Saturday, November 1, 2003

Karuna Goswamy


1. There is a Tropic of this name

6. Bollywood film which starred Bipasha Basu

8. Group; persons forming a side

11. What you need after a bath

12. India’s military officers are trained here (inits.)

13. Large vehicle

14. Priestly figure at synagogue

17. Small town in the Shimla hills

19. Norway’s capital city

21. Is injurious to health, as the ads say


2. The great granth of the Sikhs

3. Modern Indian composer

4. Quote; mention

5. The extent of vitamins etc. to be taken in a day (inits.)

6. Jeep-like vehicle

7. Sheer; harsh

9. Cult figure of rock music

10. The king of fruits

15. Verdi’s great opera

16. Pierce; make a hole by drilling

18. Sports complex in Haryana

20. Nephew of Abraham in the Bible