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Unfazed by dengue, Health Dept busy painting hospitals pink
Our Correspondent

Meerut, October 26
The state of Uttar Pradesh is unperturbed over the outbreak of dengue with the Health Department busy painting the buildings of government hospitals in pink and projecting this as a big achievement.

Besides dengue, the people of the state are grappling with jaundice, malaria, khasra and dehydration. But the death dance, in the face of administrative and medical mismanagement, has failed to bring the hospitals and the Health Department out of their stupor.

To fight these lethal diseases, 14 districts have no chief medical officers (CMOs) while 15 other districts have no Chief Medical Superintendent (CMS). Besides the district government hospitals, there are two dozen other government hospitals where there is no CMS.

The districts where the CMOs post is vacant are dengue-affected Gautam Budh Nagar, Meerut, Baghpat, Badaun, Hathras, Etah, Kannauj, Hamirpur, Mahoba, Orriya, Rae Bareilly, Sant Kabir Nagar and Balia. Several hospitals of Lucknow and Kanpur have not been included in this list, even though both the metropolises are combating with dengue. Several people have already died in Kanpur due to dengue.

According to some sources in the Health Department, at least two dozen people have been died in Uttar Pradesh due to dengue while more than 700 patients are still down with the disease.

The state government was compelled to promote the CMOs and CMS following a Supreme Court directive last month. Despite the vacancies and the crying need to fill them, Health Minister Rajvir Singh has not assigned the matter any priority after assuming office.

Incidentally, the annual budget of the Malaria Department was released in October rather than in April. Hence, no preventive steps like fogging could be taken on time.

Five new patients In Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad: Despite claims of medical authorities to the contrary, the number of dengue patients is mounting. Five new patients of dengue and four suspected patients have been surfaced in the government hospital.

Eight blood samples of suspected dengue patients have been sent for confirmation to the Institute of Communicable diseases. This has nailed the lie claim of medical authorities that the incidence of dengue will decrease with the change in weather. Rather, the figure has gone up.

The blood slide of 94 patients has been taken while the number of confirmed dengue patients in the district has gone up to 125. Completing the blood investigations is posing a problem in the district. The blood samples could not be tested for three days in the Institute of Communicable Diseases in the Capital. In the district hospital, no more than seven or eight samples can be tested in a day.

Many hospital staffers, responsible for carrying blood samples and reports to Delhi, are also down with dengue.



Dengue takes leave during Divali holidays
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, October 26
No new cases of dengue fever have been reported in the last 24 hours in the Capital. The total number of dengue cases reported so far with the MCD stands at 1898.

A senior official of the MCD said that there was no need to be happy because the National Institute of Communicable Diseases was closed for the last two days and that was perhaps the reason why no new cases of dengue were reported. The figures might suddenly jump on Monday, after the festival holidays, he said.

The officer said that the dengue control room was operational day and night, but no new cases had been reported. Out of 51 hospitals, reports were received from only 10 hospitals. The spokesmen of the hospitals said that no new dengue patients were admitted. Meanwhile, a constable of the Delhi Police, Vijender Singh, who was posted in PCR in North-West Delhi, has died of dengue. He was admitted to the CGHS hospital on October 19, where he breathed his last yesterday. The official said that so far 24 deaths due to dengue have been confirmed. These patients died during September and October in various hospitals.

Bid to rob petrol pump employee of Rs 1.7 lakh

Ghaziabad: Criminals waylaid an employee of the Musuri petrol pump and shot at him in a bid to loot Rs one lakh, which he was carrying to Ghaziabad. The young employee, Rahul Garg, was carrying the day’s sale proceeds to proprietor Rakesh Singhal’s house in Ghaziabad on a scooter on Friday evening, along with pillion rider Gangaram. Three criminals on a motor bike tried to intercept them near the Dasna railway crossing. When Rahul did not stop his scooter, one of the miscreants fired a shot at him from his local revovler. Though Gangaram had jumped off when the scooter started wobbling after Rahul was hit, the latter kept his cool and accelerated his scooter towards Ghaziabad. Exhausted, he collapsed near Govindpuram colony. Some passers-by took the injured and unconscious Rahul to Hira Lal Hospital in Shastri Nagar.

A bag containing Rs 1.7 lakh, lying near the scooter, was handed over by a driver to the owner of a chemist store. OC



Notice to EC on deletion of names of illegal settlers
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, October 26
The Delhi High Court has issued a notice to the Election Commission (EC) on a plea by Delhi Pradesh BJP Secretary VV Mahajan seeking deletion of names of alleged illegal Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Afghani migrants from the Capital’s electoral rolls for the Assembly elections.

Justice BD Ahmed directed the EC to file its reply to the petition that challenged the EC’s August circular that said deletion of a person’s name from his previous constituency could be done 30 to 45 days after inclusion of his name in the new constituency.

The procedure had given a free hand for inclusion of names in the voters’ list while the process of verification was deferred to a later date, without adequate safeguard of cross-checking, it said.

The petitioner, through counsels HS Phoolka and Ashok Kashyap, claimed that the circular had caused havoc in the revision of the electoral rolls and was leading to enrolment of non-citizens, particularly illegal migrants from Bangladesh and also from Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Despite categorical information and objections regarding double entries in the rolls, no action had been taken by the commission, it alleged.

The petition sought deletion of duplicate, fake and bogus names and inclusion of eligible and genuine voters in the list.

Meanwhile, a Division Bench comprising Chief Justice BC Patel and Justice AK Sikri dismissed a petition seeking publicisation of antecedents, credentials or declarations of the candidates who were contesting parliamentary and Assembly elections.

The dismissal came after the EC said instructions had been given for publishing and circulating the same through print and electronic media.



Mass screening of diseases in newborns
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, October 26
Keeping its pioneering trend, for the first time in India, Br Lal Path Labs Pvt Ltd (LPL), India’s largest chain of pathology labs, has introduced Neonatal Screening Test, which does a mass screening of disease in newborns.

The test is meant to diagnose various disorders or disease at the very beginning, so that they can be treated well in time and a child leads a normal healthy life.

The test will be available at all the 200 collection centres and eight labs across the country. The test is done on babies in the 0-28 day age group. The sample is taken by taking a few drops of blood by pricking the heel of a neonate. The blood drop is taken on a special blotting paper. This sample is then tested for various diseases.

Speaking at the launch, Dr Arvind Lal, Managing Director, Dr Lal Pathlabs Private Limited, said “We have experienced that a few newborns, who appear normal at the time of birth, sometimes grow up with physical or mental disorders. Neonatal Screening Test is aimed at reducing these disorders, which may cripple the baby for life.”

Some of these disorders are poor physical or mental growth, mental retardation and other mental or physical problems. In most of the cases, these disorders come without any apparent symptoms. These disorders might have been prevented. However, it has always been a medical challenge to predict such kind of diseases in advance.



DFS has a hard time coping with hoax calls
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, October 26
The Delhi Fire Service were kept busy last night as more than hundred fire calls were received from different areas of the Capital. One person was killed while property worth thousands of rupees was destroyed in the fires, which were mostly minor ones.

According to the DFS spokesman, most of the fires were caused by bursting of crackers. However, no incident was allowed to become serious as the DFS personnel rushed to the spot and controlled the fires. At some places, the people controlled the fires themselves, before the tenders could reach the spot.

The spokesman said that the DFS received a total of 180 fire calls. Of them, 98 fires had broken out due to crackers while the others causes could not be established.

The spokesman said that fire personnel had no problem coping with the fire incidents as they had made elaborate arrangements. The bigger problem was hoax calls. At least 170 hoax calls were received last night. No calls can be taken lightly on Diwali. The personnel have to respond to each call, lets it is a serious incident.

He said that most of the fires broke out in posh colonies. No incident was reported from jhuggi clusters this year. The DFS had fire vehicles on the stand by at different points in the Capital, fully equipped with wireless sets. The Delhi Fire Service had identified some vulnerable points, where the fire vehicles were parked in advance. The operators in the control room kept them informed of the calls.

The fire in a book shop in Nangal Raya was the only exception; a 16-year-old boy died in the blaze. It was caused by bursting of crackers.

Besides, a road accident was reported and five cattle, which fell into drains, were rescued by the personnel of the DFS, he said.



DDA gets a rap on the knuckles 
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, October 26
Observing that the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has “routinely” broken the law in declaring rural land as development area, a NCT of Delhi judge has asked it to mend its ways.

“In my considered opinion the notification declaring the Lal Dora area of village Budhpur as development area is in violation of the provisions of the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) Act,” Justice BS Mathur said.

Quashing a June 2000 DDA order on demolition of a structure in Lal Dora, the MCD Appellate Tribunal Presiding Officer observed: “It appears the Centre on the recommendations of the DDA has been declaring any area as development area as a matter of routine without caring for whether the same was in accordance with the DDA Act or not.”

Expressing concern over the issue, he said declaring a rural village as a notified area in violation of the DDA Act was not only violative of “the principles of natural justice but also violated the constitutional provisions and civil rights.”

Mr Mathur said in such a situation generally the rightful owners of the land in villages were barred from undertaking any construction or development of their land till the area remained notified as a development area.

He said after the notification “neither the DDA had the power to grant sanction for construction nor the building by-laws under the MCD Act were extended to the area.” It is to be noted that when an area is notified as a development area, the operation of the MCD Act is suspended till the area is not denotified.

Stating that there was no mechanism to deal with the situation, he noted that the DDA had so far not sanctioned even a single building plan in any village situated in the National Capital Territory.

He said in a case concerning the re-development of a village in Mehrauli, the DDA had admitted that it had no plan for the development of villages, even after they had been declared a development area.

The judge said as per sections 15 and 22-A of the DDA Act an area should be notified and handed over to the DDA only if the Centre intended to develop the area or use it.

While giving relief to the appellants, the judge sought to broaden his ruling by asking the DDA to develop a mechanism, so that in the name of declaring development area the civil and legal rights of the villagers living in Lal Dora were not violated.



Chautala implicating Opposition leaders in 
false cases: Cong 
Our Correspondent

Rohtak, October 26
The Opposition leader in Haryana Assembly, Mr Bhupinder Singh Hooda, has cautioned the ruling Indian National Lok Dal that the arrest of Mr Jai Prakash, the Congress MLA from Barwala constituency, “would cost it dearly”.

In a statement here today, Mr Hooda described the incident as a blot on democracy and charged the Chief Minister, Mr Om Prakash Chautala, of implicating Opposition leaders in false cases due to political rivalry.

He alleged that false cases were being registered against several Opposition leaders on the behest of the Chief Minister in order to create an atmosphere of terror in the region.

Addressing a series of public meetings at Sunarian, Baland, Ritauli, Kabulpur and Karontha villages today, Mr Hooda appealed to the masses to express solidarity in this ‘fight against injustice’.

He clarified that the agitation was not against any individual but against corruption. He also reiterated that no “corrupt” leader of the party would be a chief ministerial candidate if the Congress party is voted to power.

He asked the people to elect those persons as their representatives who could raise their grievances without any fear. Prof Virender, president, District Congress Committee (Rural), Ms Kartar Devi, Dr Raghbir Singh Kadian and Mr Anand Singh Dangi also addressed the gathering.



Bursting of crackers: Change of pattern in Faridabad
Bijendra Ahlawat
Tribune News Service

Faridabad, October 26
Burning of crackers, which is an integral part of Divali celebrations, also saw a change in its use pattern in the urban areas. While the sale and use of crackers showed a noticeable decrease in the majority of sectors developed by the Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA), there was an increase in such activity in other residential colonies, which have densely populated areas.

Mahesh Kumar, a cracker stall owner in the special market set up in Sector 12 ground here, told this correspondent that sale of crackers from this market was quite poor this time. He said there was hardly any stall owner who was able to dispose of more than 35 to 40 percent of the stock till the evening yesterday.

As a result, all the 70-odd stalls decided to reduce the rates of the crackers by 50 percent by 7 pm yesterday. A resident of Sector 9 said that he purchased some crackers at about 8 pm when the rates were down, but despite the discount there were very few customers.

A stall owner said the shifting of cracker market from Sector 16-A ground to Sector 12 had affected their sales considerably.

But, on other hand, several residents of various sectors, including 14, 15, 16, 18, 9 and 8, admitted that there was less noise and air pollution in their localities this time, as against that in the last few years.

Sachin, a resident of Sector 9, said perhaps this was due to the fact that the rates of crackers had been high and many of the educated families did not want air and noise pollution. He said the majority of the public schools had been taking out anti-crackers rallies and the general mood among the residents has been against firecrackers in the last few years.”

But, at the same time, there are reports of heavy use of crackers from residential colonies of Ballabgarh and the NIT areas. Uttam Raj, a resident of Jawahar colony (NIT), one of the largest residential pocket, with a population of over one lakh, said there was heavy use of crackers last night.

He said many youths purchased crackers after 8 pm, when their rates dipped and continued using them till midnight. Although the polluton control department of Haryana had issued an appeal, asking the public to avoid their use after 10 pm, it is learnt that many people started using crackers after 9 pm.

Meanwhile, the sale of sweets, dry fruits and gifts has been quite brisk.

Being a centre of industry and business, it is almost obligatory for traders and industrial unit owners to oblige the officials of various state government departments on the occasion.

However, no major burning incident was reported.



Govt machinery asked to instil confidence 
among masses
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, October 26
The Haryana Government has taken another positive step to ensure speedy redressal of grievances of the people in the state. According to a report, the Chief Secretary has directed all Deputy Commissioners and other heads of the departments to act sympathetically with the people so that the government machinery could instil a sense of confidence among the masses.

He has also asked them to hold regular meetings of the district and sub-divisional grievances committees and ensure that all the complaints received by the departments are properly scrutinised and immediate relief provided to the complainants.

The Chief Secretary has pointed out that sometimes the complaints are disposed of without any proper enquiry.

He has informed that a state-level grievances committee has been set up in the civil secretariat under the supervision of Mr Krishan Mohan, IAS, to monitor the proceedings of the district-level grievances committees.

Reportedly, the Chief Secretary has made it mandatory for the heads of the departments to acknowledge the receipt of the complaints and inform the complainants within one month regarding the steps taken to redress their grievances.

He has also warned that strict disciplinary action would be taken against the heads of the departments if they failed to redress the public grievances on priority basis and violate the instructions of the state government in this regard.



HVP demands end to political violence
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, October 26
The general-secretary of the Haryana Vikas Party (HVP), Mr Rajiv Jain, has called upon all the political parties to shun violence in order to achieve the primary goal of improving the condition of the poor people in the state.

In a special interview, Mr Jain said that though violence sometimes helps in achieving the immediate goal, it has deep negative impact on the society.

He said that though certain section of the political class used violence to win elections, in the long run the voters always disapproved of such tactics.

He said that it was imperative for politicians “to share the miseries” of the masses and make concerted efforts to end their sufferings.

Mr Jain also appealed to the Chief Election Commissioner and the administration to take stringent measures to curb the increasing use of muscle power in elections.

Meanwhile, the president of the Haryana Pradesh Janata Dal (U) president, Mr Ved Parkash Vidrohi, has criticised the authorities of the Health Department for not taking effective steps to check the spread of dengue and other virus killer diseases in the state.

In a signed press statement issued here today, he disclosed that a large number of cases related to dengue and “killer virus” had been reported to the Health Department, but the authorities had failed to take effective steps.

He demanded action against the authorities of the Health Department who found responsible for being indifferent to such matters.



Man, three others in dock for dowry death 
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, October 26
The Gohana police have registered a case of dowry death against the husband of the deceased Mrs Kalawati and three others and started investigations.
According to a report, no arrest has, however, been made in this connection.

Mr Raj Mal, brother of the victim Kalawati, lodged an FIR with the police, alleging that she had been forced to commit suicide by her husband Rohtas, her father-in-law Rameshwar and two others, Dayanand and his wife Mrs Omi and her body was found from a sewerage tank in Sector 7 recently.

Mr Raj Mal also stated that her sister Mrs Kalawati was married to Rohtas of Chidana village in 1983 who is employed in the Panipat depot of the Haryana Roadways.

Mrs Kalawati had remained in the house of her parents for seven years due to tension in her marital home.

Rohtas had withdrawn a divorce case from the court of the District and Sessions Judge, Sonepat and she had been reunited with her husband and other members of the in-laws only last year.

Molester faces the music: A youth Suresh Kumar of Kheri Tagga village was beaten with shoes by the people on the G T Road near Ganaur Chowk about 16 km from here yesterday.

According to a report, some persons caught the youth when he was trying to molest a girl. He tried to escape but was overpowered and given a ‘shoe-beating’.

The youth was later let off when he apologised to the girl and her parents and promised not to do so in future.



One killed as auto overturns
Our Correspondent

Jhajjar, October 26
One person was killed and eight were injured when an autorickshaw overturned near Gudha Canal on Rohtak Road here yesterday.
According to information, the deceased Ali Mohamman of Dujana village along with others was coming towards Jhajjar from their village Dujana when the auto turned turtle. While the body of deceased was handed over to his relative after the postmortem examination, the injured were admitted to hospital.

Youth ends life

A youth committed suicide by setting himself ablaze at his house in Damdama Mohalla colony of the town today.

According to information, Jender, son of Vilas Chand went to his parents, living separately from him, to greet them on Divali.

But they refused to accept the gifts and turned him back. Feeling rejected, the youth decided to end his life. His wife had died earlier.

Cong tickets for dalits

Former Union Minister Chand Ram who joined the Congress recently said that the Congress will give tickets to the candidates from the scheduled caste and backward classes at about 33 Assembly seats in the next elections in Haryana.

Mr Chandram, a PCC delegate, was addressing a public meeting here today, to invite the people to attend his Abhinandan Samaroh Rally at Rohtak on November 2. He called upon the poor sections of society to unite for their betterment. He said he would try to get maximum tickets to the candidates belonging to these classes in the elections.

Reposing full faith in the leadership of Mrs Sonia Gandhi, party president, he said senior Congress leaders including Mr O P Jindal, MLA, Mr Harpal Singh, former HPCC chief, Mr Chiranji Lal Sharma, former MP, Mr Kripa Ram Punia, former minister and Mrs Selja, former MP, would address the rally in Rohtak.

Driver held for rape

Faridabad: The police have arrested an auto driver on charges of abducting and raping a teenaged girl of a slum colony here. According to the complaint, the accused Vinod gave lift to the victim, who works as a servant, in his autorickshaw and took her to a place across the Agra Canal. He locked her in a room and raped her.

The victim was reportedly dropped at Kheri Bridge the next day. A case has been registered. TNS



Mystery surrounds youth’s death
Our Correspondent

Rohtak, October 26
The death of a youth after a fall from the rooftop of his house has created a piquant situation for the police.
Kamal (25) died in the incident at Bara Bazar locality here last evening.

Sarika, wife of the deceased, alleged in her complaint that the parents of Kamal hatched a conspiracy to eliminate their son as he allegedly used to cause problems in the house.

She alleged that two brothers of her husband took him to the rooftop and pushed him, as per the plan.

The police registered a case against Shashi (mother), Prakash (father), Satish and Vijay (brothers) and Anu (sister-in-law) of the deceased following her complaint.

On the other hand, the parents of Kamal charged Sarika with pushing down her husband. However, a case against Sarika is yet to be registered.

Shops gutted: Two shops located on Quilla Road here were gutted last night. Garments and other articles worth Rs 50 lakh were also reportedly destroyed in the fire.

According to information, a watchman noticed the fire at around 3 am last night and informed the fire brigade. Around 15 fire vehicles continued to extinguish fire which could be controlled only after 8 hours. The district officials visited the site after a few hours. The cause of the fire is yet to be ascertained.

Youth hit by train: Pardeep, a 20-year-old youth, was seriously injured after being hit by a train near the Rajlu Garhi Railway Station about 10 km from here last evening. According to a report, the youth was immediately hospitalised and stated to be out of danger.



Robbers striking at will

Ghaziabad: The robbers are giving sleepless nights to the residents of Vasundhra and Indirapuram where they have committed one murder and five robberies during the past 20 days. People are livid at the police failure or refusal to register cases of thefts. The incidents of robberies and loots have created panic among people. In spite of the new SSP J N Singh having issued strict orders to all the police station SOs in the district, there is no let-up in the situation. The robbers have been feeling emboldened in Indirapuram and Vasundhra area across the Hindon river particularly where police patrolling has come down.

Property dealer Verinder Kaushik was shot dead in broad daylight in Vasundhra Sector 13 on October 16. The police have failed to trace the killers so far. Four days ago, three buffaloes and Rs 60,000 were taken away from a Prahalad Gasrhi house after breaking open the main door.

On October 17, the cycle of a mill worker Rakesh was snatched at gun-point in Sector 15 Vasundhra. Robbers had decamped with a VCR and VCDs by breaking open the shop of Upendra Singh from Vasundhra market on October 17.

When he went to Indirapuram police station to lodge a theft report, Upendra was shooed away by the cops. On October 21, thieves had taken away Ram Singh’s two buffaloes from Prahalad Garhi. OC



Hunt on for killers of vegetable vendor
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, October 26
The Rai police have launched a massive hunt for the alleged assailants, involved in the killing of Mr Harish Sharma, an employee of a vegetable trader in Azadpur Mandi of Delhi whose body was found on Bypass Road of Sector 7 and 8, near Bahalgarh village about 10 km from here on Friday night. According to a report, the body bore bullet injuries and it is believed that he was shot dead by some unidentified assailants. Further investigations are on. The parents of the victim have received the body after the postmortem examination.

Motorcyclist killed: A motorcyclist was killed when his motorcycle was hit by a three-wheeler on the G T Road near Joshi Chauahan village about 10 km from here last night.

According to a report, the victim was identified as Vinod (23) of Khewra village. He was returning home after giving the Divali gift to his sister.

The police have registered the case against the driver of three-wheeler who had absconded after the accident.



Engagement onward, put best shoe forward!

Metro Shoes has launched its wedding collection 2003. The new style of shoes suits every occasion from the engagement ceremony to the sangeet, cocktail parties, wedding and the reception.

For a stylish look, Metro Shoes even offers a wide range of party bags and accessories to match with your footwear and outfit on the Big Day. Besides, the exclusive feminine range of footwear, Metro Shoes also offers funky and trendy footwear to complement your entire trousseau collection.

Timeless timepieces: Omega has launched its collection of limited-edition to commemorate the success of Michael Schumacher who won a record-breaking sixth Formula 1 world championship title.

This achievement means that he has finally superseded the record of five titles that he shared with Juan-Manuel Fangio and has become the best racing driver the world has ever known. The new collection timepieces will be the perfect addition to a collection of watches that the brand has already produced to celebrate Schumacher’s individual victories.

Tickle your tastebuds: Select Flavour has introduced a range of tinned and packed vegetables and sweets under the brand name of Rasoi. The traditionally cooked vegetables have been packed under “High Power Temperature” to ensure their freshness and taste. Rasoi markets their wide range of products in Norway, Spain, the USA, the UK, and the UAE and caters to the NRI community.

Innovative handhelds: Palm Inc has introduced two models–the Palm and Tungsten T3 handheld for the most demanding professionals who need a best-in-class colour and wireless handheld. Both handhelds feature substantial software innovations, including significantly more capable Personal Information Management (PIM) features and productivity software. “Skillful integration of distinguished hardware and innovative software is key to delivering a great customer experience,” said Paul Leeper, Chief Evangelist.

Capture those special moments: Casio has launched a new addition of the QV digital camera series, the new compact 4.0 megapixel QV-R40 digital camera. The QV-R40 has the world’s fastest 1-second start-up time and release time of 0.01 seconds, to ensure that the user captures those special moments whenever they happen. The ability to record images virtually the instant they happen, along with 3X optical zoom has made this high performance model, the number one choice of customers the world over.

Tasty cuppa: Tata Tea has launched ‘Tata Tea Gold’, a tea with great aroma and superior taste. The product provides a ‘real innovation’ in a category where the innovation is low.

Percy Siganporia, DMD, said “Tata tea is an innovation developed after several rounds of consumer research, which will enable further brand strengthening and attract consumers seeking product upgradation.”

Trendy tiles: The latest buzz in today’s world of tiles is the revolutionary, Novista. These large format tiles are hairline joined, with invisible grout thus providing a smooth visual effect that gives a feeling of space. No Joints ‘Novista,’ the new rectified category of tiles, is produced to a precise dimension and the final result is very attractive with one tile set next to the other, together forming a ‘large slab,’ with matchless finish giving an effect of a smooth natural stone.

Sweet secret: Bagrry has introduced their “anytime of the day” cereal–Crunchy Muesli. It brings goodness of oats in the form of Crunchy Muesli, which is the sweet secret behind the exceptional longevity and fitness of people in most part of Europe.

Bagrry’s product brings you all the benefits of this age-old recipe, made from various combinations of oats, barley, corn and wheat. A bowl of Bagrry Crunchy Muesli gives a healthy start to your day.

Wash and dry: Skylift has introduced a new product for drying clothes. It is indigenously designed as an innovative equipment for drying clothes. The product matches the fine international standards and is made from the high-quality components of Fisher, Germany.

Sanju Aggarwal, Director said, “The product is designed keeping in mind the convenience of women. It also brings an entirely new experience to the whole process.”

For sensuous male: From the house of Christian Dior comes another seduction, a male fragrance. One whiff, one spray and the sensation transforms you. It pulsates with power so that you become the energy. An irresistible fascinating energy. To stimulate the senses and boost the sensation and make men want to forge ahead, the Higher Energy is a physical, energetic fragrance unleashing its freedom in a fresh, woody, spicy harmony.

Wheat herbicide: Tata Rallis has launched a wheat herbicide with sulfosulfuran as an active ingredient for management of weed gulli danda. Fateh is very effective for control of phalaris and also it controls other broad-leaved weeds like Bathu, Maina, Gajari which otherwise would adversely affect 20-25 per cent of the crop yield.

Golden shirts: Parx, the leading casual wear has unveiled the ‘Goldline Collection’ of shirts inspired by the traditional Zardozi embroidery work of the bygone era of the Mughals. Parx celebrates this great craftsmanship from India with its exquisite Goldline Collection. This collection of beautiful checks has carefully woven gold-coloured lines running through, that stand out and make the fabric much more ornamental. The idea is to give the similar look and feel, like the Zardozi works in a contemporary and classy form bringing in a spectacular effect on the fabric design.

Rainwater harvesting system: Pentair has launched “Rainsource” Pressure Rainwater Harvesting System in India. Rainsource, a technological breakthrough, requires 80 per cent less space than the conventional gravity pit filter systems. Rainsource comes with globally acclaimed Pumping System, Digital Flow Totalizer to measure the exact quantum of recharge achieved, Sensor Controlled automated operation and one year on site limited warranty.

Low-priced computer: LG Electronics has announced the addition of AMD Athlon based Linus OS desktop-LG My PC DM-134A, to its ‘MY PC Series,’ of computers. The new addition comes in the wake of the positive market response shown to the existing Intel based Linux-OS series of computers. This new model, is targeted at the SOHO and low-priced corporate segment and will be distributed throughout the country through LG’s channel partners.


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