles in cut-glass containers, cups, fancy glasses, glasses covered with metallic artistically designed containers, in lantern shapes, with chimneys of different shapes and sizes made out of hand-crafted glasses are available. The colourful transparent candles in transculent red , yellow and orange colours have either cowries shells at the base or attractive strawberries floating in gel, making them apt gifts for Divali.

Photo frames in different shapes are available in metal, wood, plastic and crystal varieties. Wind chimes in several designs, shaped like fish, round globes and stars are available in eye-catching colours. With increasing number of people believing in Feng Shui, the chimes as well as Laughing Buddha, considered to be harbinger of good luck, are fast-selling items.

The latest arrivals are aromatic containers made of ceramic. A candle is placed at the bottom and an aromatic oil is poured on top of the container. On lighting it the aroma spreads in the room. Some oils have curative properties too.

Very dainty metallic and aesthetically pleasing baskets painted in gold, copper, black and silver shades make pretty gifts. These can be stuffed with goodies, attractively wrapped and gifted. Crockery items are all-time favourites. New designs of glasses, dinner sets, tea sets, fruit bowls, sets of trays, single trays, etc are also available. These gift items suit every pocket and offer variety.

Those wanting to spend more money can go in for crystal vases, decoration pieces and crystal lamps. Fascinating lamps also make attractive gift items. Things in high-quality steel, wine-bottle holders, champagne buckets, flower vases and candleholders make fantastic gifts.

The elite can choose from silver items like pooja thalis, images of Ganesh, miniature temples and coins of different weights with images of Lakshmi and Ganesh.



Industry seeks scrapping of exim form
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, October 8
The Ludhiana Electroplating Material Dealers Association has urged the state government to review the introduction of exim form and to rid the trade and industry of this cumbersome and meaningless procedural wrangle.

Mr Pawan Kumar Sood, general secretary of the association, said in a statement here today that the exim form had added to the problems of trade and industry and the whole exercise was futile because the data needed to be provided in the exim form was already being maintained by the assessees in ST XXII Form and Central Sales Tax Form C. He said in particular, the small and tiny units would find the additional paper work difficult due to their limited manpower and financial resources.

Mr Sood said the government had taken the step in undue hurry without making adequate preparations. The Excise and Taxation Department was not in a position to make available the required number of exim forms and the trade was made to suffer. “The requirement of raw material for each business house and industry is solely dependent on the orders in hand and maintaining heavy inventory is not possible due to heavy recession.” Stiff competition in the market and marginal profits were the other constraints in the way of maintaining huge stocks of raw material. With the introduction of exim form, the trade and manufacturing units would find it difficult to make emergency purchases and execute orders as per schedule.

Meanwhile, the Ludhiana Motor Parts Manufacturers Association (LMPMA) has hailed the government decision to provide freight assistance to certain sectors of industry, including the auto parts exporters. The LMPMA general secretary, Mr Charan Singh Kohli, said in a statement that under the inland freight neutralisation scheme, the beneficiary units would be entitled to an assistance of 1 per cent of FOB value subject to a maximum of Rs 50 lakh per unit in a year. The scheme had been introduced with retrospective effect from April 1 and shipments made on or before that date would be covered under it.



Tata Sons chief to give talk on ‘Nature lessons’
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, October 8
Mr R. Gopalakrishnan, executive director, Tata Sons Limited, and president, All-India Management Association (AIMA), will address members of the Ludhiana Management Association (LMA) at Hotel Gulmor here on Friday.

This was stated by Mr Manjit Singh, president, and Mr V.K. Goyal, general secretary, LMA, in a press note issued today. The subject of his talk will be “Nature lessons”.



Woman wins gold chain
Our Correspondent

Rekha RaniLudhiana, October 8
Ms Rekha Rani, a resident of Dugri, today became the first winner of a gold chain in the city under the scheme “Fena wali pehne sone ke gehne”, introduced by Fena Private Limited, a manufacturer of detergent powder.

According to the scheme, whosoever collects two letters out of F, E, N or A gets a gold pendant. On collecting three letters, a person gets a gold chain. The collector of all four letters wins a gold necklace and earrings.

Ms Rekha Rani could have taken a gold pendant after collecting two letters but she waited for the third letter.

It is learnt that hundreds of people have already won gold pendants or gold chains but have opted to collect all four letters to win the gold necklace and earrings.


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