Saturday, October 18, 2003


Divali is around the corner,

then why am I not glad?

Holidays, new things,

gifts and greetings,

celebrations, meeting friends,

cleaning, repair, renovation,

enjoyment and recreation,

the promise of a new start,

sounds like fun and yet

there is an ache in my heart.

Divali is around the corner,

more pollution, more noise,

irritation in the eyes,

smoke, problems in breathing,

loud unpleasant crackers,

scared pets, chaos, traffic jam,

headache for the sick and elderly,

who long for silence.

Gambling in pubs, violence,

shallow merry-making, in vain,

when countless are alone,

in misery and pain.

Turmoil in Ayodhya,

politics turning rotten,

bribery and corruption,

Ram Rajiya forgotten.

Unconditional love, justice,

brotherhood and sacrifice are lost.

The nation is turning sordid,

the world messier than ever,

technological advancement

out of touch with spirituality,

ignoring present problems,

living in virtual reality.

Divali is around the corner,

I guess I know why I am not glad.

— Richa Sarin, Class XII, SGGSCP School, Chandigarh

It is fun time

Neither is this boiling summer,

Nor is it freezing winter.

This is the most pleasant time of the year,

When birds are singing and the sky is clear.

Love is flowing in the air,

As the festival season is here.

It is the time for feast and fair,

Joy and happiness is everywhere.

This time to enjoy is ours,

Because it has many fun hours.

— Sumit Sharma, Class IX, DAV Model School, Chandigarh


Birds always fly

High up in the sky

They sing on the tree

They like to be free.

Their voice make us

happy and gay

Children like to laugh

and play

They live in the nest

But never take rest

They always work hard

To collect food till the dark.

— Manmilan Sidhu, Class VIII C, St. Joseph’s Convent Sec School, Bathinda