Saturday, October 11, 2003

Autumn meetha-meetha mausam
Ashwini Bhatnagar

IT is that time of the year when the days have a rose-colour tint and the nights are fragrance-laden. The dampness of the monsoon air has dissipated and the ferocity on the sunís brow has mellowed down to a gentle frown. Its heat doesnít scorch any more, and, on a good day, it is almost balmy. The days are neither cold nor hot and humid. They are lukewarm and pleasant to touch. Gulabi jara has arrived to romance minds and hearts with its light flirtation.

Light up Divali with nine yards of colour

Sheena Gilhotra
ER grace, her sensuality, her traditions, her values`85 all come alive during the festival of lights. In truth, no festivity is complete without her being around. She brings completeness to everything, be it to the ceremonies related to the festival or the decorations such as rangoli, flower arrangements or organising get-togethers, etc.

Go stylish with diyas and puja thaalis
ET the festive fervour seep into the four walls of your home. Let every member be a part of it. Traditionally, the house is made spick and span before Divali. So, now itís time to brighten it up. The ambience will surely bring cheer to everyone. Letís start with the entrance.

What do you do when parents retire?

ENCOURAGING our parents to enjoy an active retirement forces us into making tough choices about their welfare. But we mustnít use their later years as a dry run for our own, says Talitha Stevenson.



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