Saturday, October 18, 2003

Karuna Goswamy


1. Bag-like structure in plant, etc

5. An officer in the navy (inits.)

7. Container, usually for sacred objects

8. Surety etc given for release of person

10. ___ and Time, they say, wait for no one

13. Relating to the eyes

14. Person who solicits business

16. Indiaís famous medicinal tree

18. Employ, put into service

20. Short for Ronald, in common use

21. In medicine, ear, nose, etc.


1. You see so much of both this and painting at Ajanta

2. Rate of interest paid per year (inits.)

3. Asia is one; so is Europe

4. Most genetic research involves this (inits.)

6. Begin to develop

8. Tendulkar uses his rather well

9. Informal acknowledgement of debt (inits.)

11. Cold drinks taste better with this

12. Tree widely grown in England and the US

15. Not in

17. Conceit; self-importance

19. Sohrab was Rustamís___